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Kanye To Start Feeling The Backlash

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Looks like Donald Trump isn't the only one who thinks people should boycott Kanye West for his behavior on Sunday night's 2009 MTV VMAs.

Turns out radio stations are dropping Kanye too!

In fact, Kiss 95.1 in Florida has dropped all Kanye music from their playlist.

The station's program director, Mike Klein, decided to pull all of Kanye's music off the air after he disrespected cutie Taylor Swift while she was accepted her award.

And the station is now asking its listeners if they should keep the boycott or allow his music to play.

They're even having people go and vote online.

What do U think?

Is this a bit too extreme? Or should a temporary boycott really take place?

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244 comments to “Kanye To Start Feeling The Backlash”

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  1. 201

    It's all over Kanye.We're gonna bury your sorry act beside Abuser Browns.Fuck you.15 radio stations e-mailed,15 to go.

  2. 202

    Even though I do not like Kayne, I feel like he needs a brake…What ever…He might of fucked-up But Taylor Swift benefit from him fucking -up…

  3. 203

    Oh cry me a fucking river already!! Let me guess, now everyone'll jump on the "Don't treat Kanye too harshly" bandwagon!!! Well you know what, by in any way shape or form condoning his behavior and telling him "It's ok Kanye, your career isn't over, no one is banning your music, we all still love you" that's only gonna make him realize that he can keep acting like a fucking douche and things will be back to normal 2 days later! Screw that. Make his ass sweat for a while. I don't feel sorry for this ugly-hearted prick, and none of you should, either!!!

  4. 204

    Re: imsoregistered – It's a character he plays, okay. Just like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc. The person we see in public has noting to do with who they are in private. He went overboard, he realizes it, and he apologized over and over and over.

  5. 205

    Re: Nana2417 – Part of the character he plays??? At least Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian don't go around blatantly disrespecting other people on national t.v.!!!! There's no comparison there. And sometimes, sorry isn't enough. It's pretty easy to type I'M SORRY on a blog

  6. 206

    Well, my hometown radio station Star 104 took him off the next day. They played the new Keri Hilson song and cut out Kanye. I think it's great :) Who needs Kanye anyway?

  7. 207

    he deserves it - the guy is over rated and over paid.and has an over-inflated ego! Let him eat some humble pie…he is a jackass. Wish him and his freakoid girlfriend would disappear for many, many years!!

  8. 208

    Karma is starting to creep on on you now, Kanye…deal with it.

  9. 209

    Oh for the love of all that is holy and sacred.

  10. 210

    hah. good. his comment was totally racist anyway.

  11. 211

    NANA>>> Screw off, he DOES NOT NEED to be forgiven, who the fuck cares if it is a "caharacter" he plays. He acts like a dick, not one needs to be forgiven.. Chris Brown does not need to be forgiven. Charles Manson does not need to be forgiven.

    PEOPLE WHO CONTINUALLY TIME AND TIME AGIAN WHO ACT LIKE ASSHOLES are just that ASSHOLES who do not needto be forgiven, treated with respect, given our praise, win awards, or recieve our money.


  12. 212

    This is way overblown , do we have nothing better to do or talk about. I mean no one got this upset when the SC Rep shouted out during Obama's speech. And hes supposed to be a professional . We all know Kanye's a Asshole with no class, so why feed into it. Ill still listen to his music because the artist Kanye is Excellent, even though the man Kanye is a mess. Everyone just let it go.

  13. 213

    I think it is extreme. But this isn't the first time Kanya has made a fool of himself and disrespected others in the process. He's cocky too cocky for his own good. He seems to think that everyone loves him, that everyone cares about what he has to say and that the world revolves around him.

    Maybe going to these extremes will teach him some humility and that there are other people in the world besides him that matter. Hopefully he'll come out of this a more respectful, less egocentric person.

  14. 214

    he does have good songs out there, but unfortunately he cant keep his trap shut! now when we hear his music we will be reminded of how much a baby he is!

  15. 215

    temporary? lets make it permanent

  16. 216

    I don't think it's too extreme. I mean how many times can he run his mouth without any repercussions? Plus in the celebrity world it never does your career good to bad mouth or embarrass a fellow celebrity. Not only did he horrify one celebrity but he dragged another into it by calling out Beyonce. Celebrities have different social rules than us, the regular folk. If this had happened at a bar or something that's fine to apologize, but he did it in front of thousands-millions of people and his point wasn't to be cute at all. He really wanted to set the record straight that she didn't deserve to win.

    Apologies don't mean anything when you don't mean it and some actions are too huge to be apologized for. Let's just think if he didn't get a backlash for his actions, do you still think he would have apologized? No he would have went on with it but because he's getting his ass snapped on he's going to apologize and cry and whine until the cows come home. But I for one will not be listening to any of his music. He is now banned from my launchcast!

  17. 217

    eh i think its a bit extreme but im tired of him so i dont mind if he fades away haha

  18. 218

    Re: LCFB – Racial? Why is this situation racist? Why is everybody claiming racism these days? Douchism is douchism. You get what you deserve… regardless of color. Get a grip.

  19. 219

    people are blowing it out of proportion & he was drinking henny it's not like he was totally sober. He apologized for it on jay leno. people need to move on

  20. 220

    ok seriously?!?!?! its not like he called out a 12 years old girl

    Taylor is fucken 19 years old…shes a fucken adult dammit!!!!
    i mean i agree…wat he did was fucked up but damn he apologized for it…its over and done

    ughh….i fucken hate taylor!!!!!!!
    she is so fucken FAKE!!!!!!

  21. 221


  22. 222

    waaaay too extreme. by the way people are acting towards this, it's much more than the hate they have for chris brown. caaaalm down.

  23. 223

    People, stop attacking him!!! he already apologized. It IS too extreme. Taylor already forgave him, why can't you?

  24. 224

    Re: ATB72889 – That also is a great valid reason. But with all the racism still present, why fall into the stereotypical "angry black person" category? It's that anger that keeps the racism and hate alive. You show anger and the "man" retaliates with racism. It's a shitty hand dealt but people ALL need to just get over it. There are too many problems in the world to worry about color of skin or how one perceives and acts towards you based on that.

  25. 225

    too extreme for sure, he made a mistake but hes an amazing artist in his own right

  26. 226

    ACTUALLY…its KHOP 95.1 in Modesto, California

    i know. its my hometown.

  27. 227

    i think this is kind of extreme…maybe just do it for like a week. chris brown's music, however, should be banned forever

  28. 228

    ALL the radio stations are doing this.

    In NY they are all asking their listeners and it is an overwhelming YES!!

    and to that I say…YES!!! FINALLY!!!

    by the by…did he have a cleft lip when he was a baby..his face is messed up looking?

  29. 229

    way too extreme! he was rude but he is no chris brown come on people

  30. 230

    That's bullshit. It's like he hit a girl or had sex with an underage girl. He was just fucking unprofessional. The man apologize 3 no 4 times already. I wonder if a rock star or Emiem did that shit, they would be fucking heroes. People need to clam the hell down and get over it.

  31. 231

    well what he did wasnt nice and he made a bad choice, but I still really enjoy his music and I dont think his music should stop being played on the radio but maybe just a little while. I know he is sorry and he made a bad decision and I dont think he is a bad person but sometimes he doesnt make the right choices and everyone does that sometimes. And thats the sucky thing about being a celebrity cus everyone talks bout u and its to bad for him. I hope he learned his leason though!!

  32. 232


  33. 233

    he was drunk
    and it's not like he pulled a chris brown on her
    he made a mistake
    and it was stupid
    but this is even more stupid

  34. 234

    Aren't his 15 minutes up yet????

  35. 235

    I wouldn't go that far.

  36. 236

    It's a publicity stunt for the station. Lighten up people. Judging from the reactions, the stunt is working.

  37. 237

    Yes, what Kanye did was totally completely out of line and downright MEAN. But really, am I the only one tired of this?!? And not only that, but people are starting to downplay what Kanye did and say he was speaking his mind and we should applaud a celeb who isnt afraid to do that. WRONG. What he did was disrespectful and shouldn't exactly be blown off. But what really ticks me off about this whole thing is Kanye supporters and maybe even people who don't like Kanye are saying people who are upset by what he did is being racist. WTF? How did you even come up with that?! You guys say that since it was a black man disrespecting a white woman everyone is more upset than they would be that if it was turned around. That is complete and total crap. Grow up people and stop trying to come up with ridiculous racist excuses. Downright pitiful!!!

  38. 238

    Re: iwannaBnumeroUNO

    don't make this shit into a racist thing. it would've been the same response if he had dissed a black person. the only racist in this drama is Kanye himself.

  39. 239

    haha I herd that i think it was this morning they were like we should ban his music for a week or some crap like that

  40. 240

    Hell yes he deserves it! He should've been banned off the radio a LONG time ago!

  41. 241

    first christ brown fucked up his career by beating rihanna.
    then kanye fucked up his by stealing taylors thunder.
    but i dont think it was that much of a big deal…like wow.

  42. 242


  43. 243

    Kanye West "hates white people"….

  44. 244

    This is simply ridiculous.. They are taking it wayy to far.. So the man expressed his opinion at the wrong take that awy

    i love you kanye!!

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