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Your First Look! Octomom:The Musical!

| Filed under: Octo-Mom

It sure as hell beats Shrek: The Musical! (Sorry, Sutton!)

Check out the latest underground hit in the Hollywood theater scene, Octo-Mom: The Musical, above!


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33 comments to “Your First Look! Octomom:The Musical!”

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    Geez!! are they that desperate for story lines for musicals. I can think of 100 better subjects to make a musical about than that baby machine!

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  5. 5

    i could just see the souvenirs now… 8 kids and a worn out vag

  6. 6

    nobody will buy tickets for this..

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    Looks extremly silly. I thought that they were just joking when they said that a musical of her is in works. I guess broadway is getting desperate.

  10. 10

    looks so shitty… at least it gives some actors jobs for awhile!

  11. 11

    Haha!It looks like a small theater show though,and wont last long.

  12. 12

    Will a dancing chorus line of 8 make their entrance from Octopuss's vag?

  13. 13

    …good lawdy. Hope the star has an 8 octave range!

  14. 14

    Like that woman needs anymore attention. And here I thought Broadway was scraping the bottom of the barrel when they did Shrek. What's really disgusting is that idiot comparing this shit fest to Phantom or Les Mis. Entertainment is going through its worst dry spell ever. It may never recover.

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    Now…THIS!….would be worty to see!


    I wouldn't watch anything that dispalys the god awful, demented, fugly real one, as she's just plain sickening and her poor offspring should be adopted out for their saftey and best interests.


    But I tell ya, anything that mocks that whackjob is cool by moi!


  16. 16

    I won't watch such stupidity!

  17. 17

    Looks like they missed a huge opportunity. Good idea .. bad execution

  18. 18

    My friend Mike has seen the Octo-Musical 3 times and says it's hysterical. It's been sold out all summer. I just bought my tix for September!

  19. 19

    Looks really funny to me. It's not meant to be taken as a serious musical. It's a funny and silly romp on stage for people to enjoy and forget about their troubles.

  20. 20

    Amazing. I hope she loves it.

  21. 21

    Gotta freakin' say - I was dragged kicking and screaming to this show ’cause Suleman is an insult to humanity. But I do trust my friend, and she insisted I go with on her third round. And glad I did, it's the American First Amendment at it's best. It's not just about Suleman, but about all the twisted monkeys in the news that can't be satisfied without MORE - Madoff, Shamwow, et al. It had great belly laughs in the scenes and the songs were effin' great!! I honestly can't remember one tune from Wicked (which is a good show) - I can't get OTM outa my head. I actually hope they put out a cast album. Take it from a reformed skeptic and hater - GO.

  22. 22

    WOW soooo Lame!!!

  23. 23

    So how much $$$ will Octomooch get from this?????

  24. 24

    is this a joke?

  25. 25

    I can't believe i'm going to say something positive about "Octomom" in general but I have to speak out about the Octomom Musical. It was amazingly clever, hysterically funny. The girl who plays Octomom..I think her name is Molly McCook..is remarkable. Loved the music and the whole spirit of the show. I think it's a release from all the crazy icons the media has hyped. Run, don't walk to this show!!!

  26. 26

    this is old news i think this vid was posted a few months ago

  27. 27

    i am so serious when i say i simultaneously puked a little in my mouth and then wanted to commit suicide imediatly after seeing this so serious

  28. 28

    LMAO!!!! I would see it it looks like a great time!

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    Come on Perez, you know better then that. This can't even be put in the same breath as "Shrek" lol. Not that they're not doing their thing. Kudos to them for making it work! Musical Theatre in L.A. is so few and far between.

  31. 31

    Re: Glittercat – nada to nadya

  32. 32

    wtf who would go see that….seriously

  33. 33

    What the Hell