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Kanye To Start Feeling The Backlash

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Looks like Donald Trump isn't the only one who thinks people should boycott Kanye West for his behavior on Sunday night's 2009 MTV VMAs.

Turns out radio stations are dropping Kanye too!

In fact, Kiss 95.1 in Florida has dropped all Kanye music from their playlist.

The station's program director, Mike Klein, decided to pull all of Kanye's music off the air after he disrespected cutie Taylor Swift while she was accepted her award.

And the station is now asking its listeners if they should keep the boycott or allow his music to play.

They're even having people go and vote online.

What do U think?

Is this a bit too extreme? Or should a temporary boycott really take place?

[Image via WENN.]

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244 comments to “Kanye To Start Feeling The Backlash”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    its getting a bit ridiculous… he made an ass of himself in front of millions that is enough of a punishment… this is approaching chris brown backlash territory so yea def think its going a bit too far

  3. Niloo says – reply to this


    Re: dolcedoll89 – Actually we are not a DEMOCRATIC nation in the US. We promote democratic values but we are a REPUBLIC. Meaning we vote for people to make decisions for us, in short summary. So there, get some US History 101. This was off topic but just making a correction to the miscalculated statement

  4. 104

    he needs his med,prob bi po;ar.

  5. Topsy says – reply to this


    Too extreme!!!
    Way too fucking extreme!!!!

  6. 106

    It's not too extreme! This guy gets away with whatever he wants and thinks he's above everyone else. He pulls stunts like this every year, and just by apologizing it should go away? He's a scumbag with no respect for other artists in the industry. He pulled his original apology down, then sat down for a completely staged interview with Leno - please! Fuck him and his fake tears

  7. 107

    Play on.

  8. 108

    Re: El loco Norwegian – lmao i dont live in america either !! wooo:)

  9. 109

    Re: FL Shady Bitch – How exactly is this racial? This is about one person (an adult) being rude to another person (a teenager!!). This has nothing to do with race.

  10. 110

    what he did was fucked up and he just ended up making himself out to a bigger douche than people already think he is. he should maybe experience a little backlash but everyone makes mistakes. he immediately at least attempted an apology.. more than one. which is a surprise for him. let it go.

  11. 111

    this is getting ridiculous. i love me some taylor swift, but i also love me some kanye. and yes, i was truly appalled when i watched what he did to her. HOWEVER, we all make mistakes and i'm sure everyone has done some pretty idiotic things in their lives. it just so happens that kanye's idiotic move was on national television. he has apologized 3 times. he knows he fucked up, and i honestly believe his apology on leno last night was sincere. let it go people! taylor's a big girl and will be just fine.

  12. 112

    Re: Chase2280 – had you taken the time to read the comment then you would have realized that i was responding to someone else who made this a racial thing. I did not respond to the initial post because I feel that giving it any attention would give Kanye what he wanted. Before you jump down my neck about my comment… take the time to read that it was a response to a previous one. Thanks!

  13. 113

    HAAAAAAAAAAA! I live where this station is played, its programmed in my car and I LOVE that they are pulling his music. He is a douche bag and he the only way to get back at him is to pull his music….He will freak and lash out some more..Oh how fun!! HAAAA!

  14. 114

    He deserves it. Check out ayebeclear.com something for everybody

  15. auds says – reply to this


    i think it's fair, the same thing happened to chris brown too. at least they're giving the listeners the option of saying they want to listen to kanye… and if you look at the website its more than 80% of the listeners say they don't want to hear his music back on the radio!!!! sucks to be him, he needs to stay home and rethink his pathetic life.

  16. 116

    way too extreme. he's not Chris Brown. he didn't physically beat her down. he made a stupid, immature move and it's more embarrasing than anything else. we've all made mistakes. taylor should actually send him a fruit basket for the free publicity. and at next year's vmas, taylor and kanye should open the show and bury the hatchett.

  17. 117

    not that necessary..he apologized 3 times and said he's 'taking a break'.. i'm sure classy taylor has accepted his apology.. let's get off this

  18. 118

    i love taylor to death, and kanye is a JACKASS. but this is going a little bit to far .. i mean, chris brown deserved it, but kanye was just drunk and stupid.

  19. 119

    I guess we just don't want him to be famous because we don't LIKE HIM!!!! Most of us didn't already but this adds a huge new nail to his COFFIN!

  20. 120

    a bit too extreme.
    he did only made a fool of himself.

  21. 121

    Too extreme..

  22. 122

    I love Taylor Swift, have seen her in concert, think she's the sweetest performer out there. And even before this I wasn't a huge Kanye fan… but I think that this is going a bit far. He didn't 'hurt' her, he didn't really hurt anyone but himself. He made a huge ass of himself and he's going to feel the heat from that for awhile, but seriously. Let's compare him to, say, Chris Brown. Is there really a comparison? At the end of the night Taylor got her moment, came out on top, Beyonce came out looking like a saint, and Kanye got booted. This story needs to die now. Nothing more to report on it. One person can only say they're sorry so many times.

  23. 123

    They are realy going too far. And I love Kanye´s music!

  24. 124

    Good thing he didn't pull that shit with Pink or Katy or Avril in previous years.
    He'd still be looking for his teeth.Fucking loser douchebag.

  25. 125

    Dat boy need a whippin.

  26. 126

    Ohkay yes Kanye's an asshole but theirs no need for that.

  27. 127

    He deserves everything he's getting. He can apologize all he wants, but it's time he learns that his immature outburst are not going to be tolerated anymore. He does things like this all the time, he needs to start acting like a grown man and stop throwing temper tantrums like a two year old whenever something doesn't go the way he thinks it should. I'm happy he was kicked out of the awards show, they should ban his stupid ass for life. He's an ego maniac and he needs this ban and backlash to shrink that huge head of his so maybe in the future he'll learn to watch his mouth. Taylor has been so gracious through all of this and has shown so much class and she's only 19. She just said on the view that he didn't even personally apologize to her, which is something he really needs to do. I personally loved when Jay Leno asked him what his mom would have thought about what he did and the douchebag didn't know what to say. What a jerk grow up already!!!

  28. 128

    So where's the skanky girlfriend? Gotta clean up those nasty appearances Kanye? Trying to get your image back. AIN'T GONNA WORK ASSHOLE!

  29. 129

    It seems a bit too extreme, but when you think about it, maybe it'll do him some good. It's not like he hasn't pulled this shit before.

  30. c0688 says – reply to this


    Re: sumone – I agree but I kinda think People are just sick of Kanye and his ways , he acts like a baby at every award show , his blogs are annoying , his statements always cross the line , do ppl not recall when he said Bush doesnt like black people , enough is enough he isnt gods gift to earth he needs to be shut up

  31. 131

    You know Kanye was a selfish, boorish, ill mannered pig but all of this uproar seems strange in light of what Chris Brown did and the reaction to that. I am confused about most of our culture today but this is really strange. Maybe some of these stars need to revisit what behaviour they are citing as acceptable. After all, Beyonce made up for this idiots sad behaviour, Rihana has moved on but the images of her after that beat down, live on.

  32. 132

    Kayne has gotten away with bad behavior for too long. He should be ousted from the music industry. He IS the meaning of rasist!!

  33. 133

    That's crazy!!! he didn't kill anyone for GOD sakes!!!!!!

  34. 134

    Um it's called forgiveness and I'm sure she has forgiven him….can we move on now? If I based what I listen to on the artists views it would be a very short set.

  35. 135

    I originally thought it was a joke. The worst part about it was that I let my 6 year-old daughter stay up to watch it so that she could watch her teen idol perform. Instead, she watched her get humiliated. Then I had to explain why someone would do something like that to another person.
    What has happened to common human decency?

  36. 136

    Maybe a permanent ban on his music and every other kind of abuse that flows out of that disrespectful mouth is in order. This dickwad has done shit like this REPEATEDLY - and never learns. 3 strikes - you're out.
    Get a life, Kanye - with a side of humility.

  37. 137

    I mean i have always thought he was a jerk….I don't feel bad for him, he was the jackass that decided to jump on stage and do that to poor sweet taylor swift….so therefore whatever backlash he is getting in my opinion he deserves..no one asked him or made him get on stage and do that HE DID IT ALL ON HIS OWN!! Now if people want to stop listening to his music thats their opinion as well!

  38. 138

    Not too extreme. This is NOT the first time he has been a MAJOR douchebag, and I believe it was just a few months ago that he proclaimed that he was going to get his ego in check. People never change if they aren't forced to. Keep buying his music, keep laughing at his antics, and he'll keep doing it.

  39. Laury says – reply to this


    WAY too extreme. This is ridiculous. He apologized. Get over it people!!!! God, celebrities aren't allowed to make mistakes, are they?

  40. 140

    i think this is perfect for him. he needs to realize that he isnt the best thing in the world and that his actions will have consequences. his ego i way too big, so maybe now he will realize that not everyone worships him.

  41. 141

    No it's not to extreme. I watched Kayne on Jay Leno's show last night and watched his pathic act. I almost bought it, than I just watched the view and Taylor was a guest. she said that Kayne has not contacted her or tried to contact her n anyway to apoligize. so evrything he has said about apoligizing to Taylor was a lie. he needs to be taught a lesson becasue the public forgiving him when he gives he's worthless I'm sorry's aren't working. maybe hitting him in the wallet will get his attension!

  42. cika says – reply to this


    Right on!!! he's a looser and not a true artist. Makes me wanna throw up

  43. 143

    Re: jaycee89 – he hasn't apoligized to Taylor. she just said on the view she hasn't heard from him. so him telling Jay last night he was going to contact her was another lie!

  44. 144

    In the "real world," one mistake can cost you your job. Then you lose everything in today's economy. Kanye has his millions; he's set for life. No further use for him. I hope he's done. He's a gay fish anyways.

  45. 145

    That is way too extreme…

  46. 146

    Oh Please talk about an overreaction… he got drunk and acted stupidly! HAVEN'T WE ALL!!! I heard some dumb lady on Z100 this morning say he had mental issues :/… This shouldnt go on for more than 1-2 weeks and then ppl need to let it go and move on to the next thing… this is staring to get out of hand!

  47. 147

    no, it's not too extreme.
    nobody in this country is ever forced to face consequences for their actions anymore. it's about time that kanye was brought down a peg or three or four. the level of public discourse in this joint is at an all-time low. it's time that somebody put a stop to this jumping up and shouting out their opinion. between these right-wing, gun-toting nutbags who think it's ok to disrupt townhall meetings, the jackass in the senate who called our president a liar and kanye we've become a nation of jackasses.
    these people should not be allowed to bring us to such a low level. it's embarrassing. more shunning, more consequences. how about everybody behave as if their mama were around?

  48. 148

    This story needs to die down.
    I agree with Adam Lambert: "It ain't that deep man."
    Good God everybody, he didn't stab Taylor Swift. He didn't curse at her.
    I'm not a fan of Kanye's music, but come on, this whole incident is minor stuff.
    Everyone needs to move forward from a very brief stupid MOMENT!!

  49. 149

    Re: Graciella The difference with Chris Brown is that Rihanna wasn't totally innocent in the act either. Rihanna also MADE THE CHOICE to be with him after the other incidents. Taylor did nothing, to nobody much less to Kanye and by all accounts is a very nice and gracious person who did not choose whether or not to be up there with him, did not expect it and had no part in anything with it. DO NOT FORGET - MTV DID NOT SHOW HIM FLIPPING THE CROWD OFF AFTERWARDS WHEN THEY STARTED BOOING HIM. His whole rant had NOTHING to do with anyone there at that time and NOTHING to do with him. She was so upset because she didn't get to thank HER FANS.

  50. 150

    Well people have a right to decide what they want to hear on radio and if those listeners want a ban on him it's their call. I think lack of sells is where it will hit him most.

    Truth is the guy is a mess. Being in the industry is not some every day right just handed to anyone. It's a privilege. Screw with it and continue to disrespect other artists and chances are that industry will turn it's back on you.

    Although some feel it may be too extreme to ban him you really do have to consider what he did. First off these are just stupid awards but he actually humiliated a fellow artist because he didn't personally think her video was the better video in that category. It was well over the line. America in general thought it was disgusting enough that for now they simply just want the guy to go away. It's a harsh lesson but then maybe he will begin to grow up. He's been over deified to begin with and should simply show gratitude. His pathetic thought process that winning awards makes the artist greater shows a lack of what really being a true artist is about. There are too many true artists just waiting to be discovered who won't let it all go to their heads and behave as he has.

    Is he apologizing to her or is he only apologizing because this time he got told to fuck off collectively by just about every one who watched him make a jack ass out of himself?

  51. 151

    i think his music should be banned on the mere fact that it's NOT THAT GOOD. i'm sick of people acting like this man is the end all be all of music these days.

  52. 152

    This is what he deserves.. Such an arrogant asshole he is and always has been.. He always tries to make things racial when they aren't. He needs to learn that he is still human like the rest of us and he can easily lose what has been gained

  53. 153

    His apology is in no way sincere. He destroyed his OWN career. If this was the first time he pulled this stunt, fine…but this has been pulled by him one too many times now. I couldn't pull that shit at my job so why should he just get to apologize and move on. I don't think so. Him & Chris Brown need to fade into oblivion.

  54. 154

    Extreme. I watched the jay leno show last night. The guy thought he was larger than life, drank too much and embarassed himself. Some artists have serious criminal records and their stuff still gets played

  55. 155

    Unfortunately I think this will blow over - this morning as I drove into the office and flipped through the stations - there were 3 stations playing 3 different Kanye songs at the same time! Not sure other stations will follow suit!

  56. 156

    I think its a great idea! i mean he has been nothing but childish for how long now?? I think it would do him some good.. this whole situation reminds me of T-O, and how he was sucha douche for so long and it took almost loosing his football career to learn to smartin his ass up! I support it 100%. this kinda thing will happen again if the fans dont start taking action

  57. 157

    This has nothing to do with race, and yes Kanye mad us "Black People" look dumb as hell with his ignorance and out burst. But at the end of the day music is music, and we love Kanyes music because he says real ish, he is a creator. I do think he needs a reailty check on that ego of his because he was out of line with his action during Taylor's speech.
    Donlad trump doesn't even listen to Kanye West, so he needs to shut up.

  58. 158

    to everyone who keeps talking about how he apologized, y'all need to realize that this isn't the first time he's done shit like this. i agree with everyone saying that his ego is just way too big and maybe banning his music for awhile would bring him down a notch. this is not the first time he's acted like a jackass at award shows because things didn't go the way he wanted them to. he needs to realize that music industry isn't all about what he wants. he needs to get his ego in check. and i personally think jay leno made a damn valid point when he brought up kanye's mom. she would have been absolutely mortified by his behavior if she had been alive.

  59. 159

    PEOPLE!!!!! Please let this go!!!!!

    Remember how quick you got over Joe Wilson disrespecting the President of the Unites States of America…well let let this go as well!!!!

  60. 160

    Re: El loco Norwegian – lol yeah cause thats true at all…if he did that for taylor hed be in jail for the rest of his life…

  61. 161

    i'm glad not everyone on this site is bat s**t crazy. anyone who knows me knows i'm one of kanye's biggest fans and i was so pissed that he did that. i had never even heard of taylor swift before that, but i felt for her. he made a mistake, but taylor's still breathing. she will move on from this, this is the music biz and this won't be the worst thing to happen to her in this biz. people please move on from this.

  62. 162

    What a sad pathetic man that he needs so much attention that he'll hurt a little girl for it!

    He has no respect for anyone but himself, and I hope he slowly fades away and everyone forgets about him.

    Wrong….. actually people will remember him for being the egotistical ASSHOLE that he is!

  63. 163

    dayumn.. lol drunken minds speak sober thoughts.

  64. 164

    You know here is something else to think about…..He needs to stop blaming the death of his mother for HIS actions! You are an adult, take responsibility! I think it's disrespectful to his mother to actually say that I act this way because my mother died! We have all lost someone near and dear to us but that does not give us a free ticket to treat people like shit!

  65. 165

    Re: FL Shady Bitch – i appreciate where you're coming from, but i don't think thats the reason black people hold ill feelings towards white people. i'm not a slave and never knew a slave, so i'm not really angry about that, i'm angry because most white people are still racist.

  66. 166

    I think its great!!! Plaus he looks like he has ringworm with that new haircut of his.

  67. 167

    ban him YES.. he is getting out of hand

  68. 168

    Not extreme at all! I don't think that all this backlash is just over this ONE incident! I think the world is SICK of is douchbag tendencies and his bitching and complaining! I think his music should be banned! He needs a good kick in the jugular! The way he acts is just DISRESPECTABLE and he sucks.

  69. 169

    i never listened to hsi music so im just gonna continu not litening to it. Kanye thinks hes bigger than the music industry. Hell im gonna even download some of his music jut so i can delete it

  70. 170

    he deserves it. he's been giving people shit for years, he's finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

    especially, who would mess with TAYLOR SWIFT of all people?!

  71. 171

    What if I was at a company sponsored event here in the real world, and when one of my co-workers recieved some accolades I jumped up and completely dissed them saying someone else should have gotten the praise instead.
    I would be fired in a second for such ridiculous behavior.
    Celebrities act like children and think they can do and say whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want to.
    Their actions should absolutely have reprecussions, or they will just continute doing the stupid ass things they do….

  72. 172

    I think it's funny cause i never really liked his music anyways. But now it's great. A Raido station in my area(Virginia Beach) made it so everytime they did play a Kanye West some came on as soon as it started they would interrupt it to give away a free Tay Swift CD. Hot 100.5 they are the bomb

  73. 173

    Djesus…too extreme!…get a grip here people. enough is enoug already!!

  74. 174

    Djesus…too extreme!…get a grip here people. enough is enough already!!

  75. Mada says – reply to this


    It may seem extreme, but he's done this too many times in the past, so now it's time to make an example out of him. He's made too many public outbursts and rained on too many talented peoples parades…now it's his turn to see how it feels to be heckled and turned away. Hell, they still don't play the Dixie Chicks on country music stations b/c of the singers comment about our former President, George Bush. IDK why Kanye thinks his opinion is so important! They should've kept his jaw wired shut.

  76. 176

    haha. I acually think that was quite funny.. :-)

  77. 177


  78. 178

    Re: LCFB
    Really? Racial? Come on!! It's not his first time on playing the asshole. He's done it to himself. The public is just sick of his crap. It's not cool.

  79. 179


  80. 180


  81. 181

    This is Kayne he speeks his mind and isn't that his right. Just because people don't agree with it that is their right. And not playing his music is STUPID, will the prsident be replaced because he called him an asshole. I still love him no matter what he said or will say in the future. Seriously it's time to move the fuck on!!!

  82. 182

    DO it. It's the only way he's going to realize he's not god or the authority on SHIT.

  83. 183

    All this is happening for a reason I don't feel an ounce of pity for Kanye everything that is happening is well deserved, he most likely made Taylor feel worst up on that stage when he brought her down, if he really did want to make things right he would apologize to Taylor that is who he really owes an apology too. All this has been a long time coming he acts worst than most of the young celebs do throwing petty little tantrums when things don;t go the way he thinks they should he has a lot of growing up to do.

  84. 184

    If he's not ever disciplined, he'll just keep doing it.
    He thinks it's cool to stand up for his friends, but never thinks about the person he's disresepcting. Until now, of course, because he's finally getting some shit.

  85. 185

    Re: LCFB

    SHUT THE FUCK UP. This is not "racial"…. at least not in the way you think it is. If anything Kanye is a fucking racist for what he did to taylor and what he has previously said about other white artists. Black is not the only race asshole.

  86. 186

    What Kanye did was terrible, and yes he has apoligized like he has so many other times for his off the wall actions. However, although extreme, maybe he needs this backlash to bring him back to Earth! He is not God's gift to music and there are far better artist out there. Maybe this will cause him to stop and think before he acts. I know he is not a bad guy, but he just needs to get it together.

  87. 187

    Omg.. talk about making a big deal out of it.. he didnt go on stage and shoot her!! Have you not got anything better to write about Perez??

  88. 188

    He and his music suck anyway. I havent liked this guy since I saw him Punkd being an effin Punk!

  89. 189

    It's only extreme if taken out of context. This backlash he's getting now has been a long time coming and the accumulation of his many outbursts over time. Dude needs a mandatory psych evaluation asap.

  90. 190

    wtf?! its not like he beated up Taylor Swift! this is going too far! he has apologized. get over it! kanye was drunk, and hes a genious!

  91. 191

    I don't believe for a minute that he would have even dreamed of going onto that stage and doing what he did to a black artist. Someone needs to remind this fucktard that equal rights does NOT equal special rights.

  92. 192

    Re: chrissysue2 – You are right about that not being the greatest video ever. Is this the one where she is dancing with the 2 other girls? Big deal for this no budget, white backdrop, shot in a day video. Videos used to tell stories. Beyonce, Mariah and Madonna need to find a fresh director. All of you can love Lady Gaga, but I dont get it either. I like rock stars that dont need sets, costumes, or computers, just a band to play the tunes while they sing along. That is music to my ears. Nothing against Beyonce, glad she made things right. But if thats the video he got worked up over, take a chill pill and get real!

  93. 193

    ITS GREAT! Its about time! How many more outbursts do we need from that jerk? He wont go away on his own so lets do it for him!!!! I was one of his fans so this isnt about bitching about someone i dont like. I loved Kanye. But his true colors are definately showing oh so shiny bright.


  94. 194

    Taylor said on the View that Kanye hadn't even spoken to her directly. Surprising, after the segment aired - he managed to call her THEN… PR spinning ain't enough to save this jackass.

  95. 195


  96. 196


    This is not the FIRST OR LAST time for him to do this. He acts like a baby whenever HE OR WHO HE WANTS TO WIN does not win. I teach 2 year olds how to deal with that every day at my job. Too bad dickweed never learned that very important lesson, that THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORLD BESIDES YOURSELF.

    For those who say it racism, you are right, it's KAYNE"S RACISM













  97. 197


  98. 198

    Re: rockinrobyn – Please, leave his mother out of this. From all I've heard she was an incredibly gracious, intelligent woman. Shame on you!! :-(

  99. 199

    Who cares.. they're both pretty f'ing insignificant in the scheme of things, musically and otherwise.

  100. 200

    TOO EXTREME — This behavior is part of the character he plays, this is the Kanye West character we have all come to know and expect. He realizes he went too far with this last act and he's apologized, and in his own way on Jay tried to explain why he's "gone too far" (he's not taken any time off to mourn the death of his mother whom he was very close to). Let's just forgive him and get on with it.

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