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Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged

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As we mentioned earlier, Kanye West took the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech tonight at the 2009 MTV VMAs to praise Beyonce's video instead.

Check out the clip above.


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1617 comments to “Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged”

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  1. 401


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  3. Mel! says – reply to this


    omg, i hope MTV doesnt let Kanye come to any of their awards anymore! >:o

  4. 404

    you just dont do that shit! fucking disrespectful. fine, beyonce did have a better video. so did gaga. but taylor won…let her have her moment. he completely stole that from her….she's still a child for fuck's sake. i have lost all respect for him. that's the definition of a hater. pissing all over someone else's good moment.

  5. 405

    PIECE OF SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should be banned!! Beyonce BETTER apologize when she is up there or she is just as bad as him in my eyes!!!

  6. Ne says – reply to this


    Knay biggest Douche of them all!!!!! Fuck him.

  7. 407

    that was hilarious… taylor was just left standing there like "WTF"

  8. 408

    Re: arsulli – i dont blame you. if i had any kanye songs id delete them to hes a peice of shit. fuck him.

  9. 409

    I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan but when I saw what the poor excuse for a human being and yes I'm about to use the word n***** did to her that was so fucked up.. I like Beyonce but if her video was SO AMAZING then she woulda fuckin won… he's a douche bag who likes to date stripper hoes… He needs a life… and a new fuckin hair cut… he should go fall of the face of the earth, cuz his music SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 410

    It doesn't matter if you like her or not,
    that was uncalled for,disrespectful , and RUDE.

  11. 411

    i have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stuck up for kanye since im from the chi, but GOD DAMMMNNN KANYE FUCKING SUCKS RIGHT NOW im so disapointed in him. taylor swift is very talented. THIS ISNT THE FUCKING BET AWARDS YOU RACIST ASSHOLE taylor is a young girl so excited for her first vma and he of course had to disrespect her. FUCK U KANYE FUCKING ASSHOLE WEST I WILL NEVER BUY A SONG/ CD/ SUPPORT YOU EVER THE FUCK AGAIN!

  12. 412

    That was beyonf f**ked up. I feel so bad for Taylor.

  13. 413

    wft am like so fuckin speechless FUCK U KANYE u just another IGORRNAT PERSON LOST ALL RESPECT 2 U BITCH

  14. 414

    all you can say is he's the biggest asshole in the world! But hey, it got his face on TV, didn't it! What a jerk!

  15. 415

    Re: kennykins
    They were chanting " Taylor, Taylor, Taylor"

  16. 416

    what an idiot

  17. 417

    Thank goodness his mother is dead…at least she call feel shame alone. I cannot believe such a human could be so classless. He is equal to Chris Brown to me. Beyonce should issue a statement soon!

  18. 418

    Kanye is dumbtarded. Boo MTV for not kicking him from the awards.

  19. 419

    Worst moment in VMA history! So sad and yet, not a surprise from Kanye. To the tune of "How to Save a Life" from Grey's Anatomy, let's all sing "Kayne, here's how you killed your brand!"

  20. 420

    I don't know another way to say this..but I wonder if this was a race thing. I, myself, am not by any means a ractist. But Kanye makes me wonder if he is one. Does anyone else feel the same way? Everything is about how he doesn't get respected because he's black…George W hates black people…and now Taylor wins over Beyonce and it's a race thing? I'm honestly sick of hearing this….

    Does anyone feel the same way? I'm SO OVER HIM and his RACIST comments and actions. Why is it if a white person did that to a black person that this wouldn't be ok?? THAT ISN'T RIGHT.

    …so over it.

  21. 421

    Poor thing

  22. 422

    Kanye is a douche with no manners or class. Poor Taylor she deserved that video and how dare he ruin her moment.

    Rude - all Kanye music banned from my house now.

  23. 423

    team taylor!!!! what a joke kanye west! ha ha…. he is should be a shamed!

  24. 424

    Kayne West is a DOUCHE BAG!!!!!

  25. 425


  26. mlala says – reply to this


    Wowww Kanya? You're a douche bag for real… Like I have no more respect for you. And your hair looks fucking bad dude. ….how could you be so heartless?

  27. 427

    What is he on?? Is he really THAT crazy to bully a teen?? Taylor is a sweetheart, too! He must be on something…. or off it.

  28. 428

    He is a disqusting human being!!! Taylor is such a sweet good spirited girl! he is just terrible never liked the guy what an ass!

  29. 429

    wow what an asshole

  30. 430

    i hope he gets hit by a bus.

  31. 431

    Total douchemaster.

  32. 432

    Kanye is such an idiot.. He thinks the world is out to get him bc hes black.. Thats not it Kanye.. You are just retarded and an asshole! You could be purple for all I care, always be a jackass.

  33. 433

    kanye's a douche. taylor deserved that award. what she didn't deserve was to be interrupted and dissed while she was accepting her well deserved award. the you belong with me video is the shit and kaye's a jackass.

  34. 434

    Kanye is the most ignorant racist bastard in the entertainment industry!

  35. 435

    love kanye.

  36. 436

    wow! thats so rude!
    beyonce looked pretty shocked too.
    poor taylor

  37. 437

    wow. kanye west needs to stick a dick in his mouth and shut up; f-ing douche. go taylor! you deserved that award and he's just mad he's getting old and his career is heading downhill because he's a talentless sellout. he just wanted attention

  38. 438

    Fuck Kanye West. He thinks he's so great… i hope when he performs tonite he falls off the stage

  39. 439

    Classless. If I were Beyonce though, I would've charge the stage and made it clear that I had NOTHING to do with that and did not approve of it, and apologized to Taylor. Beyonce is not at fault but it would've been a nice thing for her to do. She should've bitch-slapped Kanye into another fucking galaxy..

  40. 440

    Just when I thought Kanye West couldn't be any more of a dick than he already is, this moment happens.
    I guess since people were starting to forget about him, he had to go and make sure to make himself relevant again.
    Taylor's first VMA and he goes and fucks it up. Classy.

  41. 441

    Kanye proves yet again that has no respect for anyone and is a complete racist!

  42. 442

    how rude and stupid is this guy
    seriously hate him who those he thinks he is
    someone important or relevant?


  43. 443

    Team Taylor! He is just j because she has more talent in her little pinky than he does in his fat ass head.

  44. 444

    feel bad for taylor swift.but i love kanye too much.. wouldnt be kanye if he didnt do stuff like this

  45. 445

    that was awful! I just lost respect for kayne west for sure. and i feel bad for beyonce cause i'm sure she felt awful to!

  46. 446


  47. 447

    What an ass, poor Taylor she totally deserved the award. Can't wait to read his "It was all a joke" speech tomorrow…way to go MTV, way to protect the stage!!

  48. 448

    Another reason to hate kanye

  49. 449

    Kanye west is an asshole and its not the first time he`s made a ass out off him self !!!

  50. 450

    i officially will never watch MTV video music awards ever again. that was so uncalled for. I have deleted all kanye music as well and will never support him again. that was taylors moment and he took it from her. regardless of your thoughts about her music or her video she is a young beautiful girl and im sure she was frightened. shame on you kanye.

  51. 451

    What a classless ass. Way to ruin what should have been one of the greatest moments of her life.

  52. bash2 says – reply to this




  53. 453

    HE is the biggest self righteous shit for brains ever

  54. 454

    that was some flat out racist shit.. let's be honest

  55. 455

    He's an ass! I have always thought that and tonight he just proved it to the world… he needs to go crawl into a hole somewhere and disappear! I thought Taylor was YOUR friend, Perez…. what are YOUR thoughts?

  56. 456

    Hey Kanye! Do us all a favor and find the highest/tallest bridge and just JUMP! You're a god damn moron that has absolutely no talent. You are a disgrace.

  57. 457

    that shit was WACK !!!! KaYNE = DOUCHE-BAG !!!!

  58. 458

    What An ASSHOLE!
    I'm Deleting All His Songs From My Ipod…

  59. 459

    To be honest i thought it was kinda funny, im not a big taylor swift fan and i really think either lady gaga or katy perry deserved it. though it was disrespectful, i still laughed a little. im sure she'll make another cry baby song out of that.

  60. 460

    im sorry but when this happened i laughed. i hate taylor, she sucks. i do not think she deserved the award. or any she has ever gotten for that matter.

  61. 461

    wtf!!! are you fuckin crazy you dum ass !!!
    why would that ahole do something sooooo
    unprofessional and rude!!!! what a loser!!!!
    industry needs to blacklist his dum black ass!!!!

  62. 462


  63. 463

    I am in total shock!!! Fuck kanye west!!

  64. 464

    wow could he have any more rude. Kayne is the world's biggest asshole and needs an ego check. Poor Taylor Swift she is such a sweetheart

  65. 465

    Kanye, you witless fool. Any praises you've been given or any successes you've had are spoiled by your poor character.

  66. 466


    Oh, poor Taylor :( And then she just stands there while people cheer…

    That was a really big douche-like move, Kanye.

  67. 467

    That's beyond disrespectful! Team TAYLOR!

  68. 468

    Kanye West has no class. A complete jerk!

  69. 469

    Omg that was so rude! I think he is anti-white or something… couldn't let Taylor enjoy her moment? What would happen if some white guy said the same thing during an african americans winning, stopped and said "Oh yeah but this white girl had one of the best videos of all time? NOW THATS RACISM… hmmm.

  70. 470

    What an a-hole. Not even Beyonce was pleased to see him do that. I don't know what he was trying to prove but that was one of the lowest things he could do. I expect a CAPS LOCKED apology from his blog soon or a long explanation cuz people are pissed @ him. He is so uncool….

  71. 471

    ASSHOLE!! cant wait to read his BLOG crying about getting booed fucking nig

  72. 472

    Wow what an asshole. Serisouly thats was fucking rude. Taylor deserved it. She works hard.

  73. 473

    Just goes to show that you can have all the money in the world, yet you'll still be a douchbag! Kanye is so low class it's embarrassing!

  74. 474

    seriously they need to stop inviting him to the VMAs because it was okay when he was making an ass of himself, but now he is hurting other artists. that is so unprofessional. he is such a gay fish

  75. 475

    WHAT an ASS! I mean, I thought the same thing but DAMN let Swift have her moment!

  76. 476


  77. 477

    wow what a dick. I hate Taylors music, but the poor girl didnt deserve that. Id rather watch paint dry than beyonces stuck up ass in a shitty video. Beyonce needs to be embarassed as hell. he made a damn fool out of himself and her.

  78. 478


  79. 479

    Kanye is a fucking asshole ! I didn't like Beyonce's video. I thought it was vulgar and I didn't like her costume because she certainly didn't need to add any material on her hips. That being said, I don't listen to Taylor Swift because I don't like her kind of genre of music although I must admit, if she writes all of her songs she must be very talented. Either way Kanye needs a slap.

  80. 480

    What Kanye did was completely uncalled for, disrespectful and rude. Whether you like Taylor or not, you have to respect fellow human beings and treat everyone with decency.

  81. 481

    that shit was WACK !!! KANYE = DOUCHE-BAG !!!

  82. 482

    Kanye is a security risk. HOW DID HE get on the stage and gra that mic so fast???
    Beyonce looks like she likes it. T.M.Z. has better tape.

  83. 483

    Wow!!! Kanye is such a jerk!

  84. 484

    awwww!!!! poortaylor :( kanye's a major douchebag

  85. 485


  86. 486

    single ladies first off , can you even call that a good song?
    its completly repetitive, nothing orginal.
    i think kayne is just completly ignorant.

  87. 487

    he deserves to rot in hell…what a fucking piece of shit he is

  88. 488

    thats so messed

  89. 489

    Just deleted all my Kanye songs too. F'ing tool

  90. 490

    why do people even listen to him? he's sooo dumb and annoying. get some class! disgusting

  91. 491

    seriously everybody has their own opinions of who should of won….
    but come on…to go up there and ruin her moment that was absolutely rude.
    he was completely out of line. so fuck you kanye

  92. 492


  93. 493

    FUCK KANYE! Beyonce's video was nothing but ass shaking. Lame shit. Taylor can sing and act, she deserved to win. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK Kanye, that racist bastard.

  94. 494

    kanye is a son of bitch…….that man needs to get a life…….for all his fans out there you should not support his asss…….fuuuuucccckkkk KANYE

  95. 495

    that's really fucked up..poor taylor…i don't even listen to her..but that poor girl..just..horrible to steal her time to shine and feel good about winning..

  96. 496

    umm my heart stopppped

  97. 497

    Kanye is a child - what an idiot !!!

  98. 498

    omggg..im not a fano f taylor swift but i felt soo badd for her watching that, she looked like she didnt know what to do next…kanye is sucha f ucking asshole. and im glad beyonces reaction was the one she had…

  99. 499

    wait what was everyone cheering about? as it for taylor?

  100. 500

    so so so so so mean! although i do like beyonce's vid. and dislike country music. but so completely uncalled for - very mean! what a publicity whore.

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