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Presidential First! Obama Appearing On Letterman!

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Since when is a political agenda promoted like a feature film?!

President Obama is continuing his media tour to state his case on revitalizing healthcare with appearances on Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation, State of the Union AND Late Show with David Letterman which he'll stop by on Monday.

One of these things is not like the other!

Although the President has been on Letterman's show five times before, it's his first visit since taking office - and the first appearance of a sitting president on the show!!!

Somehow, we're sure Conan O'Brien is hating Letterman right about now.

[Image via CBS]

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174 comments to “Presidential First! Obama Appearing On Letterman!”

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  2. 2

    Conan should have big ratings that night - who wants to see Obama any more - he's on all the time - ENOUGH!!!!

  3. 3

    Doesn't he have a country to run or something like that. WTF!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    I love Obama, dont like Letterman so much though!

  5. 5

    WTF! REALLY!!!!! WTF

  6. 6


  7. 7

    he should try being the President and stop trying to be a rock star.

  8. 8


  9. 9


  10. 10

    He thinks of himself as a celebrity….NOT a President, that is the problem!

  11. 11

    And then i ask myself - WHAT WOULD OBAMA DO?! :D

  12. 12

    Maybe he'll tell some more retard jokes like he did on Leno!

  13. 13

    he's bringing Nancy Pelosi on for stupid pet tricks. She's going to see how many times she can clap and stand up on her hind legs

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Enough with the celebrity and more with the politician thanks. I believe this is totally inappropriate.

  16. 16

    Check your facts, he was already on Leno in March.

  17. 17

    He's doing all of this because he knows that the majority of the American people are NOT behind this healthcare bill. So, he is spending all the taxpayers money to fly up there and basically pimp out his bill. The democrats are running scared because it is very likely that they will lose the majority in the election next year and you know what that means? That most likely he won't be reelected as president.

  18. 18

    What a shocker! Obama on Letterman. David has turned more and more bitter these last few years and takes great pleasure in pushing his political agenda. Hey Dave, guess what? Take a page from Leno. It IS possible to be really funny without jamming your personal opinions down everyone's throat. Go Jay!!!!!!

  19. 19

    idk maybe he is being the president buy letting people(who most likley does not look at the news)about his plan shit idk what people are gettin mad for he said he was going to do this shit when he was running for president did you dumb motherfuckers think he was playin lol BTW this dude could cure cancer and the honkey crazy republicans will talk shit regardless i have put a deaf ear to there crazy TEA BAGGING ass LMAO worthless lames…

    ill be 18 and voting next time cant wait love obama

  20. 20

    'he'll stop by on Monday'. Um, isn't today Tuesday?

  21. 21

    "Gee Mr. President, Thank you for coming on my show so I can sukkk you're asxx! I bash Bush every chance I get, have you noticed?" "Why, yes I have Dave. You are truly a suckup, that's why I picked you're show to push my agenda because I know you are a pushover and an easy foil." "Mr. President, look over at my bald headed kiss aszz, Paul Shaeffaer. He's also a sucksz up. He kisszzed my axxed every time I look in his direction." "Ah, yes. I see him Dave. I have one of those. Mine is named Joe Biden."

  22. 22

    This man is such a freak! He wanted to be president and all he does is read a daily speech and take vacations and appear on covers on magazines and TV shows.


  23. 23

    leno had him first

  24. 24

    Dave Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25

    ugh, i cant stand him, i cant stand the way he is bailing out companies & his health care plan is even worse.
    what a fucking joke, i am embarrassed to be an american

  26. 26

    Its a great idea and way to get his message and the truth about healthcare reform to the voters

  27. 27

    Re: justme09 – You are an idiot god help us if people like yourself are the future. Obama's healthcare plan will raise taxes for 3 generations but I'm sure it want bother you because you will be on welfare with 10 kids do the country a favor don't vote and get your tubes tied.

  28. 28

    Obama has class

  29. 29




    …..both these dudes rock, man.


    Works for me.



  30. 30

    I can not believe the idiotic criticism of President Obama by the majority of you Americans. The only thing in the last 40 years that your country has done that the rest of the world respects is elect Mr. Obama. Now, mere months after his inauguration, you've all turned on him. And for what reason? He is interacting with the public? He is making government accessible? He is working, albeit slowly, to reverse the crippling economic peril that America is in. He talks of ending wars, not starting them. He talks about providing health care to all citizens, not only the rich or lucky. And for this you complain? Stick your head in the sand. Read Perez Hiltion's website, watch American Idol and Dancing with those who think they can sing or whatever garbage is thrown on television. The rest of the world looks at your nation with scorn and disgust. Not for the people, for the ignorance, the media, the self centred, self serving republican (and many members of the democratic party) party. You fight to carry arms, but turn your backs on your dying neighbours. Sickening. Sad……

  31. 31

    Leave it to Obama to be the first president ever to be on a talk show while in office!! Umm shouldn't he be more worried about getting the health care and economy situations soved b4 he continues to pimp himself to the world?! Oh wait, I guess since he is "The Biggest Celebrity in the World" it makes it ok for him to do that! Personally tho I would like a president who wasn't on David Letterman and UsWeekly every other week!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    WOW. President O is the shit! ayebeclear.com

  34. 34

    He's getting carried away with all the access to the media and celebritys. If he wants to get his message across do what always been done. Address the Nation in Prime Time Not some late night Talk Show. He's starting to act like some Third World Leader going around mooching as much as he can just because he can!!

  35. 35

    GO OBama!! You've gotta reach the people where they are…and Letterman always has good debates/questions for the politicians. I love it. :)

  36. 36

    Just another one of his PR stunts. He is nothing but a talking bobblehead. Pathetic.

  37. 37



  38. 38

    i dont understand why people hate obama so much now. if that stimulus plan hadn't gone through do you really think our economy would ever have recovered? will our economy ever recover if we keep making our companies shell out big bucks to cover your asses whenever you get a cold. NO. so shut the fuck up. he is honestly trying to make our country better. free healthcare for all wooo!

  39. 39

    Re: justme09

    Here is what is really scary…your apparent lack of education and the fact you will be 18 and able to vote. I guess that is what got Obama voted into office in the first place - you vote on color because whitey is out to get you, huh? Did you learn anything in school or just shit damn fuck the honkeys? You are ridiculous - please don't bother posting your illiterate diatribe as you are what's wrong with America. As for Obama being on Letterman, he is the PRESIDENT, not Bono! Learn the difference!

  40. 40

    He should take Hasselbeck's seat on the view as the temporary co-host until she returns. He's not our commander in chief — he's the chief pimp. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: justme09 – Why don't you just worry about your fucking education. Does your school not teach you about punctuation or spelling or proper use of words? And are you voting for Obama because you truly believe in him or is it because he is black? It's idiots like you who voted in this last election with no common sense or brains enough to look into shit you just voted for him because he seemed cool, young and hip oh and throw in the black thing, too. You can't see how there is going to be nothing left for you, your 10 kids and their 10 kids each? Get off the fucking computer and do your homework!

  43. 43

    aw, poor conan…obama went on the tonight show when jay was host

  44. 44

    God, Obama is such an attention-whore. STOP DICKING AROUND AND FIX THE ECONOMY ALREADY!! Jackass.

  45. 45

    Re: bongo – haha!! That's the best one I've seen in a while. Wow, where's Harry Balsac when you need him. Anyone else notice that all the good regulars never post on here anymore. I remember when this site had more intelligent people posting. The good ole days!

  46. 46

    I am sooo sick of seeing this guy. He is on the TV EVERY FUCKING day! Get off your campainging tour and get your ass in the office and work. All you do is reach speeches and spend our money.

    He's a idiot.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    "Since when is a political agenda promoted like a feature film?!"

    Since a nation full of people voted for a guy simply because it was the hot thing to do at the time. Where are they all now, when he needs help getting things through? Back to their lives, uninformed, ignoring important political changes in our country that will change everything. We will look more like Cuba, they'll all wake up one day and ask what happened, because they weren't paying attention & all they know is that they voted for the cool guy, who likes to visit Letterman & do five million addresses to have his face on tv rather than lead the country. Nice.

  49. 49

    Not surprising.
    He seems like he loves the cameras and media more than he does doing his job.
    He's not a fucking celebrity. He's the damn President of the United States.

  50. 50

    Boo - this is crap - and unprofessional …..

  51. 51

    Obama is toast.

  52. 52

    wow how stupid are the comments here

    obama is one of the most innovative presidents .. clearly .. as he is going on letterman to inform younger people ..

    its an obvious plan .. hes not trying to be a rockstar … its SOCIETY THATS MAKING HIM A ROCKSTAR ..

  53. 53

    Re: bongo – lol its people like you that have made him this supposid 'rock star' … he never demanded we treat him the way societies around the world treat obama .. ontop of that hes just informing the public in more modern ways .. rather then through 'boring' (i quote boring as most people, in particular youth, would not find conferences being aired, to entertaining), but him being on letterman, will not only get their attention, but then attention of the world .. becasue now people (whether they agree with apperance or not), are gonna watch it out of curiousity.

  54. 54

    Re: mjt4164 – lol me on welfare??? lol really and how are you so sure of that let me know im dying to hear

    humor me

  55. 55

    Re: Idiot America I guess the billions and billions of dollars each year we send in aid to other countries isn't "worthy". Nor is the liberation of Kosovo. Or the billions of dollars in military assistance we provide to countries not called Iraq or Afghanistan. Or the billions of dollars we've spent over the last couple of decades for AIDs research and treatment to 3rd world countries… but then again, a man who campaigned on absolutely nothing, and said he needed to pass his almost trillion dollar stimulus to fund his states pet clean coal projects and keep unemployment under 8.5% (oops, about to top 10%) - which was HIS DOING he's not responsible for.

  56. 56

    Re: JKKJJK

    Right there with you!

  57. 57

    conan should be hating conan….

    his show sucks and he is not funny. corny will only be cute for few minutes.

    Team Letterman, Ferguson….for the thinking, well educated audience.

  58. 58

    Re: mjt4164 – a lil harsh but true, on some paRe: U_SUCK_DONKEY_DICKSRe: JJ1313 – rts. very true.. girl's gotta cop some manners.

  59. 59

    Re: emilyyo Yes it would have, because failing companies who are failing from mismanagement and greed would have been dropped out of the race and let others who DID fold because they didn't get the money fail. Because it was better to stimulate Joe's car and house he got into and couldn't afford in over $12k in incentives this year while MOST of us don't qualify get to pay for it. Or his wonderful stimulus that was supposed to keep unemployment down while it's about to go 2% past what he "guaranteed" of this fast stimulus passage. While Cash for Clunkers dealers are about to go out of business because the government hasn't paid them yet..

  60. 60

    Re: emilyyo

    From where I am sitting, our economy has not recovered. Our economy is still in the toilet. And we owe more money that we will ever be able to pay back. Financial institutions were given billions to help stimulate the economy. The President along with the Democrats and Republicans pushed through a stimulus package so quickly to make themselves look good, they forgot to mention to the banks that it was to stimulate the economy of the people, not just the banks. Instead the banks took the money and who knows what they actually did with it. The banks increased interest rates (except on mortgages) and destroyed the public.

  61. 61

    Companies are doing better because they are laying off so many people and working so lean that it will affect their bottom lines in the future.

    Even with the mortgage rates low the foreclosure rate continues to increase.

    So I am not quite sure how fabulous you think the economy is going but people are still suffering. So our leader should spend less time posing for magazines, sitting on late night TV where only a select audience sees him and going on vacations…and more time trying to solve the problems with the economy and health care reform (not socialized medicine).

    I didn't vote for him but prayed that he could make a difference…so far..I don't see it. I am still praying because the unemployed and people who are suffering or have lost their homes need it.

    Not knocking your opinion because we are all entitled to one (one of the beautiful things about this country…just stating my own.

  62. 62

    Why doesn't he just do his own show? He and Oprah could start a network etc.

  63. 63

    Why don't they just give the mother fucker a daily talk show and get it over with already, stupid ass Communist ass!

  64. 64

    Obama does this to reach the younger generation, the ones who don't tune into MSNBC, Fox, CNN, or BBC. I mean a lot of people, especially younger people, don't watch the news, or pick up a paper. So all they get are random one liners that are tossed around in commercials, or at work. The man knows what he's doing, and it's this type of thing that helped him get elected.

    As long he avoids making jokes, he should be fine.

  65. 65

    Obama is my hero.

  66. 66

    Re: JJ1313 – hmm lack of education geez you motherfucker seem to know my life more then my own damn mother lol i would get mad but then i have to realize what kind of clowns im dealing with and then i just sit back and laugh hmm i will vote on color huh??just like every black person that voted for obama right??? really is that so because i could of swore me and my parents had crazy support for bill clinton and we only been voting for white guys for just about a good 40 years lol its pretty low and pathetic when you people have resulted to using the race card to try to support you lame arguement stop accusing people for the things you commit .maybe just maybe i wanted a president that is actually smart and could actually complete a sentence(unlike bush the red neck cowboy )as a president you people have become delusional and im started to think yall have lost it completly tastless sore losers who seems to blame all your problems on a man that has been president for a year……whoa shit it hasnt even been a year i wonder if you were outraged with bush

    now back to your meaningless rants and laughable rallys

  67. 67

    Re: U_SUCK_DONKEY_DICKS – lol o yes seen his skin color and was like thats my president man. i love him because he is black your are so right fuck the crackers LMAO

    now you be honest the same reason i picked him was the same reason you didnt am i correct(just in case your hill billy brain cant keep up im talking about the fact that he is black)

  68. pabst says – reply to this


    LOVE THEM BOTH!!! Letterman deserves this opportunity.

  69. 69

    If Obama spent as much time being president as he does with his self promotion the war would be over.

  70. pabst says – reply to this


    Re: Idiot America – hey now, I'm an American and I think President Obama is fantastic.

  71. 71

    what is his deal…is he ever in the white house??????????

  72. InFL says – reply to this


    shut him up already
    can't wait for 2012

  73. 73

    If antitrust laws had not been dismantled by every administration since Reagan, then it would indeed be better to let incompetently run companies fail. However, too much power and wealth in too few hands in a critical sector of the economy has made the current situation what it is. The stimulus plan, however odious, is the least tragic option. What surprises me is the ignorance of so many of the posters here. Did people actually think that so many years of abuse of our economy was going to be fixed my magic in just a few months? But then, most of you are products of the American public schools, so ingnorance

  74. 74

    WIN! WIN!

  75. 75

    He's taking it to the people!
    Well done!

  76. 76

    Check out the imusicvideotube channel on YouTube!

  77. 77

    Sorry, my finger slipped and I hit submit when I didn't mean to. Anyway, I don't see any logical reason for so much hatred. He won by a clear majority and everyone knew where he stood. Last time I checked, this was still a democracy, where it can be presumed the majority rules. All presidents will use whatever means available to get their message out to the people, so why not the Letterman show? People need to calm down.

  78. 78

    Re: bongo – HA AH HA! He IS the President and he IS a star! Funny how intimidated you closet case repubes are of an intelligent man!

  79. 79

    Man, I feel so bad for Conan. First, Paul McCartney goes on Letterman, now Obama.

  80. 80

    two peas in a pod. they deserve each other. one guy over the hill and the other will be a 1 termer on the hill.

  81. 81

    i think thats a stupid move for the president…david lettermen is entertainment, obama should be doing his job and doing what he promised he'd do but isnt anyway, perhaps bc hes making tv apperances and chatting about the vmas??

  82. 82

    Re: Vintage7787 – seriouslyy

  83. 83

    as hot as he is i dont rly think he needs to be on talk shows so much..

  84. 84

    Re: justme09 – Again, you need to educate yourself. No, I didn't vote for McCain because he was white. I voted for him because he has the best interests for the people in the military, like my husband. Use some fucking punctuation. Do I write like I'm a hillbilly (it's one word, fucktard!)? I suppose in your mind I'm a hillbilly because I didn't vote for Obama and I suppose racist, too, huh? LOL! Typical. Your ignorance is what's wrong with today's youth. Whether you are black or white, it shouldn't matter. Don't vote because of someone's race or because they are cool. Vote for who has your best interest. I always voted Democrat, as a matter of fact I voted for Hilary in the prelims, because I thought she could do the job. Obama didn't have the experience and it shows. So, in four years when everyone's whining and waiting for their handouts because he failed, I can smile and say that I didn't vote for him.

  85. 85

    He's the fucking president,doesn't he have better things to do? Not impressed that he would waste his time weighing in on this stupid subject,RUN THE DAMN COUNTRY!!! Thanks.

  86. 86

    I like this because people my age will more likely watch some late night show like this than listen to his addresses. SAD as this maybe, this is one of his ways to reach out. I love his creativity in reaching out to all people.

  87. 87

    Wow this guy just has too much time in his hands. Instead of fucking around, he should stop leaving loose ends on everything he touches! Maybe he should start explaining how tax payers are paying for ACORN CRIMINALS to run sex slave whore houses!

  88. 88

    Stop bad mouthing my Conan! If you would watch either show it's clear that Conan is the only one with true comedic talent.

  89. 89

    Re: U_SUCK_DONKEY_DICKS – hmmm im still tryin to wonder who the hell said i was voting for obama because he was black or so called"cool"lol why is it so hard for you idiots to beileve i may just share the same interest and values as the guy and i didnt want an 80 yr old as a president and a dumb bitch who couldnt even take care of her redneck family and whore daughter to be the one to take that position if the old fart died(which was very likely)i dint like mccain and i dont like republicans so why the hell would i vote for your party. if im not mistaken you were the one to bring up race like a typical redneck republican so thats what the hell i called you.yall seem to be getting to comfortable with pulling the race card when it comes to this president.just because im young does not mean im unimformed for anything your the ignorant for assuming shit

    and the same way your going to so call smile about obama HA i did that shit with bush one of the most UNPOPULAR presdients ever you know the one you hicks voted for….

  90. gert says – reply to this


    somehow i think you missed the point, P.H. —- the leader of the free world, paid by and works for US is hanging out on the David Letterman show to plug his agenda????
    come on —- seems a little more narcissistic than productive.

  91. 91

    Re: justme09 – Seriously, I am thankful for your ignorance because it proves why we are in the mess we are in. It's because of people like you that we have this narcissistic person running our country and spending our money. You said honky republicans, well then you are racist just like all the black people who voted for him based on skin color. Check yourself first before you speak, oh and “looking” at the news doesn’t help, you should try listening instead.

  92. 92

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – He might be smart in your eyes, but we always new he was up to no good. You are the idiot that fell for his shit and now the U.S. is being ran to the ground! This president has to have his hands in everything, except whats important, our country!!

  93. 93

    Re: Solieh – im the racist but you say all the black people that voted for him only did it because he was black???

    is that not racist or can you prove that to me with some kind of poll

    lol how about you check your ignorace

    please and thank you

  94. 94

    Re: collinstodd
    he thinks he is the new martin luther king

  95. 95

    good shit

  96. 96

    Re: justme09
    Actually Bush stayed popular for a lot longer than Obama has. Everyone loved Bush right after 9/11 and he was popular enough to get re-elected. It wasn't until his 2nd term that the majority started hating him.

    Obama has 3 more years to try and turn shit around, but at this rate I don't think he's looking forward to 2012.

  97. 97

    Re: JimmyStewartLover – lol please bush ratings were shit when re election came thats why i was so suprise he got re elected and the only thing really killing obama is this health care and the smears republicans make up daily but your right we will see in three years

  98. 98

    Re: bongo – You are not very smart…., part of being President is getting the word out and the truth out about healthcare reform. Going on Letterman which has millions of viewers is a smart thing to do

  99. 99

    Re: Buk0wski – he has to get the word out about health care its a smart thing to do since Letterman has millons of viewers

  100. 100

    Re: pusspuss – you are a moron. do u know why he is going on Letterman. He is going to discuss Healthcare reform and get the truth out there. its smart to go on Letterman n addition to the rest of his press tour since Letterman has millions of viewers. think with your brain before saying something so idiotic

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