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Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged

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As we mentioned earlier, Kanye West took the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech tonight at the 2009 MTV VMAs to praise Beyonce's video instead.

Check out the clip above.


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1617 comments to “Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged”

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  1. 601

    He is such an asshole. They all had good videos, and she just happen to win. He needs to keep his mouth shut. If anything needs to be said, it should be from Beyonce, not him! And even Beyonce wouldn't say a thing, because she is a professional and not a sore-sport!

  2. 602

    PHHHHHH. If Taylor Swift can't handle the heat, then she can go back to CMAs!!!!

  3. 603

    I'm the biggest Taylor Swift fan but what that son of a bitch did to her was fucked up. I planning on buying tickets for the up comming lady gaga conert but since he is also going to be there I'm having second thoughts. Please perez I know you talk to gaga convience her not to go on tour with this mother fucker kanye.

  4. 604

    Well i like Kanye West, what he did was uncalled for. But he's still a good artist so lay off.

  5. Foxyj says – reply to this



  6. Mo$ says – reply to this


    Re: rbarcena1

    You are such a racist. It's people like you that force people as brave as Kanye to get on stage and condemn the cracker-ass music industry. Taylor Swift's fans are a bunch of rednecks and you prove it.

  7. 607

    I wish there was a way to bring Kanye West's mother back to life so i could personally kill her myself. I had so much respect for him prior to about 9:30ish tonight.

    Kanye, i hope you fail at everything you do from this day on.


  8. 608

    This only shows how inferior he feels and what a disrespectful lowlife he is. Shame on you, Kanye.

  9. 609

    Re: ImprovTHIS

    I completely agree with you that it is a race thing for him. The video Beyonce had up for contention was not a very good video and certainly not her best. It was well known because of the imitations of the dance and the Jonas thing, but not her best work. If it wasn't about race then he would have been mad because it wasn't P!NK (who in my opinion had the best video) or Katy Perry (who I would give 2nd place to).

  10. 610

    deleted vid. again. damn… they're really jumpin on banning those!

  11. 611

    thats a straight upp dikk-face dumb assholee!!
    i thoughtt it was a joke or somethingggg…always hatedd himm sorry.

  12. 612

    alll I have to say is wow!! cant believe he did that!!! i guess it makes for great TV!! haha.. but that was not right

  13. 613

    wow, still cant believe it. seriously kanye?!

  14. 614


  15. 615

    Someone needs to shoot that fucker!

    Oh and btw go see kany west on wikipedia before it gets deleted!!

  16. 616

    I don't believe she deserved to win, but it was totally wrong of him.
    he loves controversy.

  17. 617

    How could Kanye have been so Heartless?? Taylor Swift is such a sweetheart! Love you girl!

  18. 618

    woooow kanye sorry that you're under the influence that you're god's gift to music.. i guess any sign of real talent threatens what LITTLE talent u have, fucken ASS

  19. Riley says – reply to this


    yo fuck kanye who the hell does he think he is? Taylor's a teenager isn't she? What grown ass adult would do that to a teenager? poor thing.

  20. 620

    Okay, she doesn't need everyone defending her. She's a singer. She should be tougher than that.

    This vma's theme was supposed to be all about the love, in memory of MJ. Booing at the mentioning of Kanye, is just as bad. Just as immature.

    What ever happened to turning the other cheek?

  21. 621

    I watched that…What a major asshole….I don't care for Taylor Swift, but thats just nasty. He just went down the Chris Browns level ,but in a dif. way…..still just as low……

  22. 622

    YESSSSSSSS @ them booing Kanye West and chanting Taylor a few minutes ago

  23. 623

    Could just be a publicity stunt, no?

    If it isn't, then yeah, he's obviously a douche.

  24. 624

    What a classless bitch, kanye is just jealous she has sold over ten million albums.

  25. 625

    geez what a PRICK! i hope ppl boo him off the stage when that ASS performs!!

  26. 626

    I don't think this guy is an asshole. It's more like he's crazy in the brain.

  27. 627


  28. 628

    I think Bon-Qui-Qui from the mad tv skit says it best: SECURRRITY!! RRUUDE!!

  29. 629

    I've lost all respect for Kenya West!! He is suppose to be a grown "man"!! What a f***ing douche!!!

  30. 630

    Correrction I meant to say I'm not the biggest fan, I was just to upset.

  31. 631

    NOT COOL! what a fucktard! Kanye sucks!!!

  32. 632

    kanye is a biznotch

  33. 633

    Re: UrMOMthinksUsuck
    I agree…. Im NOT a Taylor fan, I mean, shes fine at what she does, whatever BUT did she deserve that? Not a chance….

  34. 634

    now i know why i hate him. hes such a douche. he is the biggest sore loser AND IT WASNT EVEN HIS AWARD.. how many people have done the single ladies dance BETTER than beyonce?

  35. F18 says – reply to this


    What a fucking douche.

  36. 636

    it seems, that asshole+douche bag+dick+retard+ arrogant fucker+shithead+tool=kanye and then sum!!! drop dead you fuckin loser thug wanna be

  37. 637

    Ban his ghetto ass from the VMAs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  38. 638

    Kayne West should have died. Not his Mother. What an asshole for doing that to Taylor! She deserves to win!

    Go to hell Kayne!! You should be dragged behind a pickup truck! You truly are a "N"

  39. 639

    what a dick

  40. 640

    Am I the only one who has the video reading "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom"?

  41. 641

    he is such an asshole!!!

  42. 642

    She's one of the few celebrities that looks nice and down to earth. If it was Miley, that would have been another story…. Ok even if it was Miley, it's still wrong. TEAM TAYLOR

  43. 643

    Kenya is a sorry SOB!!!

  44. 644

    Re: idevenn – i so agree with u 100% i dont like taylor either

  45. 645

    Dang, it won't let me view it!!

  46. 646

    I think kanya may have a problem he is the biggest jackass ever and everyone that reads this should pass it on don't buy any of his cds. It would be different if this was the first time he did something stupid.

  47. 647

    no more Kanye on the ipod and microwaved the CDs, I'm done.

  48. 648

    what the hell was that?????? GO TAYLOR!!!!!

  49. 649

    what a asshole! How dare he!!!! Team Taylor all the way!!

  50. HoHop says – reply to this


    too many drinks at the pre-party perhaps? apparantly kanye has a thing against young pretty WHITE blondes. Beyonce is excellent and has always been given the praise she deserves….there is a new gal on the block Kanye…step aside

  51. 651

    Never like Kanye. What a wanker! Can't stand Beyonce. GO TAYLOR GO. This girl has talent.

  52. 652

    SUCH A DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 653

    Holy ASSHOLE

  54. 654

    douche bag

  55. 655

    How disgustingly rude to steal Taylor's moment!! Totally unprofessional from one performer to another!

  56. 656


  57. 657

    okay yeah kanye went about it the wrong way and he didnt have to display that level of disrespect but it's totally true.. i love taylor swift but there is nothing special about her video.. beyonce should have won that award

  58. 658

    What a dick he is.. beyonce is good, but that song didnt deserve to win.

  59. 659


  60. 660


  61. 661

    Damn…Kanya is such a fuckin asshole! Poor Taylor, she looked so hurt. Stay strong Taylor!

  62. 662

    Totally WRONG and uncalled for. Man, couldn't he have waited to say something AFTER? Did he have to jump on stage and fuck everything up? Damn.

  63. 663

    I love how he Taylor, "I'll let you finish!" But, she is in such shock and speechless she doesn't even speak. Gosh, if he had done that to me I would fuck him up!

  64. 664

    wow, i can't believe how big a douche he is, poor taylor… I LOVE taylor swift… as much as i like kanye's music, as a human being, he's pretty much the biggest asshole ever.

  65. 665

    That was the most tasteless and classless act I have ever seen. Kanye is incredibly rude and disrespectful and hope all his endorsements, sales and affiliations take a huge hit.

    Didnt he ever get taught the golden rule? "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything"

  66. 666

    well, time to pack it up and retire. That's it for him!

  67. sbguy says – reply to this


    Thank God I never purchased any of that punk ass bitch's music. I consider that the lowest type of man. He pulls a mic from a 20 year old girl on stage during a shining moment in her career. How do we stop Kanye from getting away his constant rude behavior?

  68. 668

    Unlike the Gosselin idiots, you do Berks County proud Taylor. Kanye sucks!
    beyonce you suck too. They both owe Taylor a huge apology. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

  69. 669

    Kayne was out of line, he had no right. Beyonce did deserve the award though.

  70. 670

    hes the biggest dumbass on the earth.

  71. 671


  72. 672

    he just got totally owned by the whole crowd and diddy just started laughing!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  73. 673

    Taylor Swift deserved the award. It's too bad that she is such a talented artist that she can cross and HOLD HER OWN in every genre of music! He is just a jealous lil p*ssy. Beyonce even told him pretty much to shut up, he dug himself a deep hole. There are way more Taylor fans out there, obviously she won didn't she.
    What a dick head. You'll be seeing him holding a "will rap for work" sign soon.

  74. 674

    He's an arrogant, ignorant person…uck

  75. 675

    Poor Taylor. He totally stole her spotlight. Who cares about Kanye he is a classless bastard. Too bad his mama didn't teach him any manners before she died!

  76. Mo$ says – reply to this


    Bravo, Kanye. It's about time a black man stood up to the white music establishment. Everybody knows Beyonce's video was better, but these days its all about pleasing the droves of little white girls who line up to hear that awful pop country music. Taylor Swift's award just proves that the industry is in the business of helping white people feel better about themselves since the election of our long overdue black president.

    No offense to Taylor Swift, but your video only won because it's of the moment.

  77. 677

    YAY at Pink for doing that to Kanye a few minutes she just confronted him

  78. 678

    what a dbag… even my mom yelled asshole at the tv when she watched this happen!

  79. 679

    Completely disrespectful. Taylor Swift has never commented rudely about anybody in the business. Who does he honestly think he is? If someone had interrupted Kanye, it'd be a whole different story. Grow some balls Kanye.

  80. 680

    taylor swift is talented AND kanye was right. HOWEVER, that was pretty messed up. Poor girl, that was extremely rude.

  81. 681

    It's probably not the best idea to interupt and insult the girl who many consider the Princess of Country… TEAM TAYLOR!

  82. 682

    Wow Kayne,Your made the dumbest move ever.
    How dare you go on stage saying Taylor didn't deserve that award,Because she did!I'm glad you got booed.I hope someone punches you in the fucking face.
    Cause that was just uncalled for.

    Team Taylor!

  83. 683

    The city of chicago hates you Kanye….ur diva like behavior has to go!! first at last years lalapalooza and now this…..truly ashamed…many words come to mind when ur name is mentioned!

  84. 684

    haha someone just called another person that left a comment a cracker….and then called THEM racist. wow

  85. 685

    Kanye was soooooo rude.
    Taylor Swift even said she knows shes country and thankful!He ruined her moment.What a dick.
    Its supposed to be supporting Michael Jackson with the love fest.
    And he kills the whole mood.Hes not following the footsteps into being King ever thats all I ahve to say.

    Love Taylorrrrr!!!!

  86. 686

    That was the most classless and tasteless act I have ever seen. I hope everything Kanye is involved in takes a serious hit because of this. He should feel the reprocusions.

    Didnt he ever learn the Golden Rule "If you dont have nothing nice to say dont say nothing"

  87. 687

    What a douche.Team Taylor!

  88. 688

    Seriously why don't they band him from the VMA's!!!!! Hello least Taylor can sing you douche!!!!!!!!!
    Just because your a thug doesn't mean you have to act like one at the VMA's….and Beyonce was laughing at it how RUDE!!!!
    Maybe the reason why taylor won is because your ass is getitng old!!!

  89. 689

    If I were Taylor's boyfriend, I would find that piece of shit after the show and get him in a headlock and repeatedly bang his head into a brick wall. That poor little thing looked so sad!

  90. 690

    What a classless act it was so stupid and rude and just . . . how can you do that to Taylor. It's not like it's her fault it happened. I always hated him. But what does it say he acts like this and we still buy his music.

  91. 691

    hahaha, property of viacom… shoulda seen that 1 comin;)

  92. 692


  93. 693

    kanye is an ass.

  94. 694

    That was very rude of Kanye.

  95. 695

    sucks 4 her. what a jerk

  96. 696

    um. WOW. i cant believe that actually just happened…cannot stand taylor swift. thinks she if beautiful but a disney channel remake…and with all of those thoughts i still think kanye west is a complete douche bag for doing tht. i loved kanye 80 times more then tswift until this moment and i cannot even believe that the mtv staff would let him do that to this girl who has worked so hard on her vcareer

  97. 697

    What a retard. He acts like a 3rd grader. OH, Wait………… did he pass third grade?

  98. 698

    Taylor swift sucks and so as MTV bout time somebody say somthing

  99. 699

    I hate Kayne I hope someone like south park or family guy just kills him I mean south park got him already.. hes just all in all a jerk.. and about him " beating all of michael jacksons records" yeah okay kanye keep dreaming ugh hes such a UGH!

  100. 700

    It is a shame that someone of Kanye's talent can have so little regard for those around him. I WAS a fan of his - even after his ridiculously embarassing comments about George Bush hating black people. However, his actions continue to show that he thinks normal, everyday people watching the VMA's care what he thinks, and the truth is I DON'T CARE AT ALL! Sit in the crowd like everyone else does and don't make the mistake of thinking others want to hear your opinion when it isn't asked for.

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