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MJ's Estate Being Sued For Theft Of Herpes Cure!

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As if they don't have enough problems!

A freak show man named Erie Bonnie is suing Michael Jackson's estate for stealing formulas for his ""herpes cure, acne cures and arthritis cures."


He also gave the information to Kevin Trudeau, the other defendant in the case, but somehow Michael is responsible!

Bonner claims, "someone from the Jackson family came by my house and shot a 22 pistol in the air. They turned around in a neighbor's driveway and drove away."

Uh, why?!

Even Jermaine has something better to do!

The wackjob also accuses Jackson of stealing nine copyrights and the idea for an automobile insurance policy that "would revolutionize insurance for cars in America."

You should get some sort of award for being crazier than the Jackson family - like a week vacation to the mental ward!

[Image via WENN.]

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42 comments to “MJ's Estate Being Sued For Theft Of Herpes Cure!”

  1. 1

    what? i dont get that at all

  2. 2

    I bet you tried to steal the cure first Perez, you herpes infested piece of shit!

  3. 3

    OMG! WTF? Anything to try to extort money from a dead man!
    I hope the judge throws his funky ass in jail,for frivilous lawsuits!

  4. 4

    Khloe Kardashian's engagement is a sham. Lamar Odom gets some of the hottest ass in LA, there is no way he would settle for this ugly transvestite.

  5. 5

    so sad people have always seen micheal as some get rich quick scam they cant even leave his money alone when he dies

    i hope they have fun in hell

  6. MsMun says – reply to this


    what leave him alone….

  7. 7


  8. 8

    WHAT? this is fuckin retarded

  9. 9

    ahahhaha! What a freak! does he really think anyone is going to believe that? Im sure he could have come up with something better.

  10. 10

    i got first hahha. anyways, i cant believe that people wouldnt just let the past be the past. sure, he was a great singer and a great brother but what he done

  11. 11

    people will do anything for 15 mins of fame! this person has noooo shame!

  12. 12

    mmm interesting
    so he found out about the theft AFTER mj passed away??
    crazy 8-|

  13. 13

    Shirka is on TV right now. Oh my heck, she is the bomb. Got to go now. Bye.

  14. 14

    So sad MJ had to deal with so many greedy people in his lfe. So bad that they would accuse him of child molestation for money!
    To the Arvizio family: Stop hiding, it's time to apologise!

  15. 15


    Hey, Mario!


    Howzabout a fuckin' moratorium on anything related to this creepy, drug addict, child diddlin', piece of shit?!?





  16. 16

    whoever has the herpes cure right now is a future gazillionare.

  17. 17

    hahahha the guy accusing the jacksons of this crap is hilarious oh im laughing so hard

  18. 18

    ummm WTF?

  19. 19

    This guy is crazier than the Jacksons

  20. 20

    Yat 46 bg

  21. 21

    Hey everyone, please leave your comments demanding that perez post an apology about harassing Halle Berry for months about being pregnant!!… ***.. She said on Jay Leno she is NOT pregnant, yet perez was shouting it from the rooftops for soooo long claiming she was!.. **… He is always preaching about doing the right thing, and made a big stink about Kanye apologizing, I believe he absolutely owes Halle an apology! *** Please leave your comments demanding perez apologize!! *** No more harassing actresses about being pregnant! If & when they are, they will announce it themselves!! ** PEREZ NEEDS TO POST A PUBLIC APOLOGY for being SO WRONG!!!! ***

  22. 22

    Is Perez pregnant or is he bloated from his period? I think he's pregnant

  23. 23

    sounds like one of will smith's scientology meat smokers… loser

  24. 24

    Re: *Lil Lady Pants* – she lies… she's pregnant…. i fucked her..

  25. 25

    Re: lakerfan100 – What the fuck does this have to do with this article? Go somewhere else

    This article is pathetic. The man is dead. Find money elsewhere!

  26. 26

    How long before you realize, we have heard enough about this pervert???

  27. 27

    This has got to be the craziest scam to extort money from MJ's estate!

  28. 28

    I thought the cure to herpes is the herbal drug Lysiene, didn't Trudeau write a book with cure for those ailments. Or am I thinking of someone else?

  29. 29

    WEIRD ! this is a big ass lie !!

  30. 30

    oh my days!! and people have the bare faced cheek to call michael wacko!!
    this is just a fraction of the type of crap mj had to deal with when he was alive.

  31. 31

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – really……….people really piled it on…..no wonder he liked kids……………adults just wanted his money…….

  32. 32

    aaw! don't take away money from Paris Jackson!

  33. 33

    Someone should tell "Erie Bonnie" that the Freak Show contest is over.

    What is happening now is simply called the "encora-aveca-zorra". But, please do try the estate of "Micheal Jackson". And let me know how you due…..

    Why? Because then I'm going after "Heath Ledger" for child support……

    Why not? Everybody else is suing somebody for something. I figure this way at least "Jude, Johnny and Colin" will pitch in……..

    And then BM and I can get some money to "build" things with…..


    Anya, Blah, blah, blah… The Grand Duchess of Blog-Doom

  34. 34

    hahah the jermaine comment was spot onn

  35. 35

    Haha, how desperate. Things like this ruined MJ's life, and even when he's dead it still continues. I hope this Erie Bonnie dies a long and painful death, including herpes :)

  36. 36

    WOW everyone has to have some kind of connection to MJ now that he died. Like why would MJ really want that formula. He is rich enough and has enough talent and if he needed that stuff he could just buy it.

  37. 37

    Re: Bearish – You are the pevert, for being a hater. There was never any evidence that MJ was a pevert. He has been blackmailed all his life, and people like you will believe anything. No wonder the blackmail is continuing even after his death.Blödman!

  38. 38


  39. 39

    the stupidest thing ive ever heard, next theyre going to try and tell me Miley Cyrus is a virgin pft

  40. 40

    1. Crazy people are so silly.
    2. I don't understand why people nasty comments disrespecting Perez on his own website.. You obviously care enough about him to make a user name and spend time reading his blogs. If you don't like to read them, then don't. Simple concept, woudn't you agree?

  41. 41

    Dear Perez — I'm not sure if this has been stated quite yet, but you may benefit from pointing out that Herpes is a VIRUS and is INCURABLE.

  42. 42

    lol this is crazy

    we love you michael!