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Kate Gosselin Meltdown!!!

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You can always count on the ladies of The View to ask the most probing questions!

No, for real. This time we are serious!

This morning, Kate Gosselin was a guest host while Elisabeth Hasselbeck is on maternity leave.

After kind of ignoring the mom of eight for a few segments, Sheri Shepard finally asked Kate how she is handling her deplorable husband Jon Gosselin's decision to bring his 22-year-old girlfriend, Homewrecking Hailey Glassman, around their children.

Kate replied, "This is definitely, I'm not going to lie, difficult. The truth, for the sake of my children, I'm going to take the high road."

She didn't want to discuss the matter further, but did admit that over the weekend she suffered "a meltdown." Claiming, "In the privacy of my own home, this weekend, I melted down."


We're sorry to hear it, but soon or later this will have to blow over. Probably when the show gets cancelled. Just hang in there.

[Image via WENN.]

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81 comments to “Kate Gosselin Meltdown!!!”

  1. 1

    it must be hard raising that many kids and with a douche bag for an ex husband

  2. 2

    She married a real dbag and shes a real baggette! Take care of your kids!

  3. 3

    I almost want to have sympathy for her, but its her fault. This is what happens when you broadcast your life on the television. You exploited yourself to the entire world, and now its everyone's bussiness.

  4. teddi says – reply to this


    why is she even a guest host on the View?? she's so fucking annoying I can't stand it.

  5. 5

    Props to the imperfect Kate.
    Mistakes, she's made a few.
    she was a shrew of a wife,
    But she was young
    and the overwhelmed mother of multiples.
    I think I see signs of real class and maturity.

  6. 6

    I told you guys she was going to snap one day!!!
    Hopefully her next meltdown will be violent and in public.
    She created her own misery with her poor judgement.

  7. 7

    im soooooooo fuckin tired of this bitch! stop complaining so fucking much and go home and be a mother.

  8. 8

    I like Kate and I really do wish her well. Jon is a complete ass.

  9. 9

    Maybe she should have thought of that before marrying a douchebag and injecting herself full of fertilization drugs?

  10. 10

    y did she ever get her own show?

  11. 11

    sportin fresh new foils is she
    NEEDS to get her head straight for those kids
    if not the douche, or her, who's got those kids backs?

  12. 12

    She is a fucking asshole and we have all seen their shows that prove that she is. She treated him like shit, she's mean in general and she, just like him, pimp their kids out. I will never watch anything she is on. She disgusts me.

  13. 13

    Wah wah wah….she's been saying she's having a meltdown for months. Too bad she's addicted to the attention over the proper care of her children.

  14. 14

    Team Kate.
    That's all that needs to be said.

  15. 15


    i truly feel so sorry for her..

    i'm hating Jon more and more every day..

  16. 16

    You know Kate was a bitch to her husband but come on people, did it ever occur to anyone that there was a reason why she was such a bitch to him ?
    I think in the past few months John has showed us why Kate treated him like shit..
    Someone like that just doesn't turn into a DBAG overnight , Kate treated him like shit because he was just as much a jackass as now as he was then…..
    IF I was Kate I would BITCH SLAP John and then throw his ass out of the house and tell him to get a court order to come back….
    How dare him bring another woman into the house that his ex wife still lives in?
    If Kate didn't live there then fine bring your 9th child to meet the other 8 but considering that Kate still lives there, that would be grounds for loosing your dick and your girlfriend having it shoved down her throat !!!!

  17. 17

    As much as I despise her for selling out her kids to a sick American audience I have to admit she knows how to handle her motherfucking business.

    Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan can learn themselves a few things from this wacky ass haired bitch.

    At least she has the decency to go psycho at home, without the leeching paparazzi's camera lens in view.

  18. 18

    Wow, what a mess! Jon had 98% of the public on his side when this all started, and he's just done one stupid thing after another to where you gotta wonder what Kate ever saw in him in the first place. Kate, I'd have been hollering at him too if I had to live with such an idiot. Maybe if you meet someone (with a brain) who once in a while reminds you that your shit stinks too, you'll find hapiness. You are a bitch though. Its horrifying to watch you lay into Jon on those old shows.

  19. 19

    Totally natural feeling Kate! Hang in there sister!! Meltdown all the way to the bank honey….

  20. 20

    Those not well versed on Katie Irene:
    She had fertility treatment to have the half dozen kids after having twins. She expected the State of PA to pay for round the clock nurses. She got tons of freebies.She openly admitted she is exploiting the kids for the money. She's not a single mom because even tubby hubby has joint custody and they split the time 50/50. She's on the road (with bodyguard/boyfriend) money grabbing from Churches more than he's out partying with his pot smoking gal pal.

  21. 21

    They DID ignore her, didn't they! Why did they even have her on? I kinda wanted to hear her views, wasn't that what she was there for?
    They made her into a hood ornament.

  22. 22

    Who cares about either of these people - the sooner their pathetic show is cancelled the better, and they can both just GO AWAY!

  23. 23

    Translation: I need to keep my yap shut in order to keep raking in the $$$$$$$$
    Telling the truth has only got the hub into HOT water. I am a GREAT LIAR/MANIPULATOR!! And people fall for all of my fake tears ect…..
    Didn't watch- have no desire to see anyone reward this emotionally and verbally abusive bitch with MORE MONEY. Barbara Walters is now on the loser list for rewarding abuser types. She love Donald Trump too.

  24. 24

    For the sake of my children…….I am taking the high road!?!?!? LMFAO!!!!!!!
    Oh She is priceless. SOMEONE GIVE HER AN OSCAR!!!!!
    Hey KATE did you go to marriage counseling for the sake of your children?? NO
    Hey Kate did you quit the show so you could work on being a family again? NO
    Hey Kate did you patch things up with your family members so the kids could have the people they love in their lives?? NO

  25. 25

    Re: mathisol
    Then maybe she shouldn't had a horde of kids with the guy if she knew all along what a dbag he was
    again, her poor judgement created this whole mess
    It was her decision to marry a wonky eyed asian dbag, it was her decision to pump herslf full of fertilization drugs, it was her decision to exploit the whole mess on national TV for $$$

  26. 26

    Oh boo hoo. How about for the sake of your children you stop doing interviews!?

  27. 27

    I hate this Bitch!! I can't stand looking at her, especially because of that "Fucked Up Hair-do!!" Does she know how stupid she looks??!! I think it is so funny that anywhere she goes in her hometown (grocery store, shopping at the mall, etc…) that all of the employees hide when they see her coming because she is such a Snobbish Bitch!!

    I do not know why all of you guys hate Jon & call him a Douche Bag!! I am surprised that he has not slit his wrists by now being messed up with her!! Ha!

  28. 28

    This woman just never stops! She treated JON like shit for YEARS now she plays victim constantly! She ended the marriage and now she's pretending she's hurt! SHE has a body guard while her children attend public school! She is a disgusting human being!

  29. 29

    Re: mathisol – You're a total ass and APPARENTLY never watched the show! He's always been kind and she always brow beat him! NASTY and she totally deserves what is going on!!!

  30. 30

    Jon may be acting a tab douchey right now but he is not the bad guy everyone is making him out to be. After the years of shit he has taken off this woman he is probably just trying to find himself again…as in who he is, other than being her bitch. Cut the man some slack. Kate had a HUGE hand in breaking up their relationship so the situation she finds herself in doesn't totally make her a victim.

  31. 31

    Pathetic … Go home to the kids and the old gray bodyguard boy friend. She started this mess and treated Jon like dog dirt. What goes around comes around.

    She has no business being on the View w/ those other douches! How many interviews has she done? And how many did she get $$ for!

  32. 32

    Hang in there kate!

  33. 33

    Ok, someone help! I'm from Ireland and all I know is that apparently she's famous in America (for what reason I have no idea) and her husband cheated…why is everyone so bothered? Hoe many kids exactly does she have and why is she a bitch?

  34. 34

    OH boo who poor kate. There are lots of people in the same situation as her… its just not so public. High road my ass… its all a show on her part. She wants the sympathy. Why doesnt she just step out of the spot light all together and take care of her kids… insteead of fighting with Jon all the time and making him look bad. Just be a mom and take care of your kids like the rest of the divorced, single moms do. Welcome to reality bitch

  35. 35

    Re: mathisol – Here, HEAR! Bravo!
    Re: Nostradamus – -since you've put so much stock being put in that Dr. Phil 1-off counseling session, I wonder what Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, [insert any shrink here] would say about bringing one's 23 year old girlfriend you haven't even been with a year, to meet your kids, let alone sleep over at the house!

  36. 36

    poor kate. she'll get hers soon.

  37. GPS says – reply to this


    There are many people in the world who are raising far more kids than Jon & Kate are and in some cases the children which these other parents are raising have severe medical and/or learning difficulties. The main thing which sets them apart from Jon & Kate is that these other parents raise their kids in a normal atmosphere without any media attention or financial explotation for their own self-serving needs at the expense of their children. So before anyone sheds any tears for poor, little Kate or spinless Jon, keep that in mind. These two parasites are only interested in financial gain via unwarranted media exposure. Surely there must be a stranded cat up a tree somewhere which would knock these two off the front pages of the news. I, for one, am sick of hearing their names.

  38. 38

    HAHA…i did see that this morning when sherri was ignoring her…well frankly i think that all the ladies were trying to not pay her any attention…she is such a media whore…she really needs to get over herself, and i cant believe barbara would want to shine anymore lite on the situation….im just waiting for the barbara primetime interview /the gosselins that will most likely happen sooner or later…im surprised it hasnt already…until then, STFU kate!!!!

  39. 39

    SQUIRREL!!! How can you say it is her fault? Is it her fault that her husband is immature, selfish, childish, disrespectful and a cheater? NO…he is a grown man!! Kate wanted the attention by going on television but she never wanted her family to split up…you try raising 8 kids on a regular salary. I am proud of her…she is doing the right thing by taking the high road and 15 years from now her kids will say the same thing!

  40. 40

    How can it "blow over"? They are divorcing, he's been with other women, the childrens' dad is morally bankrupt, Kate probably doesn't even know who he is now and she's lonely. Not gonna just blow over, but will get better.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: Nostradamus – well remember he wasn't a dbag couple years back..

  43. 43

    Re: mathisol – Good point, she is being too nice trying to let him have access to the children. Then he only halfway spends time with them, just another excuse to hire a young woman to be around him. Kate's probably concerned with their well being. She does need a break sometime. She could hire a professional nanny to help. Yeah, kick him totally out of the house!

  44. 44

    She has been "on the road" interviewing for weeks at a time and what does she do, HAVE A MELTDOWN, and from my guess she probably did it in front of the kids. Im sure those kids love seeing her come home to witness her daily "meltdowns".

  45. 45

    i swear i saw her at a kowalski's grocery store the other day…

  46. 46

    Kate was terrible on The View. She added nothing to the show, and afterall, there's enough stupidity on that panel already.
    Certainly there are more intelligent & entertaining substitute panelists to choose from than Kate Gosselin!!!!!!
    Come on Barbara Walters, try harder.

  47. 47

    Who cares about this stupid skank? She's just as bad as her ex husband, if not worse. If I were him and married to her, I'd have dropped her ass like a bad habit as well.

  48. 48

    Kate Gosselin represents everything that is wrong with this country. Why is some trashy cow whose only claim to fame is having too many children irresponsibly given the platform to comment on one of the most powerful women in the world? And the media covers it? Go figure. Perhaps she and Octomom should start a reality show together. They belong together. And they’ll share the same viewers.

  49. 49

    You'll find a better man!! Take care of yourself girl!

  50. 50

    please stop talking about her!
    I can't understand why she is famous. Just because she has too many kids and a horrible haircut!
    Enough of her!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 51

    Oh Helllllll-no! This stuck up bitch aint nothing but a POSER! She treated her man like a DOG for too long, then he started acting like one. Telling him on and off camera when he could speak, getting up in his grill if he does something she doesn't like. She deserves to LOSE her man! She aint no better to her kids either. She lays into them if they act up, and she's not a good mother! I can definitely see her kids getting older and going on TV to say "it's HER that was the bigger douche, NOT dad"

  52. 52

    still dont like her

  53. 53

    That guy's actions must be so infuriating! Does anyone else get the feeling he is only parading his new gf around the children to aggravate Kate? He just doesn't even consider how this will effect his poor children. Hang in there, Kate! We are rooting for you AND praying for the kids!!!

  54. 54

    I was stunned that Kate interrupted the Ladies at The View so many times.

    Who does she think she is??
    I can see that her treatment of her husband is accurate - I don't care for him - but she is a real control freak & rude!

  55. 55

    NO ONE who has watched the show for any length of time could support that hateful, mean, demeaning woman. She's a cruel biatch and it was in the cards that Jon would one day run — but I sure didn't know she'd give HIM the walking papers. He would have stuck it out (being the far superior parent who was fun, loving and kind).

  56. 56

    Jon is trying to BREAK KATE. He wants to destroy her even if it hurts their own children. A few words for Jon: "While seeking revenge, dig two graves—ONE FOR YOURSELF." He is burying his relationship with his own children. He will be a sad soul shortly.

  57. 57

    Why does she think that the only job she is able to do is to be filmed on television while exploiting her children? The show isn't making anything better for her, she is a big pain in the ass.

  58. 58

    The stress of being a mom, holding down responsiblities, it gets to you after a while. I feel for her. Jon is a tool and his whore is useless.

  59. 59

    She's really overusing that phrase "for the sake of my children" that her publicists told her to use. Give it up already you pig. How about you stay home and take care of your kids for the sake of your kids? At least when it;s jon's turn to have the kids HE'S ACTUALLY WITH THEM not off jutting around acting all "poor me". Kate's not the only one raising a lot of kids on her own. Too damn bad for her. She acts so fake now that it's disgusting to see her. I refuse to watch the show, but on the previews on TLC she acts like a phony ass, and everything is an OUTING or a SHOW in their yard. She wants to make sure the "paps" as she calls them, can see her. That commercial of her with the popcorn box on her head and that stupid fake voice of hers made me sick. STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW. I have no idea why she would be on the View.

  60. 60

    finally, you people had a kind word to say about the lady!! It's important to keep in mind that regardless of the fame and her beotch moments, she is still a human being who's husband cheated. I'm sure it broke her heart.

  61. 61

    Watching the new episode now and Kate was grilling for the first time and one of the kids said to her "we only get to have fun when your here" how sad is that? Jon is too worried about the paps and smoking and spending as much money as he can on himself that even his kids are to the point they dont like being around him. Jon and Kayne should be best friends because they both are the biggest assholes on earth.

  62. 62

    Re: girl interrupted

    she is being a mother! when she is not with her kids and it is jons tern she is out doing whatever she can to earn money to take care of those kids. what does jon do? goes out and gets drunk and stoned and spends spends spends. No wonder Hailey has to drink and do drugs so much, I would too if I had to sleep with that nasty ass.

  63. 63

    Hang in there Kate, you are a wonderful Mom and a strong human being to put up with the antics of that ex-husband. Stay strong for yourself and the kids.

  64. 64

    Re: Blippp63
    you are either hailey or jon!!! come on now you can't be that stupid……….
    unless of course you ARE jon or haily.

    why would this women go to counseling witth a total loser????? who of their right mind would Want this bafoon.
    keep your chin up kate and always love your kids more than you hate your ex!

  65. 65

    She's a fucking liar and a bitch. Here in Reading, PA we've put up with her shit for the past 6 years…whining about having a lot of kids and not enough money-though she could afford invitro. I was in Dick's Sporting Goods a few weeks ago and she came stomping in, cut the checkout line and DEMANDED the store be cleared out for her and the windows covered so she could shop in peace from the 3 reporters outside that had been 'hounding' her. After the kids were born, she and Jon had a date night once a week…and she flew into a rage if one of the dozens of VOLUNTEERS had to cancel babysitter for her=pissed cause she missed her date night. This is a woman who will not even say hello to her neighbors…looks right thru them. We do NOT like her here. Rumor has it she's working on getting her own TV talk show with Paula Deen…I completely support this cause it means she'll get the hell out of Reading…

  66. 66

    Re: trippychick2005
    Agreed. The kids don't even look that happy with him anymore.
    Team Kate.

  67. 67

    Re: Stefanie2530
    Proof, please.

  68. 68

    Boo fucking hoo….she made her bed, why's she all of a sudden too good to sleep in it?
    What is this "Feel sorry for me as I tour the country away from my kids and then cry that my ex doesn't put them first?" bullshit.

  69. 69

    Why is she melting down now? She had no problem being the BIG MACHO BOSS MAN of the house on camera. I wish Kate would just come out the closet already and be the butch she was born to be. LOL Team John.

  70. wazup says – reply to this


    I cannot stand this bitch. I saw her on the view today and she made me sick. What the fuck are you always bitching about. You have ten million dollars to your name. Get some counseling asshole!!!

  71. 71

    Kill yourself Kate. Maybe Jon will follow and we will be done hearing about you both.
    Dumb bitch whining about having a puss ex husband acting like he just got out of prison. Wah….go home, take care of your kids. Where the hell are the 8 kids while she's on the view?

  72. 72

    Hang in there Kate… He's a moron.

  73. 73

    Team Kate. She stepped up and found a way to support her family. Yes, she had to be out promoting the show and her books…that's what working parents do. Jon on the other hand is a bumbling idiot who has just been around for the ride. Now that he's in a financial position to leave (because of HER hard work), he's shacking up with some child drug addict?! Nice example.

  74. 74

    These two need to just go away already.

  75. 75

    I think both Kate & Jon are disgusting! This whole separation/divorce thing is exactly what they wanted…..brings the light to them, and off the kids, but the show was to be about the kids, not the parents, and both parents got star struck, and went overboard!!! Can we just SHUT UP about this nasty couple! I feel so badly for those kids!!!!!

  76. 76

    poor kate i can imagine.. yea some people may be like shes a bitch.. but u know what girl isnt a bitch at times… sometimes u have to be a bitch to be able to be heard from ur husband.. every marriage argues and have their bitchy times.. maybe she had a reason to be a bitch with jon..
    .. A WOMAN IS ALLOWED TO HAVE FEELINGS TOO.. nobody outside of their home knows what REALLY goes on… people need to stop the stupid comments if they really dont know whats going on INSIDE THE BOX!!

  77. 77

    Please Perez…NO MORE KATE!

  78. 78

    Its official!!
    The Viewers of THE VIEW are loading up their message boards and
    rejecting KATE GOSSELIN and the VIEW for agreeing to allow her to guest host.
    Its good to see that not all men and women are idiots. Apparently the fans of the View have some brain cells. Perez….maybe you need to enrich your fan base????

  79. 79

    I hope Jon bringing his new gal to meet the kids is filmed for the television show! It can be shown split sceen while at the time Kate is shown thowing a tantrum and fucking herself with a dildo.

  80. 80

    This bitch needs to be home with her chikdren instead of doing all of these "woe as me" publicity stunts. Grow up, Kate! If you wern't such a BITCH, he might not have looked elsewhere.

  81. 81

    this a meltdown???