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Dirty Dancing Co-Star Remembers Patrick Swayze

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The classic romantic flick Dirty Dancing has become one of the staple films for anyone who loves Patrick Swayze. We still get a little excited when Johnny is able to lift Baby in the end.

Now, with the passing of the industry icon, his co-star, Jennifer Grey, has released a statement remembering her friend and colleague. She says:

"When I think of him, I think of being in his arms when we were kids, dancing, practicing the lift in the freezing lake, having a blast doing this tiny little movie we thought no one would ever see. Patrick was a rare and beautiful combination of raw masculinity and amazing grace. My heart goes out to his wife and childhood sweetheart, Lisa Niemi, to his mom, Patsy, and to the rest of their family."

Beautifully said.

We also continue to send our best to Lisa and the rest of Patrick's family.

[Image via WENN.]

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38 comments to “Dirty Dancing Co-Star Remembers Patrick Swayze”

  1. 1

    Rest in peace Patrick!

  2. 2

    He was so gorgeous and a true talent.

    A total class act. So sad.

  3. 3

    RIP! He was an amazing actor and fought a long battle.

  4. 4

    I LOVED Patrick Swayze - He shared his heart in all his performances, and danced like poetry in motion. And he was also the Epitome of Strength while he battled his pancreatic cancer.
    He will be sorely missed.
    Good Night Sweet Prince.

  5. 5

    I agree, beautifully said. I remember watching DD as a kid and being just mesmerized by the beauty of it. It's a staple in my household to watch it every couple of years and that tradition will continue on for years to come.

  6. 6

    R I P
    Roadhouse… gonna watch it tonight in honor.

  7. 7

    Very sad in deed. What a nice statement.

  8. Bmama says – reply to this


    It was so sad to hear that he has passed away. I called my mom to tell her when I hear the breaking news here and she started to cry. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. We will never forget you.:(

  9. 9

    She describes him perfectly. RIP

  10. 10


  11. 11

    Prayers for peace and strength to his family and friends.

  12. 12

    Visions of him surfing the last big wave. I'm so sadd.

  13. 13

    Very nice sentiment, Jennifer. Well said.

  14. 14

    RIP Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!! we will miss you :'(

  15. 15

    I feel sorry for him… He was a good man

  16. 16

    Re: Canadiana*Re: SWEETPIECE!
    hey hotteezz♥♥
    I'm meetin my
    2/nite on da zand….
    2/play…I feel 4/the family.

  17. 17

    Heartbreaking statement by Jennifer. I'm gonna miss Patrick. When i saw the breaking news last night, i went numb. I was really rooting for him too. :( So sad…

  18. 18

    Ghost & Dirty Dancing were two of the best films ever!!

  19. 19

    Re: SheriMoonFireFly – Hiyya hun..
    Will miss Patrick at the movies… so sad.

  20. 20

    So Sad :( He will be greatly missed, may God blessed and comfort his wife & family through these sad times

  21. 21

    Re: Canadiana*
    been cryin
    all day..but
    lookin forward

  22. 22

    my friend devonte said this: "kanye west is going to show up a patrick swayze's funeral and say michael jackson had the best funeral ever!" and laughed my a** off!

  23. 23

    …it may help to realize that he was suffering badly and no lobger feels pain. It doesn't work for me but it may for some of you. peace Mr. Swayze.

  24. 24

    This is so sad, we all grew up loving his films and him xxx

  25. 25

    Crystal Lee Sutton just died. She was more important than Swayze.

  26. 26

    Re: DBiloveit420 – That's pretty funny! But you know, I wouldn't put it past him!

  27. 27

    We miss you and love you, Patrick!

  28. 28

    RIP He was so beautiful…. Dirty Dancing definitely one of my favorite movies

  29. 29

    Such a sad day! definite icon, who will be missed! :(

  30. 30

    Yes, beautifully said.
    Rip, Patrick.

  31. 31

    Re: DBiloveit420 – that's fucked up, his mother recently died and you say some shit like that. God is not happy….

  32. 32

    beautifully worded! :)

  33. 33

    (404): i hope kanye doesn't show up to patrick swayze's funeral. " i'll let you get back to your funeral in a minute…but michael jackson had the best death of the year. just sayinnn ".

  34. 34

    Both Grey and Swayze have talked about how they didn't get along during filming and had no chemistry.

  35. 35

    Very well put..she couldnt have said that better..he was an angel

  36. 36

    Stole this from people.com did ya?

  37. 37

    Swayze is in heaven right now, with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  38. 38

    R.I.P. Patrick Swayze