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Well, Hello Britney!

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That's some outfit you got on there , Miz Britney Spears.

Actually, we don't think anything using less than a yard of fabric can be honestly called an outfit.

This was one of the daring new looks Brit-Brit pulled out for her Circus Tour Miami show.

We're glad to see that she is keeping her body fit enough to wear so little.

What do U think about that "outfit"?

[Image via GSI Media.]

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215 comments to “Well, Hello Britney!”

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  1. 201

    Re: jmedeirosssss – "tick tock tick tock on that bitch" MAJOR LOL!! omg u just kicked her ass!
    btw: I LOOVE this outfit..though..she looks hotter in person!! this pic is not da best one..PEREZ, why yo ALWAYS pick the shittiest pic of her! and bout da face expression…she is always smiling and happy!
    and if she wants to go naked onstage..SHE CAN DO IT!!..have da body, have da ass, have da boobs….SHOW IT BRITNEY (im not cheering for a sex tape k)
    SHE IS SOO HOOT!!..i would lick every single part of her sweaty body!
    GO BRIT!

  2. 202

    u might call her twitney, shitney, twatney, crapney,stupid, vacuous, self-centered, stink footed, stink crotched, stink breathed, talentless hick, fatney, white trash,Suthuhn fried, country-ghetto, HASMAT, neanderbilly Shitney Smears, trashy, man face, talentless pig, cow, skankiest bitch, hasbeen, wackney…but in the end…SHE LOOKS HOTTER THAN U!…and why u keep callin her that…anyway she doesnt give A FUCK bout cha!! :p

  3. 203

    looking good brit

  4. 204

    Re: britney is my guilty pleasure!
    Why, yes, because of course the only important thing in the world is looking hotter than other people.
    Christ, is EVERYONE on the planet this fucking shallow?

  5. 205

    Re: Brainiac – you are SO right! Nobody cares that she's a slut! if i wanted to become as famous as Brittany Spears, i could move to the L.A and dress like a Hoe. sad, but true…

  6. 206

    Re: Brainiac – i knoow..sad but lets face it babe..this is a shallow world!

  7. 207

    She was wearing this during all her performances in Europe too… And, if I'm correct, this is a real bathing suite by Candies, only they added some sparkle to costumize it for Brit. I think it looks beautiful, totally Britney!

  8. 208

    Ermm , it would of looked hot back in the day. But pree good for a baby.

  9. 209


  10. 210

    I think it's so jealous how all these fat girls, hippies, band geeks, scifi nerds, and just girls who are losers in general sit at home and bash someone they secretly only wish they could be as amazing as. Honestly, Britney wouldn't even have to sing all the has to do is walk on stage and people stand with amazement anywhere she goes.

  11. 211

    i hope britney pulls through watever she is going thru and is successful but i feel now she has to wear this kinda stuff just to pull the crowd in coz she doesnt have any talent in singing.. anymore at least..

  12. 212

    i think she looks disgusting n fat she needs to keep clothes on herself n she needs to try being a better mother then a popstar

  13. 213

    Re: perez is a fat hypocrite pig – u r an asshole u ugly fuck

  14. 214

    Um Perez, she has been wearing this forever now. Nice try…

  15. 215

    i like it

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