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Romo Hooks Up With Chace Crawford's Beauty Queen Sister!

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Tony Romo has moved on since his recent split from Jessica Simpson!

So who's the lucky lady?

According to Celeb TV, it's Candice Crawford, the sister of Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford! Candice is a TV sports reporter in Dallas and a former Miss Missouri.

In addition to J. Simpleton, Romo has also been romantically linked to country cutie, Carrie Underwood.

Does this guy have a type or what?

[Image via WENN.]

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58 comments to “Romo Hooks Up With Chace Crawford's Beauty Queen Sister!”

  1. 1

    good for him
    jessica should go back with nick and re-marry him

  2. 2

    I think Jessica should have kids with Nick.

  3. 3

    trade em in for a skinnier saner (he thinks) one

  4. 4

    he looks like ben affleck in that pic :S

  5. 5

    There's your chance Perez. Get to know Tony Homo and get your foot in the door with "gayface' Chace.

  6. 6

    Def no carrie underwood or jessica simpson though. especially carrie underwood who is STUNNING.

  7. 7

    She looks like that Cassie Pejean chick.

  8. 8

    great now lame dallas fans can blame this bitch for romo's stuff not showing up instead of blaming it on Yoko Romo. I mean come on of all the stupid things to blame a QB moderate playing abilities. See you on the field Dallas. Good luck without T.O. you morons.

  9. 9

    WOW!!!! she's absolutely gorgeous! i'd die right now if i were jessica. he really traded up!!!

  10. 10

    All i know is that his name is douchebag.

  11. 11

    somebody has a serious thing for blondes….

  12. 12

    She looks like a slightly prettier version of Carrie Underwood (Carrie is very beautiful, but this girls a little prettier) He most deff. has a type.

  13. 13

    Its pretty obvious he has a "type"…..blonde and ditzy!

    He is really giving himself a bad name, I used to think he was ok, then I heard how this idiot REALLY IS!!

    He is now officially a male wh@re!

    His antics off the field are really making the cowboys look bad!
    I live in Dallas, and I'm not going to anymore games, Jerry Jones built the gigantic stadium, but just the fact that Tony Romo is in it makes me not want to go.

    Hey Tony, take a page from Troy Aikmans "book" and show some F*cking class!!!

  14. 14

    Way to go Tony! She's a beaut!!! Unlike Jessica who bears an uncanny resemblence to her fugly father, just with big tits and long hair. We approve of this new match….she's very pretty and won't bring you down like some family we hate to know.

  15. 15

    I agree with what poster ________________says: (posts 1 & 2)

    Jessica go back to Nick, and start a family. It is obvious you still love Nick and its also very clear that Nick loves you too.

    Jessica, tell your dad to keep his nose out of your marriage. Does your dad still manage you? Fire him and get another manager…..(words of wisdom here……NEVER EVER WORK WITH FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!)

  16. 16

    sooooo who cares!

  17. 17

    and didn't carrie underwood also date chase crawford? that's sort of gross.

  18. Nesa says – reply to this


    I think she is cute. Up grade Tony! She has to have more of a brain than Jessica. Just think Tony will not have to deal with fat issues like he had with Jessica.

  19. 19

    Romo is BUTT UGLY….period, enough said.

  20. 20

    his chin put Jay Leno's to shame! He needs to have that professionally sawed down!

  21. 21

    p.s. well known fact that men with big ass muther fucking chins are unfaithful but I have no idea why because they're UGLLLLLYYYYY!

  22. 22

    That's really interesting because he was romantically linked Carrie Underwood who also dated Chace Crawford and now Romo is dating his sister. Wow. What a bubble.

  23. 23

    in my opion that's deffentaly an up grade

  24. 24

    Wait a minute..

    Chace Crawford dated Carrie Underwood
    Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo
    Tony Romo is now dating Chace Crawford's sister?

    Chummy group. lol

  25. 25

    MMMMM he hooks up with hotties.

  26. 26

    This is like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon! lol

    Poor Carrie! Tony is such a loser! lol

    Tony dates Carrie
    Carrie dates Chace Crawford
    Tony dates Chace (sister) lol

    Damn! Chummy little group

  27. 27

    Definitely not with Carrie Underwood- She is still with Mike Fischer (Ottawa Senators NHL player) I live in Ottawa, and shes been seen here a bunch of times in the summer!

  28. 28

    get your facts STRAIGHT mario……Carrie Underwood is dating MIKE FISHER

  29. 29

    She is not a Dallas reporter, she does bits on the Cowboys show. She also has had arrests for underage drinking….Perez, didn't you say he broke up with Jessica because of her "drinking problem" Tony is a loser in Dallas

  30. 30


  31. 31

    lets smoke some pot, you wanna/?

  32. 32

    Romo is a fucking douchebag and he always has that stupid fucking smile on his face. I would have stuck with Carrie, but he probably hated the fact that she was a vegan. Anything is an upgrade over Jessica including my old jerk sock from high school..

  33. 33

    Ew so weird. Carrie dated Chace and Tony, and now Tony is dating Chace's sister?? What a weird little love square lol.

    The only people in that love square I respect are Carrie & Chace!!! Carrie is so talented and nice (met her

  34. 34

    she's prettier than his two exes

  35. PAH says – reply to this


    Yeah he does but I must say she is way HOTTER than both Carrie and Jessica!!!!

  36. 36

    Ugh, He is so fugly. He's got a potato head himself. Doesn't he like Latinas? He is always chasing white girls.

  37. 37

    The guy is a complete doosh.

  38. VGirl says – reply to this


    ok, wasn't carrie with chance once???? If so….what a small, wird world! Time to meet new people, people!

  39. 39

    The girl is from my State.

  40. 40

    Her name is CANDACE. I sat behind her in my Women's Political History class. She wears a pound of makeup. Next…

  41. 41

    When are some of you idiots going to realize that the marriage between Nick and Jessica was a SHAM? A contractual agreement to make the both of them famous. A person that worked with the Simpson family at that time knew it and told a few of us at a wedding. Well, it worked. So stop your teenage fantasies of Nick and Jessica getting back together already. As for Romo, he likes 'em young, blonde and stupid. I'd like to say he'd eventually learn better, but he's such a moron himself I don't think that's gonna happen. He's like the high school varsity quarterback that thinks he only deserves the head cheerleader or some shit. Just one of the many reasons I HATE football - too many idiots. Half of them are either drunk drivers or wife beaters, and they STILL get to play and make a fuckton of money. It's all ridiculous.

  42. 42

    Good for him! Jessica is annoying and not very pretty at all.

  43. 43

    ewwww…. she isnt even that pretty and he's a jerk.

  44. 44

    He picks all beautiful ladies….he is Hawt too!

  45. 45

    Doesn't everyone have a "type"??

  46. 46

    Everyone seems to be a little hard on Tony Romo. Give him a break! He's a jock! How many intellectual football players do you know that have been guests on Bill Maher, or participated in any humanitarian causes? Dimwitted Jessica Simpson knew that when she dated him. Lets observe her timeline with men. She dumps Nick Lachey. Then in turn, gets dumped by Adam Levine, John Mayer, and Tony Romo (who dumped her a day before her birthday). Why? Because the dumb blonde routine gets old after awhile. Are Nick and Jessica getting back together? Hells No! If you were Nick, would you want to reunite with someone who is DUMPED HOLLYWOOD GOODS! No one wants to be with someone nobody else wants!

  47. 47

    How Cute!! Definitley better and cuter athan Jessica.

  48. 48

    Shes so GAWGUSS!

  49. 49

    why do i need to know this about chance crawford's sister i have not watched gossip girl in 7 months now i read a interview with chance crawford in cosmogirl when cosmo girl was in business him and ed westwick ed westwick did a interview for 17 i read on line

  50. 50

    Interesting. I see Candace is trying to date her way up. Also knew her in college. She was likeable freshmen year. By the time her brother started getting big and she was Miss Missouri she was far gone, as most anyone would get. But she looked completely different from when she first entered college until now. Like one poster said, she always wore pounds of make-up to class not just on air (Broadcast major) and it actually looked terrible. But hope she is happy with the publicity she is getting! I know her sorority is!

  51. 51

    Re: TaurusWarrior – What's your agenda? Ary Tony the long chinned tiger's buddy? I still think he's FUGG AS ALL HELL! Why women want to go for a Leno-chin, jock-itch, meat&tater tots type of dork wad is beyond my comprehension. I do agree she gets what she deserves dating such an ugly, mindless meat head!

  52. 52

    he's ugly anyway

  53. 53

    Chace Crawford dated Carrie Underwood
    Carrie Underwood dated Tony Romo
    Now Tony Romo's dating Chace Crawfords sister

    Candice looks a helluva lot like Carrie. I think the both of them have a type.. Ew.

  54. 54

    Tony is a Cowboy Casanova and you will know exactly what that is next week.
    Wait and see Candice will wish she was never linked to that tool/douchbag.

  55. 55

    He harmless, SMALL dick

  56. 56

    What ever it is, Perez, it seems to be working for him.

  57. 57

    kind of has that tranny look going on…but hey, trannies look hotter than most women, so there is no dissing here.

  58. 58

    she's 22?? wow….she looks like she's 42. Too much makeup. She's definitely not a "natural beauty" like Carrie is. She's not ugly, but just a regular bleach blonde w/ big boobs. Definitely nothing special.
    He lost out when he lost Carrie. Poor guy….gets stuck w/ the mediocre women now.