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44 comments to “How Sparrow Got His Name”

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    i love nicole richie!!! she is truly a changed women. unlike paris lindsay and britney, nicole richie puts her children FIRST!!!

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    A bird lol.

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    What's with "celebrities" & they stupid f'ing names they give their children? What a dumbass.

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    I think that is maybe part of it, I also think they were just trying to find a name to sound good with Harlow! Who knows?

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    From Jack Sparrow?? Maybe?

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    Re: blacksmith – nobody cares about kirt cameren. stop already

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    Ah who cares Perez about this one

    ************ Watch this video guys the Marky Mark video on defSpot com

    I bet somewhere out there Mark Walberg is pretty pissed about this one but its funny as hell LOL

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    I predict lots of beat downs in this kids future, like its not bad enough to be the son of a tattooed fake rocker now he has a hideous name on top of that ..good job !!

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    Good Charlotte needs to get their new record out. I like Joel and his band, but his choice of baby names is less flattering. More like fucking ridiculous and cruel.

  11. koe says – reply to this


    I read that like last week, you're a little late on this story

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    kind of dumb if u ask me [which u did] ugh

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    The first thing I think about is Jack Sparrow.. aka Johnny Deep…
    Celebrities really know how to set up their kids for ridicule!.. jeez!

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    Can you pls delete this person who keeps postin about kirk cameron. I have read it 1,000 times already and not interested.
    The name Sparrow is just silly to me…maybe for a nickname, but as a first name.

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    oh and going by genetics, the little boy is probably not going to be the tallest person…and a name like that will not help.

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    Doesn't matter where the name came from. It's still awful.

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    nice story. | ayebeclear.com

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    The reasoning behind how Sparrow got their name is irrelevent. It's a ridiculous name and once again shows that spoiled arrogant celebs would rather get some attention in the press and don't care if they subject their child to a lifetime of teasing. Can you imagine the kid going for a job interview in a Fortune 500 company and interducing themself as "Sparrow"?

    bob Geldoff's daughter Peaches came out and said that celebs should stop giving their kids messed up names…and she should know.

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    I figured it was Jack Sparrow.

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    sparrow = twiiter ?

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    Re: Spindoc – 'Can you imagine the kid going for a job interview in a Fortune 500 company and interducing themself as "Sparrow"?'
    I don't think they give you a job based on what your names is. His names isn't the worst either it is their child so they should be entitled to name the baby what they want. If the kid doesn't like his name he can legally change it when he grows up until then most kid's who don't like there first name just go with nicknames or their middle names.

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    Re: I_Say_Eff_U – You said "I don't think they give you a job based on what your names is."

    It's the all over first impression. They have GUARENTEED that this kid will be looked at the same way that children who's parents were hippies got looked at growing up with names like Moonbeam and Starlight. They have put their child at a disadvantage to satisfy their own craving to do something to get attention and be different. They thought of themselves before their child, that is not good parenting, but then again, what would you expect of Nichole Ritchie?

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    My grandaughter is named Lily Sparrow. We call her Lil Sparrow. :)

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    Re: Spindoc – And you said. "It's the all over first impression."

    There names isn't the only impression they look at academics, personality, and experience. Granted I wouldn't name my kid that but I don't think that necessarily puts the young kid at a disadvantage. Also we don't really know what kind of parents they are so I don't think it's fair to refer them as bad parents if they haven't given any reason like for example Lindsay Lohan's parents.

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    Ummmmmmmmmm… for being the offspring of a couple of bird-brains???
    Just sayin'.

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    From Captain Jack!

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    I love the name Sparrow, but it sounds more like a girl's name than a boy's.

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    Captan Jack

  30. Aries says – reply to this


    Who cares! It doesn't change the fact it's a terrible name for ANYBODY except a friggen bird!

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    It's a silly name for a boy. And the song is good, but please tell me they did not name their child after it for real. It's about a bird who dies because no one cared about it. Not a good thing to name a child after.

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    Where does the name Sparrow come from? TWO DEMENTED PARENTS - that's where.

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    What's wrong with Kookaburra or Yellow Bellied Sapsucker if they were looking at bird names.

  34. MP says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter where Sparrow got his name, the name is ridiculous and if they really felt strongly about that particular name they could've made it his middle name and saved him years of teasing on the playground.

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    Well I just have to say that Sparrow is THEIR baby and they, like all of us, named their baby what they wanted to. Plus they make the most beautiful babies on the planet and they love each other very much. They coulda named it a lot worse….like kanye!

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    Next..who cares? they bore me

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    I'm so bummed to hear this name. I thought Harlow was an awesome, different, not too out there name. So Sparrow? For a boy? Sounds a tad girly to me…

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    you just know the poor kid's gonna get called 'Spaz' for short when hes older.

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    Maybe he got it from Fable 2. The main character's name is Sparrow, or Little Sparrow sometimes. I sort of like the name, actually. And I agree about the whole job interview thing. He could always change his name later. Or add one.

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    He was playing Fable 2?

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    It makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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    Sparrow is the name of a very famous caribbean musician, the Calypso King of the World.

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    i thought they were gonna name him michael , after michael jackson ?