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Baby #19!!!!!

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It was just last May when we told you that TLC's largest reality TV family from 17 Kids and Counting was expecting their 18th child!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar then welcomed their newest addition, Jordyn-Grace Makiya, this past December. But, apparently, 18 just isn't enough. And Michelle is pregnant AGAIN!

In an interview with Meredith Vieira earlier this morning, the soon-to-be mother of 19 said, “We are thrilled to announce that we found out we’re expecting our 19th child."

And despite being thrilled about the happy news, the 42-year-old Michelle did admit to the usual morning sickness. She added,“I’m feeling sick and tired, which is a good way to be feeling about right now. I always tell myself that’s a good way to be, because that means good things are happening.”

As for Jim Bob, a former state legislator, he stated, "We are so excited about this new arrival, and also our grandbaby coming."

Yes, their son Josh Duggar and his wife Anna will welcome their first child, and the Duggar's first grandchild, this October - before the Duggar's 19th child is born next March.

Michelle said there's nothing strange about the fact that her grandchild would be older than her 19th baby. In fact, she added,“My sister and my mother were having babies at the same time, so I have nieces and nephews older than me. It was a great time because we really have close relationships with my nieces and nephews.”

And if you start doing the math, Michelle's been pregnant for about 147 months of her life as of now, and she's still got at least five months to go for this next baby, so that brings the number up to over 12 years of pregnancy!

That poor thing!

[Image via TLC.]

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276 comments to “Baby #19!!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Re: LoveChrisPine – yeah…i'm sure they had multiple retardation births….but they lock them up in the basement….they are actually at 25

  2. 102

    How can we arrange to have these people killed?

    (Halle doesn't need another either).

  3. 103

    Re: Jive – LMAO!!!

  4. 104

    Good for them. i mean yes thats alot of kids, but that is her business. She does not rely on government help and never has. her husband loves her and helps out alot. The have an awesome family, if you ever watch the show you can see the love. They all look so happy. It would be different if she was like octomom.. but she is not like her at all. They are not asking for handouts, they are a stable loving family and if they want to add to their family then good for them. She is not insane or anything like that. She is awesome, she has so much love and patience and with all them kids, i admire her. I have 2 and I go crazy sometimes. The whole Duggar family seems very happy.

  5. 105

    Well, what can you say. They don't believe in birth control, they obviously love each other and she is VERY fertile. I guess that's going to happen. I'd rather have 19 Duggar children in the world that 1 or 2 of some other families. They raise good, Christian children, so nothing wrong with that. Congratulations to all of them.

  6. 106

    Re: Jerra – I just proved you wrong.

  7. 107

    This family makes me sick to my stomach. This isn't parenting. This is a baby factory. When are one of them going to have brains to say enough is enough. She's a baby mill and he's an abuser. Doesn't anyone know how to just say NO. How about giving some quality time to the kids you already have. And don't get me started on the daughter in law. They've got her brainwashed already. 19 years from now, she'll be spewing out her 27th kid and NOT ONE OF THEM will have a college education.

  8. 108

    I hope the baby is HIDEOUSLY deformed and mentally defective. This is why the world is over populated, folks. And glorifying this sort of behavior only leads to more of the same. Yep, mentally defective. Heck, I hope the child comes out a deranged killed that wipes this family out once and for all.

  9. 109

    These people are more crazy than octo-bitch.

    What are americans drinking these days that they think having 18 (19 now?) kids is okay and socially acceptable?

    Dude, get a vasectomy.

  10. 110

    Totally Irresponsible!!

    There is NO way all 19 children can be emotionally cared for!

  11. 111

    As long as they are able to provide for their children without asking for gvernment assitance or assistance from others, as long as they are able to give each child the attention and love it needs and deserves, as long as they aren't neglectful, abusive, or absent in the rearing of their children then I say more power to them. If you've ever watched their show, you can see they are a respectul, loving and independant family. They aren't hurting you, so why should you give it second thought?

  12. 112

    Re: imsoregistered – It's called responsible parenting and when your older kids are parenting your younger kids, and you sit on your ass doing nothing to foster your child's independence, that is irresponsible parenting. Who gives a fuck that they are debt free. None of their children have college educations, and free-will is not an option.

    If they want additional children that's fine, but it's their job to parent….not their children's and to use God as the reason? Pathetic.

  13. 113

    Re: bittergaymark

    You are a hateful, spiteful poor excuse for a human being.

  14. 114

    They have to be the most selfish people i have ever heard of…Fucking breeders.. She should be forced to have her tubes tied.

  15. 115

    I hate this family so much. I can't even watch their show. They make Jon and Kate's family look NORMAL! Jim Bob is a douche… making his wife carry that many children because it's what god wants or w.e… she's totally brainswashed in my opinion! Slap a rubber on it next time… jeez

  16. 116

    Sick, sick people.
    They are just reproducing for fame and fortune, they don't actually give a shit for the kids. And I bet they confuse each child everyday and wouldn't notice if one goes missing.
    When I grow up, I just want one kid, that's it. I hate having to be used by my parents to babysit my 3 brothers! >:(

  17. 117

    Re: Christine528 – Atleast this one actiually has a husband and can provide for the kids. You have to give her credit there! Octo-mom had nothing and was psycho!

  18. 118

    Re: Texas Mom – Please tell me you are joking. Religion is what got them into this mess. You want their kids to be perverted by religion as well?

    I guess it is true what americans say about people from Texas.

  19. 119

    Re: Hollianne – TLC! Duh!

  20. 120

    Re: GottaShakeItOff – You must be a family member

  21. 121

    Re: kitykatnae

    My, what an ignorant ass you are! They take better care of their family than probably 75% of other families in this country, without outside help or assistance. They OWN their home and vehicles outright, carry NO debt and have some of the most respectful, intelligent, caring and thoughtful kids I've seen in a long time.

    Can you say any of the above? Didn't think so, so shut your trap and learn the facts before you mouth off again.

  22. 122

    Re: vanessa.julia.lutz

    Her last baby is actually just 8 months old.

  23. 123

    Well, all I can say after reading most people's comments on this subject is that I hope that the people writing such mean, vicious and unwarranted comments not reproduce. To the person who actually write that you hope that the baby is born deformed and evil enough to kill his family, I fervently hope that you never have kids.

  24. 124

    for all the people who hate on them, who are you to tell them how to live their life? the rulers of the universe? yes 19 kids is way more than any of you would want, but if they want them, who cares? have you ever watched the show? those kids are some of the most well behaved, caring, mannered children ever. they will be great people when they're grown, could even be president, cure cancer, who knows.. they are great kids. some moms with 2 kids raise serial killers & men who beat their wives. these kids are outstanding.

  25. 125

    Re: xqueenx

    Birth control is indeed against their beliefs.

  26. 126

    i fucking cant stand this rediculous religious family…they look like theyre growing up in 1800s colonial times, theyre just fucking weirdos. and theyre show sucks…but i didnt really expect anything differant from a family with the fathers name being jim bob

  27. 127

    Re: Joe Canada – How can you even COMPARE this family to Octomom!? Differences:
    Michelles married, Nadya's not.
    Michelles having them one at a time NATURALLY, Nadya get a vitro for fucking 8!
    Michelles family can afford it, Nadya is broke.

    Yes, having 19 kids is CRAZY, but as long as they're taking care of the kids then I don't see the problem.

  28. 128

    these people deserve to be shot. bringing useless children into this piece of shit world.

  29. 129

    her vajayjay must be the size of the holland tunnel…fuckin grossssssssssss

  30. 130

    Re: Joe CanadaSo it's more "socially acceptable" to stop your body from being natural, shooting up injections and hormones and whatever else? I don't necessarily want that many kids and I do take birth control, but I sure as hell can't stand all these people that are trying to tell them what's acceptable to do with their own bodies!! What's best is the health nuts, who will cry about anything not labeled "natural" (even if it is NOT regulated and they could be downing antifreeze), prop themselves up on false pills so that their body becomes dependent on unnatural levels of vitamins, then go and get shots in their arms, that force a woman's body to NOT be natural… I'm sick of "society" as the excuse to take away a person's basic rights.

  31. Harv says – reply to this


    Somebody needs to sterilize these two rabbits.

  32. 132

    Keep the cash cows coming!

  33. 133

    Re: juicyfruitplumx -aka- boos for brains writes: " bet they have all these inbread kids for us to pay their welfare bills" – A typical leftard ignorant comment made by a moonbat. While I would not want that many kids, the Duggers are working Americans who WORK for their money and support their own family. They are not like libitards who sit on their @sses waiting for the government to help them out. The best thing about all of this is that the libitard and far left moonbats comments are 100% irrelevant.

  34. 134

    These people are sick!

  35. 135

    I would NEVER have that many kids, but as long as they can take care of them and provide them with a safe loving home, then more power to them!
    This is there choice and we will not have to pay for it so let them be Happy :)

  36. 136

    They live debt-free and are not on welfare, but still, these children must be starved for attention. And they can't possibly enjoy a close relationship with their parents-the parents just don't have the time. They are a fascinating bunch-I watch their show, but I just worry about what they are teaching their children. It also seems that they are preparing their daughters for being wives and mothers-what about encouraging them to go to college and establish a career for themselves?

  37. 137

    I would love to give Jim Bob a blowjob!

  38. 138

    Brainwashed religious freaks

  39. 139

    That poor thing?!?! That "poor" thing probably has everything paid for by OUR taxes and NOBODY FORCED THE DUMB BITCH TO SPREAD HER LEGS!!!

  40. MilaP says – reply to this



  41. 141

    The few that are for the Duggars and truly feel these people are holier than thou……..Yes, they might be debt free and built their own home. But guess what? Jim Bob claims his house as A CHURCH. Let me repeat that - His house is listed as a church TO AVOID PAYING TAXES! Hello??? Did you hear me oh fanatical ones?? Imagine, if we all did that.

    They are nothing more than a breeding cult. They only speak with other Christians. To me that's prejudice. Love how they preach "The Lord loves all." Then in the second sentence - only befriend Christians…Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    Children should not be forced into any religious beliefs until they are old enough to understand everything regarding religion. The girls can't cut their hair? Are you kidding me…….? What they are doing is borderline emotional abuse to those kids. Check out their website. Each older child is responsible for 1 OR 2 kids. WTF!! It's laughable to me. I'll write more later - I'm going to go downtown to the county clerks office and register my home as a church.

  42. 142

    Re: Twoboys2 – LMAO!!!!!!!

  43. 143

    That woman will eventually have empty nest syndrome something fierce! But then, she'll probably eat her grandbabies…

  44. 144

    Two Words: BIRTH! CONTROL!

  45. 145

    You have got to be freakin' kidding me!

  46. 146

    Re: Hockey111222 – Ohhh, whoops, I dont know why I thought the baby was a year and a half by now… So I guess she'll be a year and 3 months when the new baby arrives, which is much closer in age then most of her kids…. So much for getting less-fertile the older a woman gets! Jim Bob should be the posterchild for How to Never Waste a Drop Of Your Sperm in a Lifetime! and likewise for Michelle and her eggs… barely none of them go to waste!!

  47. 147

    Mormons aren't allowed to masterbate. They have to get off "INTO" their wives.
    Of course the reason is to build the church bigger.

    So if you think the average guy jacks off 5 times a week, she's taking 5 loads a week in her, well there you have it.

  48. MP says – reply to this


    These people disgust me.

  49. 149

    She likes it duggar style.

  50. TLA says – reply to this


    WTF this is sickening. These people should really just stop fucking! The visual image is simply more than I can stomach. Hopefully she will hit menopause after this one. Maybe Jimmy Joe Billy Bob should just yank it a few times!!!!

  51. 151

    I'm surprised the baby doesn't just walk out after the 10th one.

  52. 152

    These people make me want to vomit. There is something seriously wrong with them. Why don't they fucking adopt kids that need homes instead of bloating an already overpopulated world??? Their show needs to be protested.

  53. 153

    She is about to be a grandmother, why wont she stop having children?? I get that they want all the children God will give them or something like that. But I'm thinking that she is using God as an excuse for her to be addicted to pregnancy.

  54. 154

    do the math, at least 2 will be gay and one will be black.

  55. 155

    Some people don't mind being pregnant.
    As long as they aren't popping out crack addicted babies, more power to them. The Duggars don't receive any government assistance, they don't have any debt, and they seem to be doing nothing but producing honest and productive members of society. I don't see much harm in that.

  56. 156

    I hope she dies giving birth, then we will not be infected any further with their spawn. They are disgusting!!!

  57. 157

    Re: Aquarius71
    The Duggars are paying for them. As I said in another comment, they don't have any debt and they don't have any government assistance. They work for every dollar they have. They spend their money wisely and they're instilling those values in their kids. Educate yourself.

  58. 158

    Re: Joe Canada – I have to laugh every time someone makes a comment on one of my comments along the lines of it being from "Texas". I actually grew up in Northern California and lived in Southern California for many years, am not extremely religious and am a very liberal person, so being from Texas has nothing to do with finding nothing wrong with the Duggars. They seem like good kids and I'm sure there are far worse things in life than being extremely religious. They are polite, obedient and happy. Good for them!

  59. 159

    Re: you want this
    The producers make them dress like that. They get most of their clothes from consignment stores and yard sales. I think sometimes the girls make a few of their dresses. Whenever you see them dressed weirdly alike, it's usually because whatever TV crew they're working with requested it.

  60. 160

    Re: Hollianne
    The Duggar family buy their own health insurance.

  61. 161

    I don't get it. Everyone bashes Octomom and "Jon and Kate" about using their kids to make money. But no one blasts these folks for doing the very same thing. You can dress up a pig, but in the end it's still a pig. They are as guilty of using their kids to gain material wealth as anyone else.

  62. 162

    She said she'd stop when god told her to. . .pretty sure having a prolapsed uterus (a couple litters ago) is a major sign to QUIT HAVING BABIES.

  63. 163

    I think the saddest part of this is that the kids aren't even allowed to do "kid stuff"…like DANCE.
    Does anyone remember "Monty Python's The Life Of Brian", the scene with the family who has like 20 kids and while the mother is doing the dishes a baby falls out from between her legs? It's like that, but real life! Only the Duggars have a gigantic house.

  64. 164

    I wish some of these kids would start thinking for themselves-the oldest boy, Josh, couldn't even kiss his now wife until they got married! And there was no dancing at their wedding-they think dancing can lead to "naughty things". I DO NOT wish them any hard, and it is not our place to tell them to stop having children, but as she gets older, the risks to her and the baby increase. I have a sister with down syndrome, and I don't think they could provide such a child with the attention he/she would require. But at least they aren't like octo-mom, who has no way to supprt her kids. At least the Duggars are respectful and well-behaved.

  65. 165

    How can they still be having sex? Or have the time for sex? *shudders* there goes my breakfast. But seriously, she must be so lose down below that they wobble and droop and…..*throws up*
    Somebody please stop them!!! the earth doesn't need anymore idiots!!!
    Them kids must just slide right out of her now. one day she stands up and it just falls right out of her "But wait!!! I'm not due for another 3 months!!"

  66. 166

  67. 167

    You know they'll all wind up marrying a sister or brother or cousin.

  68. 168

    This is disgusting! It's called a T.V. set get a hint!

  69. 169

    I really wish they would just stop getting any attention. They can reproduce. Big deal!! Having this many children should not be commended. And I am a parent…to one…so it's not like I just don't like children.

  70. 170

    On one hand, if they can afford it & they're happy, go for it. But on the other, enough is enough, come on! Those things have to be WALKING OUT at this point! However, having a grandchild & child close in age isn't that uncommon. My mom & I both have 5 yr olds…

  71. 171

    This shit is why the world needs more GAY people

  72. 172

    good lord

  73. 173

    birth control!!!!

  74. 174

    I wasnt saying first, as in i was first to get the post…..thats fuckin stupid and I have a job AMYROSIE shut your mouth up before i kill that kitten in your picture….and oh yeah perez hilton is a blog stealing idiot trying to be everything he cant be so jump off his lil VAG.

  75. 175

    this family needs to be shot.. they are THE most ridiculous group of people EVER..

  76. 176

    first of all, id like to ask them why they still want more kids! and seconndly, i wanna know why they name all of the poor kids with the friggin letter j! seriously, theyre gonna run out of names. they have joanna and johanna! poor kids.

  77. 177

    "that poor thing"??? Are you kidding me Perez. POOR KIDS. I think it's extremely unfair for so much responsibility to fall on the older kids to take care of the younger ones. They didn't chose to have these babies and now they're having to spend they're childhood's playing mothers and fathers.

  78. 178

    Baby hoarders!! This need to be stopped! Memo to Jim Bob/Michelle–God will still love you if you use a damn condom! Or snip time for JimBob!

  79. 179

    Re: Mayapapaya1
    Well said! I won't watch their show, but I read their article in People mag & it's rediculous how much burden they put on the older children to take care of babies & toddlers. Let THEM be kids too. I'm all for teaching kids responsibility, but the children the parents CHOSE to have shouldn't be one of them!!

  80. 180

    Re: Texas Mom – Soo…you find nothing wrong with them? What if there parents died? Who would look after them? Did they go to a REAL school? NO they were taught from home…so they have nooo idea about the real world! They live in there fantasy cult land….using tv to make them money and their house is listed as a church to avoid tax's….so yeah there's something wrong with you…and the 5 other ppl with positive replys on this post…maybe get together with them and start your own cult(s)…you are clearly as out of touch with reality as the Duggers or w/e their name is!

  81. 181

    Re: JP.say.waa? – its menopause u fucking retard and shes only like 42 … fuck read a book or something

  82. 182

    Re: GottaShakeItOff – because people like to be heard and go with the crowd.. and seriously.. its mostly CHILDREN that visit this site and have no idea what life is like after high school. It's pointless preaching to ignorant fucks

  83. 183

    How the fuck has this woman's vagina NOT falling out yet? I mean seriously, after 18 kids, one fart or cough should be enough bearing down pressure for it to hit the floor!

  84. 184

    This is the most irresponsible family I have ever heard of - really? Another one?
    First of all, I hope they realize that every time you bring a child into this world, they have to die. So, essentially, if your parents didn't have you, you wouldn't have to die.
    So, they have killed 18 people and that's not enough?

  85. 185

    I'd hate to be at family reunions with these people.

  86. 186

    k honestly, enough already. this family is a bunch of crap. And when watching this show, she doesn't even watch the damn kids. I feel bad for the kids for having careless parents who OVERLY parade their fertility. Just stoppp!

  87. 187

    Re: vanessa.julia.lutz – hahahah good one!

  88. 188

    They will keep at it until shes in her 50s and all the babies have down syndrome. Her v jay jay must be the size of the grand canyon. Really they need to quit now.

  89. 189

    Re: ontario90 – I am sure that Al Gores carbon footprint is still bigger.

  90. Maple says – reply to this


    The uterus is not a fucking clown car…get some birth control for crying out loud!

  91. 191

    Oh hell no!

  92. 192

    just like i told someone on yahoo answers earlier….that duggar woman is just a huge vagina that continues to expell a child every year of her marriage. its as if she thinks she was put on this earth for nothing other than reproduction. i just dont understand it. do those people not see the world we are living in? we are running out of food and natural resources….some places are running out of water. the world these children and grandchildren will be living in is going to be a shitty one to say the least. STOP REPRODUCING!!!

  93. 193

    Re: Maple – you for sure stole the clown car bit….thats all over the net with a picture of the duggars. says: VAGINA: ITS NOT A CLOWN CAR. be original.

  94. 194

    Congratulations to the Duggars! They are amazing. They care for all of them and take better care of their 19 kids than most people care for 1 or 2! God bless 'em all.

  95. 195

    Sarah Palin's wish might just come true with this one! these people are REALLY pushing their luck!

  96. 196

    Re: bittergaymark

    I'm not a fan of 19 children either, but wishing a INNOCENT child who had no choice in the matter, to be mentally 'defective'? That's down right cruel…

  97. 197

    They look like a bunch of god loving nutters to me…

  98. 198

    These hillbillies are worse than the octomom! THE VAGINA IS NOT A CLOWN CAR!

  99. 199

    Re: imsoregistered – have you ever heard of over population you dumb fucktard

  100. 200

    This family freaks me out.

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