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Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged

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As we mentioned earlier, Kanye West took the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech tonight at the 2009 MTV VMAs to praise Beyonce's video instead.

Check out the clip above.


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1617 comments to “Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged”

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  1. 101

    What a fucking Douche Bag!

  2. 102

    i feel so bad for her i really do. no one should have to go through that..and at 16. whats sadder…is its not even his first time doing that. i kinda hope beyonce says somethin to her later..like just reassures her that B had nothin to do with it.
    but in all honesty…the award should have gone to beyonce..i mean i hate B..and lord knows i hate the video…but i cant admit..out of all those girls..B should have got it.

  3. 103

    OMG! that was just WRONG! I mean I do not hate Kanye but that was just stupid! and Beyonce's like: "WTF are you doing??"
    He's a Douche!

  4. 104

    God bless her heart!

  5. 105

    i like how he comes up to her shoulder

  6. 106

    ew ew ew

  7. 107

    Classless. Tasteless. Obnoxious.

  8. 108

    that shit was realllll fucked up .

  9. 109

    I'm sorry, since when did Kanye West become the judge for the VMAs? What a dick. He has a right to express an opinion… but how about at an appropriate time? I hope, if he wins an award again, someone interrupts his speech. douchebag.

  10. 110

    poor taylor. she totally deserved it.

  11. poop says – reply to this


    What a fucking asshole.

  12. 112

    Kanye is MEAN & RUDE

  13. 113

    I can't believe this happened! It's her first VMA and Kayne had to upstage her like that! This is unbelievable he needs to apologize to her. But he just ruined his own image, ass hole!

  14. 114

    What a desperate way to get attention he is an asshole and i hope he gets a backlash.

  15. 115

    OMG Kanye West is such a LOSER. He should be banned from ALL awards presentations.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    What an idiot.

  18. Jezz says – reply to this


    People like him should not be allowed out in public! what the heck is his problem? Is this his "thing" act like a classless moron during MTV award ceremonies?

  19. 119

    zero class kanye.

  20. 120

    Saw it again… makes me more pissed off. If you can read Pink's lips she says, "she is so cute" everyone looks so happy and here comes Tornado Kanye to ruin a moment.

  21. 121

    Kayne is a huge douche

  22. 122

    Jerk! Reminds me of Congressman Wilson - inappropriate, disrespectful show of lack of self-control. She's so nice too.

  23. 123

    They should make him leave! He's barged on stage before!!! WHAT an ASS HOLE!!!

  24. vl10 says – reply to this


    Thoughts? I can hardly put them into words. Whether or not you like Taylor Swift or thought she was/wasn't deserving of the award, what Kanye did goes beyond what I ever thought he'd be capable of. This is a new low even for an asshole like him. His attitude completely undermines his artistry. Sad.

  25. 125

    That was completely inappropriate. Taylor and Beyonce are class acts. Kanye, clearly, is not. I saw him perform at my college's Last Day of Classes and he was terrible–completely tone deaf. Kanye, maybe you should take some voice lessons and otherwise keep your mouth shut.

  26. 126

    just trying to get press for his new album that blows… he should be banned from the VMA's for that

  27. 127

    as much as kanye was right in saying that beyonce's video was better, he's still the worlds biggest douchebag for pulling this shit.

  28. 128

    Fuq Kanye!

  29. 129


  30. 130

    I am just so upset by this….i cant believe him >.

  31. 131

    wow i offically hate kanye. what an asshole i mean seriously you just dont do that

  32. 132


  33. 133

    Poor Taylor—she didn't even know what to do. She's cute and all, and totally didn't deserve that. Kayne coulda saved his opinions for the after party.

  34. 134

    kanye sux

  35. 135

    DOUCHE BAAG. he needs to get over himself that was so flippin' rude and even Beyonce like thinking wtf?
    i feel bad.

  36. 136

    wow that was ridiculous. taylor does not deserve that!!

  37. 137

    What an asshole, he's entitled to his opinion but you just don't do that. Poor taylor. Shes all class though

  38. 138

    I Loved It… I'm Sure It Was Stagged! However Kayne DId Make A Point. Single Ladies Started A World Wide CRAZE

  39. 139

    kanye is a jerk!!!!!!! i can't believe he did that. poor taylor man.

  40. 140

    Rude. She's only 19 too, that had to hurt.

  41. 141

    such a fucking douche

  42. 142

    Kanye is a fucking racist asshole. Let's face it Beyonce sucked. That video sucked. It was unimaginative and the only reason it got any response was because of people who would parody it. Heaven forbid that a young white girl beat Beyonce. A young girl who actually writes all of her own music. I think Kanye needs to be banned for life.

  43. 143

    what a dick a complete fuckin dick !!!

  44. 144

    Kanye West is a fucking douchebag. Poor Taylor–she is an amazing, talented young woman, and this asshole steals her shine to bitch? For shame Kanye…for shame.

  45. 145

    I think Kanye West is a waste of oxygen and food.

  46. 146

    kanye is a jerk!!!!

  47. 147

    money does not buy class…get some mental help for your ginormous ego Kanye!

  48. 148

    Dick move for sure!

  49. 149

    what a douchebag

  50. 150


  51. 151

    Thoughts… well… "grow the f*** up and act like a man" was the first thing that popped into my mind.

  52. 152

    He's such an asshole. She's more of an adult than he'll ever be.

  53. 153

    I feel bad for her. I'm not a fan of her music but that's so rude.

  54. 154


  55. 155

    what did she say after kanye said that???? they cut her off and i wanted to hear it!!!! anyone know??? all i know is that people started applauding her so she must have been classy like always.

  56. 156

    Honestly Kanye, you are not as cool as you think.

    You are just a rude wannabe. It wasn't your call to make and I'm glad this inccident happened… I NEVER liked you.

  57. 157

    omg - wowwww.

  58. 158

    what an ass hole. im not a huge fan of hers but NO ONE DESERVES that he should have fuckin waited till he won an award or got on stage! ooo wait hes not nominated for anythign. fuckin ass

  59. 159

    get him the fuck out of there!!! String him up by his balls!!!….oh yeah he has none…BAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  60. 160

    she didn't select herself, and he ruined her moment plus embarassed Beyonce. It doesn't help that Taylor's essentially a kid, so he looked like a bully. He's not an asshole, he's the whole ass!

  61. 161


  62. 162

    Taylor Swift…. that poor little thing probably didn't know if they were booing her or that classless moron, Kanye West. Yes, Beyonce is great but SO IS TAYLOR SWIFT… AND SHE'S MORE THAN DESERVING OF THAT AWARD ASS WIPE!!!!!!

  63. 163

    Kanye West is a fucking moron. It was her first VMA and she deserved it, she beat beyonce and he had no right to do that.

  64. 164

    I think that not only did Kanye embarrass himself he also embarrassed Beyonce. If I were Beyonce I would be PISSED.

  65. 165

    Can't stand him, fucking go away! You fucking Kenye!

  66. 166

    what makes kanye think its okay to act that way? what a douche

    team taylor!

  67. 167

    He is rude and disgusting. I feel so bad for Taylor Swift right now. How dare he? He needs to seek some mental help, seriously. He is in the same emotional developmental stage as most toddlers and has serious egocentrism. He needs to grow up. The world does not agree with him. I will never listen to anything he ever makes again.

  68. 168

    Egocentric Fucktard. It's probably a set-up, like that guys ballsac in eminem's face.

  69. 169

    wow Kanye has no class

  70. 170

    What an Ass Hat! Poor Taylor looks so stunned just standing there not knowing what to do or say! Someone help her!

  71. 171

    What a f**king gay fish!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 172


  73. 173


  74. 174

    She looks so shocked and doesn't know what to do…my heart goes out to her.

  75. 175

    I don't like Kanya to begin with! But that make me hate him even more! He is an idiot! No respect for anyone!

  76. 176

    Kanye is a piece of sh$t! He has NO class and should have been kicked out of the venue.

  77. 177


  78. 178

    It was rude, but hes correct. EVERYONE knew about the Single Ladies video, it made a huge pop culture impact from the SNL skit to all the youtube videos on it.

    And as bad as I feel for Taylor losing her moment, it will make up for it in all the free publicity she will get.. you know every morning talk show will want to ask her about it.

    And hey, Kanye is growing a lil- he isnt spazzing out at award shows for himself, he is sticking up for his friends. lol

  79. 179

    Kayne had no right steal Taylor's moment. Why does he thing everyone on earth gives a shit about his opinion? He is such a disrespectful jerk - I am absolutely stunned that one artist would treat another artist that way. Taylor Swift is a child - she deserved her moment.

  80. 180

    what a douche!

  81. 181

    wow, that's really terrible. kanye is out of control.

  82. 182

    WHAT a fuckin dick wad he is…I'm surprised he didn't do it again and interupt britney's recorded video speech

  83. 183

    What a douche

  84. 184


  85. 185


  86. 186

    no class and unprofessional

  87. 187

    beyonce reaction was funny, it looked like she was saying "no i didn't" lol

  88. 188

    fuken douchbagg. i feel so badd for herr. fuck kanye i never liked that prick anyway!

  89. 189

    Seriously…Perez, you would do us all a favor by never posting anything on him and his douchy ways again.

  90. 190

    what are you kanye, a gay fish?

  91. 191

    Kanye doesn't like white people, lol. That just shows how big of a dick head he really is

  92. 192

    team taylor!! i love you taylor!! kanye's a douche, end of story.

  93. 193

    Kanye is a douche…

  94. 194

    You dirty scumbag how dare you no tact, no class just proves you can take the boy out of the ghetto but cant take the ghetto out of the boy. Use your money for some much needed etiquette classes. DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!

  95. 195

    pathetic and disgusting…

  96. 196

    Thats so horrible. She deserved the vma and she looked so hurt and shocked when he said that. He really ruined a HUGE moment in her life and for that, there is no excuse.

  97. 197

    KANYE WEST SUCKS………………………………..TEAM TAYLOR!!!!!!!

  98. 198

    she looks hurt! what a bully!! i would hope MTV never invites him to another event!! what a pig!

  99. 199

    Kanye is a total fucking cocksucking asshole.

  100. 200

    Poor Taylor - it was kinda funny in a shocking way tho- but still very rude. Beyonce is above that.

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