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How Do We Say This Delicately????

| Filed under: Love LineJesse McCartney


What the fuck happened to him????

It's nice to see that Jesse McCartney has found himself a lady friend.

Unfortunately for Jesse, she doesn't seem like such a classy lady!

The duo was spotted last night outside the Roger Room bar in West Hollywood. And we're sure Jesse was loving that see-through top she was wearing. Nipply anyone?

On a good note, Jesse's face seems to be acne clear.

On a bad note, it's looking hella puffy (too much boozing?) and that hair color has GOTS TO GO, boo!

[Image via Ability Films.]

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96 comments to “How Do We Say This Delicately????”

  1. 1

    has he gained a couple pounds? what a fat ass

  2. 2

    She's too pretty for him. Whoever she is. He looked better blonde.

  3. 3

    he sooo ugly. he is like arron carter 2.0

  4. 4

    the bright flash of light will do that perez. dumbass!

  5. 5

    she's prettty. i think it's just his jacket. he was way hotter on greek. and better natural hair color.

  6. 6

    Really?!?! His hair looks a helluva lot better than your Archie-esque hair.

  7. 7

    Is fatso criticizing other peoples' looks? The same fatso that went to the VMAs like Ronald McDonald that dressed in the dark? HA. Perez really is worst than a bitchy High School Girl.

  8. 8

    FATBOY Perez Hilton being critical of someone's hair color? LOOK IN THE MIRROR PIG FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    Why do you insult these people? You don't know anything about this girl. That is not cool.

  10. 10

    YOU perez of all people should keep your fat fucking forked tongue quiet about anyone's hair color.

  11. 11

    he looks like a kid still :O a kid dating an older chick

  12. 12

    Re: oggie168 – Exactly. Dont forget Perez thinks whore Paris and trashy Gaga are classy ladies so we cant take his word for anything.

  13. 13

    I find it amusing that your commenting on his hair with that day glow orange mop on top of your fat fucking head!

  14. 14

    Bra = a good plan

  15. 15

    Well Pumpkin Head, you are one to talk with your Pumpkin Head Hair Color… and the fact that you are the shape of a fucking pumpkin. Shut the fuck up Perez, everybody knows you are just fucking jealous of these boys who look so much better than you, even if they are still considered a mess! Ha! LOL …. Pumpkin Head!

  16. 16

    And here I used to find him attractive… yuck

  17. 17

    shes sexxy who gives a shit what she wears lady gaga dresses like a cheap hooker you dont say shit about that

  18. kaylo says – reply to this


    You're calling him "puffy"? You would know.

  19. 19

    omg…he was cute just awhile back…go back to blonde!

  20. 20

    how hard is it to wear a damn bra?? it is SO tacky when chicks do this, tacky, tacky tacky…

  21. 21

    Nice racist shirt Jesse! What a dumbfuck.

    ("Eighty-eight"/"88" is neo-nazi shit for "HH"/"Heil Hitler" as the 8th letter of the alphabet)

  22. 22

    umm he looks very uncomfortable

  23. 23

    How come it's classy and chic when Rihanna wears see through tops?

  24. 24

    who is that?

  25. 25

    she looks like a megan fox wanna be!!
    haha and the funny thing is that at the mmva's a couple years ago, jesse said he loved megan fox xD

  26. 26

    That is so funny… Before I started reading I thought it was a picture of the kid from Malcom in the Middle! I have to say I have never actualy heard a song by Jesse McCartney.

  27. 27

    He looks like Rick Astley!

  28. 28

    Seriously, what happened to him? His peak was on Summerville…or Summertown? What was that show's name? He was sexy in that.

    Perez, can we take a moment to talk about your hideous hair color? At least his isn't fluorescent orange and oddly arranged on the top of his head, which by the way is not "faboosh" "amazeballs" or "fierce", it's more "I'm in my 30s and I will never be taken seriously, who gives a shit about what I have to say, you'll be too distracted by the hot mess on my head."

  29. 29

    Omg..your so right..!! that hair color gotta go deffinetly..and he gain weight for sure..!! OMG!!

  30. 30


  31. 31

    I thought it was Malcolm in the Middle.

  32. 32

    i used to have the biggest crush on him, wtf :(

  33. 33

    the girls name is Jasmine Waltz. i did a movie with her last year called "Spin The Bottle". i knew she looked familiar.

  34. 34

    Holy Shit!! I thought that was Frankie Muniz!

  35. 35

    And, then… sometimes you just don't know when an outfit will be see-through.

  36. 36

    He looks like a young Conan O'Brien. Only paler.

  37. 37

    LOL… HILARIOUS and so typical of you Perez! Your red hair

  38. 38

    Jesse, we love you, go back to natural. You're hot as a blonde. (and while you're at it, plunk…)

  39. jho36 says – reply to this


    aww he looks like a straight clay aiken

  40. 40

    You of all people should know Perez, that sometimes clothes become see-through when camera flashes are lighting them up.

  41. 41

    Well he losted the podium of sexy teen to Zac Efron a couple of years ago…
    He was cute in Summerville and Zac was fugly. The girl looks like an attempt of Megan Fox. The black top is a tramp: I have black tops and they are normal without a flash of light in it. If flashes comes in the become transparent…so its not her fault.

  42. 42

    That is a Classy Lady, Perez! Let's not put them down for showing their chi chi's! Us straight Guys approve!
    The Chick is Hot!

  43. 43

    wait i don't see whats wrong with him, and his lady girl there, i'm guessing sheer top and boob job + being young and crazy= tittays,

  44. 44

    Jess looks hot! Cute girlfriend.

  45. 45

    i thought that was frankie muniz!

  46. 46

    he was hot on summerland, whay happened after that?

  47. 47

    Chick looks like MEGAN FOX when she was younger. O_O

  48. 48

    Perez, I love you but, you're kinda being hypocritical on this one…Rhianna wore something like this less than a week ago and you called it fashionable. And your hair was like this not to long ago, if not worst cuz it made you look like a lepherchaun. Give the boy a break, he looks good and we can thank our lucky stars this girl is not aubrey o'day

  49. 49

    I want to be skinny.

  50. 50

    FFS, it´s just a nipple. Every human has them. ZZzz

  51. ANGRY says – reply to this


    What are you, the Taliban?

  52. 52

    So what? It's a fucking nipple. Jesse McFartney kinda looks like a young Conan O'Brien.

  53. 53

    LMAO I mean Jesse McCartney

  54. 54

    poor bb :( he looks like clay aiken with that hair color. or a little leprechaun who happened to find a trashy megan fox wannabe at the end of his rainbow. booo

  55. tj77 says – reply to this


    Funny thing is, Jesse actually looks good..like a normal good-looking guy. WTF??? Hmmm. He looks 100% better than your fat ass Mario!!!! Wow, YOU should not pass judgement AT ALL. I know it's just a character you're portraying on this Site…but really??? Have some Class. You, of all people, know that humans' weight fluctuates. Except, even when you lose weight, you pretty much look the same: Bitter and bitchy. Don't be such a dick when it comes to peoples' bodies. God, you really are a dick! You perpetuate all the shit in Hollywood more than you think. But that's how you get your 'hard-on'..by actually having power. Too bad people take stock in what you say. Lame.

  56. 56

    i had more respect for him when i was under the impression he wss a good guy who liked normal and sweet girls. this gal may be sweet but i dunno…
    also, i dont like his hair color
    but hes still cool in my book

  57. 57

    she looks like megan fox without makeup

  58. 58

    He looks perfect so leave the guy alone. And his girlfriend's pretty cute.

    Oh and about time you updated somethin bout Jesse, by the way!

  59. 59

    Go easey on him! You have no idea how much he works! He has been touring. The only thing you have time to eat o tour is fastfood.. Ad he said that it was kid of the only thing he eat when he had the time.. And now he's in the studio writing for BIG stars: Toni Braxto, David A, Leighton meester(not that big of a music star, but yeah) and for him self too.. And others.. and producing alot.. He is one of the best out there right now.. So he have to time to go to the gym(even though he should go very soon) And he gets booked for ALOT of shows.. He is REALLY talented..
    And that girl, GOT TO GO! Normally I have NOTHING against him having girlfriends, I mean, why would I. He's a normal guy that wants girlfriends.. BUT this one I dont like. There is something about her,. But, maybe she nice. I dunno.. Dont know her..
    But, cut him some slack.. He's amazing.

  60. 60

    Wow, coming from you fatboy, with the rolls of fat and the fucking stupid hair.

    Man you're a hypocrite of the highest order. You queens need to engage the brain. As for the nipple, flash light photography that's all. She doesn't have her front arse out like the other classy ladies out there so don't over react.

  61. china says – reply to this


    she seems a far more classy lady than caca. and you shouldn`t be too straight forward about hair colors…

  62. 62

    Classy? That is funny coming from a guy who dresses like a Kindergartner's crayon art piece!

  63. 63

    class, seriously? no one has any class anymore, it's all about nipples and twats apparently..

  64. 64

    Your hair has got to go betch.

  65. 65

    Hahaha, Jesse McCartney is ONE OF THE BEST OUT THERE RIGHT NOW?(IN MUSIC)?!? HAHAHA! Are you fucking kidding me?!? Please… Get a life or a clue. That is so ridiculous that it's actually funny! Seriously, I think I'll just hold on to that one. What a joke. :O!!! Also, that girl looks like a hoe. But I'll let that slide…Jesse McCartney ONE OF THE BEST OUT THERE…well if that's true (WHICH IT'S NOT IDIOT) it is a sad day indeed for the music biz, but really, let's all take a moment to laugh….AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  66. wazup says – reply to this


    It's one thing to flaunt it, but this is giving it away. She is clearly screaming, "touch me, touch me. Why doesn't he pay any attention to me? Wa, Wa, Wa, boo hoo…"

  67. 67

    This guy is the biggest pu$$y alive. When he was "Punk'd" he started crying like a little girl. I can't stand his "music" either. He sings like a pre-pubescent Peter Brady. Total pansy.

  68. 68

    Mario, that sounds like a self-description to me. Huge-ass head. Fucked up hair color. Remind you of anyone?

  69. 69

    Damn !!! WTF ??? after he fucked Aubrey that was pretty much it for this guy…FILE UNDER Z LIST

  70. 70


  71. 71

    I thought that was Frankie Muniz….whew!

  72. 72


  73. 73

    Whoa…I thought that was FRANKIE MUNIZ!!

  74. 74

    how about rhianna and her nipples? whats the difference? trash is trash is trash.

  75. 75

    shut up perez. your hair is literally the ugliest i've seen in my life.
    and oh yeahh cause your "wifey" is soooooooooo classy (note the sarcasm)
    and jesse is good looking, even with brown hair. it was a lot darker before, i think it just got paler.

  76. 76

    That must be her 'Beautiful Soul' poking through!

  77. 77

    Interesting, because Rhianna was just out wearing the same shirt and she was
    "Faboosh"? So why is it…
    whatever. Carry on.

  78. 78

    Who is this?????

  79. 79

    Her dress is going to look see through from the flash of the cameras. Perez, you're a "celeb", you should know this! He has packed on quite a few lbs! He's still got a pretty voice

  80. 80

    He looks SO ridiculous! I thought it was Frankie Muniz =>

  81. 81

    omg…your going to talk about hair colour… you fucking idiot.. your hair is the worst… you really need to stop and look in the mirror before u critisize.. at least his hair is natural colour as apposed to your clown orange.. and who gives a fuck if her nipple is showing… men walk around with no shirts… get over it you virgin.. lol .. you expose yourself as gay because u couldnt get laid by a chick even if u wanted to ..your personality is to dysfunctional..

  82. 82

    and you think YOUR hair is attractive? and lady gaga is CLASSY? i definitely take your opinion seriously.

  83. JB9 says – reply to this


    He doesnt look like he gained any weight to me! And perez you need to worry about yourself more instead of others! And if he has gained weight its because hes touring so much! And shes probably just a fan.

  84. 84


  85. 85

    Omg! What the hell is he doing to himself! First the hair, now the weigt and the slut? Cmon Jesse pull it together! I'll love u know matter what but cmon, you candi so much better, and you have!

  86. 86

    Re: hair-on-me
    first of all dumbass he just got done touring about a month ago what do u fuckin expect?!?!
    dude u have probs if u think hes fat…
    his jacket is makein him look bigger hes skinny get a life

  87. 87

    Re: JB9
    and noooo not a fan GRRR his 27 yr old gf

  88. 88

    dude shut up….
    jesse's hair has been this color for like almost 2yrs now get a life
    and his gf…well i dont like her cuz shes a hoe and shes most likely just usein him so she can get famous
    and his face is prolly puffy cuz hes prolly been sleepin alot i know i wuld so fuck offf
    perez sure as hell has no room to talk

  89. 89

    she looks a little like megan fox so she's way 2 hot 4 him

  90. 90

    i LOVE jesse. but im not really feelin' the new hair color :/

  91. 91

    i've been a fan of him for along time but DAMN! shes slutty and fugly! and he looks better blonde

  92. 92

    I will go on tv and whine and complain about this, just to get
    annoying air time

  93. 93

    he looks 15

  94. 94

    Re: ccxcx55 – are you a retard? google him & google aaron carter. they look nothing alike anymore. dumbass.

  95. 95

    Re: sharre – he hasnt been blonde in years. :)

  96. 96

    first his hair color is like this because he had to make his hair blond again for his last movie and than back to brunett..that why his hair looks like this!second:his face is like this because of the photo!its the light!!!!!
    third: no one interrest if he has acne or not because thats normal and a human thing!!!!and last: I think that his new girlfriend BUT I dont know …and I dont like her…you can see that she is very slutty BUT if jesse like her and he is happy ..Im happy too!!!:) And I dont like it that she wear nothink under the this BUT its her thinK!and mybe its because the light too!!!!
    so dont perez leave him alone fat ass!!!!!!!!!:OOO