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Kanye West Steals Taylor Swift's Spotlight And Gives Praise To Beyonce

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Are U guys watching the MTV VMAs?

The adorable Taylor Swift just won Best Female Video, beating out Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, and Beyonce to name a few.

But as the young Swift took the stage, she started to give her acceptance speech only to have Kanye West jump on stage and take her mic to proclaim that BEYONCE really had one of the best videos of all time!!


How RUDE! Yet, very Kanye like.

The crowd then started to boo and Kanye stormed off stage and left poor Taylor speechless before she was escorted off stage.

And this all happened just a few minutes before Taylor was set to take the stage again and perform. Hope she doesn't let this outburst bother her.

Look for clips of the incident to popup on YouTube shortly.

What do U think of Kanye's outburst?

[Image via WENN.]

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1777 comments to “Kanye West Steals Taylor Swift's Spotlight And Gives Praise To Beyonce”

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  1. 101

    That guy is a complete asshole. And Taylor Swift is amazing!!!!

  2. 102

    Kanye is an ass! I was blown away that he would dare jump up and take away Taylor's moment.

  3. 103

    Douchebag. I'll never listen to that man again. I saw it live. Total fuck-up, Kanye, total…

  4. 104

    hes a DICK!

  5. 105

    I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but what he did was RUDE! I mean she was in the middle of accepting her moon-man, and he just interrupts her. Her face said it all afterwards, she looked so sad and shocked! This is the probably the last time she'll attend the VMAs.

  6. 106

    What a total fucking dbag! Well I don't think she deserved the win, she WON! he has no right to go and do that. His music fucking sucks and shit like this is the only way he tries to stay relevant. His old ass needs to chill the fuck out, it's the MTV video awards….

  7. 107

    They should kick his ass out of there right now!!

  8. 108

    soooo rude of kanye. i can't believe him… hes terrible & tay swift is def. more talented than him. hes getting sooo old anyway !!!… ugh i cant get over that comment. then she had to sing right after. shes amazingg & awesomee !!! fu kaynee seriously. i wanna see you sell 10 million on your first day of a new CD

  9. 109

    kanye is a douche bag. He has some catchy songs but has a big ego and an even bigger mouth.

  10. 110

    ok i think lady gaga should have won, in my opinion taylor didn't seem like the choice for that award. but wat kanye did was just down right rude.

  11. 111


  12. 112

    he is an unprofessional asshole!

  13. 113

    Kanye West & Chris Brown would make a good couple

  14. YUCK says – reply to this


    pls dont buy anymore of kanyes stuff make this rude fucker go away. enough of his child like antics. even children wouldnt do this.

  15. 115

    he needs to shut up. he has the same "i think im a king" complex as diddy and spencer pratt. they all need to shut up. take ur nasty haircut and your vodka spokesbot girlfriend home!
    as much as i LOVE beyonce and her video, i bet even she is pissed about kanye

  16. 116

    asshole! he doesnt deserve a vma and needs to apologize!

  17. 117

    what a douchebag!! what would you do if you were taylor? i feel so bad for her. that's really shitty… don't they have security for reasons like that?

  18. 118


  19. 119

    i hate kanye west.

  20. 120

    KANYE IS A FUCKER… he's just mad cause he never wins VMA's

  21. 121

    F U Kanye!!!!

  22. jhdc says – reply to this


    total dick. will get rid of all my Kanye music and never buy any ever again. downloading Taylor Swift right now.

  23. 123

    hes a douchebag…

  24. 124

    It did not seem to affect sweet Taylor one second.
    She is a remarkable performer, talented beyond her years.

  25. 125

    OMG!! kanye needs to go jump off a bridge!! TAYLOR SWIFT RULES!!!

  26. J.Ken says – reply to this


    Beyonce's video sucked. Taylor swift deserved that award. Fuck kanye

  27. 127

    How unbelievably TACKY. But yes very Kanye like. Get it Tay!!!

  28. 128

    fucking douche

  29. 129

    Attention whore!

  30. 130

    kanye west is the biggest douche bag!!!

  31. 131

    cannot believe it. speechless!!

  32. 132

    Fuck! That was Fucking HORRABLE!! Totally uncalled for!!! He is the biggest peice of shit! I dont even listen to Taylor Swift but she did NOT deserve that!! Her expression was SO sad! Burn in hell Kanye you fucking suck

  33. 133

    he is an IDIOT

  34. 134

    did it do something for his ego to pick on a talented, decent, & wholesome young girl? LOSER.

  35. 135

    i cannot believe kanye WTF???????? poor taylor she was about to cry!!!!!

  36. 136

    He's an asshole. Enough said.

    Poor Taylor looked so uncomfortable! I wanted to give the poor girl a hug

  37. 137

    I hate him. She was so speechless! Poor girl.

  38. 138

    Kanye is a d i c k!!!! All of the videos were great. Taylor Swift is a sweetie and doesn't deserve that.

  39. 139

    absolute MORON.

  40. 140


  41. 141

    He is such a douche. She is just a kid– His ego far surpasses his talent.

  42. 142

    he can go die!!!!! GOD!!! WHO IS HE TO DO THAT TO ONE OF THE SWEETEST PEOPLE EVER?!?!?!?!?!??!!? he should go take his slutty gf and crawl in a hole somewhere. U ROCK TAYLOR!!!!

  43. YUCK says – reply to this


    btw didnt this fa**ot bitch say he was never going to any mtv things again?

  44. 144


  45. 145

    He is SO immature and needs to grow the fuck up….or just DIE

  46. 146

    such a douchebag

  47. 147


  48. 148

    What an asshole

  49. 149


  50. 150

    what an ass… they need to stop inviting him to awards shows since he keeps pullin this shiz

  51. 151

    WOW..seriously…what a fucking ass…I wish he would quit acting like an entitled fucktard

  52. 152

    Kanye is a douche. Sad thing is that this is going to be universally bad for him. I hope MTV permabans him for continued douchebaggery.

  53. 153

    So rude. I've never liked him.

  54. 154

    Poor sports since the beginning of time.

  55. 155

    kanye will always be a douche

  56. 156

    he's so rude. she didn't even think she would have a chance to win and to take that moment away from her, the happiness that she beat out all these big names, he's just the lowest of the low. i hope he's really proud of himself. and beyonce, we all know it wasn't your fault, we still love you too. don't let that waste of a heartbeat bring both of you down and embarass you on night that supposed to be fun for everyone. FUCK KANYE!

  57. 157

    okay kanye that was totally rude but thanks i can stand the bitch she deserves that and more I was shock when she won the damn award I would have prefer Beyonce to win the award instead of her YAY to KANYE!!!

  58. 158

    I think hes an incredible jerk! Nobody cares what you think Kanye just an FYI!

  59. 159


  60. 160

    what a cock sucking piece of shit.

  61. 161

    Fuck Kanye West! Taylor deserves that award more than beyonce! How dare that ASSHOLE think he has the right to steal her spotlight. Die in a FIRE!!! Kanye West needs the shit kicked out of him. Taylor needs to whoop it on him! Beyonce's video wasn't even freakin good. She shakes her ass in underwear. Waaay creative (sarcasm). Taylor deserves everything good that comes to her.

  62. 162

    What a douchebag moment by Kanye!!!! So low class….. what a loser!!!!
    Will NEVER buy music by him again.

  63. alexb says – reply to this


    that was so immature of him

  64. 164

    I feel so bad for her!! She did not deserve that! She should have shoved one of those heals right up his ass!

  65. 165

    lol asshole move.

    still love him :-D

  66. 166


  67. 167

    he is SUCH AN ASS!! Praise Beyone all you want on your own time cock!

  68. 168


  69. 169

    I use to like him but after this forget it!!! he was disgusting!!!!!!!!

  70. 170

    kanye can go to hell.

  71. 171

    Kanyes a fuckwit !!

  72. 172

    Asswhole… That is what he is… That was some childish BS

  73. 173

    such a nig thing to do.fker.

  74. 174

    Why is anyone surprised?

    Kanye West :ruining MTV awards shows since 2008

  75. 175

    KANYE WHAT THE HELL?!?! fucking RUDE! Even though Beyonce should have one, that was dick. Poor Taylor! Love you girl

  76. 176

    that's freaking mean!!@%!%!

  77. 177

    what an a**hole. we were in shock when we were watching - at first we didn't realize what was going on and then mayhem broke loose. who does kanye think he is? note to kanye - the world doesn't revolve around you.

  78. 178

    kanye west still loves fish sticks.

  79. 179

    Kanye's a bitch! go taylor!

  80. 180

    yes i saw what a DOUCHE BAG! im not even a big fan of taylor swift but i felt so bad for her!

  81. 181

    That is soooo rude of him. I don't like him at all.. Congrats Magda on you wedding!!

  82. 182

    He is a complete asshole!!!!! He totally turns my stomach!!

  83. 183

    So uncalled for—

  84. 184

    kayne is a dumb fuck

  85. 185

    Ugh wtf? Kanye may make good music but he is such a fucking dick. I can't stand his ass…Poor Taylor.

  86. 186

    WHAT A DOUCHBAG!!! I am no longer a Kanye West fan. What a racist fuck!!! Loser. Too bad your mamma died…she should spank your ass for being such a fucking prick. I hope you rot in hell asshole.

  87. 187

    why would you do that
    that poor little girl
    well not little
    shes like 7 feet

  88. 188

    WOW!!! What an asshole. That was low even for that cocky jerk. i have never been a fan of his but this further emphasized the shitty personality that low life has. Taylor swift is awesome!

  89. 189

    fuck kanye west. fuck him.

  90. 190

    he should be banned from the awards, what a fucking douche. no respect at all. go taylor.

  91. 191

    hes out of his mind
    i want to watch it again

  92. 192

    He is a stupid tactless, and talentless fuck! One she's a teenager, and he's an adult, and she is very more adult then he is. I hope they kicked him the fuck out of the awards. All of his songs are samples of other peoples songs anyway, and taylor actually writes hers. Kanye just needs to deal with his insecurities and sexual identity and just come out of the closet and stop throwing hate out there. His Karma is comming around for sure. That stupid fuck

  93. 193

    Such an a$$

  94. 194


  95. mand says – reply to this


    kanye west is a fukn bitch
    i love you taylorr swift!!!!!!

  96. 196

    Kanye West is a low-class idiot. How pathetic.

  97. 197

    WHAT A DICK! She is young and it's not her fault Beyonce didn't get chosen for the award that the fans voted on! If she deserved it, she would have won it. Dumbass.

  98. 198

    Such an idiot. Way to steal her thunder! Kanye does this kind of shit every year, and its not cool. KARMA.

  99. 199

    Kayne is such an asshole, and I like his music, but I have no respect for him!

  100. 200

    OMG… I cant believe how much of an asshole Kanye was… it left me speechless as well!!!! Even Beyonce was disqusted at how he acted. I LOVE TAYLOR!!!! She deserved the award…

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