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She's jammin' - toe jammin'!

The Gossip's latest is currently the #1 album on iTunes in Italy.

Who knew they were that popular there?


To celebrate that special milestone, lead singer Beth Ditto appears on the cover of the new issue of Italian Rolling Stone in a very memorable pose.

Who knew she was so limber?

Work it out!

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162 comments to “Tasty!”

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  1. 101

    shes got some balls. i can tell you that for sure. ahha

  2. 102

    She's disgusting!

  3. 103

    her weight is not something to glamourize. it's unhealthy. there's a middle, and she is not in it. she's a terrible role model

  4. 104

    This woman sickens me. Why put her on a magazine cover? She needs to lost about 200 pounds.

  5. 105

    I just had a heart attack.

  6. Fosca says – reply to this


    who really cares about her weight?
    she's amazingly talented and ironic further than what is cool in the comon sense.
    italy never gets wrong on style!
    And, by the way, isn't this the time for recovery of fatty people?

  7. 107

    that is the NASTIEST thing ive ever seen. PUT YOUR FUCKING FEET AWAY.

  8. 108

    EWW fatness nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 nightrider724 v

  9. 109

    cause she looks like a fat italian mother and plus she's harmless to the female public…

  10. 110

    Beth Ditto is becoming huge in western Europe.
    The closeted homophobics who pretend that they hate her because she's obese and unhealthy must admit that they hate her just because she is a proud lesbian.
    She is a rebel, a feminist, a lesbian activist and a proud obese person. She is the kind of modern american women the europeans love very much.

  11. Paty says – reply to this


    Don´t like it. I think Beth does her thing. But being that overweight is not pretty and not rebel. Is just telling kids that they should starv themselves not to become her and if they are like her then they should never diet so they remain cool.
    Not nice. Not a good example as many people said before.

  12. 112

    I am greatly amused by all the people declaring 'disgusting!'. Go have a number one song on iTunes, and a Rolling Stone cover, and Ditto's success. Because you know, right now, it sounds like your main issue is plain ol' "WAHHH! It's unfair! I'm thin! I never eat! I am preeeeeeetttty! Honest! So why is she on the cover of italian magazines, and *I* am commenting on a gossip blog and planning my Friday night getting drunk in Weehauken? WAAAAHHHH!!!"

  13. 113

    The picture is really cool actually. Rolling stone never disappoints

  14. 114

    Fuck, she's disgusting. What is she trying to prove? That's it's ok to be fat, waiting for a heart attack and all those diseases that start to hit when you're older. She's young, it's easier to become healthy now. Because when she's older chances are it won't be as easy. Think healthy. As disgusting it is to look at stick figures it's equally disgusting to look at obese people. It's not ok to go to a restaurant and not fit in the chair. I'VE SEEN THAT. IT'S NOT OK.

  15. 115

    She needs to lose weight.
    Fine its okay to love your body, but thats unhealthy.
    Shes going to die quick.
    Plsu I knwo punk is grungy, by why does she look like shit wherever she goes?

  16. 116

    oh and i'm sure all the emaciated, drunk, sex tape, nude picture taking, baby making, crotch shot showing, crack whores that are on disney and all those other pg13 movies, shows, magazine are a MUCH better example. right?

  17. 117


  18. 118

    music for men is like the best album ever!

  19. 119

    so nasty!!!! i think i'll go running now…

  20. 120


  21. 121


  22. 122

    Re: pinpin* – It's not her weight that's the issue. In a generation of teenagers who "zombie out" in front of the tv all day, eating horrible food, the role model should not be a size 0 or a size 200. HEALTHY GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS.

  23. 123

    This is the most repulsive thing I have seen today besides yet another picture of Jon Gosselin. Fat is not fabulous !!! She is morbidly obses and looks disgusting. She does not even have that good a voice. Please spare us any more photos of this ugly attention-seeking broad!!!! BARF!!

  24. 124

    Morbid obesity is not funny. This chick needs to get some help. NOW!

  25. 125

    I'm surprised she can even see her feet, let alone lick them.

  26. 126

    Some of you people are just mean. We are all different and I like it that way. I have no idea who this woman is but her appearance is not offensive in the least.
    It must be hard for all of you to be so perfect. No flaws. Men are all well hung. Women all have perky breasts that fill a D cup.
    How do you all do it?

    Give me a break. It's her life and her body. If she likes it, I love it.

  27. 127

    I love Beth Ditto and The Gossip. Their new CD is wonderful!

  28. 128

    that fatso should loose a few pounds

  29. aimsy says – reply to this


    One word. ROFL.

  30. J2thb says – reply to this


    UMMMMM NO! Gross!!

  31. 131

    Wow No. 1……on iTunes…….in Italy. Oh, nevermind.

  32. 132

    Re: ladypink – I agree.

  33. 133

    ZOMBIE HITLER: HAHAHA I created a nickname just to comment on this…you're hilarious!
    ps it sucks that this chick decided to make a show of herself, wtf is up with her too too?
    pps WHO eats feet when they're hungry?

  34. 134

    There isn't even a clear distinction between her upper legs, her knees and her ankles, it's all coated in lard. Disgusting! And I'm sick and tired of listening to Miss Ditto going on an on about how healthy she is and blablabla. Honey, YOU ARE NOT! She is a heart attack waiting to happen and is probably borderline diabetes.

  35. 135

    I love how the magazine has smoothed out her cellulite, in candid photos it clearly shows that she even has dimples and cellulite on her calves and knees…

  36. 136

    Re: Laurent – You must be living in a VERY different Western Europe to me then…

  37. 137

    luv her! :)

  38. 138

    I think I just threw up a little!

  39. 139

    and I take it all of you haters are GQ or Playboy material? I want to see pics of you guys ;)

  40. 140

    I mean…come on. Im don't bash on overweight people…but this is just plain wrong. in her poses she tries to do things we think she can't but you know she was huffing and puffing in that tight sausage casing. I don't know what kind of ties you have with her…but if you were a true friend you'd stop promoting her diabetes…which we know she is going to get. Come on perez….i mean even you lost weight…obviously you care about being healthy…yet if someone smaller is gaining weight…all of a sudden they're a heffer?…be real…cause you're really contradicting yourself with these post.

  41. 141

    That is so disgusting.

  42. 142

    Re: PinkMagnolia – WTF? People can't help their race, but you can help being fat. That's such a stupid comparison.

  43. 143

    oh. my. gosh. *shakes head* what the hell.

  44. 144

    I'm sorry, but GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!!!!! I just don't know why you suck up to this blimp, when hardly anyone in the US (at least) has even heard of her!! I understand that you have visitors to your site, from all over the world, BUT it's primarily an American Site, right?!?! That being said, WE DON'T CARE ABOUT BETH FATASS DITTO!! She's promoting a VERY unhealthy lifestyle - "punk ruck doesn't diet"?!?! Is she saying that all punk rockers are as morbidly obese as she is?!?! EW!!!!

  45. 145

    Thank God she is wearing panties.

  46. 146

    What I don't get is why is such a horrid thing for girls to look up to size zero (which is unhealthy - below bmi) but it is alright for them to look up to larger women (overwieght isn't any better than underwieght)?

  47. 147

    omg - she's like you and lady gaga in one =) so fucking disgusting.. ewwww I need to puke =(

  48. 148

    she's digusting. A total famewhore. She can't sing, she screams and all she wants is bad attention. Her band is good, they play good music, but she sucks. I want this loser to go far, far away. katy perry has class, sass, and is an actual singer. Beth is jealous, she can shove her foot up her ass

  49. 149

    this should be forbidden for someone with her weight! disgusting!
    thats what you americans care calling a role model! ewwwwww

  50. 150

    love her!!

  51. 151

    OMG…its a KANKLE. -dies.

  52. 152

    Why doesn't she get a sexy shoot like Megan Fox and all those other skinny no-talent bitches…just because she has meat on her bones…they do a cover with her sticking her foot in her mouth?!! BULLSHIT!!

  53. 153

    YUCK.. Needed a warning here!!

  54. 154

    Ugh! The truth is, regardless of who Beth is, we do not want to see her fat, dimpled skin. Put on some sweat pants sweetheart.

  55. 155

    sumo anyone….

  56. 156

    Beth Ditto is awesome and a wonderful choice for a cover, but if you're going to have Beth Ditto on your cover, Rolling Stone, have fucking Beth Ditto on your cover. Don't hide her stomach with that ugly skirt, don't cover that part of her knee with text. Have some balls.

  57. 157

    urgh, i dont want to see anyone with their toes in their gob

  58. 158

    Re: JillyWill – Hey Jilley POOP…. Shut your face! Eat a sandwich. Besides your a walking ass munch.

  59. 159

    Re: Kt_Cooter – Hey cooter I love your name…..

  60. 160

    I'll all for being proud and secure in yourself/body - but that pose is just….gross.

  61. 161

    That photo is fucking disgusting. I cannot believe that is even on the cover of a magazine - will it even sell to die hard Rolling Stone readers?

  62. 162


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