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A Cruise Family Outing

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fp_3658428_fp_cruise_holmes_excl_fp_091809.jpg fp_3658433_fp_cruise_holmes_excl_fp_091809.jpg

In a rare photo-op, the Cruise clan was out in full force in Boston on Monday with patriarch Tom treating his entire family to dinner.

Not only was little fashionista Suri Cruise present, but also Tom's forgotten older children, Connor and Isabella, from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman and his mother, Mary Lee Mapother.

Naturally doting wife Katie Holmes was in attendance as well.

Uhm, Katie, what the FUG is that outfit?!

And do Connor and Katie have matching bags?

Wonder what their conversations must be like around the dinner table!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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57 comments to “A Cruise Family Outing”

  1. cccf says – reply to this


    isabella is a lesbian

  2. 2

    I still cant understand what Tom saw in Katie. What blew him away about her. She is such a plain Jane, seems so boring.

  3. 3

    paps outside my house rt now filming across the street..ugh the traffic!

  4. 4

    again, everyone nice a bundled up…poor kid malnurished kid

  5. 5

    Must suck going out to dinner as a family and having some asshole douchebag like Perez snark every aspect of your family…right down to what kind of bag the teenage boy is carrying. Lameness. Hope they had a nice dinner as a family…even the "forgotten" (dude, Perez, you suck) children.

  6. 6

    Connor and Isabella are regularly photographed with Tom and Katie. They're older children so they're probably doing their own thing alot of the time, whereas Suri is a baby so is constantly with her parents.

    Want to talk about forgotten? How often are they seen with their so-called 'Mom' Nicole Kidman???

  7. 7

    Standard procedure —- Kate always walking 10 paces behind.

  8. 8

    Remember Lisa McPherson

  9. 9

    Re: pusspuss – Yeah, what the fuck, Nicole?! be a BIG part of those kids' lives. You gotta keep 'em away from XENUUUUUUUUU

  10. 10

    suri is adorable and better dressed then me!

  11. 11

    Katie's looking a little chunky…could she be pregnant?

  12. 12

    Looking like hobos!

  13. 13

    How the fuck is Tommygurl going to to do the "tap tap" in the men's room with the whole damn family in tow?

  14. 14

    Re: Luv My White Cotton Panties – HAHA That's probably why she's so damn pasty white!

  15. 15

    YEAH WHY is everyone ALWAYS bundled up and SURI is NOT!?

  16. 16

  17. 17

    agh tom cruise its sooooooooo good looking!
    i dont understand why everybody hates him now…i love him

  18. 18

    A street parade like this (such a high concentrate of crazy) should have special parade officials (medically trained/wearing white uniforms/carrying cattleprods)

  19. 19

    those pants katie is wearing arnt very flattering

  20. 20

    plain janes make great moms

  21. 21

    I'm sorry but how old is that lil' girl… SHE'S OLD ENOUGH TO TALK ON HER OWN! Fuck she's not fucking retarded.

  22. 22

    Re: Big Black Dick
    actually…he prob
    met them there
    and got zum
    taptap on da

  23. 23

    Yes, their bags match. Bad look for both.
    The dinner conversation relvolves around which one they think will get beamed up first.

  24. 24

    katie is wearing the latest scientology mind-fuck prison uniform

  25. 25

    Katie looks fat.

  26. 26

    Once again, this moron is carrying their daughter. What is wrong with her legs? Do her knees bend backwards?

  27. 27

    Re: DukeSteele

    Remember they're probably surrounded by paparazzi - cameras flashing, pushing and shoving. Celebs carry their kids to get them out of the way quickly.

  28. 28

    The temperature was in the 70ies in Boston today, so she didn't need to be bundled up. If anything Katy is a bit overdressed for the weather.

  29. 29

    let her walk, there are paps everywhere! they don't care, they aren't careful, she can get hurt. thats why they are carrying her!

  30. 30

    What are guys supposed to carrying their stuff in? You are such a dumbass Perez to make such a lame comment. That and the stupid ass comment about the older kids being "forgotten"….maybe they're just not available to be paparazzi fodder. You are such a douche, you and your sister who writes the comments for these lame photos.

  31. 31

    I urge every celebrity who reads this to please use that power of celebrity to stop the mandatory swine flu vaccinations that are happening right this second. If you need a quick tutorial on the Swine flu vaccine scam look up the 1976 Swine flu. With your ability to get attention you CAN stop this. The MSM has chosen sides and it's not with the people. You are our only hope. This isn't a firedrill ladies and gentlemen, this is the real thing.

  32. 32

    Katie is a lovely woman, but dear G*d she needs a makeover! At least try to be pretty, not old before your time!! With all that money, she could look awesome even in simple, but nice clothes! Loose the entire outfit, starting with the hat.

  33. 33

    i saw you with a purse two

  34. 34

    Suri is ADORABLE, but I have yet to see her in a picture where she's standing or walking.

  35. 35

    Does anyone else find it odd that Connor looks just like a mocha Tom? I always thought so but he really looks like him as he's getting older. Hmmm…wassup with that? Peretzel, I think it's time you use your major connections and do some digging. You would be even more famous if you were responsible for breaking this news!!! Don't forget you're old bud "jayteeran" when you're at the thop.

  36. 36

    katie you never look too good , today its the bag lady

  37. 37


  38. 38

    katie always looks so downtrodden and miserable. after all this time, you have to believe that she IS downtrodden and miserable.

  39. 39

    Why do you say forgotten children, you jackass? He's pictured with them a lot more than most celeb parents. I still like Tom no matter what his religion

  40. 40

    Suri is the cutest babygirl EVER!
    but Katie looks like..tired..?

  41. 41

    wow. Kate's sporting some thunder-thighs.

  42. 42

    Platforms! Very subtle, midget boy!!!

  43. 43

    Perez, tell your fat sister she is not allowed to give celebrity fashion advice until she loses 87 lbs and hires a stylist for herself. Hugs and kisses.

  44. 44

    Re: whiterabbit – mmmm, i haven't heard the word "downtrodden" in awhile. I like it!

  45. 45

    Why are they always carrying that kid???

  46. 46

    For claims of how Katie became Tom Cruise's wife, check out the description of the audition process: "One Day, One Destiny" on youtube. The whole film is fascinating, but if you want to skip to the Katie stuff, it's at part 6, 6:50 in.

  47. 47

    No white after labor day folks, and stop carrying that kid around, she is getting too big.

  48. 48

    Does this guy ever go anywhere without his mother?? What a fucking loser!! His wife must be so disillusioned and disappointed to have wasted herself on him.

  49. 49

    My guess is she's thinking the same thing as I am. She ALWAYS looks miserable when photographed with him and I'm hardly the only one to notice how she turned into a middle-aged hag as soon as she hooked up with him. Also I wonder why he's always carrying the kid. It's getting to be creepy. She's definitely old enough to walk on her own but I guess he needs a prop or something for the photogs. Else why would they bother taking his picture?! :P

  50. 50

    Forgotten by whom? The pap? From what I hear Tom is very dedicated to his children both biological and not. His older kids are teenagers and don't want to hang with Dad 24/7. The "forgotten" comment is just distasteful, more so then the soon to come designer test tube celeb babies will be seing.

  51. 51

    Re: Luv My White Cotton Panties
    I was thinking the same shit,everyone all nice and warm and this poor girl is in some summer dress. WTF is wrong with these people..

  52. 52

    theres katie looking frumpy-dumpy as usual

  53. 53

    Katie would be the definition of butter face, except that her body is gross, too. Wonder if they are going to try to use Scientology to cure Isabella's lesbianism?

  54. 54

    Looks like Connor and his gay dad shop at Gays R Us

  55. 55

    Why are they always carrying this huge child? Look at her legs. If she straightened them out, they would be touching the ground. Let her walk for god's sake. They baby her way too much, and I hate when they show pictures ofher with that bottle all the time. It's almosst as bad as those stupid Gosslin kids wearing bibs at 5 years old.

  56. 56

    They have a really beautiful family Conner just keeps getting cuter, but I bet Katie gets sick of Toms mom always tagging along, that crap gets old with the wife.

  57. 57

    WTF did Katie see in that dork?