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Shocking Miley Cyrus News!

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We can't believe we're gonna say this, but….

Congratulations to Miley Cyrus!

Kudos go to her or her management or Disney. We're not sure but someone is behind the shift in her musical direction, and we like it!

Miley's new songs have been a marked departure from her earlier Hannah Montana tunes. This new music is….mature. It shows real growth and is appealing to more people than just tweens.

The evolution of Cyrus' sound began with The Climb, her exquisite single from the Hannah Montana movie. Then her sound evolved even further with her current single, our guilty pleasure, the Doctor Luke-produced hit Party In the U.S.A.

Now, Miley continues to expand her musical horizons with another new song, When I Look At You, from her upcoming exclusive Wal-Mart EP.

Like The Climb, this is also a ballad. And we really like it. Genuinely.

We can't believe we said all that! Oh well, check out the Disney Slut's latest song, When I Look At You, below.

What do U think???

[Image via WENN.]

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174 comments to “Shocking Miley Cyrus News!”

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  1. 101

    we need to have some kind of paper or something. im tired of hearing about her, and all of her little disney pals. if she wanted my respect she couldve did something outside of disney. seriosuly, their ar etons more talented people who have not been discovered yet, and people who already singing and get shit for them ,but miley gets lots of love even win she sucks. so i want some REAL music not little teenybopper music. what are kids listenging to now!

  2. 102

    Awww im in love with this song !! i got it on my iPod already! And Im 18 !! So beautiful !! All of her new songs are so damn cool!!Im so sorry that i cant buy her new EP because im not from USA but howev .. theres iTune !! ;D

  3. 103

    SUPERWOMAN, OMG! This girl is absolutely incredible! This song gave me the chills. WOW!!!!

  4. 104

    i dont kno wat ur listening to…but her music sucks!!!!

    party in the USA was horrible(her squeaky ass voice killls the song)

    besides her voice is fixed by computers…did you hear her sing live at the TCAs…Total FAILURE!!!!!

  5. 105

    love it!!

  6. 106

    LOVE IT and love her…im glad you are recogizing her improvement…but why did u had to call her a slut? i was actually enjoying what i read until that…
    FYI: there are some very good ballads on Breakout, her last record, like 'Four Walls' and 'Goodbye' …but they weren't singles so you've never heard them…but her "evolution" began back then…

  7. 107

    dayum, autotune much?

  8. 108

    For someone who is starting his own record label, you have some pretty shitty taste in music.

  9. 109

    I would be more apt to listen to it, if one of the tracks on her CD isn't 'Ice cream freeze let's chill' or something like that….She wants to be a serious artist? Stop doing crappy tweeny bopper songs.

  10. 110

    Blah blah blah!! I don't like it!!

  11. 111

    This song is freaking amazing! Just like Miley!
    I'm so happy to hear her more mature music (Still like her old music too :) , it's outstanding and her voice sounds just GORGEOUS on this EP! Love her so much :)

  12. 112

    good lyrics…i guess. but her singing is painful! wow Perez i don't see how anyone can agree with you on this one. i like her but this song SUCKS!

  13. 113

    this is terrible

  14. 114

    I actually really like it, too. I'm surprised.

  15. heyo! says – reply to this


    waiit a secc, i don't understand why your premoting her?

  16. 116

    stoppp callling herr a sluut, i fuckkkkin love your site, and your blunnntness but its reallly fuckkkking annoying how your saying how much you like miley now and what not, but yet you still calll her a sluut?

  17. 117

    how much are miley's people paying you?

  18. 118

    wtf are you saying Perez? Party in The USA was worse than any Hannah Montana song. & what's with her method of SCREAMiNG her songs? it pains me when she attempts to hit high notes.

  19. 119

    the music itself is good, but her voice is still horrible, but it's not like she wrote this shit herself.

  20. 120

    i can't believe that i'm gonna say this but..

    IT DOESN'T SUCK SO MUCH AS USUAL!! the beginning is kinda weird and plain but then it gets better

    well done, Miley… whatever you're doing is helping you… musically, of course

  21. 121

    PS: Still, her singing is definitely NOT good. She needs to improve… A LOT!!

  22. 122

    thats a failed attempt at making a MATURE song…..its actually kinda lame & the lyrics are SO WEAK…my 12 year old sister coulda written something better!!!!

  23. 123

    Her music sucks, I tried listening to it, and lost interest before getting even half way through it. I hate her, and I hate her music. My son's 9 year old friend likes her a lot, so there's her age group of fans !

  24. 124


  25. 125

    Stop being a sell out.

  26. 126

    ONce again perez you fat fuck..You delete my comments like the hypocritical shit you are.

  27. 127

    Miley Rocks Mariah Carey sux!

  28. 128

    Miley is Love

  29. 129

    Love the song. Love Miley. Love that your giving her good press GO MILEY!!

  30. 130

    i don't get why you guys don't like this. She has a nice voice and the song may not be the most original but it's got some nice hooks and nice melody. I'll definitely listen to it again.

  31. 131

    she cant sing for shit.

  32. 132

    Are you kidding me? I have been on this site for 10 minutes and this is the second song of hers that you have posted saying how great it is. You must be getting paid to promote her. She does not have a great voice and she is not going to be remembered in 10 years so please stop jamming her down our throats!

  33. 133

    What the hell?!She's out of tune on that!My dog crying last night sounded better.

  34. 134

    I'll like her new song. It wasn't particularly memorable, but better than "Party in the US" (which I didn't cared for at first, but now I find it catchy) and much better than the highly overrated "The Climb", which is her worst song, or the worst song ever and has gotten more praise than it deserves.

    This is a proof that Cyrus can learn from her mistakes

  35. 135


  36. 136


  37. 137

    This song would be good .. if she wasn't singing it. Her voice is so fucking annoying. But it is better then Obsessed.. anyways, horrible singer .. GREAT LYRICS!

  38. 138

    she's got a surprisingly nice voice. some of this is a little to country sounding for me, though.

  39. 139

    it's okay. i still think the climb is her best song yet

  40. 140

    I love it! And I'm soo addicted to her song Party in the USA!

  41. 141

    Perez, the "slut" comment is really uncalled for. At least try to be a gentleman. Even it if applied, which in her case does NOT, it is still very uncool of you to call her that. What is wrong with you? Can you for once treat people as human beings? Miley is adorable and a pretty good role model. I know she's Disney's squeaky-clean "product" but I think she's done pretty well maintaining her dignity and standards. Why do people like you say things about her because of one picture which was actually pretty tasteful. I just hope she doesn't fall into the Hollywood trap of destructive living- here's hoping she flies above it all as she goes into adulthood, despite comments by people like you and your minions.

  42. dhi says – reply to this


    Too whiny. I do like Party In The USA though.

  43. 143

    Her music might not be that bad if she could actually sing

  44. 144

    miley needs to take some singing lessons then she would be really good.. she sounds like her nose is plugged half the time.. its awful..

  45. 145

    im not loving her recent stuff…it doesnt sound that grown up, she should stick to the pop stuff

  46. 146

    Re: Dulce de Melocoton – dear god don't insult stevie nicks like that

  47. 147

    well i hate to say it too, but i actually like this song too!
    i mean, sure she's still a teen and has a lot of years ahead to get better. but honestly out of a lot of the disney stars who come out with music, she's probably the best vocally on ballads like this.

  48. Marih says – reply to this


    i love it, i downloaded it a few days ago

  49. 149

    Honestly the song is good. Like its very pretty, but her voice is awful. It burns my ears. Makes me cringe… but the song is pretty… if only her voice was too…

    p.s. i love how after all those nice comments about miley you add the 'disney slut' in there Perez. haha

  50. 150

    dont realy like this. not even a little. her poppy crap sounded better

  51. 151

    Eh… NOT SO MUCH.. but it'll probably grow on me, like every other Miley song :p

  52. 152

    perez her music seriously SUCKS ass big time talk about somebody who can sing and has real talent

  53. 153

    and perez how much are their actually paid u for this unecessary news

  54. TheOC says – reply to this


    She has ALWAYS been horrible. No change AT ALL. You're such an idiot, perez.

  55. 155

    this is kinda sad seeing as to how I am almost 23 and have a child lol! but it was a great song, lyrically. I wonder who wrote it her or her dad or someone else? anyway. she sang it well i think and she brings that whole country twang into it which is nice. I am by no means a country "fan" but I like to take music for what it is and have been trying not to dismiss just because of its genre. keep it up gurl and u'll go places.

  56. 156

    She's untalented and her music sucks!

  57. 157

    Love it.

  58. 158

    i listened to the first 30 seconds of it then stopped it. her voice is plain torture she makes my ears bleed and the only song that is good is Party in the USA and you dont even know how ashamed i am to say that
    i really hope that bitch dies soon that's how much i hate her

  59. 159


  60. 160

    miley miley miley,im suprized she still gose out in public knowing everyone pukes at the sight of her face

    her music sucks with her voice,and she well she SUCKS just by a octive from her mouth

    little ugly fugly miley should shut her face a become invisable,cause thats what shed be if her daddy wasnt famus

  61. 161

    So this is going to be on the next Chipmunk album?

  62. 162

    The song is not that bad, but I can't help but think that I heard that rhythm before maybe not in an English song but in a Spanish song.

  63. 163

    what do i think.. i think it sucks balls. sorry perez but r u deaf??

  64. 164

    omg he music was good but now it is fucking dumb

  65. 165

    I like this song.
    It's more than decent, it's amazing.
    Thanks Miley.
    It's perfect.

  66. 166

    why does anyone even care or think about Miley?

  67. 167

    her music is funneh and i've never watched hannah montana lol and never want to :)

    although fly on the wall is the most HILARIOUS song its so random lol lol

  68. 168

    she's not even an " ARTIST"! people wake up ! , she can't sing , !!! her voice is killin' my ears ! awwwtch!

  69. 169

    i actually like this one! :D

  70. 170

    This song isnt bad bbut her voice hurts my ears!
    Stilll Dont like her XD

  71. 171


  72. 172

    Re: beautiful_blur – you're absolutley rite about it

  73. 173

    hahaha thats funny..!!!! hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah i just felt like laughing ahahhahahahahhahahaha

  74. 174

    this chubby hillbilly with her messed up teeth and chipmunk cheeks new movie will tank, nobody wants to see this stupid bitch TRY and act in a serious non- hannah montana movie. who the hell over the age of 12 gives a shit, Nicholas sparks sold out for the $$$ writing the pos screen play for this disney whore. If you want a good laugh, watch the memorable and beautiful acting of gorgeous Rachel McAdams and handsome ryan gossling in The Notebook–then watch this stupid LUCKY no talent hillbilly disney whore try to compare acting wise and looks wise to Rachel M. I am going to laugh when this movie tanks. watch it come out in Jan or Feb or something, cause the studios know this pos movie would even tank more in the summer.

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