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It's On: Ange vs. Megan!

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We knew something like this would happen sooner or later!

Look-a-like actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are both vying for the title role in the remake of Barbarella.


Apparently Fox's quick rise to stardom is making Ange nervous, not to mention the 11-year age gap between them!

"Ange is really feeling the pressure," says an insider. "Ange knows that to win roles she has to look youthful."

The 1968 film originally starred Jane Fonda as the sci-fi fantasy bombshell.

It's a tough call, ladies. You're both fierce!

Who would U rather see in the role?

[Image via Apega / Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.]

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497 comments to “It's On: Ange vs. Megan!”

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  1. 401

    MEGAN FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No question!!!

  2. 402

    Angelina (1 million times BETTER)

  3. 403

    Team Angelina all the way!!!!!!

  4. 404

    I prefer Ange!!!

  5. 405

    Team Angelina.

  6. 406

    Megan, hello! Ange is hot…..for her age. Megan is more age appropriate for the role. She is young and sexy!

  7. 407

    Angie, of course! duuh.

  8. 408

    Angelina for sure. Megan is too new to the business. I don't think she is ready yet.

  9. 409

    I can't stand Megan and her huge mouth. So Angie it is!

  10. 410

    Luv them both… but deffos angelina
    way betta actress and still stunnin!!!!!

  11. 411


  12. 412

    I DON'T WANT TO SEE OR HEAR ABOUT A REMAKE OF FUCKING BARBARELLA. If anything get a drag queen to play her. It was a movie about the sexual revolution and innocence, the cultural under tones won't make any sense today.

  13. 413

    i wouldnt mind seeing angie disappear forever. stupid homewrecker.

  14. 414

    Ange has the attitude…but maybe a couple of pounds would keep her from looking like Skeletor…the hands and arms give the age away :)

  15. 415

    Sorry, but Angelina is too old for the role: regardless of skills or whatever. It´s Barbarella for Christ sake! Funny & sexy. She has too many kids, that desexes her in my view…

  16. 416

    angelina !

  17. 417

    If the movie needs an ACTRESS…ANGELINA, of course!

    If the movie needs a psychotic, air-headed ho…MEGAN, of course.

  18. 418

    Angelina has it all, baby!

  19. 419

    Megan Fox is way Hotter!!!!!!!

  20. 420

    I will laugh my arse of when they start casting Angelina as Megan´s mom!

  21. 421

    Megan is an Angelina Wannabee….Nuff said..

  22. 422


  23. 423

    Angelina, Megan sux

  24. Sue_O says – reply to this


    Angelina hands down. Megan is beautiful but she's a stuckup fake bitch. If she wasn't famous, she'd be on the streets somewhere all doped up. Angelina is a classic beauty, she's smart and she's a humanitarian - plus a wonderful actress. Can Megan act? I haven't seen any evidence.

  25. 425

    I say Megan just to knock
    Angelina down a few notches.

  26. 426

    Angelina by far, yes they are both hot but only Angelina can act.

  27. 427

    Definitely Aj. Megan Fox is hot but thats just for a short period of time. We're looking for actors&actresses that prove they can act by taking up many different roles, not just by standing there posing and be hot. And Aj is more experienced. Megan Fox may have to learn for a few more years before attaining Aj's position

  28. 428


  29. 429

    Angelina all the way.

  30. 430


  31. 431

    Pls stop raising stupid question if we all already know the answer

  32. 432

    Angelina Jolie because she is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  33. 433

    this was in the sunday newspapers. never seen the original but to say megan is just jumping o the bandwagon, angelina is the superior actress

  34. 434


  35. 435

    megan fox. ange is too fake looking

  36. 436

    angelina jolie any day lool

  37. 437

    Ange. Megan fox is just an Angelina wanna be

  38. 438

    Megan Fox!!!!!!!!!! Angelina Jolie is old news!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 439

    ANGELINA JOLIE IS GOD!!! megan fox relies wayyyyyy to much on her looks to get roles because she knows she cannot act.

  40. 440

    megan fox hands down. i'm so over angelina, she acts all sweet but we all know she's a major BITCH when the cameras are off

  41. 441

    Angelina can actually act, but Megan Fox would bring in more guy viewers…sadly the 'acting' world isn't about acting. You have to bring in money and the only way to do it is with hot young people. Ange is hot…but her youth is fading.

  42. fUkRD says – reply to this


    angelina is neither classy nor hot,..she is a psycho-schisophrenic with an eating disorder and an obsession of collecting babies then not caring for them. Not to mention a fucking homewrecker,…and though she may be a good actress,..she did not start of as a great actress, she was just average at first. So lets give Megan a chance please,..and she is fucking hot. So maybe she is a bit imature at this point in her career/life,..so what, Ange wasn't any smarter at her age either going out and marying Billy Bob (like WTF??) admiting to using heroin, having a lesbian lover for some time, getting tatts al over, still not talking to her enstranged Dad, like she is 16yrs old or something…like she was some sort of a fucking angel. And just you wait,..Ange is going to crack,..her lil world is going to come crashing down, Brad IS going to leave the crazy biotch and she knows it. I think it's time yall stop glorifying this fuking nut of a woman. Besides she is not hot at all,..she has a nice face but the body of an anorexic man,..large ass shoulders, no ass, bony legs, saggy sking,..no womanly curves whatsoever.

  43. 443

    uhhh oh. thats not good. considering megan fox absolutley loves angeline jolie, and wouldnt wanna fuck with her. but if i had to pick..id pick angelina because she's an actress actress, megan fox is hot and she can act, but shes no angelina jolie (:

  44. fUkRD says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs. Brightside – no shit,..it's fucking Hollywood,..its ALL about the looks,..and Ange is OUT,..Megan IN!! Bye, bye Ange!!

  45. 445


  46. 446

    No competition! Angelina is an ALFA WOMAN through and through. The other one is trying toooo haaard, not much essence behind her good looking face.

    Angelina is the Queen, period!

  47. 447

    Megan Fox! So over Angelina! I used to think Angelina was super sexy, now shes just kinda gross. Almost alien looking with overly skinny, long limbs. She'd be great playing the part of the alien if the made another one of those!

  48. 448

    Angelina of course she's the sexiest ass i've ever seen and she can act
    the fox can't act and she's a fack bitch

  49. 449

    megan fox,

  50. 450

    ANGELINA HELLO. Megan Fox is too plastic looking for my taste

  51. 451

    Anghelina Jolie 4 sure!!!

  52. 452

    Megan Fox, HANDS DOWN, would make a better Barbarella. Skankalina looks a little too old to play that role. Jane Fonda was YOUNG when she was in that movie. GIVE IT TO MEGAN!!!!

  53. Nat99 says – reply to this


    Angelina 100x better actress

  54. 454

    Rather see Megan Fox.

  55. 455

    Angelina is the original and the best tattoo'ed crazy brunette. Loves her.

  56. 456

    Angelina is the GREATEST gorgeous female actress EVER in our history! Her roles are mind blowing! Megan fox can't act for SHIT for NOTHING…she only has a beautiful face (that, I seen around before that weren't famous) that can play in highschool movies, as she is in a horror high school role. Anyways there will be NO compition on Angie even when shes 65 nobody will ever take her thrown.

  57. 457

    megan fox should get the roll im sick of angelina getting every roll thats thrown to her

  58. 458

    UGH!!!!!!! im so sick of hearing about both of these skanks!!! is there a 3rd choice??

  59. 459

    angie is wayy better

  60. 460

    ANGELINA JOLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 461


  62. 462

    angelina !!! she the only one!!! megan is beautiful but she doesn't have angelina's charisma at all!!! or at least not yet! when she will learn that being gorgeous is not the only thing you have to think about. we'll see! but now i think there is no competition. angelina is just over the top, she has "un je ne sais quoi". angelina is one of these celebrity who really fucked up in the past, took drugs (i'm not saying its a good thing)….i can't even imagine what she did but now she's a real icon ! she 's just perfect ! if megan fox does the same and you know she will (celebrities today just take drugs or shave their head at one point anyway because they are fucking bored in their life like evrybody in hollywood anyway!! )i hope she will keep going like that because she is has a huge potential. (but still not as much as angelina !!!) sorry again if i bothered you with my opinion but its been such a long time i want to say it!! xxx

  63. float says – reply to this


    Angie probably isn't even worried about Megan, and vice versa.

  64. 464

    angie defoo she better

  65. 465

    I love Megan, but I have to go with Ange on this one

  66. 466

    Megan Fox of course! To the Fangies ( Angie Fans) hate to break it to you, but Fox is the new it girl!

  67. 467

    Angelina. She's a way better actress.

  68. 468


  69. 469

    Re: GraphXGrrl – You're_retarded.-What_does-lady_gaga_have_to_do_with_this??LOL

  70. 470


  71. 471

    ANGELINA!!!! She'll still look great even when she's 50!!

  72. 472

    Angelina is a better actress, hands down…
    However, I know thats not really what counts these days…it's a sad world.
    I don't like Megan Fox, but it doesn't matter, this isn't a movie I would see anyway! =D

  73. 473

    I dont understand why these two are compared. They look NOTHING alike, they both have dark hair and light eyes…thats it. Angelina has huge green eyes, and very full lips, brown hair and a complitely diffrent body. Megan has small blue eyes, almost pitch black hair and she actually has some what curves. And Angelina is a grandma compared to Megan, love em both tho and both are probably the most stunning woman currently walking the Earth.

  74. 474

    so tired of Homewrecker Jolie. I hope Megan gets the part!!

  75. 475

    Angelina! No question!

  76. 476

    One too many movies of Angelina trying to come off as a badass. I'm not up for the "hot chick who knows how to shoot" altogether, but at least I won't be tired of seeing the saaaaammmeee shiiittttt that I've seen before. Tomb Raider anyone????? She's old news. MEGAN FOX!!

  77. 477

    We don't need anymore homewrecking going on, obviously letting any man work on set with Jolie on these types of "badass" movies is a risk to their wives.

  78. 478

    uhhh jolie has actual talent…fox needs help

  79. 479

    definately ange! she's still got it and at least she's not dumb like a box aka megan… ugh

  80. 480

    angie is going to look lke muton dressed up as lamb
    …dont want a remake
    but if it is to be then foxy

  81. 481

    SATAN-gelina-serial-home-wrecker??? No, no, no. She is too old and who is going to see an old Barbarella with 6 kids? Hahahahahaha. Megan is younger, sexier and single.

  82. 482

    megan fox. angelina jolie is an idiot…and she looks nasty

  83. kofax says – reply to this


    angie for sure megans a whore

  84. 484

    angie all the way

  85. 485

    Angie all the way!!!! Way sexier actress.. Talented too!

  86. 486

    Movie to Bomb-Megan
    Movie to Sell Tickets-Angie
    Not being a dumbass - Priceless!

  87. 487

    MEGAN FOX! doesn't ange have to go save some black kids from africa anyway? she'll be too busy.

  88. 488

    Neither of them are even close to the right woman for that part!!!
    And for those of you who are concerned about acting ability you clearly haven't seen the movie, it's not Jane's most poignant role.

  89. 489

    Ange!!! HANDS DOWN!!! They may both be "pretty", but ange is BEAUTIFUL. Doesnt matter her age, shes timeless!!!

  90. dupe says – reply to this


    Nonesense. People really believe Angelina Jolie would say ENOUGH to another Tomb Raider, and the say YES to bloody Barberella!! Stupid story put out by stupid people trying to use Angelina's name to publicise their movie. And only idiots would believe Angelina feels threatened by wannabe obsessed Megan Fox.

  91. 491

    DUDE. People need to stop comparing the 2 of them. There is absolutely NO competition here. Angelina's talent and good heart totally surpasses Megan's. It's ok to know you're awesome and hot but when you walk all over other people, then it becomes a problem. Megan Fox thinks she's the sh** and she is so nonchalant and ungrateful with the people who got her where she is. I used to be so pro-Megan and now I just want her off my TV! But if I were to choose someone for this role it would honestly be neither. Angelina looks extremely sick and gaunt and Megan couldn't act even if someone walked her through each and every one of her lines. So Megan needs to learn her manners and Angelina needs to eat.

  92. 492

    ANGELINA JOLIE! megan fox can't act that well yet. and besides, angie is used to doing action films and does her own stunts most of the time

  93. 493

    Megan Fox for sure. Angelina just needs to disappear FOREVER!

  94. 494

    angelina for sure…
    megan is talentless

  95. 495

    Angelina Jolie Cux I love how she actss…..! She is Super Talented. =)

  96. 496

    ANGIE!! Lookalike r u kidding? megan fox is angie lookalike not the other way around bitcha

  97. 497

    Ange isn't relevant anymore…megan fox for sure

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