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75 comments to “J. Simpleton Still A Bad Luck Charm”

  1. 1

    oh just shut up alright already with this shit…

  2. 2

    That was an awesome game and the new stadium is unreal! Glad she seemed to be feeling up to waching it considering her little doggie.

  3. 3

    You were really desparate to slam Jessica Simpson today. And that was the best you could do. Pathetic Perez, I am sure she is not the only celeb who twitted luck to the cowboys. You are so lame and pathetic Perez.

  4. 4

    This girl deserves a month long break from you at least

  5. LSD says – reply to this


    OH COME ON!!! I don't even like Jessica Simpson. But I'm a girl who LOVES football. And I think Tony Romo is super sexy! But to blame Dalla's loss on JS? That's just crazyHowever with that said, Tony better get

  6. 6

    You are such an asshole. You are a horrible human being to treat people the way you do.

  7. 7

    Must be a slow day for you. Leave the poor girl alone. She grew up in Texas, I'm sure she was a cowboys fan loooonnnng before she was with Tony Romo.

  8. 8

    she's from Texas. it's more like she's cheering on her favorite team since she was little, more so than cheering on romo.

  9. LSD says – reply to this


    I'm a girl who LOVES football & Tony Romo. With that said, Tony better GET HIS SHIT TOGETHER!!! Because if there's one thing that I love more than a good looking man, it's FOOTBALL!! And he can't blame JS forever! I don't even like JS but at least she's from TEXAS & is rooting for her team! Which is more than I can say for Romo at the moment. Believe me, you don't want to piss of TEXAS (fans). But hey - at least Houston won! WOOOHOOO!!!

  10. 10

    Yes I'm sure SHE was responsible for making the cowboys lose…
    Perez, seriously?
    what a waste of a blog.

  11. 11

    ohh pleaseee she is not unlucky….. poor jess give her a break .. i like her i think she is beautiful woman..dont be mean to her…. she is going trhough soo much lately…..

  12. 12

    perez hilton you fat fuck

    i hope you choke on a chicken wing

  13. 13

    Maybe he just sucks..did you ever think about that? Why not have the blog be about how bad the team has been since he is on?

    If anybody had an impact on the game, its dumbass Romo, not Jess.

  14. 14

    Perez…you really are a huge douche bag! I used to defend you and think you were pretty cool but here lately in the last 6 months or so you have shown your true colors and you are nothing but a sad human being who gives gays a bad name! I will be so glad when you no longer get any attention!

  15. 15

    Bitch jinxed them on their opener at Jerry World, she betta STFU or Jones will make her disappear.

  16. 16

    I hate living in Tx unless your living in Houston or Austin its pretty much bunk. And all these people are die hard Cowboy fans….I hate the Cowboys…I rather root for the home team woohoo NEW Orleans. Yea anyways…Shes sad if you ever had someone to love you would understand. But you dont have someone so you dont understand. Teddy doesnt count. You ole' bitty.

  17. 17

    That's all Romo's fault that they lost!

  18. 18

    like you know anything about football Perez… such an asshole today

  19. 19

    Oh yeah Big Blue kicked their asses in their own home.

  20. 20

    Of course the Cowbys loss had to be because of Jessica Simpson, it had nothing to do with the Giants perhaps playing a better game or the Cowboys not playing their best. Give it a rest Perez!

  21. MKJ says – reply to this


    Some how I know this would happen, she gets blamed for everything else why not now!!

  22. 22

    It is sad that Pumpkinhead has to link a Cowboys' loss and a JS tweet to create a "story". Any news on the failed tour? Have any more of the "hottest acts on the planet" had an on-stage meltdown?

  23. 23

    I BLEED red, white and blue, score 33-31, GO GIANTS! Cowboys are our biggest rivals and we beat them in their FIRST game on THEIR home turf in their NEW Stadium. Three interceptions. We're 2-0. Suck on THAT. (I'm probably the most heated and passionate Giants female fan out there hahaha)

  24. 24

    Re: Race Bannon – I know, right? It wasn't b/c we played (huge Giants fan here) hard and beat them at home in their new stadium in their first game, I'm SURE it was jessica *rolls eyes*

  25. 25

    She is from Texas, why can't she still be a fan?!? I'm sure just like me she was raised with Cowboy Football…..She's not bad luck, the Cowboys are just playing BAD!!!!! But I'm sure you Perez do not follow Sports, so what would you know???

  26. 26

    ahhh hahahahaha…the giants are goin all the way this year!!!! but i miss michael strahan :(

  27. 27

    Did it ever occur to you or anybody that they just suck?

  28. 28

    the girl is from texas…i'm sure she was a fan of the cowboys before tony romo. give it up already perez.

  29. 29

    Why don't you media guys leave Jessica Simpson alone. She seems like a nice gal - lay off already! Jeez!

  30. 30


  31. 31

    I'm pretty sure she meant to jinx him.

  32. 32

    they lost because ROMO SUCKS

  33. 33

    Yes, it's all her fault. Blame everything on poor Jess.
    The Cowboys clearly SUCK. It's nobody's fault but their own.

  34. 34

    Please leave her alone already, she's had enough to go through recently.

  35. 35

    It's not Jessica Simpson's fault that Tony Romo SUCKS! He sucked before her and he will continue to suck after her. He is the most over-rated quarterback in the league!

  36. 36

    They continue to be losers because Tony just aint all that! Frankly, he just plain sucks. I have said from the beginning, that he is not the QB for us. But no one listens and they will continue to suck until SOMEONE, ANYONE comes to their freaking senses!

  37. 37

    Tony Romo is the most overrated hack in the game! Yeah and it is all Simpson's fault. Hell, it rained in my neck of the woods all weekend, I am blaming that and the economy on Simpson!

  38. 38

    Seriously, The girls dog just got eaten by a coyote. Can't you give her a break. Imagine how you would be feeling if a bear ate Teddy!
    Be nice for a change.. Vilify the other idiots and leave Jess alone!!!!

  39. 39

    Yoko Romo strikes again!

  40. 40

    they broke up get over it find something else stupid

  41. 41

    She isn't the problem. Romo was just beaten by a better team.

  42. 42

    Go Jess baby, I hate the Cowboys

  43. meme says – reply to this


    Stop. You know nothing about football so just stop. Leave sports out of your blog.

  44. 44

    LOL. last nights game was awesome. GO GIANTS!

  45. 45

    Perez, she is from Dallas she is going to be a Cowboy fan no matter what: get over it.

  46. 46

    Almost an exact copycat posting from another site. Do you not even try anymore, Mario? Even a little?

  47. 47

    ha ha perez love ya you got a blogging beat down~

  48. 48

    Actually it was George Dubyah in the house that was the bad luck charm!

  49. 49

    Re: LSD – I know right! I was like WTF is his excuse now? Jessica is gone. He wanted T.O. gone, he got his wish. Gotta stand on your own faults at some point.

  50. 50

    Thanks a lot Jessica! Gosh! Stop trying to be so supportive already! It was pretty funny though how after the game some fans snuck into the press conference and asked is she was the reason they lost. ha.

  51. 51

    I live in Dallas…born and raised. It's not her fault, Romo just sucks. You know this Perez so give her a break. This is another story that's gotten old and stale.

  52. 52

    Mean, mean, mean!!! I would say the Cowboys are responsible for their own loss. How utterly stupid of you! Leave Jess alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 53

    Re: Victoria_Antoinette

    haha loveeeeee it! GO GIANTS!

  54. 54

    Like she really cares about sports…she didn't care when she was married. She's pathetic. Romo and her belong together, they both suck at life.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    its not jessicas fault they suck

  57. 57

    Please ….just stop. This is so damn old and not funny anymore. The poor thing can't even wish a team good luck?… childish and ridiculous Perez.

  58. 58

    Jessica tweeted "GO COWBOYS"?
    Really really slow news day, huh Barbara/Perez?

  59. 59

    enough with saying shes a bad luck charm… did you even watch the game? the giants are better than the cowboys simple as that…. jessica simpson fucking had nothing to do with anything. shut the fuck up about sports perez. please.

  60. 60

    Hey, Perez - I don't see anything on your site about Ida Maria having a fit onstage in Boston on your tour, because there were only 250 people in a venue that holds 2500. Also nothing about the fact that she was so over it that she dropped out of the tour. Way to go, Mr. Music!

  61. 61

    Man you really hate this girl, don't you?? Coz she's pretty and has a banging bod and has a beautiful voice?

    Easy to see why you are such a jealous hater, given you make your living by writing trash about people and from making light of other people's misfortunes.

  62. 62

    why is she cheering on someone who dumped her before her birthday?

  63. 63

    Perez, I know you're not a Cowboys or Romo fan so why are you acting like a fan girl? Give it up. The truth is coming out. Romo & his fans honestly can't blame Jessica on his sucky passing game this year.

  64. 64

    rofl. perez, the team lost because they played a horrible game. not because of jessica.

  65. 65

    that's hillarious! i wish i watched the game!

  66. 66

    Dum Azz she still thinks she can win stupid fool Jessica go turn into a pumpkin girl stop been delirious Romo has got a new better and younger girl And no you didnt jinks the cowboys the giants won by default they are no good except they were lucky Dallas still the best!!!!!

  67. 67

    lol that's kind of funny actually

  68. 68


  69. 69


  70. 70

    Jessica is no bad luck charm.! Guys are just bitches. Shes a great girl & role model

  71. 71

    Know what.. I saw the game… HE SUCKED.. tired of every time he screws up.. she gets blamed… GO JESS… GEEZ… Tony Romo surely wasn't all that.. NEW STADIUM.. and they lose…. whatever..

  72. 72

    you talked about maya a month ago, now she's hurt…F*** YOU PEREZ

  73. 73

    The Cowboys suck anyway!! Romo is a little bitch! Go PATS

  74. 74

    He is a beast & she can do a zillion times better.

  75. 75

    Thank you, Jess for cursing those damn Cowboys! (yes that was sarcasm) NEW YORK GIANTS!!!!