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It's On: Ange vs. Megan!

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We knew something like this would happen sooner or later!

Look-a-like actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are both vying for the title role in the remake of Barbarella.


Apparently Fox's quick rise to stardom is making Ange nervous, not to mention the 11-year age gap between them!

"Ange is really feeling the pressure," says an insider. "Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

The 1968 film originally starred Jane Fonda as the sci-fi fantasy bombshell.

It's a tough call, ladies. You're both fierce!

Who would U rather see in the role?

[Image via Apega / Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.]

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497 comments to “It's On: Ange vs. Megan!”

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  1. 201

    Angelina for sure!

  2. 202

    Angelina all the way.,…… megan is just around for looks Ange is the true actress
    megan's just another pretty bitch that wants attention

  3. 203

    Megan Fox is a dumbass!

  4. uriel says – reply to this



  5. 205

    Megan Fox!!!

  6. 206

    angelina jolie, the main reason being .. she can actually act

  7. 207

    Megan can just pose in a costume for Maxim magazine while Angelina gets to make the movie. Both are HOT but I can't stand Megans acting voice. If they pick Megan then the movie will fail. Angelina is the #1 female action star

  8. 208

    I heard that it was actually rumored Rose McGowan would get this part. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing Rose; she has just as much experience as Ange, if not more, and she is really beautiful.

    But if I had to choose between Megan and Angelina, than Megan wouldn't even fit into the equation. She is overrated, and has mediocre acting ability. You know how they say that looks get people places? Well, that applies to Megan.

  9. 209

    Angelina… Megan Fox can't act

  10. 210

    Angie is a better Actress. Megan hasnt show she has any acting ability. Angie it is!

  11. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    I'd rather see Perez as Barbarella.
    Megan is probably a nicer person than Angelina, but I've never seen her acting. Angelina is a pretty good actress. I think I'd prefer Megan (even though I don't know anything about her acting. )

  12. 212

    i really dont think ange cares…she's said herself movies are not her first priority anymore…this has rumor written all over it!

  13. 213

    ANGELINA….she is a bettah actress. That other wannabe can't act.

  14. 214

    megan fox… so over angelina

  15. 215

    megan fox may be hotter but ang can act better lol

  16. 216

    Hum, neither seems suited for that part, unless they rework the character a lot. They're both too sharp and intense for the role.

    How about Amanda Siegfried, Rachel McAdams or even Anne Hathaway?

    Rose McGowan would have been uber perfect, but she's not as well known I guess.

  17. 217

    Angie is too old!
    Megan needs to get the role!

  18. 218

    first off, to everyone weighing on both of their acting chops, lets be real…. neither one can act to save their life. their appeal is all about their looks and their "image" (i put it in quotations because thats all either of them REALLY care about… public perception). also, some of you are debating as to who is smarter. thats so utterly laughable… they are both MORONS who couldnt find their own ass without the help of one of their assistants.

    it all comes down to who looks better. lets be real, megan fox does. angelina WAS good looking……. 10 years ago!! now she is just an old haggard has-been. also, she has the strangest body ever. no one wants to see that. megan is younger, fresher and on fire right now. plus, she can wear whatever and still pull it off.

  19. 219

    megan's a beautiful girl no doubt. but angie is barbarella

  20. Maryg says – reply to this


    ange is too old, im loving watching her lose her crown a bit, feeling like someone else is taking something she really wants from her…hmmm reminds you of anything?? besides meagan has hot legs and angelina's are skinny little stick things that dont look good in skimpy outfits. go meagan…

  21. 221

    Oh, if I had to pick one, I would go with Angelina. Barbarella is all softness and trust, with fierce convictions. Angelina could at least act the part.

    Megan maybe, but I haven't seen her act in anything yet.

  22. 222

    ANGELINA (of course) !!!!

  23. 223

    Megan Fox!!! She is the hottest female on the planet, ange is ok but i can't stop staring at that bulging vein on her forehead.

  24. 224

    Ang Jolie all the way! Megan Fox is a douche bag.

  25. 225

    fox's box

  26. 226

    megan for sure!!! Angie sucks, and besides shes a home wrecker!

  27. 227

    Angie hands down. Mean Fix is just white trash…. I hate her not because she's beautiful but she's being compared to Angie who looks a thousands time better and has talent.

  28. 228

    Now who manufactured that ridiculous rumor? What could Angelina possibly be nervous about? Age is just a number!!!! Angelina is far more beautiful and multi-talented. I've seen Megan's look before on other women however Angelina has a unique look and captures one's interest. No comparison…….

  29. 229

    Based purely on appearance, Megan Fox all the way!!!

  30. 230


  31. 231

    Ange is a HOMEWRECKER! She needs to stay home and take care of that global amalgamation she calls family.


  32. 232

    id like to see a man play the character though

  33. 233

    not a fan of Skanky, but I think she is better suited for that role than Fox

  34. 234

    Megan Fox! End of story.

  35. 235

    Angelina is NOT threatened by this bitch, PLEASE. Don't even compare them angie is way out of her league!!!! Beside's Megan isn't a very good actress.

  36. 236

    how can megan fox even compare to angelina jolie? angie has won grammys and has done so many great work..not to mention..amazing acting skills…all megan fox is get fake boobs and lip injection and shows it off. all she knows is how to act sexy..not to mention she has that terrible movie comin up jennifer's body.. where she plays the same role AGAIN - being sexy. please. i dont think angie has time to worry bout wannabe like megan fox

  37. 237

    None of those bitches would fit the role. It should be played by someone like Charlize Theron. Fuck Skankalina and Megan Fox.

  38. 238

    ange will get the roll. She doesn't compete for rolls.

  39. 239

    Fox. Ange should go take care of her kids.

  40. 240

    Ang as barbarella Megan Fox as WONDERWOMAN HELLOOOOOO

  41. 241

    out with out old, in with the fox!

  42. 242

    only one of them can actually act and that just happens to be the older chick

  43. 243

    Angelina Jolie=exotic, beautiful, humanitarian
    Megan Fox=hot, young,fresh(although when she does open her mouth it makes her sound dumb)
    and for all the people saying that Megan Fox is ugly, ya'll are either jealous or indenial. but u i do think that angelina is right for this role. shes a better actor. anyways they are both gorgeous so i'd be happy with whoever gets the part.

  44. 244

    angelina. shes a waaay better actress and is also beautiful. yes, megan fox is gorgeous but she needs the talent to back it up.

  45. 245

    Team Angie! Fox is eye candy, no more.

  46. 246

    Angelina. She's won an Oscar, has been People's most beautiful, and SELLS like no other. Megan Fox…no.

  47. 247

    Megan she's wacky

  48. 248

    angelina jolie hands down. megan fox has the looks but unfortunately she can't really act. angelina has the looks, the smarts the compassion and the acting skills.

  49. 249

    Megan Fox is sex written alllll over her…but Angelina is my fav. So def Angelina.

  50. 250

    i think megan fox is so beautiful, but angelina is a better actress plus shes beautiful so i say angelina.

  51. 251

    angelina jolie!!! megan fox isnt ready for that role yet, needs to do some moe shit movies!

  52. 252

    kirk cameron admits to gay sex on christain tv go to youtube search for vid called kirk cameron is gay.

  53. 253

    OMG!! would u imagine seeing them play as sisters on a kick as action movie?

  54. 254

    Angel(lina) Jolie of course!

  55. 255

    Angelina is so yesterday. Move over bb…. let the new kids on the block give it a whirl.

  56. 256

    ANGELINA!!! Megan fox can't act shit!!!!

  57. 257

    theyre both very annoying but i think youth has to over power the old so my vote goes to megan fox.

  58. 258

    M looks good in some photo shoots but everytime I just see her candid shots, I can't say the same. Skeletor suits her, she starves herself too much and her face is too long.. Angie, duh! Even though she's a weird old hag trying to be sexy….atleast she can act. I can't say that about Megan.

  59. 259

    ANGIE!!!! ANGIE!!!! ANGIE!!!! ANGIE!!!! ANGIE!!!! ANGIE!!!! Duh!

  60. 260

    Megan Fox is a HORRIBLE actress! Yeah, she is pretty but everyone wants to see her as the hot co-star, NOT THE LEADING LADY. My vote goes to Ange!!!

  61. blam says – reply to this


    i think heidi would be best suited

  62. 262


  63. 263

    as much as i don't like ange… i would have to say her hands down! megan can't act at ALL.

  64. 264

    Angelina Jolie….no competition

  65. 265

    Look at the two pics.. Angie looks CLASSY.. Megan looks like a prostitute looking for her next VICTIM.. Angie ANGIE Angie.. all the FUCKING way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 266


  67. 267

    neither. blonde please? IF they remake it at all… i think it is just TOO classic and would fail as a modernly made film

  68. 268

    ange, hands down.

  69. 269

    Angelina for sure, Megan is cool but I don't think she is anywhere as good as Angelina Jolie - yet.

  70. 270

    Angelina definitely. Megan is second-rate.

  71. 271

    MEGAN FOX regardless of how dopey she interviews. She's fresher, and the role does not exactly call for heavy duty acting chops.

  72. 272

    Angelina for sure!! she is a way more talented actress and is beautiful

  73. 273

    angie def!!i hate tht bitch megan fox!

  74. 274

    Re: alishagir1 – She's won an OSCAR, not GRAMMY, she's an actress not a musician. But yeah I agree with you..

  75. 275

    They're both extremely good looking woman,
    but the role should go to hands down Angelina jolie
    Megan Fox doesn't act half as good as Angee :)

  76. 276

    cant hollywood come up with something original?

  77. 277

    Angelina all the way. Megan Fox is a poser.

  78. 278

    Angelina can act… Megan can not. The answer is simple.

  79. 279


  80. harle says – reply to this


    Megan! It's about time we have another ho of the blockbusters!!!

  81. 281

    FoXXXy Megan for sure. Would love to see her beat out Angelina. Agree w/ #7!

  82. 282

    hands down… MEGAN FOX

  83. 283

    Angelina, hands down.

    Megan is hot, yes… in a, "I sleep with people to get roles in movies" kind of way.

    Angelina is naturally beautiful and classy.

  84. 284

    megan fox all the way..

  85. 285

    Re: Tammimaree – I like steak wrapped with bacon. Mmmmmmmm….

  86. 286



  87. 287

    i hate both but i say megan, hate her more.. but at least she isn't a homewrecker

  88. 288

    c'mon ,its obvious ,I love you Ange but you probably know it too ,,,The BABE MEGAN for sure

  89. 289

    Certainly NOT Angelina Jolie! She's all "used up," old, with veins, her legs are STICKS! Are you kidding? Look at Megan! Youthful, fresh, beautiful. There is no comparison. Look-alikes you say? Perez: Age is catching up with your eyes.

  90. 290

    Angie is a better actress than Megan.

  91. 291

    How bout Megan as Barbarella and then Brad could be the archangel and him and Megan could hook up and he could dump ange's ass like he did to Jennifer.

  92. 292

    Angelina. Definitely, Angelina.

  93. 293

    If there is a casting couch involved, Megan Fox would get the part. Ig its a legit audition, then Angelina would get the part. Megan cannot act.

  94. 294

    Angie bitches!

  95. 295


  96. 296


  97. 297


  98. 298

    I would prefer to see Megan Fox on the screen but with Angelina's acting …Megan sucks at acting!

  99. 299

    Angelina DEFINITELY, she has won SO MANY AWARDS. She's won an Oscar,
    an Emmy, SAG, People's Choice etc…etc…etc…

    She was nominated for everything in that movie.

    I wonder how Mariane and their son is now!!! I hope they are doing well.
    My heart broke when Daniel Pearl (Journalist for the WSJ) was killed.

  100. 300

    Neither; how about someone with a strong mind, sex appeal, and mystery. … someone unexpected with raw talent.

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