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Media Whoring It After The Emmys

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What's a D-lister to do after attending the Emmy's?

Well, if you thought it's going to an after party, you're wrong!

Instead, Jennifer Love Hewitt and her puppet fiance, Jamie Kennedy, went whoring it out after the show.

In full glitz attire and all!

Hewitt and Kennedy showed up to paparazzi-infested Millions of Milkshakes to pimp themselves out to the photogs.

Keep trying Hewittt!

[Image via Hollywood.tv.]

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82 comments to “Media Whoring It After The Emmys”

  1. 1

    he doesnt bother me but she fuckin sucks…what was the last thing shes done?? heartbreakers?? come on now

  2. 2

    can't they just have a good time? quit busting everyone else's fun time. get over it.

  3. 3

    My Steamboat Willie would still chug up the Love canal.

  4. barb says – reply to this


    Why are you so jealous of people being happy. Perez you really are miserable. Stop your evil hate

  5. 5

    well your talking about her aren't you pretzel?? That is exactly what they're after

  6. 6

    i cannot believe she has sex with that… she used to be with antonio sabato jnr.. EPIC DOWNGRADE

  7. 7

    She just seems so pathetic….and her man is disgusting.

  8. 8

    What is it with constantly slagging off Jennifer Love Hewitt?? It`s getting kind of boring now and there are many way worse celebrities out there!!

  9. 9

    maybe a little desperate but she looked really pretty at the emmys.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    You know Perez, When people make fun of someone, especially the way you do to JLH, it means that you are jealous!!!! This poor girl can't go anywhere and have fun without you saying something. You are such a bully, leave her alone!!

  12. 12

    why don't you just leave your ugly comments about Jennifer at home, stuffed in a box somewhere. What has she ever done to you? Leave her alone unless you have something nice to say about her.!!

  13. jvacc says – reply to this


    are they media whores for getting photographed or are you a media whore for posting it?

  14. 14

    LOL! She looks like an idiot sucking on that straw.

  15. 15

    she's a has been and he's fug!!!!

  16. 16

    She's still beautiful and I love her show so STFU

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Wow Perez, now YOU are the one getting desperate for gossip. I mean, she's out with her Fiancee sipping on a straw…yeah…breaking news. Jealous

  19. 19

    perez, you're no more a celebrity than she is. so… what's you're point?
    if someone had a much time as you do, and copied stories from other websites, they, too, could have a popular website.

  20. 20

    Geez, leave her alone, Perez. She's adorable and seems genuinely sweet. :(

  21. 21

    You douche what is your problem with her??

  22. 22

    Re: barb – I think Perez needs some dick maybe then he will chill out a bit eh?

  23. 23

    She looked great at the Emmys…..stop hating.

  24. 24

    Hey Chubbs………………………she is a top rated show. Go back to hating on small children like you usually do you fat bully………………..

  25. 25

    fuck you mario j love is a very classy lady she is no where near being a media whore than you you whore your self all the time on your site every time your on tv you post it on here so i guess it takes one to know one

  26. 26

    Geezus Mario! You are such a FUCK. What is it with you that you have to beat up people so much? No doubt you were that Fat Kid that nobody liked in school. Revenge Much? Grow up! Arent you like 40 or 41 already?? DAMN!

  27. 27

    Fuck you Perez. Maybe they were just having fun all dressed up.

    Only after party's are the acceptable after show activity? Again, fuck you Perez.

    You should "keep trying" too, fucktard.

  28. 28

    Godamn he is fugz now!

  29. 29

    i couldn't care less but u obviously call her pathetic for trying YET here you are posting their pic!! Not to mention you're the biggest Z-lister of them all but somehow posts concerning you are FAB!! Get a life, loser! and I should get one too for coming to your site!

  30. 30

    ?? I am confused… people here are saying she does nothing.. you always insult her.. but doesnt she have a hit tv show on currently? Which is a LOT more then you can say for most actors.. so… I am confused

  31. 31

    What exactly is your problem with JLH? One would think that you'd share a common bond with her since you've both made a fortune without any semblance of talent whatsoever.

  32. 32

    Umm, here's a thought: They could be actually having a fun night together and not really concerned with the papas. After all, they are both on the same, successful show, so I doubt that they really need the publicity.

    You are so hateful towards anyone YOU don't particularly like Perez. Must suck to be you and so full of hate for most of the celebs who snub you in Hollywood.

  33. 33

    Re: Christo – Hahaha, oh but he promised Tyra he wouldn't for 6 months so he could get on ANTM…hmmm, and he calls jennifer love desperate :}

  34. 34

    Re: andriiiiia – ghost whisperer duh! lol

  35. barb says – reply to this


    Re: Grizzy Giselle you are right about him getting a little dick, but who would hit it? So gross

  36. 36

    Yeah, I can't believe they're trying to get publicity. Like they're actors or something. They're supposed to go on Oprah and jump up and down on a sofa.

  37. 37

    these two are so pathetic it's sickening. nobody gives two shits about either of them. just GO AWAY.

  38. 38

    Are those straws big enough?

  39. 39

    Re: QUINCYGIRL – Hey QUINCY GIRL! Is that Quincy, MA? Me too! Class of 88 bb!

  40. 40

    why do u hate her so much, peresz? WHY?

  41. 41

    Yeah, she's so desperate with her hit show on prime-time TV and her beautiful dress. Get off her back!

  42. 42

    Bahahaaa Perez I fucking love youuuu (:

  43. 43

    Seriously, what did she do to you? You seem to have a lot of hate going on and she really seems so sweet.

  44. 44

    She'll stick anything in her mouth and suck on it for attention.

  45. 45

    Notwithstanding my intense dislike for the Internet cockroach Perez Hilton, I do have to agree with the d-lister comment. Jennifer Love has gone from easily the actress I'd "most like to fuck" to "I wouldn't do her with your dick" in a very short few years. So sad. And she's so desperate looking. That girl is definitely a bunny boiler.

  46. 46

    Way to lose the fat ass, Jennifer.

  47. 47

    i love jennifer! she is cute and hot all in one… especially when she was on party of 5 always wearing her sleavez over her hands. what a doll! id battle jamie for her lol = ) ….. let em dANCE!

  48. 48

    Isn't this exactly what you do Perez?

  49. 49

    You should have seen the glamcam picture E took of them *baaarf*. I so don't understand what she sees in him, sure he's funny but he's so disgusting looking!

  50. 50

    Isn't that exactly what you do Perez?

  51. 51

    Y is it that u dislike her so much? Or is it the fact that sum1 said they didn't like her and you followed along like most ppl you 'hate' on the website. I think they make a really cute couple. Maybe your just jealous that you don't have true love like they do.

  52. 52

    Re: Race Bannon – Agreed!

  53. 53

    She looks amazing, she is lovely and she is always smiling not like your lovely Angelina, and at least she has a beautifull smile not like the monster of big teeth like the fugly GaGa

  54. 54

    you do realize she has a current show on tv and thats why she was at the TV AWARDS
    just because you dont like somebody that doesnt mean they are automatically a d lister

  55. 55

    Leave em alone,she is so cute and her show is good check it out!

  56. 56

    look whos talking Mr. Media whore himself…you really do baffel me…let them have some fun…if that were you & GaGa Yucky, I suppose you would think there was nothing wrong with it…you really bother me alot!

  57. 57

    Ok, so how is she a D lister? she has her own show, she's been in movies she actually can act. Is she a D lister because she is not a cheap whore? Please…

  58. 58

    You ever think that some people just don't give a shit about those lame-ass after-parties. Not everyone is as desperate for fame as you. Don't slag on them because they went out for Milkshakes and look to be having fun together.

  59. 59

    Jen a D lister? Somehow Mario, I think not. She has a very successful career, stars in a high rated TV show (and has done so since 2005) and was actually invited to attend the Emmy's. You on the other hand, who is only just hanging by a thread on the Z list were not and you were probably sitting in your pink little bedroom, sobbing your eyes out and whining why Jen was invited and you were not. Life's a bitch ain't it? If anyone is a fame whore, it's you darling. Your attempts at getting noticed in the public eye are rather pathetic and extremely lame. But the saddest thing? You don't even realize it. You think people adore you and love you, think ago sweetie, they don't. If anything, they feel sorry for you. Appreciate your 5 minutes of fame because they're about to run out!

  60. 60

    Why shouldn't they be there ?? They're both on TV aren't they??

    Just a bit jealous that you couldn't parade your hideous yellow hair fatso??

    They way you obsess about her too, I'd say you're a bit jealous of her also.

  61. 61

    shut the fuck up perez. you wanna talk about being a d list celebrity? why not just take a loooong hard look at yourself. I dont see you staring in a show on TV thats just going into its 5TH

  62. 62

    Hey Butthead, She has a successful TV that is starting it's 5th season, she is adorable and has more talent then your beloved "reality whores". She is not running around doing stupid things or bad mouthing anyone. She is out with her boyfriend who also is an actor on TV. So hmmmm I guess they did have a reason/right to be at the Emmy's.
    Leave her alone - stop being such a douche.

  63. 63

    I love JLH!! I think someone is jealous, Perez…Maybe she the woman you always wanted to be?

  64. 64

    her show Ghost whisper is actually really cute

  65. 65

    She looks pretty on the cover of what magazine is it? Shape? I saw it in the airport in San Fran. Very pretty. I like Jamie Kennedy too. I think he's funny. I loved that show the Jamie Kennedy experience and I was sad when it went off the air. Also how is she D list? She has had a successful career!

  66. 66

    Oops…experiment. It was the Jamie Kennedy Experiment and it was a funny show I don't care what anyone says!

  67. 67

    i like jennifer love hewitt, ghost whisperer is a good show and besides i like her dress!

  68. 68

    Let them have fuN! i just started watching the ghost whisperer. its good

  69. 69

    she looks pretty here…this is the first she's looked good since her party of five days

  70. 70

    So they are "pimping themselves out to the photogs"? Interesting…
    And what exactly is it that you do when you're posing for pictures at the VMA's? I would really like to know the difference…

  71. 71

    Speidi does it way better.

  72. 72

    I love how you terrorize "normal" celebrities. You know, the ones who aren't stung out on drugs, falling down drunk at bars, or being arrogant jackasses. Yet, you worship Gaga who is a hot mess. And you are actually friends with Speidi (made me shudder to type) who are the biggest attention seeking whores alive. You're sad, and pathetic.

  73. 73

    Aww…Perez, don't be mean. I really like JLH and her boyfriend. She looked great and Ghost Whisperer is a really good show. I don't think she's D-list, either. I mean, she does have a successful show and all.

  74. 74

    I like them.

  75. 75

    I doubt they are "D" listers if they got invited to the emmys, did you get invited? no of course not what does this make you perez a z lister. And they are both on a hit tv show idiot.

  76. 76

    If they're media whoring themselfs so much and you hate it fat ass,why post it on your website you turd!
    If anyone knows anything more about "media whoring"
    its you perez,you pig vomit fuck.

  77. 77

    Are they the new Spencer & Heidi?

  78. 78

    Perez do ur hmk, Ghost Whisperer is a pretty popular show, inwhich they both star on, and Jennifer Love co-produces so why shouldn't they be there? & they are in love and happy so um… why shouldn't they have fun together? R u just mad they every celebrity you obsess with turns out to be a druggie or an alcoholic? Jen isn't a d-lister, you are.

  79. 79

    She is so pretty, he is not even cute. Why did she dump that hottie Ross for THIS!? Girl you can do better…

  80. 80

    holy shit! i need to go over there! check out those straws!

  81. 81

    Shut the fuck up and let them be happy.

  82. 82

    Dude, YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH that should call someone desperate. At least this chick is NOT A FAILED ACTOR LIKE YOURSELF and has a popular TV show…poor Perez WANTED a TV show, but alas, he sucks to hard to even do that. Because you can't STEAL other peoples lines on TV like you steal story for you shitty gossip site. FUCK OFF AND DIE PLEASE!