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Santa Angelina Keeps It Up

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Santa Angelina is dedicated to her cause!

Jolie, who holds the title of a UN Goodwill Ambassador, traveled to Kenya this weekend to help draw attention to the overcrowding problem in refugee camps.

Camps for refugees of Somalia opened in 1991 - only built to accommodate 90,000 refugees. The camps currently hold 285,000 people, with that number growing every month.

Ange visited the camp in Dadaab on Saturday to speak with the Somalian refugees, hoping to discover a solution to the issue at hand.

So inspiring!

P.S. Eat, bitch!

[Image via AP Images.]

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184 comments to “Santa Angelina Keeps It Up”

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  1. 101

    these goodwill ambassador titles, the UN does them why??? to let people who dont read, watch tv or look at news on the internet??
    'Ange visited the camp in Dadaab on Saturday to speak with the Somalian refugees, hoping to discover a solution to the issue at hand.'
    and she is going to find a solution? being there one day? talking to a handful of refugees? I find the whole thing insulting to the many people who work with the refugees, risking their lives everyday from enemy soldiers-the UN workers, the peace corp, and all the health care professionals out there. and the problem of violence, overcrowding, disease is being worked on by many-BUT WAIT-st. angie will come in and solve it all- insulting mario. just say what it is-trying to educate people who don't pick up a damn paper or watch any news, learn what the problems are in other countries by looking at celebrities. Nothing more, nothing less.

  2. 102

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – so very true about teaching men and women about birthcontrol and safer sex practices. this would regulate birth rates and stds including aids. Also… sitting around petting children in front of photographers does not a good deed make. she is not participating in any ecnomic, anthropological or medical studies she is not building anything or feeding anybody or educating anybody….(i realize this is a refugee camp) but when someone like her visits a village the whole village pools together their food and water to feed these 'ambassadors' as a gesture of thanks. and these meals happen throughout the day along with festivals of music and dancing depending on the culture and country. they give more food to people like angelina than they eat in a month! how is that helping??

  3. kis95 says – reply to this


    Re: ruthiepeace – Agreed! Let her waste away to nothing, who cares? Oh, right. All those who are so "worried" about someone they will never know, who is apparently choosing to look this ridiculous. God, she's insipid.

  4. 104

    As always the perfect stage photograph. Why does this need to be photographed anyway??? Humanitarian my arse. She's the queen of her own PR.

    And what a sad bitch starving herself to that level then flaunting it in the face of these people who have no choice about being displaced from their homes and probably starving themselves…

  5. 105

    is she eating? geez

  6. 106

    omg she's so painfully thin, that's not normal!!!!!

  7. 107

    Those refugees have more meat on their bones than she does. She is VERY unhealthy looking, and it will be worse for her the older she gets. She will have to pay a high price in pain via osteoporosis when she's in her 50's and upwards from not taking in nutrition NOW. People don't think it accumulates, and it does! EAT SOMETHING ANGIE!! NOW! You are NOT doing your children and the causes you bring attention to, any favors by not eating.

  8. 108

    she looks nasty with all those bones poking out everywhere..ewwww

  9. 109

    lol for real though "ps eat bitch" hahaha

  10. 110

    She looks SOOO skinny wow she needs to eat something like now!

  11. 111

    She is emaciated. Every chick that is with Brad Pitt looks like this when they are with them. Go back and look at Aniston and Paltrow during their courtship with Pitt. He must like chicks super skinny.

  12. 112

    maybe one day SHE will EAT. she looks sick. truly. does she try to keep that figure for Brad? she looks insane crazy skinny. truly a sad vibe to give her beautiful children. and HE, BRAD, condones it. sad sad. i think Jen was the better pick. she's not so into herslef life angie.

  13. 113

    Oh my - she is way too skinny!!!!

  14. 114

    she obviously has an eating disorder. I hope she gets help for it and stops looking like a bobble head.

  15. 115

    This woman has MAJOR head issues because she is anorexic. Too many fuckin kids!!!!

  16. 116

    *P.S.* EAT BITCH…….uuuummmmmmm I think it's a trend fashion to be this so skinny lol ! I live in burbank………..and OMG! I see a lot of women ….skinny skeleton bullshit! Like totally you could see their hip bone……..hahahahhahah lol ! So I think it's more a fucken trend fashion of not eating healthy nor not eating at all……….you do know that if you do this unhealthy lifestyle your hair would fall out ….and your skin would be so much in a mess…you'de feel more dizzy a lot …..and lack of iron lol ! So unhealthy !

  17. 117

    I believe I read once that she said she feels guilty eating when she is around those in such dire conditions. I hope that her extremely thin frame is just a temporary result of those feelings and she will nourish her body appropriately when she returns home.

  18. 118

    She has Brad Pitt, fame, glory, family, beauty, but SERIOUSLY yet again another sad somewhat frightening role model for any women with body issues. While she is in France, do what i did. Eat chocolate croissants until the cows come home.

  19. 119

    Is she there to feed them or them to feed her? It's hard to tell from that picture………………

  20. 120

    she looks skinnier than the ones starving…
    i think a real service would be to feed her

  21. 121

    my gosh.. she looks so skinnny!

  22. 122

    She's said in interviews that now that she's seen the poverty around the world, she feels guilty eating sometimes. I wonder if it's really getting to her. She looks sickly and needs to take care of herself first before helping others. How can you take care 5 kids and be an ambassador if you are anorexic?

  23. 123

    Re: methesupergirl – Well said :) I totally agree with you

    If she wasn't white, she would blend right in, except for the fact she is skinnier then everyone there :p

  24. 124

    I agree, she looks worse than the refugees. She's doing good things with her money, but she must really some serious issues. I don't get why she keeps having kids & adopting when she seems to be gone so much.

  25. 125

    Steal some rice from that bowl for yourself!! Somebody please feed her already!!!…

  26. 126

    Angie has the means to eat more food than these poor starving refugees ever could, yet she rubs it in there faces by not eating and looking like well THAT!

  27. 127

    Wow, the Somalians look better nourished than Holie. That's insulting to them.

  28. 128

    She is fat for New York standards!

  29. 129

    Re: Plinkie9 – Tell the Pope and all those other religious fuckfaces. They'd rather see poor people die off starvation or Aids than allow them to use birth control. Just another argument against religion: they don't give two shits about the wold's real problems!

  30. 130

    Her humanitarian work is commendable. Still I can't help but wishing that she would A. eat a burger B. Hire a black woman to do Zahara's hair. She could learn something from Madonna, who hires someone to cornrow her black child's hair.

  31. 131

    Let's remember she IS a home wrecker. Perhaps KARMA is catching up with her. AND someone else here mentioned they served in the armed forces & has helped out many in other countries. Why the hell cares if she & other stars help out. It's only for a tax break, and PR. You don't see regular people who give their own shirt off their back given any credit.

  32. 132

    I respect what she does 110% but good God if she was black she would look just like those poor people.

  33. 133

    wow she looks like a skeleton

  34. 134

    Like any of these impoverished, starving refugees give a damn about who Angelina Jolie is. And wow, what are the chances of cameramen being on had to capture Angelina's "selflessness"? God forbid, it went unnoticed. How very altruistic.

  35. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Re: spenn2 – I don't think he condones anything she does anymore. Maybe she stopped eating because she's going through a rough time, since her and Brad are not really a couple anymore according to a lot of sources.

  36. 136

    Angie is making these ethiopians look fat. lol

  37. MP says – reply to this


    She looks like a heroin addict.

  38. 138

    The only under-weight, under-nourished person I see in this pic is HER!!
    Angie, quick! Find one of those care packages. Open it, chew, and swallow.

  39. linm says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me? This woman has issues. Her collarbone is sticking out like a concentration camp survivor. Her face is obviously totally lacking in facial fat. She might want to consider getting herself some help before she continues her quest to save the rest of the world.

  40. linm says – reply to this


    Are you kidding me? This woman has issues. Her collarbone is sticking out like a concentration camp survivor. Her face is obviously totally lacking in facial fat. She might want to consider getting herself some help before she continues her quest to save the rest of the world.

  41. 141

    HERE WE GO AGAIN! DOING GOOD DEEDS JUST TO GET PRESS!!!! The bible says to do good deeds in secret and your reward will be in heaven.
    And she needs to gain 5 lbs ;) -

  42. 142

    To #5. She finds the time to help because she's an absentee mother who hires nannies to take care of her 6 children. How amazing!

  43. 143


  44. 144

    i love the fact that shes trying to help, but get some food in you girl,, shes way to skinny!

  45. 145


  46. 146

    since when was she soo skinny ?!

  47. 147

    I know this is a horrible thing to say…but I really hope good comes out of all her work bc for the most part it all seems so self-promoting. The situation in Kenya is horrible, and I really don't understand how these photo-ops help anything. I'm sure she has good intentions, but she is also superbly calculating. She exudes this whole, I am doing such important work, therefore I am too busy to eat. Is that a healthy image for girls, women, etc? I totally commend good work, but when Bob Geldof wanted to feed Africa, he actually organized something to raise more awareness and money. I get Angelina is a UN Ambassador, but what is she doing to get any of these problems solved except providing PR for the UN and for herself?

  48. 148

    There should really be a commercial advertising the Feed Angelina Fund. Honestly, she looks like she needs to live in a third world country. She looks way worse than the children who need help. Someone please throw this woman a cheeseburger.

    Oh and have a heart and help these kids. :)

  49. Ava J says – reply to this


    Great cause…BUT, she needs to eat too. Just sayin.

  50. 150

    Simple solution. Cut down all the useless forests and build cell phone factories.

  51. 151

    Like so many other deluded celebs (cough-cough MF) Angelina realizes what is truly important and grounding in life. Fame is fleeting but in her own words: “Life is for the living. Live large. Live strong. And most of all, live kindly.”

  52. 152

    People - she's built like her mother who was extremely thin. Think Audrey Hepburn.

  53. 153

    OMG - Look at the baby's arm!!! It is twice the size of Angie's!!! What the fuck! Her neck and collerbone is sticking out! Gross - my god - Eat a Big Mac Bitch!

  54. 154

    Ah, shut the hell up about her weight

  55. 155

    I adore her. She has done so much more in somewhat young time here on earth than many others have in their whole lifetime. Angie is the besssssssssssssssst!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 156

    And people, really, really, must you make all these negative comments about someones weight after all she has done. Some people really don't watch the negative use of words when speaking. If you are going to make a comment about someones weight or someones health, think about how you say it. What would you say if someone called you a meatball on two toothpicks, what the hell people, dont you get it.

  57. 157

    Please, she wore this shirt for the simple fact it makes her look overly thin (which she is) Jen got really thin when Brad left her too. Guess Angie is upset over the breakup with Brad.

  58. 158

    She should just take a couple hundred home with her. She's got plenty of room in that French Castle…

  59. 159

    Wow….she could have at least covered her collarbone area to show respect for their culture. What a whore.

  60. 160

    She is never going to land the role of Barbarella looking like that! Drew Barrymore is better suited for that role anyway.

  61. 161

    good god she needs to eat some food

  62. 162

    Is she BECOMING one of the people she's trying to help? Somebody throw that chick a sandwich—-QUICKLY!

  63. 163

    good job!!! awsome!!!! i love u!!!

  64. 164

    She is DISCUSTINGLY THIN, but it is gr8 what she does as a UN goodwill ambassador!!

  65. 165

    uhh… she looks worse than the malnourished kenyans behind her.

  66. 166

    With so much bad interviews and being slapped by the media, the biggest forehead on town had to do some good, to help herself! SATAN-gelina-serial-home-wrecker moved her black bag of bones to see the refugees.

  67. 167

    twight is best movie ever

  68. 168

    I think it's great that Angelina travels the world over and helps those who are less fortunate but she's looking quite frail and emaciated herself in these pictures. I think she needs to focus on her health and her family.

  69. 169

    i hate her.

  70. fUkRD says – reply to this


    she should stop trying to help the whole fucking world and start with where her help and attention is needed the most,..at home, with her family and with herself,..her mariage is on the rocks, those kids aint geting enough quality time with their mom and she OBVIOUSLY has a fucking eating disorder!!!

  71. 171


  72. 172

    Both think their shit doesn'T stink
    They are such fake losers

  73. 173

    ang makes them look like fatties haha

  74. 174

    these people look healthier than her!!! quit feeling sorry for these people and send them some damn birth control!!!! why don't we ever see her helping people in the USA??? maybe its because everyone here knows shes a homewrecking skank???

  75. 175

    All of the work she does for others is so amazing, but I am genuinely concerned about how gaunt she appears. Its sad when your looks overshadow all the good you have done. She was so beautiful when she was pregnant and healthy…

  76. 176

    It's great to want to heal the world and all but she needs to take care of herself. She's way too skinny.

  77. 177

    I love that she is dedicated still hate that she is a homewrecker though, She needs to eat she is entirely to skinny! Brad has become very thin himself.

  78. 178

    It's very noble and selfless of her to do this … but she looks more malnourished than the impoverished Africans she is trying to help …

  79. 179

    For the love of god.. look at how thin she is! EAT

  80. 180

    Oh no! She looks so skinny!

  81. 181

    you got to eat girl

  82. 182

    LOOOOOL LaMisma: BIG MAC!! xD I almost die laughing in the floor =P
    omg at least she can do something good =S

  83. 183

    Don't call Angie a bitch! Yes, she needs to put on some healthy weight. She's working hard as usual. When's the next baby coming!!??

  84. 184

    She is so thin ! yyyyark… ahah she is NOT ok !

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