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It's On: Ange vs. Megan!

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We knew something like this would happen sooner or later!

Look-a-like actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are both vying for the title role in the remake of Barbarella.


Apparently Fox's quick rise to stardom is making Ange nervous, not to mention the 11-year age gap between them!

"Ange is really feeling the pressure," says an insider. "Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

The 1968 film originally starred Jane Fonda as the sci-fi fantasy bombshell.

It's a tough call, ladies. You're both fierce!

Who would U rather see in the role?

[Image via Apega / Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.]

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497 comments to “It's On: Ange vs. Megan!”

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  1. 101

    Angelina Jolie, at least she has a brain and a couple of thoughts that make sense in the world. Fox is really full of herself.

  2. 102

    Ange of course! She has the acting chops that megan doesn't have. Megan is just a pretty face, while Angelina has the whole package and a Oscar to prove it. Some of the best acting I have ever seen was in "changeling"!

  3. 103

    Angelina by a mile. Megan can't act to save her life.

  4. 104

    1. Megan Fox is way hotter but nobody really knows if she can act or not. Obviously, she hasn't been given any roles yet that require or would show off any talent. And well, who here actually thinks that playing Barbarella would require a whole lot of TALENT??
    2. NEITHER of them is a perfect fit. Did anybody else notice that Barbarella was BLONDE?? Let's look for a blonde bombshell. How about Scarlett Johansen?
    3. So I guess Rose McGowan fell through for the role? Why? Not fucking the director anymore? She would actually look the part!
    4. Nobody can top the hotness that was Jane Fonda as Barbarella anyway! She oozed SEX! So, it doesn't really matter who will get the part…

  5. 105

    ANGELINA JOLIE DEFINITLY!! megan is hot, but can't act. angelina may be a little too old for the role, but she is an incredible actress, and thats what should matter…

  6. 106

    Ange for sure!
    Megan is such a bitch and cant act!!!

  7. 107

    Angelina is an okay actress.
    Megan pretty much can't act.
    But, for the Barbarella movie, go with youth. Megan wins.
    Besides, Angie is too skinny and gaunt to play the role

  8. DUHH says – reply to this


    Megan Fox….. is this a serious question, haha?

  9. 109

    Angelina is sexy n all, but this up n comer is too fine to pass up, megan fox without a doubt.

  10. 110

    Why is this even an issue? I don't like Angelina but the woman can act. Megan on the other hand can't act her way out of a diaper bag. If you're going to remake a classic that starred a beautiful woman who could act, why not do the remake with a beautiful woman who can act?

  11. 111


  12. 112

    ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  13. 113

    Ange can act - Megan can't.

  14. 114

    it's funny that you believe this. Angie doesn't have to audition anymore… she could have any role she wants

  15. 115

    Megan Fox … But I'd like to see a catfight…

  16. 116

    Re: lez-babe – Amen! hahah

  17. 117

    Megan Fox is just hot, she just need to be in front and a camera and start jumping, not acting, she is not a good actress. So yeah Angelina it's not 20 anymore but she does know how to act and be a pro, so if it's such a cool movie, I want to see it done by someone talented.

  18. 118

    Neither. Angie's too old and stringy and Megan can't act. There are tons gorgeous and talented girls out there…Blake Lively, Mila Kunis…though I think Evan Rachel Wood might be my choice.

  19. 119

    Angelina is a better actreess..

  20. 120

    Megan Fox, please :)

  21. 121

    angelina!!!! megam fox who? ole plastic surgery addict!!!

  22. 122

    Angelina all the way!

  23. 123

    Am I living in a bizarro world or did Megan do something to make you guys hate her more than you hate Angelina? anyway, like I said Angie is an Oscarf winning actress and was just nominated for an Oscar last year so she can have any role she wants… she ain't sweating some wannabe. Megan is just ok. she needs to prove herself in a serious role before I become a fan. Maybe she could do a movie with Ange…and they can play lovers.

  24. 124

    I would have to go for Angie. But I think neither will get it. It's going to Rose McGowan unless they took it way from Rodriguez

  25. 125

    They're both very beautiful. If I was in charge I'd pick Angelina because she can make a man or woman melt. I mean, this woman's got the chops. Megan is truly on fire but, Angelina's milkshake is better than hers! Maybe they can make Megan her understudy.

  26. 126

    VickyV you are sooooo right, Scarlett Johansson would be better, she is more voluptuous, and sexy, plus she is blonde!

  27. 127

    Megan might be "hot" but I'm not sure if she has the acting chops to do it. Angelina might have the acting skills but girlfriend looks old…her being super skinny doesn't help either. Just being honest.

  28. 128

    Well lets see. Angelina popped out 3 children and is still hot as fucks! Oh AND SHE CAN ACT! Megan Fox is a pathetic bimbo plastic surgery wannabe Angelina! You CANNOT say that she isn't, before in her old movies she never looked like that and she even copied her tattoos. The girl is a loser. Anyone who optionally states something like "well I just eat pizza smoke weed and watch TV in my free time" is looking for attention and to be the "cool chick" who can hang with guys and does illegal things! She is a fucking loser!

  29. 129

    ANGELINA JOLIE EVERYDAY ALL DAY! megan is just a wannabe

  30. 130

    Angelina for sure. Megan Fox seems like such a fake stupid bitch.

  31. 131

    I think both are pretty but Angelina is a heavy weight - and for justified reasons. As to all the "Skeletor Angie won't fit into the curvy role" bullshit? Has everybody forgotten her method acting in Girl, Interrupted? I'm sure she realizes her weight may be an issue and would gain some to look the part - she takes her acting seriously and gives it her all.

  32. 132

    Definitely Angelina. Megan Fox looks like trailer trash and her skin is AWFUL. She has all these little pits on her cheeks. You can't see them in all pictures, but from certain angles, they're painfully obvious. Angelina Jolie is flawless.

  33. 133

    angie for sure, their both beautiful (angie much more) but megan is immature and tries to act all hard, she's got a bad attitude, angie has a heart of gold that you cannot deny

  34. 134

    i would rather see ange

  35. 135

    Angelina for sure!! She's a way better actress than Megan.

  36. 136

    Angelina hands down! Megan can't act her way out of a damn box.

  37. 137


  38. kis95 says – reply to this


    I can't stand either, but I think it would be hilarious to see Angelina knocked off her pedestal by someone younger and up-and-coming.

  39. 139

    Someone who can act. So obviously Angelina.

  40. 140

    My vote is for both.

    Barbarella finds her hot younger doppleganger and they make out half naked for an hour and a half while blasting bad guys. I'm straight and the thought of that makes me want to go… mmm… change my underwear.

    LOL, I don't even know what the movie is about, but I wouldn't mind seeing Angie and Megan crawl all over each other…


  41. Jes08 says – reply to this


    Angelina any day.

  42. 142

    rose mcgowan because I would rather see neither of them in the role. BUT if I had to choose between them Angie, however homewreckerish she may be, is a better actress than fox. Fox is hotter though

  43. 143

    it's a choice between pest and cholera.
    if anschelina gets the role, we will be pestered with tons of interviews about her 10 mio kids, how great pratt is, and how much she does for humanity.
    if megan will be the one, there will be quotes all over the web where she praises her own sexappeal, intelligence, about people (she works for) who want to be like stalin or worse.. oh yeah.. tell me when this circus will start so i can find a cove far away to wait until it's over!

  44. 144

    Angie baby all the way!!! She's totally fierce!

  45. 145

    It's time for Angie to go away and look after her kids. We want a fresh scank that is not a mother. I don't like angie or fox. Let's look for another freash single scank

  46. 146

    totally megan. i wish karma would take it's toll on ange

  47. 147

    what a shitfest that movie was… whoever gets the part is the loser in this one

  48. 148

    Re: smh@ppl – You sure hit the nail on the head about Megan trying to be the "cool chick"! Doesn't everything she say sound like she's trying waaaay to hard?!

  49. 149

    I think angelina should do one last role before she gets too old she looks really old though.

  50. 150

    fuck megan fox! Angelina is a REAL actress, megan has no talent. end of story

  51. 151

    Angelina should def get the role. Megan Fox is all looks with little talent to back it up.

  52. 152

    If this is even true, its a budgetary issue…."pay big bucks for the real deal or go for the cheaper imitation?" Angelina is so much more attractive, has a better personality, and more importantly..SHE KNOWS HOW TO ACT!! Megan Fox is a flash in the pan.

  53. 153

    End of Story!

  54. 154

    Angelina by far

  55. 155

    megan fox.

  56. 156

    Haha, How is that even a question. ANGELINA is Hot.
    How much plastic surgery does Megan need, before she realizes their can only be one ANGIE???

    ANGELINA all the way.

  57. 157


  58. 158


  59. 159

    megan fox reminds me of the snotty veruca salt with dark hair and fake collagen lips all grown up. she makes those same annoying faces . . and she cannot act at all, at all, i see her as another jessica simpson- you know dukes of hazard, then floppity flop and onward to flop city .
    just becuase you have good weave doesnt mean people want to stare at it for two hours. (well except for dudes who want to jack off to her).

  60. 160

    Jolie any day over Fox.
    Neither of them can act wortha shit, but I like Jolie more.

  61. 161

    Ange nervous? That is retarded. Megan is beautiful but she's no Angelina. Ang has oodles more confidence than Megan..I don't think either one is right for the role of Barbarella though.

  62. 162

    Without a doubt….. Ange!!!
    Fox should be taken out and shot to put the rest of us out of our misery……..

  63. 163

    megan fox ftw!

  64. 164

    megan fox sucks

  65. 165

    i think ive seen enough of jolie so im going with Megan Foxx for sure, let her have her time.. jolie had hers already

  66. 166

    Re: Billie Joe Armstrong Lover
    Do I know you???

  67. 167

    Angie, Angie, Angie. Gorgeous, more voluptuous and a REAL actor.

  68. 168

    Angie. At least she knows how to keep her fucking mouth shut.

  69. 169

    ANGELINA! Angelina doesn't make herself look like an idiot like Megan Fox does. Why does Megan Fox always have her mouth partly open in every picture, like she's a dumb girl? Megan Fox loves to make herself look like "one of the guys" while also being an over-sexed sex symbol ("I love making out with girls! …and I happen to be hot!"). She plays herself as "different from women" but really her popularity is precisely because she plays up her sex. Please. Angelina is also popular because of her sexiness but she doesn't distance herself from women. She builds her reputation on looking like an intelligent, mature woman (who also happens to be hot. haha). Megan Fox = eck

  70. 170

    Let's see… Ange can act, has a brain, and is gorgeous. MF is… a wannabe.

  71. auds says – reply to this


    always angelina.

  72. 172

    Angelina! cause she can actually ACT. and she has talent. Megan is just eye candy.

  73. 173

    Angelina because she can actually act.

  74. 174

    Re: smh@ppl – exactly!!

  75. 175

    Angelina, definitely. Why settle for the cubic zirconium when the diamond is still available?

  76. 176

    Megan Fox straight up, there's not even any competition !

  77. 177

    Neither. They both look way older than their ages, so just hire Jane Fonda again. At least she can act.

  78. Punx says – reply to this


    Well…. i definatley would want megan fox!!! but now that she has said she

    will never do nudity and Ange Will/Has Means Ange will most likely get the part!

  79. 179

    angie –> but ONLY if she gains at least 15 lbs.
    angie's acting skills are superb, but this role is no changeling/oscar performance which makes Meghan a good fit.

    comon angie! eat up!!! don't let her steal what's rightfully yours!

  80. 180


  81. 181

    Im lovin both of them but I dont think Megan is ready for that

  82. 182

    Re: maeved – I LOVE THAT! THAT IS GREAT!

  83. 183

    of course angelina, megan just can't act and angelina is a great actriz

  84. 184


  85. 185

    Re: nikitaolas – LOL :D oh no!

  86. 186

    Re: Poindexter-X – -
    what are you kidding me? the original was AWFUL - the only reason it gained any attention was because of Hanoi Jane and the fact that it was a close to soft porn as you could get in the theatres then - it's only claim to fame is that it provided Duran Duran with a name for their band (characters name is actually Durand Durand)
    both "Ange" and "Meg" are fantastically bad actresses - either way this movie will SUCK (unless they are both in it and have a ferocious anal lesbian scene)

  87. 187


  88. 188

    This role is perfect for Megan…just needs bombshell sexpot looks and no acting skills required!

  89. 189

    is this a serious question? obviously ANGELINA! megan fox is annoying and conceited and thinks shes the hottest thing on the planet! and not to mention she cant act!! Angie is gorgeous and definately knows how to act! So what if she's a bit older she still a wayyy better choice! And i highly doubt this is true. Angie is offered roles she doesnt have to audition. it would be a bigg mistake picking megan over angie!

  90. 190

    No one. No remakes.

  91. 191

    Megan Fox!! Angie, well….she can move on now!:)

  92. 192

    Angelina, definitely…. Megan is a no talent…. she's just getting her moment of fame because of her looks…. no one could possibly take that girl seriously.
    Angelina is just as good looking and is a talented actor… an Oscar winning actor to be exact. …was there really any question?

  93. 193

    Angelina, Duh! Megan is a pretty girl, but Angelina has something untouchable that no matter their resemblance, Megan will never reach.

  94. 194

    megan whatser face cannot play a role without showing some part of her ass or breats. Its Angelina ALL THE WAY. Megan is too slutty, in my opinion. Besides Agelina is TEN TIMES the actress.

  95. 195

    The one who uses less drugs. Wait, that's a tough call. I'll say go for the younger bitch!!!

  96. 196

    Saint Angie is badassier. I'd give it to her.

  97. 197


  98. 198

    Angelina is still THE MOST BEAUTIFUL talented actress that ever was. Unfortunately I never saw Barbarella, so I cannot say that Megan might be a good choice, because the part may need a pretty girl who can't act worth a damn. But I'm betting Angie has nothing to worry about. Rock it out Ange!@!!!!

  99. pomme says – reply to this


    the original movie was shitty!

  100. 200

    Megan can't act. PERIOD. Unless they want Barbarella to really BOMB then sure thing all hands down Megan . But if you want to get your money's worth and see a good movie ANGELINA JOLIE! Now that's called acting

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