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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Score Big In The Ratings

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Everyone seems to love these broads!

For 3 weeks in a row, Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been first in the ratings in their time slot for cable entertainment telecasts.

They even beat out Project Runway, which as you know has strutted over to the Lifetime network.

Heidi is probably PISSED!

The Atlanta ladies are now poised to be the highest rated in the Real Housewives series, averaging 2.9 million viewers, up 121% from the first season!

This attention whore must be loving it!

Have U been tuning in this season?

[Image via Ken McCoy / WENN.]

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79 comments to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Score Big In The Ratings”

  1. 1

    Yes, this is the best installment of the RHW series.
    And Nene is the best 'Character' of them all!

  2. 2

    I LOVE KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love the housewives of atl!

  3. 3

    Why do you have their OLD pic up? That was the LAST season girl on the second from the left. Btw, I LOVE this show!

  4. 4

    Where do these women buy their clothes from? Savers?

  5. 5

    i lve in atl, and its not the only reason why i loovvee this show! of the series, these are the only down to earth, which is saying a lot!

  6. 6

    ewwww this is not good television

  7. 7

    …….more like trashy television

  8. 8

    bunch a loudmouth bitches.

  9. 9

    those are some ugly bitches!

  10. 10

    nene is my fave

  11. 11

    Uh dumb fuck, couldn't you have gotten a picture with the CURRENT cast, instead of the cast shot from last year?

  12. 12

    The girl that's in between Nene and Sheree is no longer on the show you idiot. She was on season one and got replaced by Kandi. Next time try putting an updated picture and quit being sloppy. By the way, there all crazy back stabbing bitches (except for Kandi) that's the reason people watch the show.

  13. 13

    i love that show NENE is my fav
    and i live in ATL

  14. 14

    y'all fucking hating cause those girl keep it real they not fake likve "real housewives of orange county" they keep it real and i love hate i love those real bitches now wat

  15. 15

    real housewives of new jersey was hilarious! nothing like some sopranos! italian american princesses rule!

  16. 16

    Yeaaa Atlanta. Way to represent.

  17. 17


  18. Kay $ says – reply to this


    Re: p!nkrocks – NJ is way better… AGREED!!! I live in NJ and I see it all day, everyday!!

  19. 19

    No thanks. I hate fake reality.

  20. 20

    Don't know why but I love it1

  21. 21

    My boyfriend and I love this show!! It is our favorite show to watch during the week! Our favs are Nene and Kim. Did you guys know that Kim's song "Tardy for the Party" is currently on ITunes and it is #4 on the dance charts!! I know she can't sing, but the songs sounds really good-I would dance to it!! I love Kandi too–she seems sweet and genuine–her first solo album was HOT too!!

  22. 22

    That is the best installment of the RHW series. My favorites are Kandi, NeNe, and Kim.
    They're all soo funny.
    RHW's of New Jersey is FUCKING LAME and so is RHW's of New York.
    RHW Atlanta is where it's at.

  23. 23

    show is too funny. these dramas queens are a waste of time, but funny too. nene is the shit.. oh no child!

  24. 24

    Hey everyone, please leave your comments demanding that perez post an apology about harassing Halle Berry for months about being pregnant!!… ***.. She said on Jay Leno she is NOT pregnant, yet perez was shouting it from the rooftops for soooo long claiming she was!.. **… He is always preaching about doing the right thing, and made a big stink about Kanye apologizing, I believe he absolutely owes Halle an apology! *** Please leave your comments demanding perez apologize!! *** No more harassing actresses about being pregnant! If & when they are, they will announce it themselves!! ** PEREZ NEEDS TO POST A PUBLIC APOLOGY for being SO WRONG!!!! ***

  25. 25

    Gee0od ppl from ATL dress like shit.

  26. 26

    another show on bravo that is toooo funny is 'flipping out'!!! hahaha! love it!!! jeff is fierce!!! what a character he is :) can you say diva??!

  27. 27

    Nene rocks!
    Perez, get an updated picture of the damn cast-sheesh!

  28. 28

    I cant stand that one whore thats on here that fucking SHEREE or whatever the fuck her name is. She thinks she is all that but lord have mercy she sure the fuck is trashy and classless. She is so condescending that I hate listening to her speak. Fuck her.

  29. 29

    who watches these whiners

  30. 30

    Nothin like the W R O N G pix of the Real Broke Housewives of
    ATL. I'm merely waiting for two grammatically correct sentences in a row.

  31. 31

    i cant seem to keep up with them to much but they are my FAVORITE season by far there really the only ones i watch

  32. 32

    No, these are NOT real housewives of Atlanta or anywhere else in the world — None of the franchise is a realistic depiction of housewives.

  33. 33

    I HATE that show. Hos Hos and Hos

  34. 34

    they brings us happiness .aren't they??

  35. 35

    they brings us happiness ,aren't they?

  36. 36

    i'd rather watch the radio………………..crap

  37. 37

    they all talk down to Kim, but she's the best one. the rest are all boring.
    Lisa is boring as fuck, and Sheree too. nene is a shit started loudmouth and Kandi is really cute but kinda boring. Kim is fun fun

  38. 38

    i hate to admit it, but this is one of the GREATEST reality shows i've ever seen. love you Nene, Kim, Sheree and Lisa!!

  39. 39

    yeah i have to admit i like this stupid show now that vhi had to cancel megan wants a mill and i love money 3 cause i hate tool academy….i like kim i feel bad that everyone shit talks her like the mean girls in school but i think she and nene have a secret agreement that whatever happens in front of the cameras is only for the cameras cause im sorry that is no freaking friend of mine who shit talks about me…i like kandi she has a good personality…she made her money on her talent alone… not by getting married and or divorcing an old guy(nene)football player(sherrie)keith sweat/football player(lisa)or screwing a married one(kim)

  40. 40

    i love me these ghetto fabulous…ladies!!!!
    love love love!!!!

  41. 41


    Im sorry


  42. 42

    Damn! Atlanta has some ghetto fab girls… this is the classiest you have down there? The one all the way on the left …. ew! Tight bright spandix is a no-no on anyone let alone a fat girl who looks like she is wearing tights. And whats up w/ the one all the way to the right… ankle boot make that beautiful dress just awful. Leave it to ghetto girls to distroy something good. ewwwwww

  43. nycto says – reply to this


    train wrecks always attract attention

  44. 44

    It's Nene's show. Kim is a train wreck and the new girl is boring.
    Lisa is as fake as they come. Give me the NYC housewives any day, at least they have some class. Not much, but some.

  45. 45

    Perez, don't you hope SHE by Sheree comes in big girl sizes?

  46. 46

    GoodKidsGoneFab.com is a new blog highlighting fashion trends, fashion forwards celebrities, and chic everyday people. Updated daily- come check it out.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    This show is a PERFECT example of how money cannot buy you class.

  49. 49

    haven't zeen it…
    but w/deze

  50. 50

    How can you not watch this? Its like a fucking car crash!!! I mean a bunch of hookers on national tv. WOW women like these are a dime a dozen. Just go to Needless Markup in the middle of the day. These women are a joke and thats why everyone is watching. Its a circus…………..

  51. 51

    correction its a goat rodeo!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52

    New Jersey has the BEST housewives of all! Can't wait for a new season!!!!!

  53. 53

    I can't stand NeNe. She is a shit starter. Love KIM!!!!!

  54. 54

    Yeah-being a Ga girl, I love the show- tired of them ganging up on Kim, though. NeNe used to be cool, but she's full of herself and two-faced this season.

  55. 55

    Yes, we all know that the women/wildebeest of RH are classless, less affluent than they'll have you believe and utter famewhores. But would we really want to watch down-to-earth housewives? Probably not. I'll continue to tune into this train wreck of a series because it's sheer comedy.

  56. 56

    Re: luckyme15 – HELLO….ILLITERATE MUCH?

  57. 57

    this is not a real representation of atlanta. it almost makes me embarrassed to live here. I HATE THIS SHOW.

  58. 58

    i love me some nene!

  59. 59

    I love NeNe!

  60. 60

    Love the show…no they have no class, and most of them are ghetto, but real professional women, or regular women in general WOULD NOT be on reality TV, and we probably wouldn't watch if they weren't who they were. I have no clue why, but Sheree and Kim are my favs. LOL–Kim's dingy personality and Sheree's belief that she is the shit just make them fun to watch. And I also love how they have assistants and publicists…I'm like "WTF do you do?!!??"

  61. xokae says – reply to this


    i LOVE this show. i never miss it. never boring,always exciting :}

  62. 62

    I FUCKING HATE THE ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES. i am sorry, but if I want to see a bunch of arrogant, trashy, ghetto-ass black bitches getting into cat fights, i'll go walk over to the local high school parking lot. WTF. i am obsessed with every other housewives series, but these bitches who fell ass-backwards into money and have no idea what class is if it slapped them in the face are disgusting and BORRRRRRRRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. on a sidenote, how the FUCK did a city like ATL, where you can buy a mansion for $200K, get it's own real housewives series??? did you see that outback-ripoff steakhouse that kim and ne-ne went to for lunch…wtf was that?? I probably have more money than these bitches. ridiculous.

  63. 63

    for a great laugh go to realfauxhousewives.com
    delightful blog!

  64. 64

    i do, im not gay, but i think its a good show, kim is so cool

  65. 65


  66. 66

    how sad when dumb women rule TV

  67. 67

    look whos wearing a JUMP SUIT…. what a hater that Sheree!!!!!!!

  68. 68

    ATL housewives suck big time! NYC rules! ATL is so ghetto fab it cracks me up. Luv the way Nene has a party at her house with socialites and she serves cocktails in plastic cups and has the viewing in the driveway. I can't stand those bitches! They think they're all that when really they are a bunch of ghetto whores trying too hard to have class. I like Kandi the best - she's real and not a poser. She doesn't need to prove anything to anyone because she makes her own money and actually has real talent.

  69. 69

    i liked jersey better

  70. 70

    HELL NO I do NOT watch that STUPID show. I live in Atlanta and could give a ROYAL RIP about it. All these reality show are such a total waste of time.

  71. 71

    I like the show and watching the fragmented personalities call themselves "friends", and even funnier they're called "housewives" since only two in the group is married - Sheree is conceited and is very uptight (maybe she needs a man to work out her frustrations), Lisa is smug and arrogant, Kim is their "punching bag" and dosen't have a clue, and doesn't apologize for her hangups, Kandi is deep & talented - I hope she picked the right man to marry (but you know she's going to butt heads with the empty heads around her). NeNe is brutally honest and there's the entertainment.

  72. 72

    For all the money these women have access to, I'm looking at your last year's photo (above) - WTF is Lisa wearing - was it halloween or a reinactment of "Gone with the Wind's" let's make a dress out of the drapery scene! All that silver looks like wrapped aluminum foil. Two hot messes…

  73. 73

    .:. Kim's Da Best!!… But the all around show kinda sux… The Real Housewives of Orange county is the ****!!! .:.

  74. 74

    i find this show hard to watch. i am embarrassed for them. they behave like children. president obama and all the other normal black people in america must be horrified— did the producers ask them to be so obnoxious and violent?

  75. 75

    Sorry Perez, but I have DEFINITELY been watching this season. It's kinda addicting. Like Mind Crack. Or Perezhilton.com…

  76. VEE86 says – reply to this


    Of course I have been tuning in, every week .I make sure I have my DVR set to record it just in I miss it or just want to watch it again. I think they all are beautiful women and me personally I love to see minorities doing better than well. I've always wanted to live in ATL just not willing to make the move. Looking at them makes me think it wouldn't be just a hard move as I think. I Love them. I've watched every other series, but the ATL series is my favorite.

  77. 77

    I love the show and Nene is my favorite

  78. 78

    maxey love i totally agree. I live in Atlanta too. Used to live here before and ran away because of the attitudes but now back. These chick-a-dees are serious about their not-quite-so-realness. From renting homes (yet having a "driverrrrrr", ehem NeNe) to losing homes to not being a housewife to not even really being elite but only inviting the elite to elite events that their elite behinds throw or are invited too (because they are so elite). Its too much… and GREAT entertainment.

  79. 79

    Supposedly the previous housewife, Deshawn Snow, was taken off becasue she was too… normal. So they just promote the negatives for ratings.