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Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged

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As we mentioned earlier, Kanye West took the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech tonight at the 2009 MTV VMAs to praise Beyonce's video instead.

Check out the clip above.


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1617 comments to “Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged”

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  1. 901

    He is such a loser!

  2. 902

    Kanye West does not care about white people

  3. 903

    OMG. I will never buy Kanye's music again. Beyonce I am so dissapointed in u. How could u let him do that. It was so wrong. Taylor u rock. Kanye and Beyonce disgust me.

  4. 904

    oh fuck kanye west.
    he's got some good beats but some bad manners.

  5. 905

    Kanye is such a fucking douch. He needs to say he's fucking sorry, what a complete ass.

  6. 906


  7. 907

    Kanye is tacky, and his behavior is pathetic. "Real" artists don't need to desperately shout for attention like Kanye does. And what he did to Taylor was just disrespectful and says a lot about the selfish kind of person he is. He needs to shut the fuck up and die- maybe if he died people would start giving a shit about him again.

  8. 908

    Thoughts? My thoughts are that Kanye always has been and always will be an f'ing a-hole!

  9. 909

    if MTV pulled this stunt they should be really ashamed, so uncalled for and disrespectful. i just watched the video that won and its actually really sweet defs deserved the award. this time kanye has gone too far!!!!

  10. 910

    fuck u kanye poor girl she was so sad

  11. 911

    he is an idiot who needs to stop being invited to live events. haha homeboy seriously thinks hes gods gift to music? haha kayne aint shit. he deff just ruined his already going down the drain career. hes a LOW CLASS attention seeking asshole.

    im officially anti-kayne.

  12. 912

    wow, its really unfortunate when a grown man picks on a 19 year old girl. i love taylor swift, and watching this moment at the VMAs actually made me cry. it ruined my night. the look on her face literally broke my heart. kanye is a pathetic excuse for a man. no talent, no class. grow up man. for real.

  13. 913

    Ugh. I sincerely wish Kanye West would just fall into an AIDS puddle already. Poor girl, she looks so embarassed:(

  14. 914


  15. 915

    i'm not the biggest taylor fan. but i FUCKING hate kanye. he's a racist bastard. always has been. always will be. i hate him. BUT GO BEYONCE!! for letting taylor come back and make a proper thank you speech! =]

  16. 916

    O.K. first of all Kan-Joke West is an IDIOT!!!!!
    Come on we all know it the guy sucks! and where was security???? someone should have given that mic back to taylor she rocks!!!!
    and Beyonce should have been booing him off the stage flattery or no I will never buy another beyonce album!!!!!!
    You go Taylor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As for Kanye you are a MORON DUDE!!! good luck with your 15 mins buddy there almost up!!!!!!!

  17. 917

    he sucks, beyonce did the right thing, super sweet! xo

  18. 918

    This is just plain stupid. Kanye West is so overrated. I've thought so ever since he started acting like he was Jesus or whatever after his car wreck. Taylor Swift deserved that award just as much as Beyonce did. They are both extremely talented and seem like very sweet women. He was out of line and acted like a teenage girl who just got beat out for homecoming queen. I can't believe they let him get away with that. I'm so glad everyone boos when his name is mentioned. Russell Brand should have burned him right back. Kanye West, you are the lowest, most disgusting piece of trash to have ever walked this planet other than Hitler and George W. Bush (that's quiet a lot of hate coming from a Texan). Thank you and go to hell. Good evening.

  19. 919

    i feel so bad for taylor! she was so happy then that douchebag kanye west just stole her moment! what a loser!!! …but i have to admit, beyonce's single ladies video is waaaaaaay better than that of taylor's you belong with me.

  20. 920

    OMG beyonce just won and invited Taylor up for her reward HOW SWEET

  21. 921


  22. 922

    what an ass hole! he just lost so much respect from me. BLACK TRASH.

  23. 923

    What Beyonce just did..whats classy. And you know…Beyonce did the right thing. Best moment of the night.

  24. 924

    Kanye West is A GIGANTIC SMELLY ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good for Taylor for totally showing him up with her performance!

  25. 925

    Wow, this is like the most comments I've ever seen on something so fast…but ya, I agree Kanye's a douche. Taylors sucha sweet/classy acting girl…she didn't deserve that. He way ruined her special moment.

  26. 926

    Kanye Your Worth Nothing! Taylor Swift, Just Goes To Show Who's Making More Money Then Kanye……. Now Lets See Who's Songs Drop On the Charts. You Fashion Icon WANNABE. (ugh he makes me sick.)

    Happy for you Taylor… :D

  27. 927

    That was extremely rude and unforgiveable. It made me sick to watch. I love Taylor, she's so sweet and talented! She definitely deserved that more than anyone else. She has done so well this year! The poor girl is 19 years old, and for Kanye to completely disrespect her like that was insane.


  28. 928

    He is RUDE. MTV needs to ban him from playing his music and inviting him to every event. I hope no one buys his music. I hate him and his sunglasses and his gf.

  29. 929

    if kanye died right now, at this very moment.. i would give a fuck. team taylor.

  30. 930

    aww, beyonce that was so sweet. un happy talor got to finish

  31. Laury says – reply to this


    When they introduced the nominees for Best Video, they booed Kanye West when his video was mentioned!! Beyoncé won but she asked Taylor to come on stage so she could have her moment!! Love Beyoncé, such a class act!! Kanye made a fool of himself tonight, he will deeply regret being so arrogant.

  32. 932

    it's nice that beyonce has some class and let taylor finish

  33. 933

    Kanye just ended his career.
    What. an. idiot.

  34. 934

    kanye said what all of america was thinking.
    yes he took taylors shine, but beyonce was sweet enough to give taylor another chance.
    So beyonce wins either way.
    i don't care for taylors music.
    or her high school musical:prom episode performance.

  35. 935

    I loved when Beyonce let Taylor make her speech! Two thumbs up to Beyonce! :) Great job Taylor.
    Kanye is a low class loser.

  36. 936

    Beyonce is a CLASS act! Kanye is a DOUCHE!!

  37. 937


  38. 938


  39. 939

    He is a fucking douche bag. I hope that he gets his fucking head bashed in. Im sure his mother would be so proud. NOT!!!

    Beyonce did the respectful thing.. Learn from her dbag…

  40. 940

    kanye has some catchy beats but he thinks hes much more then he actually is. just because youre a successful artist doesnt mean u have douchebag rights.. you can have success and be normal. you dont see akon or julia roberts interruping someones acceptance for an award. what a gooff.

  41. 941

    poor girl, wow he really just took the piss out of her. i love how Beyonce was like "oh thank you." whata biotch

  42. klv92 says – reply to this


    what an asshole.

  43. 943

    Kanye sucks!! He is a no-talent, auto-tuned fuckhead and should never be allowed on any awards show again…Beyonce showed class in the end by sharing her moment with Taylor..too bad Kanye doesn't have the same class…I hope nobody ever plays his music again!!!

  44. 944

    I have to say way to go Beyonce She totally just made Kanye look like an idiot! not only did she beat him out for best video but she gave the stage to Taylor! Go Beyonce!

  45. 945


    No one has a right to do anything so unprofessional and just plain RUDE. She looks mortified, poor girl

  46. 946

    Kanye is a Son of a Bitch!

  47. 947

    That was so wrong.
    What a fucking douche bag.
    When everyone booed his name, that was just awesome.

  48. 948

    Kanye is on DRUGS! I guess his mama's death didn't humble him in the least. What a fucking asshole!

  49. 949

    we all need to stop buying this fucken chipmuncks music… i don't know who taylor is… but that was a dickhead move!

  50. 950

    kanye is sucha dick

  51. 951

    Kanye West…. what a disgusting human being. I will never, ever listen to another thing he produces or has anything to do with. What a loser. I cannot even stress that enough. Loser. What he did was so disgustingly rude, arrogant and self centered. I am actually more enraged that such a juvenile individual had any status whatsoever. I sincerely hope that Kanye gets what's coming to him…. which is a life of obscurity…. like "Remember that compelety self centered, uncaring, selfish douche bag who was famous for 15 minutes…. wonder what he's doing now?"

  52. 952

    douchebag. come on dude, you are the best right now, everyone knows who you are, everyone knows your 'controversial' and gotta say your piece…but let the girl enjoy the moment. you might not agree, but fuck you - its not your decision anyway.

  53. 953

    What a rude fucking ni**er!

  54. 954

    He's an arse! But Beyonce made it right at the end when she received one. It was very classy and Taylor had her moment!!! Which I thank god for and B to for being kind enough to do it. As for Kanye later hater!!! Not cool. Pink was the bomb!

  55. 955

    unlike taylor, Kanye has to be a dick to get attention. You see, he lacks talent so has to act like an ass to get any recognition. Pathetic…picking on a teenage girl like that. You didn't see him do anything that ballsy to another rapper. Because he is a little bitch who is too scared to pick on someone his own size. Piece of shit.

  56. 956

    kanye west is honestly the biggest fucking douche on the planet
    he deserves to die

  57. 957

    maybe if he comes out of the closet all this misdirected anger would dissolve.

  58. 958

    Kanye that was so out of line!!!

  59. 959

    Kanye just took douchebaggery to a new low, what a fuckin jerk.
    What did TS ever do to him, that was her moment and he fucked it up.

  60. 960

    Kanye=complete douche bag, loser asshole. Keep your opinions to yourself and stop being a hater. I'm pretty sure the reason beyonce didn't fucking win best female video was because she took home video of the year. Seriously, I would have liked to see him do that to somebody who could kick his ass!! Oh wait, he wouldn't have. Keep your thoughts to yourself dude. Nobody cares! Get a life and a new job. Because if you keep this up your ass is gonna end up unemployed. On a different note, Beyonce is super classy :-) Love her and what she did. AMAZING! Great end to the night.

  61. 961

    kanye needs to leave this earth.

    he is so damn racist it's appalling.

    thank god for r&b singers with actual talent… ie: JAY Z

  62. 962

    Kanye, you are such a douche! Taylor is amazing!

  63. 963

    This isn't even funny of him. It's not up to HIM to decide who should have won. What a wonderful display of fuckheadery. I feel so bad for her, she's too sweet to have deserved that. I wish he would fucking lose the bitch-tits and grow some fucking balls. fuuuck.

  64. 964

    Rude and classless. Love GaGa, can't see her if she's going to tour with him now.

  65. 965

    he can go to fucking hell. she deserved it more than anyone. im sorry………. how many awards did he win? go. to. hell.

  66. 966

    Kanye needs to realize that no one cares about his opinion! Beyonce ='s clasy lady!

  67. 967

    Colostomy bag kanye! Poor Taylor!

  68. 968

    Wow. What a jerk. Go Taylor! She deserved it.

  69. 969

    Major WTF moment.

  70. 970

    I hate, hate, hate Kanye West

  71. 971

    I have always dislike this guy, but i went form dislike to hate!, who the fuck he thinks he is? The poor Taylor didn't know what to say and almost cry.

    Beyonce was so nice to let her have her momment.

  72. 972


  73. 973

    .. does anyone have video of pink standing up to kanye west… apparently that happened…

  74. 974

    He is a piece of shit that cant even sing! Taylor can! She is so much better than those two pieces of shit!

  75. 975

    This is insane. I mean, it's shocking and disgusting, even for Kanye. Beyonce looks just as blown away as anyone else. I hope he doesn't get any media attention. We should just completely ignore him until he disappears.

    He's more of a racist than Bush now.

  76. 976

    Re: ianlandry – totally inappropriate. You just stoop to his level.

  77. 977

    he should have just kept his thought to himself instead of ruining her moment. what a f***ard.

  78. 978

    what a dick, i have always hated that racist fuck.

  79. 979

    this is one of many reasons why i don't like blacks.
    not surprising at all.

  80. 980

    I am so sick of Kanye!!!
    Does he not know how much of a idiot he sounds!?!?!

    TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!

  81. 981

    Re: Mo$
    What the hell? Jealous much? Taylor winning had nothing to do with her race or Obama getting elected president for that matter. Why does everyone feel the need to drop the Obama card in every conversation. I for one would have voted for Obama had I been old enough and an astounding percentage of votes for the man were WHITE voters. Stop throwing the race card if you don't know what you're talking about. Kanye acted like a child and he should be dismissed from every award show that he ever shows up to from this point on. He can get over himself because he is definitely not God's gift to music or anything else for that matter.

  82. 982

    Kanye sux… go Taylor!

  83. 983

    this is absolutely the most horrible thing i have ever seen done to such an innocent girl. kayne should go to hell for embarassing taylor in front of such a large audience. no matter how great beyonce's video was taylor deserved her award and her time in the spotlight and kayne stole that from her.
    way to go kayne. go fuck yourself.

  84. 984

    Re: Princess and a Pea – haha, I agree…but I really fucking doubt anyone would care, even after he died.

  85. 985

    That was disgusting what he did to her! Shame on him for taking that amazing moment away from her! She was so happy to be there! Glad Beyonce showed some class!

  86. 986

    his breath smells like fish sticks

  87. 987

    Assholic… as normally he is!!!

  88. 988

    Poor Taylor! Kanye is irrelevant and felt the need to make himself more relevant by being controversial. What a huge loser!!!

  89. 989

    i love what beyonce did she's so nice I HATE KANYE i agree with arsulli…i just deleted all my kanye songs….not that there were that many of them…he isn't that good

  90. 990

    it as really rude from him to do that. I like Beyonce , i havent heard much from Ms Swift but she's just a teenager how can he do that to her.. rudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 991

    What a NARCISSISTIC ASSHOLE!!! I HATE HIM!! Poor Taylor! This was a Big moment for her and now Every time she sees that award she'll be reminded of this incident! At least there are a TON of people rallying behind her! I HATE KANYE WEST! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONG OF HIS AGAIN!

  92. 992

    I have lost all respect for Kanye West.
    Congrats Kayne, your the biggest douche ever.
    Team Taylor!

  93. 993

    I have always been a huge Kanye fan…and i just lost all respect for him. Huge dick move…and pointless. BOOO KANYEEE.

  94. 994

    kanye thinkin its all about him is a surprise ? ? NOT !

    the guy is a schmuck - no class no taste

  95. 995

    What a fuckin asshole, but beyonce did the right thing, she gave up her spotlight, to let Taylor shine! Beyonce and Taylor are true stars and Kane west is a ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 996

    This video just makes me sad to even watch! He couldn't have picked a sweeter girl to hate on either! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! I hope this Seriously hurts his career now!

  97. 997

    Taylor Swift was an alabaster Bambi in the path or that ugly wolf Kanye.
    To hell with him, time's up asshole.

  98. 998

    Kanye West - you are the Jackass of the Week!!

    check out www.firstpitchreporters.webs.com for the full article!!

  99. 999

    He is consistently showing himself to be a poor sport.

  100. 1000

    okay what he did was really messed up. thats why everyone said boo and he didnt win nothing!

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