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Aubrey O'Day Hearts Fidel Castro - And Hitler Too!

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What the hell is wrong with Aubrey O'Day?

We can't tell if she's really stupid, crazy, or just says shit for attention. Maybe all three?

Yesterday, on Sean Hannity's Fox show, US Representative Diane Watson praised communist dictator Fidel Castro when talking about health care and called him a "brilliant leader."

O'Day then agreed and actually defended Castro, calling him BRILLIANT herself. She's apparently met him before and "worked with him" when she was in Cuba.


Skanky added, "I'm not defending his behavior in many instances, but I do have to say that I will 100 percent agree he's an incredibly brilliant man."

Oh, and when asked if Adolf Hitler was a brilliant man, she says YES!

Check out the HIGHlarious, yet troubling, clip above.

Our question is, why the hell was Aubrey even invited on the show?

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207 comments to “Aubrey O'Day Hearts Fidel Castro - And Hitler Too!”

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  1. missB says – reply to this


    you can be brilliant and still be a bad leader and do bad things. look at what exactly she's saying instead of jumping to conclusions.

  2. 2

    …well, Hitler was a brilliant and charismatic man. One that should have been gassed at birth, but nevertheless.

  3. 3

    and when asked about perez hilton, she replied a dumb ass no talent hack!

  4. 4

    I don't know for you Perez, but thinking about invading a country which was more powerful than you and succeeding, you need to be a genius or a stratege. She's right, Hitler is a genius, but the guy is a freaking asshole. You can be smart, that DOESN'T make you good though.

  5. 5

    Adolf Hitler was a brilliant man. Evil and immoral, but brilliant and charismatic. How else would he have had the backing he had.

  6. 6

    she is trying to be smart,saying they r brilliant people, but they didn't made good choices, but obviously she can't handle it, i think i'm trying to get what that skank wanted to say, (or her manger)

  7. 7

    Actually, Perez, world leaders are usually brilliant men. Just because Hitler was an atrocious mass murderer and completely detestable, doesn't mean he wasn't brilliant. If you've ever read a book about Hitler or WWII, you'd know that. He was a sick fuck, yes, but brilliant.

  8. 8

    its the fucking truth! can you take over a country and not be smart? NONONO!!!

  9. 9

    Hitler was brilliant, in a very terrible way. I'm not defending what he did, but politically, he was brilliant.

  10. 10

    Yeah. Skanky whore Heidi Montag wannabe. She's just sad. She, like, probably thinks Hitler was some kind of President, like, from somewhere, you know.

  11. 11

    wow … thats all that will come out at the moment. What a stupid slut

  12. 12

    She was on the show to show how retarded liberal hollywood is. Leftwing lunatics. Great example!

  13. 13

    *rolls eyes*

  14. 14

    i have to agree with her…without condoning what they did, you have to admit that they are brilliant…just because they do what we consider reprehensible, that doesn't take away from their mental capabilities…

  15. 15

    "Brilliant" is a term to describe someones intelligence, Mario, and not necessarily a term to describe one's actions or intentions. Hitler WAS brilliant. How else could he have wooed Germany and built an army raised to execute the most horrific mass killings in history? Brilliant? Yes. But also incredibly disgusting, and probably one of the worst pieces of scum to ever walk on Earth (and that's being VERY kind).

  16. 16

    yes they were brilliant minds. a bunch of sick bastards. but brilliant minds, reasons why they were so dangerous. brilliant enought to rise to such power. perez you need to get some education and a sence of judgement instead on jumping on anything simple minded people would find offending because they don't have what it takes to read between the lines.

  17. 17

    in a sense she is sort of right.

    You do have to be brilliant to lead nations to commit atrocious act that otherwise they would normally not do. Their brilliance was obviously not used for good. But she is right.

  18. 18

    idiot hahaha

  19. 19

    why the f-ck is she doing on that show?????????????????/

  20. 20

    What a dumbass.

  21. 21

    She later said she "Worked " with Kim Jong Il and he's hung like a horse!I hear she's now the new editor for "The Huffington Post"!

  22. 22

    Just because she thinks Hitler is a brilliant man doesn't mean she agrees with what he did. He was a brilliant man, he just used his brilliance for evil.

  23. 23

    Well actually Hitler was a brilliant man in the sense that he was incredibly educated and he thought what he was doing was the right thing. I'm not defending the fucking Holocaust here, just agreeing that he was in fact a very smart man. Read some books people!

  24. 24

    these bleach blonde, gold digging, ho's need to keep their traps shut. This bitch has no clue what the hell she is talking about. I don't give a fuck what she is famous for, she is a fucking idiot!

  25. 25

    brilliance doesn't always equate goodness. A person can be brilliant intellectually and do completely utterly horrifying and disgusting things with that brilliance. In a lot of respects Hitler was a brilliant man, that doesn't mean he was a good one. He convinced millions of people to go along with and support the extermination of entire race, and had his decision making been different in the end of world war 2 Germany might have won Europe.

    Not to necessarily defend Aubrey, but saying someone is brilliant isn't necessarily condoning their actions. Many people including scholars, professors, and historians have noted the intelligence of brilliance of these men, that in no one means what has been done by them is right or humane, just brilliantly and craftily executed.

  26. 26

    They are brilliant men. She should have worded herself differently but whatever.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Ugh. Too bad he didn't just murder her… Seriously… Talk about an acceptable loss, huh? She really needs to just fade away… But she won't.

  29. 29

    f***in airhead!!!..she will soooooooooooo regret this… she is sooooooo wannahasbeenish…and why the hell was she/would she "work"(WHORE?) for Castro….LOSER….

  30. 30

    Perez, do you think they were able to rise to power and exert their will over others because they were babbling morons?

  31. 31

    umm well she was invited on cause it was fox news…obviously a REAL news channel wouldn't put up with her crap.

  32. 32

    Castro IS brilliant,at least that's how he sounds when you don't take fox news or the americans newspaper as your source of infomration on him

    HITLER on the other hand was just the most rotten ever of all of us humans ,ever to come,to say the least

  33. 33

    wow..this world of ours..lol..people have their right to their own thoughts and opinions..but at times when people do speak up and say what they truly feel they can get punished for that. I look at her in a totally new light, very out spoken, too much so, but that's her. I def do have strong feelings towards what she said, and it disgusts me that people would associate themselves KNOWINGLY with a killer, but she is entitled to her own opinion like everyone else..

  34. 34

    They were brilliant, but evil. I am jewish and I have family that were put into Hitlers camps and some killed. She called them brilliant she didn't condone what they did. You chose to add your own connotations to the word 'brilliant'.

  35. 35

    Well, Hitler was brilliant (that is, before he went batshit crazy). It doesn't mean what he believed in and did was right. Brilliant and good are not the same thing. Those presenters obviously do not know what brilliant actually means, which makes them stupider than Aubrey O'Day, and just proves everything I've always thought about American Republicans. And fyi before anyone accuses e, I'm not a nazi, I'm gay and have a Jewish boyfriend, lol.

  36. elo says – reply to this


    Castro is a New York educated lawyer, Hitler was an excellent artist, intelligence doesn't keep you from being evil. Intelligence actually adds to your persona, good or evil.

  37. 37

    well..havent really watched the video, but they both were/are very intelligent men, assholes and bad bad bad people but intelligent

  38. 38

    She is entirely correct. Hitler brought Germany out of a depression, reconstructed the entire country after war, and made Germany one of the most powerful countries in the world both politically and economically. Yes, his actions were horrific, but he was brilliant.

  39. 39

    Well I do see her point, it wasn't like she was talking nonsense. Her comments are incredibly stupid, yeah, but she had a point which she was trying to state (that it takes smarts to be evil), so it's not as bad as you make it out to be perez.

  40. 40

    "Brilliant" is a term to describe someones intelligence, Mario, and not necessarily a term to describe one's actions or intentions. Hitler WAS brilliant. How else could he have wooed Germany and built an army raised to execute the most horrific mass killings in history? Brilliant? Yes. But also incredibly disgusting, and probably one of the worst pieces of scum to ever walk on Earth (and that's being VERY kind).Re: tayamaria – My thoughts exactly.

  41. 41

    Well, you know, I sort of agree with her. Although they are both terrible people, the fact that they're both able to stay in power so long and convince people of so many terrible things does make them brilliant.

  42. cl254 says – reply to this


    hate how they try to make her look dumb, she's trying to speak and they were kinda being condescending! i think aubrey is a skank but she's still a smart girl regardless.

  43. 43

    Being a master manipulator and brainwasher does not make one brilliant. Dumb bitch. Why was she on Fox News anyway???

  44. 44

    i love how perez is thinking and hoping we will all agree with him… we don't agree with you perez. go back to school & do some learning. expand your mind. learn what brilliant really means. no one is defending him you moron.

  45. 45

    you can be brilliant AND evil. the two don't come hand-in-hand. there are some brilliant, yet amazing humanitarians out there as well. it just depends on what you use that intelligence for.

  46. 46

    Re: missB – just love your lil puppy there, honey!! what a cutie pie :)

  47. 47

    She is a liberal moron! She acted like a bobble head with injected lips.

  48. 48

    perez… are you dumb ?

  49. 49

    Cuba is not a communist state.

  50. 50

    I just had a laugh out loud moment! Those guys look like they're about to have a collective brain aneurysm! hahahaha

  51. 51

    Actually, dumbass, Hitler was a brilliant man!
    He was evil, and a terrible….but he was extremely intelligent, and, before he used his power for evil, he did an amazing job of re-building the infrastructure of Germany, and helping the people of Germany to have better lives.
    What's troubling is that you are too stupid to realize that he was an intelligent person, despite what he did to the world.

  52. 52

    Funny .. I agree w/ the girl 100%! .. Those other guys are retards .. I wish they would read this.. & if Fidel Castro (THAT LOVELY BRILLIANT MAN) is a murderer then he should go after their asses & torture them for being retards! I love Fidel!!!
    Oh.. P.S. Read history about Hitler & yes, he was also a brilliant smart man who just wanted to get rid of Jews! That's all hahaha.

  53. 53

    I love how Aubrey totally owned Sean Hannity. He's supposed to be the smart one. This discussion isn't based on opinion. It's irrefutable straight definition. "Brilliance" is showing exceptional intelligence and intellect. There is nothing in that definition that implies goodness. Hannity needs to pick up a dictionary.

  54. 54


  55. 55

    Hitler may have been evil and horrible, but he was brilliant. Just because someones smart doesn't mean they're good, nice, or anything else pleasant, just smart =/

  56. 56

    Hitler was a horrible man, but he did create an empire basically out of nothing. Germany was a shit hole before he came along. Politically he was brilliant. He persuaded millions of people to follow him, he created jobs for many Germans and made Germany stronger. When we think of brilliant people or "genius", we automatically think of good people. Genius is always seen as a replica of good behaviour, when in fact the definition has nothing to do with good.
    Hitler was fucked in the head when it came to seeing other people as humans. He was arrogant, a murderer and obviously a bit psychotic. But he did manage to lead a dieing nation into one of the strongest in the world when he was around.

  57. 57

    Woooooooooooooow she is lame

  58. 58

    It is impossible to go against any FOX NEWS representative and not be sarcastically abused. THIS BITCH IS RIGHT! Perez Hilton must obviously be against Health Care Reform. PEREZ HILTON IS REPUBLICAN! Cuban's have great health care AND they have 100% literacy rates. WOW! Wait, perez gets enough money from hollywood to pay for his HPV pills. Thats why he doesn't want to pay extra money for less fortunate people. WHAT A MONEY GRUBBING WHORE PEREZ HILTON IS!!

  59. 59

    Hitler was brilliant though. He was absolutely terrible. yet brilliant. You have to be brilliant to have that much control over a nation like he had. and do such horrible things. he had a lot of power and he managed to use his brilliance and intelligance to get that.

  60. 60


  61. 61

    This clip explains why I have no respect for Fox News. Besides the fact that they are a shitty and biased channel, they invite some Playboy z-list celebrity to be a guest on a political show? So dumb!

  62. 62

    aubrey is right … brilliant!

    when did people start listening to what Fox News had to say??

  63. 63

    This just proves that Perez is absolutely without a doubt an idiot. Can you just imagine him having stimulating conversation with anyone? NOT. You TOTALLY missed this broad's point. Their brilliant but absolute mad men.

  64. 64

    I hate to agree with her but yes, she's right. Do you think that if he wasn't brilliant, hitler that is, would have controlled and had so many people following him. Millions of people followed the man! Thousands were smart, capable people! What he did was horrible and beyond words, but brilliance has nothing to do with morality and humanity, in fact the more you drift away from that the more brilliant you become, to not be biased and influenced. Brilliant people are usually in fact manipulative people. You on the other hand…

  65. 65

    i actually understand and agree with what she was saying.
    its unfair that they kept cutting her off and jumping down her throat. it had the potential to be one of the smartest things aubrey's ever said and she wasn't given a chance to fully develop her argument.

    she's absolutely right. by brilliance, i'm sure she meant intellect and savvy because without these, there's no way in hell a man could run a dictatorship / lead a nation MOST ESPECIALLY to do the horrible things said men have done. very influential people. terrible human beings, BUT yes, brilliant minds.

  66. 66

    shes right.. you have to be highly intelligent and charismatic to do be a dictator. doesn't mean what they do is right/good, but thats why they call them "evil masterminds". they should have let her finish instead of cutting her off and making her look like a cuban nazi.

  67. 67

    To be fair, I can see what point she's making. But instead of using "brilliant" she should have just said they were obviously smart men to get in that position of power, but they are evil dictators.

  68. 68

    I mos def agree with Aubrey not cause I like her, caue i do think she's an idiont, but she does have a point. You don't have to be a good person to be a brilliant person!! Hitler and Castro may not be the best example, but yes they were brilliant. They both convinced million of people to follow them. she makes a good point. First thing out of her mouth she ever says that makes sense. Was Bush brilliant? Not necessarily, but he murdered a lot of people and got away with it, and still ran our country. BRILLIANT!

  69. 69

    Watson is a typical CA Dumbocrat racist libitard. It is going to be so wonderful to watch all these morons defeated in their next elections! Leave it to a Dumbocrat to praise Hitler, Castro and Che as upright moral people. All there are murderers despots and human filth. Sadly the Dumborats running Washington all thing these three are 'good' men who loved their countries. Can moonbats get any stupider???? Oh wait! Yes they can! They elected Messiah Wee Wee Hussein Dumbama

  70. 70

    I like FIDEL hahahahaha

  71. 71

    oh & its really sad perez that youd let your bias against o'day cloud your own understanding. its SO obvious that she totally owned this interviewer. he's probably not used to talking outside of cue cards so had no idea what aubrey meant by 'brilliance'. he fails… owned by an ex member of danity kane.

  72. 72

    omg is this girl for real!

  73. 73

    Uh, she's right. I thought it was common knowledge that Hitler was a brilliant man. That doesn't make him a saint or what he did right but he was still smart. He had to be to do what he did.

  74. 74

    Wow Perez, shame on you. I thought that you were smart. Really, if you are gonna be so close-minded about other people's opinions (FYI the exercise of Free Speech) then dont get your panties in a bunch when someone discriminates you for YOUR OPINIONS. I totally believe in her point, yes both Castro and Hitler are the protagonist of some of the worst chapters in World History, but in everything that has been said about them no one has ever called them stupid.

    If you want someone to tolerate your life choices and your opinions, you too need to start exercising tolerance towards others.

  75. 75

    This is the same as the Miss California Circus. A question is asked, the presenter dosen't like the answer because it's not his belief. Then gets overblown because the presenter is too narrow minder to believe anyone has a different oppion than his and only his matters and counts.

  76. 76

    Only Sean fucking Hannity would have that brain dead dipshit on to talk politics!!! That must have been his "liberal" guest! He knew exactly what he was doing when he put her on. You'll never see that Fred Flinstone looking mother fucker put on someone like Tom Morello. He always gets some moron (like this one) and uses them to represent everyone on the left.

  77. 77

    that reporter is so smug.. he bothers me more than anything. save me?… he will never be as rich or good looking or famous as aubrey is.. so he has to make her look like an idiot?

    they obviously just wanted her on the show to make her look stupid.

    lets kill all the men. so we will never have any more hitlers or fidel castros or "sean hannity"s.

  78. 78

    obviously they were brilliant, she's right! understand what she's trying to say before making such a sensational headline…

  79. 79

    I agree with MissB don't under estimate Aubrey she's smart enough to have been invited on the show then hold her own she doesnt sound dumb she is beautiful and strong. She could use a bit of humble pie but she is smart.

  80. 80

    she has a point with them being brilliant and all but who's gonna take this bitch seriously?

  81. 81


  82. 82

    As much as I dislike Auber O'Day…she is correct. They chose evil as their ultimate plan - but a dumb person doesn't rise to that type of power unless they are brilliant

  83. 83

    America get over your Fidel thing,shit happens.Boy if every country held a grudge againest the United States for all your bullshit,you would have no friends at all.

  84. 84

    Okay, so, they may have done horrible things.
    But really, Perez, are you really that judgemental that just because you have strong feelings about someone, joke intended or not, that you truely believe what you say? She herself may not be brilliant, but Hitler and Fidel were both geniuses. BOTH. GENIUSES. You don't have to be Mother freaking Theresa to be brilliant.

  85. 85

    Um…he was brilliant. People won't blindly follow people who are idiots. The fact that he was able to get a whole country to support him & still keep what he was doing on the dl is from a brilliant, yet TWISTED, mind. Most of your insane people are very intelligent. Ted Bundy was a very intelligent man, a serial killer, but very intelligent.

  86. 86

    Re: missB – I'm glad someone else caught that. I've ALWAYS thought that Hitler was a brilliant and charismatic leader, but that doesn't stop me from finding him to also be a foul and disgusting excuse for a human being. I worry when people allow themselves to be blind about an entire situation due to one single emotion. We'll never learn if we can't identify all aspects of our histories.

  87. 87

    Perez dont you realize?? How can you judge the likes of Aubrey and Carrie Prejean for what they think, and then go on Larry King and expect people to understand where you come from when you talk about gay rights? You persecute them and humilliate them because you dont share their same beliefs and by doing this, you are no different than they are. DIscrimination is a two way street, just so you know.

  88. 88

    I don't give a shit what she said; I want to know how she got on that show!

  89. 89

    Re: delaney – It's called fear…

  90. 90

    Ah Perez, you really should leave politics to people who actualy understand things, even Skanky O'Day is smarter than you…

  91. 91

    Fox News, the scummiest of them all invites her on, sets her up with a ridiculous "topic" and then jumps all over her like a pack of hyena's, because that's the only style of "talk" that these idiots can muster up.

    Why do any of them - including Greta - have jobs? Someone, tell me, why?

  92. 92

    *ROLLEYES* What a fucking loser!

  93. Tam says – reply to this


    Those Fox presenters are a joke. The way they talk over her and patronise her because she disagrees with them, she's making more sense than them anyway! Brilliant does not mean they made good choices or that you agree with their actions in any way. Brilliance is in regards to intelligence and she was the only one on that panel who seemed to get that. Of course Hitler was incredibly intelligent to pull of what he did, though a disgusting human being. I think Aubrey's more intelligent than people give her credit for.

    And Perez, I love your site but you fucking annoy me the way you jump to these idiotic conclusions sometimes. You look like a moron for posting this.

  94. 94

    Hilter was brillant. Just evil as well.

  95. 95

    what a DUMB bitch!!!! even the guys there looked at her like she was insane!!
    u dont call people like Hitler brilliant. he was an asshole
    fuck u aubry no wonder u aint so famous

  96. 96

    I get what she's saying, but it sounds really wrong the way she's saying it and people are gunna think she's an idiot. Which she is.

  97. Laury says – reply to this


    Well, believe it or not Perez, it takes a brilliant man to talk people into killing millions of other people. Hitler was evil and deranged, but yes, he was brilliant.

  98. 98

    Well, duuh? She was invited to give headlines like this one. She was invited to make a fool out of herself, and to make people have even more bad things to say about girls who look like and behave like her? In other words, stupid.

  99. 99

    shes the living example of the sentence dumb bich!! god whats shes going to say next??… that chavez is a great and intelligent man and that hes a good president… bullshit!!!…

  100. 100

    I agree 100% both of those men were brilliant. Fucking genius.

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