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It's TomKat!

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Haven't seen these two out and about in awhile - and in matching outfits no less!

Scientology poster couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were spotted out jogging together in Boston, where Tom is filming his new flick, Witchita.

Look at Tom's intense gaze!

Well, the couple that jogs together…loves Xenu together?

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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44 comments to “It's TomKat!”

  1. 1

    run katie, run

  2. 2

    Bro-Man needs some sun :P

  3. wazup says – reply to this


    Tom should come out with his own exercise video for men. He is in great shape for a guy his age and knows how to keep his body in check. Keep up the good work Tom!

  4. 4

    and matching wedding bands

  5. 5

    i wonder if tom is good in bed…

  6. 6

    Its Wichita…

  7. 7

    Are they running away from a Scientology audit?

  8. 8

    ew he holds her hand when they cross the street like a 4 year old hahahahahahah

  9. LCFB says – reply to this


    why do their outfits match?

  10. 10

    Ok ok, it might have been funny at first, the whole "she's kidnapped thing", but it's soooo old. Not that I'm a fan of theirs, but….blahhh just not funny or clever at all anymore

  11. 11


  12. 12


  13. 13

    That's just…weird. I'd never jog w/my husband; he nags too much.

  14. 14

    Re: girl interrupted – Can't possibly be. Remember him jumping up and down on Oprah's couch… now imagine what his 0rgasms would be like…..

  15. 15

    Where's their security detail? This looks like a scene from a bad horror movie.

  16. 16

    Katie runs like she has a piano on her back. I kicked her big time at the NYC marathon.

  17. 17

    Re: Canadiana* – cmnt #14 bahahahahhahahahahhaha!

  18. 18

    Saaaayyyyyyyyy… am I detecting a tad bit of man boobs there?

  19. licq says – reply to this


    must be part of their scientologist exercise routines. so weird lol

  20. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Tom is intense that's for sure. Who would want to trade places with Katie ?
    Not me.

  21. 21

    Too old and too short! I guess he is taller on his money though. Katie is happy…she is getting exactly what she wants, still acknowledged and unlimited funds.

  22. 22

    barf… matching outfits

  23. 23

    p.s. … notice Tom's in front so's not to show how 'SHORT' he is!! heh heh heh heh

  24. 24

    still hasn't come out…Tom you're wasting away the days of other men finding you sexually attractive!

  25. 25

    how come tom cruise is now part of a kooky couple. when he was with the others, penelope cruz and the others star, nicole kidman, they were power couples? tom grabbed all of katies sex appeal…now shes just, bleh!

  26. 26

    Remember Lisa McPherson

  27. 27

    Tom's got some white ass legs, all that money and he cant buy a tan?

  28. 28

    They run for Xenu

  29. 29

    you are so mean to this lovely couple…on another note, it would be so funny if i were sitting on a bench outside and saw these two jogging by together lol

  30. 30

    She has the same pout in all 3 pics.. What's more annoying still is that she's always behind him. Excuse me?

  31. 31



  32. 32

    I'm more wondering if the papper that was taking the photo was jogging with them *lol*

    I dunno I think it's cool that they work out together. People should lay off these two really, they've been together for awhile.

  33. 33

    Well at least the last picture they got an angle of him looking taller..

  34. 34

    Re: take me on the floor – Is that R-Patz in red bikinis?

  35. 35

    your website is slower than crap!!

  36. 36

    See Tom run.
    Run Tom run.
    See Kate run.
    Run Kate run.
    Run from Xenu!

  37. 37

    Re: girl interrupted – I'm sure Kate wonders the same thing.

  38. 38

    I love them! Despite what everyone says about them, they look happy!

  39. 39

    I love you, Katie. Get the fuck out of there while you're free -kind of. QUICK!

  40. 40

    Omg Celebrities running in garbs out in public like normal people?? Celebrities arent Human!!! I cant believe my eyes. My mouth dropped. Geat pics.

  41. 41

    does there actually excist a photo of them that shows how much taller Katie is?? Can Tom be more controlling, seriously, he has to run ahead so that he doesnt look so tiny :D :D

  42. 42

    why does he always have to be in front of her? why jog together just to keep ahead of her?? freak…

  43. 43

    Funny how this creep was never photographed going to public parks and jogging in public when he was considered relatively normal esp when married to Nicole. You never saw them posing in a park with their ugly adopted kids trying to be all normal like he is now with Katie and Suri. Why all the desperate need for attention of late?? Barf! He is such a creep no matter how much he pretends not to be. So fucking fake, and I don't feel sorry for her as she is a grown woman and could divorce this gay douche bag loser if she wanted to. God knows marrying him did nothing positive for her "career".

  44. 44

    I hope Tom Cruise's scientology connections put you out of "business" you fucking moron