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It's On: Ange vs. Megan!

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We knew something like this would happen sooner or later!

Look-a-like actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are both vying for the title role in the remake of Barbarella.


Apparently Fox's quick rise to stardom is making Ange nervous, not to mention the 11-year age gap between them!

"Ange is really feeling the pressure," says an insider. "Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

The 1968 film originally starred Jane Fonda as the sci-fi fantasy bombshell.

It's a tough call, ladies. You're both fierce!

Who would U rather see in the role?

[Image via Apega / Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.]

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497 comments to “It's On: Ange vs. Megan!”

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  1. 301

    definently megan!! Angie is looking too old and unhealthy lately

  2. 302

    Angelina, wait no, Megan. Wait..I dont give a shit!

  3. 303

    obv megan fox.
    shes clearly way hotter and angie is just old news now,
    sorrrry ,

  4. 304

    OH COME ON!!!
    ANGELINA JOLIE IS A REALLY ACTRESS, the beaty and sensuality is a plus.

    Megan Fox?? well her tatoos are cute and she's really beautiful, mmhh what else? ohh yeah every time she open her mouth i see shitzzz

  5. 305


  6. 306

    out with the old in with the new, agreed! jolie, is just getting too "old" for these roles honestly. anyone see wanted? angelina looked terrible. fox has my vote - sorry angie!

  7. 307

    i love megan fox but ange anytime i really love her to me you cannot compare angelina to megan maybe in a few years but ange will do a great job in whatever roll she have

  8. 308

    Megan cannot carry any movie - hands down with the exception of B grade movie. All she needs is to do is to show her pout and breasts - let Ange do the acting!

  9. 309

    lol you guys are too funny REMAKING BARBARELLA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH (good) ACTING!! Have any of you seen the original?! I doubt Angelina will even consider this role, it's probably the same rumor about Brad Pitt taking on the role of He-Man LMFAO.

  10. 310

    Um Academy Award winner vs. Joke?? CLearly ANG! Megan is so over rated and can't act for shit. Hasn't anyone seen her movies?? I wouldn't mind never seeing her again.

  11. 311

    i´ve seen angelina so many times, this time i wanna give MEGAN a shot !

  12. 312

    angelina has to find proper roles for her age… kind of the roll she had on challenging

  13. 313

    Angie has the moves! And she has the body! But, Meg would be good for second choice. Age difference don't mean a thing. As long as you look good.
    Angie is in her early 30's and had 3 kids. Yeah let her kick some arse. JMO!

  14. 314

    angie, if she can actually make a decent movie that we don't want to barf for once.

  15. 315

    One weekend my mom rented that movie. I will never forget Jane Fonda and it's always on TV. Jane and that OUTFIT if you can call it that calls for Angie's figure. Please Angie just gain 10 pounds I;ll say you look faboosh? JMO!

  16. 316

    angelina jolie! she's still got it!

  17. 317

    Angie. Always Angie!

  18. 318

    as muuch as i loove angeliinaa i gottaa goo wiith megaan fox.. angelinaa haad her time in the spotlight its megans tuurn now

  19. 319

    All the CGI & hot chicks in the world won't help this craptastic flick.

  20. 320

    ANGELINA pleeeease!!!!! megan is a whore not to mention a copycat!!!

  21. 321

    angelina isnt old!!! shes still very young and talented!!!!

  22. 322

    I'm gonna say Ange on this one…

  23. 323

    Screw the "out with the old…." crap. Angie STILL looks young, she's an excellent actress, and she's experienced in action films. People need to stop trying to find something "new", and embrace what they have this moment. Angie has a lot of pull, too…. if they hire Megan, Angie will debut a better film the same day and "Barbarella" will BOMB. Megan is an Angie clone!!

  24. 324

    Megan Fox, no question. I don't support homewreckers.

  25. 325

    the only reason megan is where is she is today is cause all the boys wanna bang her. ange is a real actress and has a certain charm and class about her that cannot be replaced.

  26. 326

    Also, Angie CAN be blonde. Remember "Gone in 60 Seconds"? "Girl, Interrupted"? She looks hot!!! So hair color shouldn't be the deciding factor.

  27. 327

    JOLIE! 100% shes the OG megan just wants to be her.

  28. 328

    I would LOVE to see Megan Fox take this role!

  29. 329

    Angie duh! I don't ever want to see Megan Fox in another acting role horrid actress.

  30. daner says – reply to this


    angelina no doubt

  31. 331

    megan fox is a loud mouth bitch.
    angelina for sure.

  32. 332

    Angelina, she's naturally gorgeous and can act!

    Visit www.pantyfairy.com

  33. 333


  34. 334

    angelina can act and is STILLLL the sexiest bitch, but megan is younger and can fit the part better, but THE BITCH CANT ACT!!!!

  35. 335

    ANJELINA! BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 336

    Re: bigbumpaa – HA!

  37. 337

    Jolie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pay my money for people who can act.

    Fox would make it look like a porno… eh, if that's what you want….

  38. 338

    Angelina is an OLD HAG.
    Megan is real

  39. 339

    What difference does it make No one will go see the movie anyway.

  40. 340

    I would love Ange to play Wonderwoman and Megan to be Cat Woman in the same movie! Good vs Evil!

  41. 341

    megan is hot obviously but angelina can actually act sooooo ange!

  42. 342


  43. 343

    of course Angelina Jolie. megan fox…she's hot, but nahh.

  44. 344

    Angelina is the better actress!!! And she has more style!!!

  45. 345

    Toe thumbs aside, I think Megan Fox would be DE-FUCKING-LICIOUS as Barbarella. Just thinking of her as a blonde is… orgasm-inducing. Angelina Jolie would be great too I think, though.

  46. 346

    They're both too sucking skinny to take that part; it needs someone with some meat on her bones. You want an Amazon type - they should get Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum to try it. It's not like there's going to be any acting involved!

    Oh yeah, Jolie's got "class". Plastering her sex life with BB Thornton all over the tabs, talking about cutting herself in interviews, French kissing her brother on television, doing meth, adultery, anorexia, plastic surgery addiction, acquiring kids like Cabbage Patch dolls…are you people insane or what?

  47. trix says – reply to this


    If acting skills are needed, then Angelina.

  48. 348

    Only one can act!
    And it isn't hard to figure out who…

  49. 349

    The angel Angelina.

  50. 350

    megan, definitely.

  51. 351

    Angelina. If we see Megan on the screen, we'd just think of Angelina. How about Heidi Klum? Seriously! She has a bangin' better bod than either of these two and resembles the original gorgeous Barbarella (google it) than MF or Angelina. PLUS - Heidi Klum is a VICTORIA'S SECRET model. Hello? Best bodies on the planet!

  52. 352

    Jolie has cobb webs

  53. 353


  54. 354


  55. 355

    Megan Fox is beautiful but Angelina is beautiful and a good actress..Hands down Angelina.

  56. 356

    how exactly is angelina classy? she broke up a fucking marriage. that just SCREAMS class, amirite?

  57. 357







  58. 358










    LOL! ;) Seriously though, they are atrocious. Guess she's not all that, afterall.

  59. 359


    Megan Fox has no talent. She is lucky that she's hot. Because that's the only thing getting her all this attention. I'm sure "Jennifer's Body" will not be good either. They probably only casted her to get people to watch it.

    Megan Fox is no where close to Angelina's level.

  60. daboi says – reply to this


    Megan is 1 million times sexier than Jolie

  61. 361

    c´mon…..ange is hot…..but barbarella isn´t a mom……..so def the hottest girl on the planet….megan!!!

  62. 362

    Megan Fox hands down. Angelina looks older than her years, she's meth skinny and unless you're in MILF porn she should just sit her ass at home with her small tribe and understand her ploy to remake herself as mother
    Theresa killed her career. Then again Angelina's never been really known for acting abilities more for her screwing. TEAM MEGAN!!!

  63. 363

    Um, why is this even a question? Angie for sure. Once Megan can actually define what an actress is then we can talk :)

  64. 364

    angie for sure
    megan looks too bitchy

  65. 365

    angelina is too frail and worn looking lately she used to be hotter maybe if she put on some wait and got sum rest…but still id have to say id more likely go to see the movie if it had megan fox

  66. 366

    gross neither.

  67. robyk says – reply to this


    bahahahaa megan fox all the way…
    seriously you say megans a bitch when angelina is a freaaakkk.dont you remember she carried blood around her neck,she stole brad and billy bob thorton,and he was going to get married. who does that.saint angie my assss

  68. 368

    In all honestly, I think Megan Fox would be a better choice, She rocks at remakes and adaptions, as Angelina really can't get it but she's HEAPS better at original plot

  69. 369

    angelina is much better actress - she's professional and passionate about her job. on the other hand, megan fox is a "hot" pieces of ass nowadays, but she's painfully CRAZY BITCH!

  70. 370

    angelina is much better actress - she's professional and passionate about her job. on the other hand, megan fox is a "hot" piece of ass nowadays, but she's painfully CRAZY BITCH!

  71. 371

    megan!!! i hate angelina!

  72. 372

    Angelina of course. Fox is a fox but no Angelina is my all time fav

  73. 373

    Im so tired of Megan..go Ange! www.missperfectblonde.com

  74. 374

    Boy everybody is stupid. This is obviously a madeup rumor by the studio to get interest. Why on Earth would Angelina try for a movie role that Rose McGowan wanted? I don't know if Megan wants this role either but an A-lister with an Oscar is not go to go after the same role as C-listers.

  75. 375

    Both are beautiful, but Megan Fox has nothing on Ange. Ange all the way, she is a very talented actress!!

  76. 376

    ANGELINA for sure!!!– not only gorgeous and hot, she has way more talent, brains, confidence, and depth (and class too) — so much more appealing than Fox. Older… c'mon now…

  77. 377

    Angelina Defo x

  78. 378

    Neither. I love newbie no-names. Plus, didn't Jane Fonda sport lighter hair color? A dark brunette doesn't make sense to me.

  79. 379

    Though I'm not a fan of either one I would say Ange most definitely. Fox is a horrible actress and should probably look for a new career.

  80. 380

    ANGELINA, meow!

  81. 381

    they both suck.

  82. 382

    .I'm not a fan of her homewrecking abilities. But…she is a great actress.

  83. 383

    I'll have to admit I've never been a fan of Angelina but when given the choice between these two I'd definitely pick Angelina. Megan Fox is a cheap, whore of an actress with no talent. I might not like Angelina as a person but she is a killer actress. They would be crazy to pick Megan over her.

  84. 384

    Megan fox would be great as an evil villian
    is there an evil role in it ?
    too bad Marylin Monroe isn't alive but let's see
    hmmm oh I know dolly Parton she still oozes sex
    but no unfortuntly movie makers are too afraid to
    step out of the fray, so we have to go the good girl way
    and pick Barbara Walters again no that's too far
    so we saddle back up and pick Katie Cassidy have you seen her?
    she is hot check her out lately damn!! She's oozing sex.. Quick pick her!!

  85. 385


  86. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Megan, of course! Skankalina is skinny, looks much older than her actual age and is getting bald. Look at her forehead!

  87. 387


  88. 388

    Umm what the hell are we asking here…who has talent and who doesnt???!!! Angelina hands down would do the remake justice. The only reason to cast Fox is if you want a bimbo to scream and show her tits…

  89. 389

    Angelina! She can actually act! Megan is a great actress as long as she doesn't open her mouth hahaha!

  90. 390

    No way! Don't mess with another damn CLASSIC! Jane Fonda will be the ONLY Barbarella….. EVER!
    Gosh, where is the imagination, Hollyweird?
    Get some new ideas! : (

  91. 391

    Ms. Fox clearly, Angelina is good but it would probably cheaper for the studio to cast Megan. And she is wayyy hotter. Angelina is a better actress (from the few films Megan has been in she isn't oscar worthy yet) but I'm sure Megan will get better over time.

  92. 392

    Angie anyday

  93. 393

    Angelina :)

  94. Niobe says – reply to this


    If they have to remake it, please go with the one THAT CAN! ACT!!! Megan is gorgeous, but sucks at her job…..

    If she was not as pretty as she is, would she get any roles? not likely

  95. 395

    definitely angelina.

  96. 396

    but angelina definitely isnt going to be nervous over "megan fox" … there is still no comparison. angelina is still the best.

  97. 397


  98. 398

    ANGELINA of course!!!! Megan Fox…is seriously nothing special

  99. 399

    Ange. She's actually a proper actress.

  100. 400

    I LOVE Angelina, but I would love to see Megan's acting skills…we already know Angelina is an excellent actress! When will they make a movie as mother and daughter or sisters?!?!?!?!?!? Masturbating movie of the century right there!!

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