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More True Blood Stars Hooking Up

| Filed under: Love LineEvan Rachel WoodAlexander Skarsgård


But this time, we are not happy about it!

Sources are telling us that Evan Rachel Wood and the delectable Alexander Skarsgard are more than just co-stars.

That whore!

A Perezcious reader sent us this tip about the newly happy saddening couple:

"evan rachel wood and alexander skarsgard might be effing. my friend is working on the set of 'straw dogs,' a movie starring kate bosworth and askars in shreveport, louisiana. apparently, evan rachel whore flew in friday to be with him and they have been hooking up since they met on the true blood set. he was overheard talking about hanging out with her and actually being excited about that."

There are even pictures of the two allegedly together in Louisiana that have popped up!

Yuck! No! Alexander, you stay away from her! You don't know where she's been!

We do and we know it's better for you to steer clear!!!

Sad. Just sad.

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177 comments to “More True Blood Stars Hooking Up”

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  1. 101

    Va fan, Alex! Du kan få någon såååå mycket bättre än henne! Jebus!
    Wtf, Alex! You can get someone soooo much better than her!

  2. 102

    As much as I adore AS it doesn´t bother me that much if he´s with Evan. She´s a gorgeous girl and he´s swedish so he doesn´t care much about all the Hollywood crap. Unfortunately he´s in the US now, I´ll be in Stockholm on Monday and was secretly hoping to ran into him…

  3. 103

    soooooooooooo jealous right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  4. *K says – reply to this


    Please girl has some serious daddy issues if she keeps going for guys who are like 15/20 years older than her.
    I'm obviously really jealous as well he is so hot. Character is portrayed much better in the books - especially the fourth book hands down best sex scene EVER!!!!

  5. 105

    why? evan rachel wood is great!

  6. *K says – reply to this


    Girl has some serious daddy issues if she keeps going for guys who are like 15/20 years older than her - get some help!

    - Also, obviously really jealous :)

  7. 107


  8. 108

    Eww. Who cares?! He looks gross and skanky too. Like a used up porn star! They deserve each other. Only morons think he's hot! Put a bag over his head first!

  9. 109


  10. 110

    ewww what does he see in her?? she's so fug and bitchy looking! he deserves waaay better!

  11. 111

    and she's horrible for the queen part in trueblood! who the fuck casted HER?!?! she's nothing like she's supposed to be (in the books)

  12. 112

    NONONONNONONO!!! I hated her performance on TB. She is good actress, but I don't like her in this role. Alex is soooo sexy!

  13. 113

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He could do so much better.

    I'm not even jealous. I have a very hot guy of my own, I just think that he could do better than Evan Rachel Whore.

  14. 114

    Re: mrs_Skarsgard
    I don't get why you all get so pissed off when they find someone they are happy with - do you know Evan Rachel Wood?? I sincerely doubt it, you don't know her - you can't say how she is. What - did you think he would pick YOU?? Hell no, he isn't going to pick some over-obsessed teenager to get his fuck on with - I bet Evan Rachel Wood looks AT LEAST 10 times better than you. Grow up - I am so sick of these childish fans "Like, OMG!! NOOOOOO Why did he pick HER!!" Fucking. Pathetic.

  15. 115

    Whoops, forgot to add - d listed got it from Lainey Gossip. At least HE states his sources and gives links to the original page…..

  16. 116

    You talked so muchsmack about her! You asked for it. UGOGIRL! GIT URS!

  17. 117


  18. 118


  19. 119


  20. 120

    Damn damn damn! he could do so much better the manson's scrappy seconds! I so hope they're just friends

  21. 121

    I will not waste my time being jealous over a man I have zero percent chance of getting with in the first place. Besides, he's probably sleeping with her because she's the only available adult young person on the show (Bill and Sookie are a couple in real life, Pam is married, Arlene and Maryanne are too old, Tara seems to have a thing for the guy that plays Eggs, Jessica is too young, etc.) He's not going to stay celibate for the rest of his life to satisfy his fans.

  22. 122

    Good for them. Good for any couple who enjoy being together. I hope they're happy and wish them all the best. Oh Evan, you lucky girl! If only there were more people in the world making sweet, consensual love instead of shooting and blowing each other up, the world would be in a lot better shape. Good luck you two!

  23. 123


  24. 124

    Oh, and all the haters talking about "Don't be mean to ERW, you don't even KNOW her"? You dumbasses don't know her either, so stop bending over backwards to protect and defend her! Because if she catches your man out on the streets, I'm willing to bet she won't think twice about that nice gal on Perez Hilton.com who stuck up for her! She's gonna fuck him, because any guy she comes within 5 feet of for more than a week seems to be her new dildo!

  25. 125

    I just think they are friends. I saw him in NY with a pretty black girl. They were at a bar kissing and left together.Then I saw him and that same girl in La at comic con leaving the hotel. I asked her to take a picture of him and i and she did and I told him I saw them in NY and he smiled and said she's my girl…and she laughed…

  26. 126

    Re: Slutstick – You are amazing. SOooooo right on.

  27. 127

    Wtf is with some of you people (Perez included). You think he's going to date you? There's nothing wrong with the ERW, she has every right to date him. Shut the fuck up, stupid jealous idiots…

  28. 128

    shut the fuck up you fat fuck. Just because you are sexless doesn't mean the lovely, amazingly talented, Evan Rachael Wood should be. She is awesome and he's lucky to have a chance with her. Plus I think they make a cute couple. Now go cry to your dog.

  29. 129

    It doesn't have anything to do with being jealous. Bitch is nasty and I don't want to think about anyone dating her. Ever.

  30. 130

    I think that's amazing. I Love her & I love him. I sincerely hope that they have wild, ravenous sex.

  31. 131

    He could do so much better. I feel.. disapointed? in him, I guess. She is just such a horrible actress and had sex with Marilyn Manson for fucks sakes, more than once… so yeah…. nasty. Hopefully it's just a booty call. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  32. 132

    Gosh he is goregous! Go Evan Rachel Wood! Although I wish it were me.

  33. 133

    omg this is horrible news. Hope it works out for them, ehh not really lol

  34. 134

    I'm jealous !!!!!

  35. 135


  36. 136

    This little bitch! First Shane West, & now Alex S?? HONESTLY, wtf do they see in this whore? I guess I JUST answered my own question, she's a WHORE! That's why! I hate this bitch. ALex is an idiot for even getting involved with her, he does not know her nasty rep!!!!

  37. 137


  38. 138

    boo, whata whore

  39. 139

    hells no!!! i can't belive he choose the freaking manson's girl…beurkk

    Perez your the best ;)

  40. 140

    what's wrong with ERW? She's a fantastic actress. VERY attractive. She's never done anything to make an asshole of herself. The only tabloidy thing she ever did was date Marilyn Manson. Seriously, lay off of ERW and the K-Stew, Perez. I think you have (jealousy?) issues with women.

  41. 141

    Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!!! Although I'd join both of them actually. hmm. . . .

  42. 142

    I hate to say this, but this is true — I went to Shreveport Friday… The same day as that stupid bitch, and I was lucky enough to meet Alexander Saturday morning, and that bitch was right there with him - I was hoping it wasn't true, but I'm afraid it is… HATE HER! He can totally do better…

  43. 143

    Re: Mayapapaya1
    I take it you missed her performance at Shane West's concert. And she's a great actress? Wow. Just wow.

  44. fiera says – reply to this


    Re: Librasweetpea – I hate the idea of the two of them together too, but obviously he digs her. I'm sure he's a big whore himself, but more low key than Evan is.

  45. 145

    A remake of "Straw Dogs"? Wow, another testimony to the creativity and innovation that's simply flooding Hollywood nowadays.

  46. 146

    no. no. NO. that dumb fucking bitch cannot go near him. fuck her.

  47. 147

    Oh Lord. Just when I think this guy is decent he does this. Literally. Manson castoff, really? That industry is messed up.

  48. 148

    no!no!no! i loveee him…bitch needs to back off and go back to marylin manson

  49. 149

    Okay for starters, If you hate Perez so damn much why in HELL are you here?? Moving on…Okay now about Alex. I personally, cannot stand ERW. I think she is a freaking joke as the Queen and for the love of GOD fucking Yahtzee?? (granted that was the writers!) She cannot act and the sound of her screeching ass voice in enough to make a deaf man writhe in pain!! On the other hand I adore Alex, who seems to be a perfect gentleman. He's smart, witty and beautiful!! He always has something nice to say for the fans and dammit he's NICE to the paparazzi! I hope sincerly he is thinking with right head this( time. and If not, I'm sure in time she will burn out! She's 11 years younger) He wants to start a family and I'm sure ERW isn't someone he wants to take home to Mama Skarsgard!!!! Anyway, he claims to hate smokers and ugh she smokes like a fucking freight train!!! Eww Like kissing an ashtray!!He's far too good for her. Grr. Dammit. Hearts are breaking all over the world tonight as our beloved Viking Vampire lies with Marilyn Manson's ex girlfriend. Boo.

  50. 150

    NOoooooooooooooo! Who the hell does she think she is, she's corrupting a Swedish delight…

  51. 151

    I wonder if it's a coincidence that this happened a week before the True Blood season finale…

  52. 152

    i can't beleive this! its insane, i have been inlove with eric since season one. & no one really talked about him until this season to and how hot he is which he is if u can see and so is rachael. i just think rachael just wants him for the fame, because he is at the peak of his career now. and shes not so up their rite now. dating a hottie so people could notice you how awful can u be. he's not even her type, marilyn manson and alexander have nothing in common. but i guess an attention whore like her doesnt really care, alexander deserves the best!

  53. 153


  54. 154

    guh hes soooooooooo hawt, bitch stole my man lol

  55. 155

    WTF is wrong with all of these celebrities….Alex-why must you lose your class and deliciousness by hookin up with this chick…you can do just about anything to anyone…why lower yourself…damn baby, check the resume! Marilyn Manson, really…do you know where he's been? Wait got to vomit now…ROTFLMAO

  56. 156

    Re: jag7401
    A++ comment right there.

  57. 157

    I love her and him!! Sounds good while it lasts.

  58. 158

    Who cares about them!

    Aw Louisiana I miss it so much there! I immediately recognized the architecture in the background. I'm in love with that state!

  59. 159

    Well it's official…he's no longer Alexander Skarsgard…he will now forever be known as Alexander Skankshard.

  60. 160

    Yuck–Alex deserves better than Marilyn Manson's sloppy seconds.

  61. 161

    CAN somebody please CONFIRM or DENY this BS already?? I'm tired of waiting to know whether or not she corrupted y beautiful Alexander!

  62. 162

    Ew, wtf. Why her?

  63. 163

    alex confirmed it…. they are dating. worst news ever.

  64. 164

    Re: TwistedNTempted – ALEX confirmed it today…. sorry

  65. 165

    If Alex confirmed it, please post link or URL. I can't find any evidence that he confirmed anything. Thank you.

  66. 166

    i'm really fucking jealous !!!! he is so hot!!! but i admit she's pretty. but there is one other thing i really don't like about that : the fact that celebrities just hook up together because they met on a set or at a private party. its too easy! they are not really open minded or curious . its like i'm famous you are famous so lets be together !!! they just take what they have in front of them!!! they stay all together, sleep all together, its like a huge orgy !! if i was an actor i would love to know someone different and not someone who has the same life than me !!! she is pretty as i already said but there is so many others really pretty girls (being famous is not an obligation) that he could date!! i'm not saying that for me at all ….because i'm not as gorgeous as him but…. (ok maybe they cant go anymore to the supermarket, normal parties with normal people anymore because of the celebrity and all the crazy fans retards around them and maybe also because the only people they will meet until they die will be famous people but still…didn't they have any friends before the fame???)i think its just sad

  67. 167

    i don't really know why i'm saying that because i actually think they look good together! but i'm saying that for all the others stupid couples that never last because they just realize after one month than being both famous is not a good match. sorry if i do spelling mistakes i'm not american….

  68. 168

    Evan might be a whore but she is a beautiful young woman, don't be jelaous Perez, they do a fierce couple

  69. 169

    Alexander is a perfect gentleman, beautiful man, he even was a soldier, please perez, give us more pictures of him, I love him

  70. 170

    Oh please!We all would be doing the same thing*try a get us some Alex* if we had the chance!It looks like they are fangin a having a good time!We all know that Evan Rachel-Whore is a door knob a Alex is taking his turn.LOL

  71. 171

    She's nasty.

  72. 172

    Mario, Mario, Mario. Just what is your deal? Do you really need to get your panties in such a bunch every time a young actress steals away your "yummy yummy screw?" You hate that Kristin chick who is doing rob pattison, now you hate Evan R Wooden actress not only because she's doing Alex, but also because she once allegedly stole Dita Von VD's highly intelligent yet scummily wastoid husband…. Brainiac's comment below is spot on- you're a misogynist fuckpig with utterly no right to your fuck pigdom. Evan rachel wood is 22 years old. She's probably had less partners in her life than you've had in a single drunken boy's week on fire island. Stop. Giving. Women. Shit. You're out of line. Btw? Nice poodle tee shirt.

  73. 173

    ewwww, she's so groooooooossssssss. forget that he's the most gorgeous enchilada, but, she's so gross. not to mention a crappy "actress". someone knock some sense into him.

  74. 174

    Use a condom man, use a condom. You can do so much better than EWW.

  75. 175

    Nice camera woods…. how long does it take to develope?

  76. ttv says – reply to this


    Um….. isn't he a little young for her? I thought she only effed grandpas?

  77. ttv says – reply to this


    She wasn't that bad as the queen though…. but Alex you could do much better…. MM? Who knows what she's got now ewwww

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