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Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged

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As we mentioned earlier, Kanye West took the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech tonight at the 2009 MTV VMAs to praise Beyonce's video instead.

Check out the clip above.


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1617 comments to “Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged”

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  1. 1001

    I laughed SO HARD.
    Poor Taylor, but Beyonce was better.

  2. 1002

    all that wasnt even needed..he took it a little too far.What was he thinking??…he's always been outspoken..but this one will cost him..

  3. 1003

    Just proves what I have thought about Kanye West. He's full of hot air. To say that kinda of stuff to someone that JUST won THEIR first VMA, especially to Taylor Swift. She's the sweetest, nicest, most real people out there, and to do that to her….. Beyonce just got so much more of my respect. She is a true lady!

  4. 1004

    That was mean but…


  5. 1005

    Like I said on the first post about this, Kanye is an arrogant asshole. Also, his head looks like a fucking maze. What do you call that hairstyle, retard looses control of razor? Haha.

  6. 1006

    As much as I am disgusted by Kanye's comment and behavior, I am equally disgusted with Beyonce's reaction to the comment. She 1) shouldn't have looked happy with what he was saying; and 2) walked her butt up that stage and apologized to Taylor and the rest of America. America voted - Taylor won - you can't beat that. Poor, poor Taylor.

  7. 1007

    kanye is a gay fish!!! team taylor!

  8. 1008

    Re: arsulli – like i say taylorswift alldayy everyy dayy(:♥

  9. 1009

    Completely distasteful and classless. I really don't care for Taylor Swift, but she or any other person/artist did NOT deserve what happened at the VMA's.

    Kanye is such a CLASS A DOUCHE BAG through and through. He needs meds to calm his shit down.

  10. 1010

    Beyonce redeemed herself. Good girl.

  11. 1011

    That is absolutely disgusting. He just completely ruined Taylors moment in the spotlight, what an inconsiderate jerk.

  12. 1012

    I am not a huge Taylor fan and she would not have been my choice to win the award, but what Kanye did was uncalled for. It was her moment, and he demonstrated a total lack of class! Pure douche!

  13. 1013


  14. 1014

    he sucks. I have a HUGE amount of respect for Beyonce now. What she did was truly classy!

  15. 1015

    Beyonce = Classy
    Taylor = Talented
    Kanye = Fuckhead

  16. Eula says – reply to this


    Hay Perez tell your boy this was the VMA"s not the BET awared show Believe me Boyance is good and she know it, to bad that Kanya don't have his mom around any more to tell him right from wrong…

  17. 1017

    i think kanye completely did not comprehend how that would affect taylor and did it for the soul purpose of paying a compliment to beyonce. he didn't mean harm, but he obviously was stupid for doing that. i expect an apology from him soon. i'm sure beyonce didn't appreciate the attention since it was at taylor's expense.
    fucking ridiculous how he popped up on stage out of nowhere, btw he's shorter than taylor swift, teehee

  18. 1018

    Re: ashaaley – beyonce let her speak taylorswift is myy girl and beyonce i love herr♥(:

  19. 1019

    Beyonce is a true Lady. Kayne should be wiped off the planet.

  20. 1020

    You know, when Will.I.Am came after Perez last June, he was asking "Why don't you respect ME!" (insists on the ME). What Kanye did is the highest form of disrespect I have ever witnessed. Beyonce one of the best video of all time? What do you know, no-culture kiddo? He killed his career right there. Thugism has reached a limit in popular art and that was the last nail of it. MTV should have lend extra time to Taylor, whom I don't like as an art but was being earnest and started a very sensible sppech. Thanks Perez for covering while watching.

  21. 1021


  22. Ricki says – reply to this


    Re: The_Greatest_President – kanye is a douche but calling him an "N" grow the fuck up! maybe your mother should die asshole!

  23. 1023

    what a disrespectful assfuck. he needs to wake up and realize you can't do shit like this…. who the hell does that!?!!!?
    tay doesn't deserve that. nobody does.

  24. 1024

    Kanye has presented himself as an immature brat over the past years. Not only has he lost respect from many former fans, but he probably lost respect from many former friends and celebrities. His ego and inability to be humble shows that he is the exact thing that probably every musician or celebrity fears of becoming from fame. If MTV is smart, they wont invite Kanye anymore because he represents the worst in what music was suppose to represent.
    Hopefuly his significant other gives him five across the eyes back at home.
    Everyone knows that Beyonce is an amazing performer and Taylor probbaly wants to be at that same level as her one day.


  25. 1025


  26. 1026

    This is why I pirate certain music, his included. I don't support bloated shitbags. If they want to entertain me, I'll let them. Bit I'll be damned if I'll pay them for it.
    This dude is a big time skeevy creep. I see sex scandal next…

  27. 1027

    BEYONCÉ, YOU ARE AMAZING! You showed such class stepping aside and giving taylor swift a chance to speak! BRAVO

    As for you kayne west, you have reached an all time low!

  28. 1028

    I am not a fan of either but Taylor seems to have it together and although I was feeling bad about Kanye's mom and his griefving process, decent comeback - I am appalled by this rudeness! She won fair and square as according to VMA code and he should be ashamed of himself. Beyonce should be embarassed to know him! Can we say GOODBYE CAREER FOR KANYE! Fucktard.

  29. 1029

    i don't care who he is, he had no right to ruin her moment. shame on him! what an arrogant prick!

  30. 1030


  31. 1031

    i think he just beat spencer pratt on the douche scale with an 11.

  32. khdm says – reply to this


    wow, that left ME speechless too.. i would've considered myself a fan of him AND taylor but that was so disrespectful and uncalled for on his part and actually just made me lose respect for him as an artist and as a person.. i don't even want to listen to his music anymore after that! what a fucking douche! TEAM TAYLOR!

  33. 1033

    HES SUCH A DICK she looked like she was gonna cry

  34. 1034

    Re: ki$$my@$$ – ' Kanye West does not care about white people ' hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  35. 1035

    It doesn't matter who won, you should NEVER do that in the first place. It is their time to shine.

    Hope you enjoyed your career, Kanye, its over now.

  36. 1036

    what a dickhead.

    that was what she was waiting for and he ruined it. go away kanye

  37. 1037

    i applaud kanye, he is my hero! TEAM KANYE!

  38. 1038

    I am so mad. Taylor you have so much more class than that fool.

  39. 1039

    kudos to beyonce for giving up her moment @ the end so Taylor could give a second speech. Love her! Hate Kanye, still though.

  40. 1040

    Just because you are black means that you are exempt from having manners? he is so angry - and i am disappointed in beyonce as well.

  41. 1041

    it is absolutely appalling that a man of his age would disrespect someone so talented and hardworking as taylor! the girl is only 19 and she is probably a better and more respectful person han kanye will ever be.

  42. 1042

    Kanye, you N I G G E R, don't forget to OD on some drugs tonight. We don't need you.

  43. skid says – reply to this


    how fucking disrespectful. poor taylor.

  44. 1044

    what a fucking cocksucker!!
    taylor is awesome!

  45. 1045

    And I cannot believe Beyonce was grinning as he said that. Actually I can. Both are as stupid as each other. Poor Taylor! Love that girl!

  46. 1046

    I have never bought a Taylor Swift album before but because you are such a douche bag i have offically joined team Taylor!!

  47. 1047

    Kanye has no MANNERS! No canadian would be THAT rude!. beyonce should make it right to show some class. Taylor is a doll and didnt deserve mister big head.

  48. 1048

    Kanye Is like a Cancer to the World. No one Wants Him.

  49. 1049

    Fuck Kanye! Taylor seems like a sweetie and she deserved that Moon Man. I think Beyonce is also very nice for allowing Taylor to finish and have her time to shine.

  50. 1050

    everyone repeat after me: FUCK KANYE!!!!! biggest asshole of all time

  51. 1051

    What a tard, geez.

  52. 1052

    seriously making an 18 year old cry after winning her first ever vma?! welcome to rock bottem asshole.

  53. 1053


  54. 1054

    that's why his mother died….karma is a bitch.
    am glad taylor won. i love that song and video. she is a real sweet girl with talent. who writes that many hits by that age? you can sell records without dancing like a slut and dressing like a whore. beyonce take note.
    they should have given the video of the year award to either taylor or gaga, who both sold way way more than beyonce. that song is very annoying. i've never listened to the whole song, but i dont listen to anything beyonce. she cant sing, cant write, cant dance and certainly cant act. beyonce is just the hype…kinda like jlo —they do everything but cant do anything well at all, besides didnt the white people take all the awards this years? so gotta give one to beyonce right?

  55. 1055

    He is suck a jerk. And Beyonce had such class to clear things up like that at the end.

  56. 1056


  57. 1057

    i am sorry that kanye hates the fact that he is black. However, insulting white people will never change the color of his skin - so, he will die an angry bitter black man who hates white people so much that it will probably put him in his grave. he should go back to africa - maybe then he has a chance for happiness - he does not have to look at white america anymore

  58. 1058

    get the fuck over it it was hilarious!!

  59. 1059

    what an asshole..

    i really want to punch him in the face!!!

  60. 1060

    I hate Beyonce but I'm so happy she gave Taylor her moment, cause what Kayne West did was so horrible. I was watching with my friend and she hates Taylor Swift and she was completely appauled by what happened. How do you do that to another human being, just because she's better then you doesn't mean you got to ruin what was suppose to be a happy moment. Thank you MTV for kicking him out!

  61. 1061

    In all honesty, I think Beyonce's video WAS better. I still love Taylor.
    But he's seriously just an hating asshole. He deserved to get booed all night, and i wonder if the rumors are true that he was escorted outta the building..?

  62. 1062

    Fuck KAYNE! He is already a known dumbass! And then 2 do that 2 poor Taylor! Taylor we LOVE YOU! Rise over and beyond his unknown ass! TEAM TAYLOR!

  63. 1063

    Kanye west is fucking garbage,
    how anyone could do that to someone is uncalled for.

    his ass didnt win shit.
    did he get kicked out cus you never saw him again?

  64. 1064

    wow Kanye. I think the Southpark episode sums it up…you really are a gayfish.

  65. 1065

    yeah Im sure his mother would be proud.

  66. 1066

    What a fucking douche nozzle!!

  67. 1067

    ugh…sorry-ass, no-talent jigaboo…always trying to stir up something to put his shitty name out there in the news. Who in the fuck cares about him anyway? Taylor, or any other artist, deserves better. Thank you Beyonce for showing that dumbass what class and professionalism is. And congrats to you on your award - you deserved that one, too B.

  68. 1068

    I bet if Lady Gaga or Pink won, Kanye wouldn't have done that. Taking advantage of TSwift's inexperience….

  69. 1069

    it's a damn shame when Taylor could not get her precious moments in the spotlight for a deserving award because Kanye's ego got in the way. What an asshole……………

  70. 1070

    Oh and also, i LOVE Beyonce for what she did at the end. The girl's got class.

  71. yuri says – reply to this


    i liked kanye west w/ all his drama & bullshit…but this draws the line…i'll never buy another kanye album again…..he's pathic

  72. j0j0 says – reply to this


    that was soooo rude!!!

  73. 1073


  74. 1074

    Oh my god my heart just totally broke for Taylor…..Fuck Kanye!!!!!

  75. 1075

    kanye west comment was racist and uncalled for. Taylor look like she was going to cry. Beyonce was respectful enough to give taylor the spotlight for her award.

  76. 1076

    I think he must have some sort of complex. Seriously, send him to a shrink.
    But of course, he's getting exactly what he wants, people talking about him. Still like his music, but honestly Kanye? Grow up.

  77. 1077

    Thank god for two classy ladies. Well girls. Kanye you've lost a fan. Fuck you!

  78. 1078

    Anyone who thinks what Kayne did to TS was OK is as sad as Kayne is. His behavior was uncalled for. Even if it had been Kanye getting an award (which will probably never happen again, thanks to his behavior) I would have thought that it was rude. But now I hope to god that if this stupid, small man ever wins an award that someone gets up there and tells him that he shouldn't have won anything!!! He is a fading star and his career is going downhill… and after this I can guarantee you it will tank. Nothing he can do will change the way people think of him. He will only be remembered as "that guy who made Taylor Swift cry at the 2009 VMA's". He is a complete waste of air space…and a fucking asshole.

  79. 1079

    that was so rude & uncalled for.. it's always about his ass! beyonce really is a true woman.. gave taylor the spotlight. team taylor + beyonce 4 life. screw kanye for the one!! glad he didn't win any awards tonight..asshole

  80. 1080

    I'm so mad I can't even write. Thank god for these two classy ladies! Well done girls. Oh, Kanye fuck you!

  81. 1081


  82. 1082

    OMFG!!!!!! Kanye ur such a ASSHOLE!!!! wat u did to Taylor was wrong….see if u won an award like that….she wouldnt go up nd do that to u….thats just wrong of wat u did to her….KANYE GO TO HELL!!!!!! GO TO HELL nd fucking die nd rot there!!!!!

  83. 1083

    Re: gingifer – #1057 Agreed. If that's the kind of crap his mother taught him, no wonder she'd dead.

  84. 1084

    I've never liked Kanye and always thought ALL his songs SO sucked…and he just reminded me why with this move. What a MAJOR TOOL! He is ALWAYS so desperate for the spotlight and he probably did this just to keep his name in everyones mouth. He didn't make Taylor look stupid he made himself look stupid. Thumbs up to Beyonce on letting her Taylor have her moment.

  85. 1085

    What a f*ing douchy asshole!!!

    Taylor Rocks!! You deserved that award girl!! Team Taylor!!

  86. 1086

    Kanye is a fucking douche nozzle, not surprised he acted like that. Never liked him, never will.

  87. 1087

    Re: shellbell10

    Your parents did a FINE job with you.

  88. 1088

    Kanye West is a fuking douche bag and needs his god damn brains blown out. You don't DO things like that to other people!! Plus in front of tens of MILLIONS of people!!! FUCK KANYE!!! Team Taylor!

  89. 1089

    Kanye will never get a penny from me. Beyonce is amazing, and so is Taylor!!

  90. 1090

    Wow Kanye, didn't your mom ever tell you "if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all?" Way to ruin your career in a single night. I will never support you again and clearly by all of the booing neither will a lot of people. Taylor Swift your incredible talent overshadows his clear stupidity anyday!

  91. 1091

    Taylor looked miserable when she was singing
    kayne, you used to be one of my favorites….you are officially dead to me

  92. 1092

    I think Chris Brown should punch Kanyes girlfriend

  93. 1093

    What was the reason for that? So unessesary n stupid! Fuck you Kanye

  94. 1094

    what a fucking piece of shit!!! fuck kanye!

  95. lm_x says – reply to this


    I can't believe he did that to her!!
    He completely ruined her moment.
    She looked so upset.
    He's nothing but an arragant, big headed idiot who thinks he rules the world so he can do as he pleases!! Well come back down to earth Kanye you aint even that good. Your songs wont stick around until the end of time you will be forgotten and fast if you carry on like this!!
    Taylor more than desereved that award she is very talented and a beautiful role model. Chin up Taylor we all love you!!! xxxxxxx

  96. 1096

    also, I lol'ed at taylor lautners reation. watch his face.

  97. 1097

    Kayne is so tasteless and such a pompous douche bag, what he did was uncalled for. Even though I am not a big fan of Taylor Swift, I believe she deserved to bask in the glory of her win, not have some racist dick head ruin her moment. Even after Kayne left the stage, Taylor showed she that has class and that she is the bigger person by not reacting at all. As the audience was boo-ing, I was as well. Get your head out of your ass, Kayne.

  98. 1098

    Big A HOLE!!!!!!

  99. elii says – reply to this


    and this is why he getts mad wen pp tlk bout hym
    n his move was a reaaalyy dip shyt act
    that niqqa gatta go down fast can yooh say next chris brown

  100. 1100

    No doubt Kanye was wayyyyyy out of line. He was rude,disrespectful, and immature but all of the racial slurs make you just as big of an asshole as he was….i.e.rbarcena1

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