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The Germans Are Pi$$ed At Paris

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Someone needs to remind Paris Hilton that she needs to live up to her contractual duties. Especially if she doesn't want to get sued.

Recently, Paris didn't attend several important industry events this weekend in Frankfurt, Germany due to "mysterious circumstances" that led to Paris refusing to leave her hotel room.

That is, until she got up on Saturday morning to fly to Italy to judge a beauty pageant, royally snubbing an engagement to attend a party with Frederic Prinz von Anhalt's adopted son Marcus.

Allegedly, the reason for her cancellations stems from, what else, an argument she had with her boytoy Doug Reinhardt. Sources are claiming that he "instructed" Paris to forgo attending the party "because it was being held in an erotic table dancing club"

Please, we've seen some of the places you two frequent and that seems like the kind of venue you both would feel comfortable in. We think someone was just jealous he wasn't invited!

Michael Marx, the organizer of one party at top club Mediastar, was quoted saying:

"Paris Hilton has dishonoured all appointments and contracts - the dinner with 18 high-ranking guests, the appearance at the bar, the autograph session at Mediastar. We are incredibly disappointed."

The Mediastar bosses are now seeking legal action against Hilton and her handlers. And thus it begins again…

[Image via WENN.]

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67 comments to “The Germans Are Pi$$ed At Paris”

  1. 1

    …I'm guessing that this has nothing to do with Napolean?

  2. 2

    omg boo hoo. celebs do that shit all the time. just shows us that our 'glorifying' them and being loyal fans later comes back as a slap in the face.

  3. 3

    she's a dope and should just go away.

  4. 4

    Uh oh. But I'm sure her peeps will come up with a reasonable explanation for the snub. *rolls eyes*

  5. 5

    Thanks, Perez. Just what I wanted to see .. Paris Hilton in a "Paris Hilton" tee shirt.

  6. 6

    She didn't attend those events because she forgot to bring her lederhosen.

  7. 7

    Does anyone notice that she has a "bump"???? Look at her bellie, it used to be a total anorexic looking thing now it looks like she is 4-5 months pregnant!

  8. 8

    Hating on Paris again? When will you wake up and realize that just like Lohan, Paris, and all these other people you think you are bff with for 5 seconds, Lady Gaga is just using you. Seriously. GET A CLUE!

  9. 9

    She's a celebrity!!!! In 2 months they'll forget that…

  10. 10

    She is totally preggers. Look at that belly!!!

  11. 11

    Re: karencarpenter – lmfao wth?

  12. 12

    She is totally pregnant!

  13. 13

    wonder if kanye has a shirt that he wears with HIS name on it. gawwwwwwwwd pathetic

  14. 14

    There's only room for one Hilton and that's Perez! Auf videsen, Paris!

  15. 15

    Tell the Germans to stuff a sausage down their pieholes Paris….stupid Nazi's.

  16. 16

    im so with dashingdoll 122! you read her comment first..and now mine. I guarentee you in two months (or earlier), we will be getting wind shes pregggggooooo! HA! Doug knew what he was doing!

  17. 17

    Paris is TOTALLY preganant! Look at her stomach! I bet that's why she got back with doug, cos she realised she was having his baby! Perez jst isnt commenting on it cos he likes her.

  18. 18

    she looks seriously preggers!

  19. 19

    Re: karencarpenter
    hehehe Napolean?wooohooooRe: LaffyTaffy
    her witch came
    4/da month,,
    zhe had 2/ztay in
    bed..like da old dayz..

  20. 20

    Next she will have a kid just to keep cameras on her because she knows she's yesterdays news.

  21. 21

    She doesn't do anything, can't do anything. Why do people invite her anywhere? Why are people so infatuated with her? Please, God, make her go away.

  22. 22

    Is it just me, or is Paris looking a little round in the belly area? JUST SAYING…

  23. 23

    You give me fever…blisters.

  24. 24

    i guess for once she didn't feel like blowing 18 guys

  25. 25

    Please tell me why the Germans would want this STD infested slut at any of their important events around important people? Do they not realize she is a trashy ho? She is not pregnant either..

  26. 26


  27. 27

    were the "mysterious circumstances" her herpes?

  28. 28

    She looks prego to me!

  29. china says – reply to this


    now please!
    i can totally understand her.
    that so-called prince is some pimp gone rich and the biggest douchebag germany has to offer.
    blame paris for not checking things earlier. so-called "industry-events" included the opening of a table-dance-bar and such….but not for not showing up.
    send the germanotta-bitch there. would be a match made in heaven…

  30. 30

  31. 31

    Re: inthebiz5 – oh for joy, for joy! can't wait till there is another douch bag version of paris on the planet. someone stab my eyes so i don't have to see. and yah, that skank is definitely raging with herpes

  32. 32

    I am guessing that she forgot to take her once a day pill (not birth control) and had a flare up. I hear that a flare up can be completely uncomfortable so I can see why she did not want to leave her hotel room.

  33. china says – reply to this


    not to forget, that "prince marcus" got interviewed by german tv and stated, that "the bitch is totally high, smoked too much".
    very classy!

  34. 34

    She looks SUPER PREGS!!!

  35. 35

    is it just me or does she look PREGNANT?????

  36. 36

    Woow forget that! How about the fact that she looks a little preggers?!
    Could it be, after al she is back with dougggyyy!

  37. 37

    Re: g.babyl0c805 – you're absolutely right. WE are THIER employers!! we buy their cds, movie tickets, music off the internet, dvds, clothes, perfumes, etc.. we pay them!! and they act so disgusting like!!!!

  38. 38

    I think she looks preggers too…

  39. 39

    lmfao xD Someone's a tad full of themselfs(her teeshirt with her name).Why am I not surprised that she pulled this stunt?

  40. 40

    Paris Hilton. All that I am going to say is… that she should Thank God she was born a Hilton. Remind me again …. What does she do anyway?

  41. 41


  42. fiera says – reply to this


    I can't beleive that people still care about this stupid whore who happens to be rich. Couldn't they have gotten someone else more interesting to attend this party with?

  43. 43

    Is she pregnant and I just didnt get the memo?

  44. 44

    is it me or does she totally look pregnant?

  45. 45

    I think she looks preggers in this picture!!! anyone agree?? can you please draw a baby inside her belly???

  46. 46

    surprised you didn't comment/draw on the tramp belly

  47. 47

    I'm German and would NEVER attend a party with Frederic and Marcus. They are not really royal! They are just so embarrassing. Good for her that she wasnt there!

  48. 48

    haha. ist ja klar das alle deutschen sich da voll aufregen xD
    noone really likes her in germany.

  49. 49

    She looks pregnant to me (somehow), isn't she???

  50. 50

    is Paris pregnant??

  51. 51

    Not sure if this is an old pic but DANG she looks like she might have a little bun in the oven….which also could be why she missed her appearance. Just saying

  52. 52

    The fact that they want to meet paris hilton should make them feel stupid to begin with, she is a nothing twit, born rich thats all she has going for her.

  53. 53

    …she really does have a bigger stomach… maybe THAT'S the reason why she didn't go to a place where people would be drinking/smoking…

  54. 54


  55. 55


  56. 56

    hahahahahaha! Serves that bitch right! I can't stand her and am patiently waiting for the day when she is no longer relevant enough to have any news on. The day will soon come I hope….

  57. 57

    1.) that doesn't look like Paris. It looks like it could be her double. Maybe it's just me, but seriously.

    2.) either she just drank a gallon of Fiji water or she is pregnant cause I see a major bellie bump in this photo.

  58. 58

    Please Paris Hilton was clearly trying to solve Focult's conundrum (being the superior intellect she is) and it took her a while and she wanted to go and celebrate.

  59. 59


  60. 60

    How can anyone be pissed at someone who wears her name on her chest?

  61. 61

    She looks pregnant!

  62. 62

    I need to get this clear. Paris has finally found a man who cares about her enough to encourage her to get a new "personna", one that is going to work for her. As she matures into a young woman with more talents than any of you are aware….

    Interestingly, Paris goes along with this man and refuses to go to a club where people dance provactively on your dining table. So sue her, her insurance company will feel the pain, not her. Yeah….

    I was skeptical about the drunken elephants brawl, but I am liking what I think I see happening. I KNOW what I do see in this picture.

    A happy, healthy Paris Hilton.

    Kudos to you woman. You are beautiful, yes. Stupid, no. Keep going.

    Besides, Mommy loves a little "surprise" every once in a while. Like I said to you before, WHO IS THE REAL WHORE? Not me and certainly not you darling.

    Well, if the guy knew what he was doing you wouldn't have been so bored with the whole nonsense. Nice boots though. I agree, I lucked out in the escortqs department. Really?? When Darling Daughter O'Mine? Yes, yes, I must admit I got "stoned" during the entire process….. "Look Ma, I found my brains!!!" "Look guys, I've found my missing family!!" Nice though, for them to keep showing me videos and pictures of you so I would be able to recognize you. Keep it up Wats-zana.

    Love and blessings to you and the man who might actually care about you,

    Anya Blah, blah, blah

  63. 63

    Paris should go back to school.

  64. 64

    Anyone else think she looks a little Preggars here?????

  65. 65

    she looks so pregnant in that picture, looks like a baby bump to me!

  66. 66

    Re: guzNYC – hmmm love is auf wiedersehen!!

  67. 67