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Lily Allen Confirms End Of Singing Career!

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It was never her music we hated, it was her words and actions! And we're gonna get A LOT more of that now that Lily Allen is taking time off from music - indefinitely.

The singer has confirmed that she has no plans to tour anymore or record a follow-up to her latest album, It's Not Me, It's You.

"I do however remain a fan of new music, so this is not some selfish crusade," says the retired singer on her new anti-piracy blog. "The days of me making money from recording music has been and gone as far as I'm concerned, so I don't (at this point) stand to profit from legislation."

Illy is taking time off to star in the West End production of Neil Labute's Reasons To Be Pretty!

As terrible the notion that someone put her in a play, it may be a great casting decision. The lead female role in the show is Steph, a girl who is bat-shiz crazy!

But, she'll probably pull a Pivert!

You can't pAArty like that and do 8 shows a week!!

[Image via WENN.]

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106 comments to “Lily Allen Confirms End Of Singing Career!”

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  1. 1

    It's about time! I can't stand that stupid twat!

  2. 2

    she looks hot in that outfit though!

  3. 3

    I'm not going to thank this stupid bimbo for leaving the music business because she should have never been singing in the first place. My ears will finally rest!

  4. 4

    perez, one can do 8 shows a week and still maintain his or her boozy lifestyle , you half-wit. elaine stritch did it for most of her life in the theatre. a stage actors life is perfect for someone who parties late and sleeps later.

  5. 5

    shell b back in 5 years i tell u

  6. 6

    Thank God

  7. 7

    You fucking suck for continuously slagging Lily Allen off, Perez. She's amazing, and I wish her luck for her West End production!

  8. 8

    Someone throw a cum-drenched tissue at her crotch already!!

  9. 9


  10. 10


  11. 11

    i think she's rad. so stfu. or keep rambling on about your distaste…

    im sure, either way… she doesnt give a fuck.

  12. TDOG says – reply to this


    whats she gonna do then, work at heathrow?

  13. 13

    It's a crime against music… damn I luv her music!!!

  14. 14

    she had some good music, i think shes great. she had great catchy pop songs.

  15. 15

    Katy Perry wins!!!
    Her first album was probably more successful than all of Lilly Allen's combined.
    And her sophmore album will no doubt be another hit!
    Lol–did anyone even ever like Lilly Allen anyway?

  16. 16

    PEREZ - I completely disagree! Which is surprising, considering my sentiments are usually spot on with yours. Lily has recently spent some time here in Australia. I already loved her music and after seeing a few interviews, i think she is fantastic! I was sad to hear about this! She is unique and very talented, I hope she will make another album, sooner rather than later!
    PS. This is the first post i have seen that has caused me to create an account and comment!!

  17. fiona says – reply to this


    Adios, harsh crude poser. I never heard a tune out of your crude craw.

  18. 18




  19. 19

    Will miss her. Love those boots.

  20. 20

    I hope she has a change of heart. I absolutely love Lily Allen and listen to her music almost every day. It would be a shame if didn't record again. Not only is her music good, but her lyrics are amazing.

  21. 21

    NOOO! I love her, why can't Heidi Montag, lil wayne or Chris brown announce they are retiring in stead!? Why can't Beyonce announce that she is taking a loooong break since she is overexposed and we need a break from her?!

  22. 22

    Screw you Lily. You are way fucking selfish because you are still making more money then most normal people could ever dream of, get the fuck over it and thanks for freeing the world from your shitty music.

  23. 23

    STFU .. Lily Allen's a great singer and this is really unfortunate that she's not going to be singing for a while so back off .

  24. 24

    well, that kinda sucks and is out of the blue. i like her music. My guess is that all that partying got to her and she has grown lazyy!!!

  25. 25

    She might be a little crazy, but I loved her music. I'm a really sad panda. :(

  26. 26

    Re: fly a kite – why doesn't perez retire? he never has an original story. he steals his stories from everywhere. he is talentless . lily is beautiful and oozes talent. she is in a class all her own which perez knows he will never be invited to. i think she reminds him of who he wanted to be or at least friends with in high school. i think that's why he clings to gaga because she gives him everything he so desperately wanted in high school. i don't think it will be long before he ends up on the same path as mischa, anna, lindsay or mc dreamy and rebecca. there will be a drug scandal and a sex tape within a year after that. i wait patiently for your epic fail perez.

  27. 27

    lily, you are one sexy bitch in this pic.

  28. 28

    Neil Labute is a genius. She's lucky to work with him. She's probably hoping to be a movie star once the play is a hit and if she can act to the level required on his work which is pretty f'ing intense.

  29. 29

    maybe she's now got a little time to grew up and to grow a brain and develop some musical sense (and singing talent). aahh that's too much.. byebye lilly *waves* bet there will be no comeback for you, so i hope you know what you're doing.
    (i usually disagree with perez - just to point that out)

  30. 30

    Have you read/seen this play? That character is not crazy. She is PISSED.

  31. 31

    I'm glad that bitch is giving it a rest..can we say annoying

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Will miss all the funny vids … my fav "alfie"
    Break a leg, *insert inappropriate sound here of lust here*

  34. 34

    BigDaddyMagnum says, "Wow. Everyone seems to hate you now Perez. I wonder why that is?"

  35. 35

    she is hot

  36. 36

    not trying to be mean, but WHO IS SHE??????

  37. 37

    Re: ShoeWhoreRe: ShoeWhore – I do not know who L.Allen. I do know a tactles, never-mind when i see it. Get help. Or write for "CRIMNAL MINADS". (IF YOU HAVE ONE).

  38. 38


  39. 39

    I never understood what people saw in her "music" in the first place :S .

  40. 40

    its prolly bcuz lady gaga came in and stole the spotlight!

  41. 41

    You're such a bad loser perez.

  42. 42

    Re: walrus gumboot – True, lily actually HAS talent and I know she can't be done!! My guess is that she will come back in 2 years. She won't be the first sine M.I.A, Jay Z and others have un-retired. I'll keep my fingers crossed she'll come to her senses and prove Perez wrong!!!!!

  43. 43

    Noooooo! I dunno bout in the US but Lily Allen is so popular in England!Will be a shame that someone so real will get replaced by all the fakes!!!GOOD LUCK LILY!

  44. eymey says – reply to this


    Fuck!! :(

  45. 45

    Re: pepperkitty – pepper did you skip your meds? maybe you should put your mother in charge of them.

  46. 46

    why on earth do you have to write such offensive and cruel things about lily allen? i dont think i have seen this website write one positive or even purely fact based comment that hasnt included some sort of bitchy or demeaning spin on the story. stop being so biased, its not fair. lily or anyone else for that matter does not deserve it.

  47. eurgh says – reply to this


    Dude, lay off the hatin' on Lily.

  48. 48

    Now she can concentrate exclusively on her film career in Brazil. I hear that she is working on setting a speed record for ass to mouth conversions too.

  49. 49

    oh she is deliberate

  50. 50

    God you are so transparent. You are such a bitch to her just because she calls you out for being the bitchy, nasty little queen that you are. Grow a thicker skin Perez for fuck's sake, it's like you're 12!!

  51. 51

    yeah, she sickens me, she started out as tolerable when she released her first single, but now its like… ding dong the witch is dead.

    I just hope that she isnt teasing us, that would just be.. evil…
    which means we will undoubtedly see the bitch again

  52. 52

    Kind of sad, because this wonderful lady actually was very talented, too many of you are casting the first stone without actually knowing too much about her except what you read. However, Lily is a kind person who many of you would actually like if you got to know her! Cheers.

  53. 53

    LILY ALLEN has been GREAT fun and a very good singer. She will be terribly missed. 'The Fear' was a great song and video, and so were her other songs. She will remain an avid Perez hater and naturally you must admire her for that.
    That in itself shows she does indeed have class. And you must look up her father. He is a GREAT mind. Completely brilliant.

  54. 54

    Re: annabradley – Anna dear….quit showing what a 12 year old geek you are. Perry is a POSER from Santa Barbara. She's a bug-eyed BLONDE with no musical skill or creativity of any kind. She's like Adam Lambert–a total Halloween poser. Lily Allen was the real deal and LIVED it–not just parodied it.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    Re: opheliaxxoo – You are joking ,pmsl

  57. 57

    Rock on Lily.Rock on Avril.Don't listen to anything this fat,ugly,childish,loser says.

  58. 58

    I love her. Always will.

  59. 59

    Mario, why are you so obessed with her? if you don't like her, hate her, fine. alot of people don't think your music pics have talent-gaga or how is ida marie doing on tour? put down the bottle?

  60. 60

    Jealous mario? That she can get an acting gig and try as you might, no one would ever cast your ugly fat hairy ass in anything.

  61. 61

    I agree and giggle at everything you say Perez, except about Lily! She's just doing what all girls do at her age, enjoying life! I don't know about the US but she's quite the national treasure over here! :) x

  62. 62

    "It was never her music we hated, it was her words and actions!"
    In other words, you hated she stood up to you, gave as good as she got, and didn't kiss your ass or stroke your ego.

  63. 63

    Re: Canadiana* – that's what all his hate boils down to. he desperately wanted to be an actor but he was SHIT. no one would hire him. he is so jealous and has found a way to make himself noticed. thing is most actors still snub his ass and that's why he talks shit about them out here. he needs counselling. pronto.

  64. 64

    aww… :(

  65. 65

    I love Lily. She'll be saddly missed… :-(

  66. 66

    Re: Canadiana* – Morning hot lips!!!!!!! ♥

  67. 67

    jesus. everytime i come back to see if perez has added another stolen story i see lilly is still at number one. so again i say lilly, you are fucking gorgeous. your body is gorgeous.

  68. 68

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Good Morning Luscious ♥

  69. 69

    Re: walrus gumboot – mario's putting less and less effort into this website.. Lazy ass butt nugget !!

  70. 70

    what an idiot. she makes enough to travel the world and had the privilege to meet influential people. these celebrities have a god complex and think if they threaten retirement, people will fall to their knees and beg them to stay. annoying. I'm sorry your fans downloaded music they liked of yours and instead of buying a million dollar house, you had to "suffer" with a 500,000. I pity you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. must be hard.

  71. 71

    fu perez lily allen is amazing she could out sing GAGA any fucking day
    her songs actually have meaning besides wanting to be poked with a disco stick.

  72. 72

    why dont you just die, Lily! i dont believe a thing she said, I'm guessing somewhere in the next 2 yrs we already heard her new 'comeback' album. what a big DUH!

  73. 73

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  74. 74

    Uh, NO, it WAS her music that I hate. I could give a tinker's damn about what stupidity falls out of her mouth. It was that horrible sound that came from her mouth under the guise of singing that made me hurl. Bye, Lily and don't let the doorknob hit ya on the way out. Hope she spends her downtime in rehab!!

  75. 75

    too bad, she made some good albums.

  76. 76

    check …g.com

  77. 77

    she looks well cool s.cm

  78. 78

    Who is she? Obviously she sucks as an "artist" if most people haven't even heard of her. Good riddance trash.

  79. 79

    fuck you Perez, in the ear. Lily Allen is the fucking bomb and it sucks that a singer as talented as her is leaving the music biz but a fucking coke whore like Amy Winehouse can come back… Lily Allen is a fucking killer, and I'll miss her.

  80. 80

    You just hate her because she called you a "bitter old queen." Team Lily.

  81. 81

    I love her & her music. I'm sad if this is true.

  82. jham says – reply to this


    just goes to show you that so many "artists" are just in it for the money. ps - madonna doesn't have a hard time getting cash - maybe it's your music and not the legislation . . . .

  83. 83

    Re: Brainbug – You shouldn't assume anything. She is HUGE HUGE HUGE in the UK. Just because she has only had a couple of hits in the US doesn't mean she isn't talented.
    In fact, Lady GagGag who Perez like to asskiss so much is hated here though she has had some hits. She made an absolute fool of herself singing live in the Radio 1 Live Lounge (The main pop station in the UK). It was so bad that the dj asked her if she wanted to do it again. But Perez never passes on info like that, eh? Anyway, enough about that transexual.
    Back to Lily… Perez you just don't like her because she has PWNED you ass so many times. She isn't phased by anything you say and can't be bothered with a coattail riding, untalented, scum sucking pig like you. She puts you right in your place so you try and try and try to exact revenge on her. Ok, so some people who get all there news from you believe it. Most know the real truth.
    Poor Perez. So unloved and unlovable.

  84. 84


    I LOVE LILY! stop being haters

  85. 85

    Are some of you thick? READ what she said! She isn't quitting because there isn't a lot of money to be made in music. She has formed an anti-piracy group to help NEW GROUPS MAKE MONEY and not get screwed over by piracy. She said that to show that she isn't doing it for selfish reasons. My god, some of you need to get off of the internet and this website and actually read or explore your world.

  86. 86

    I don't care if she sings or not, I just want to fuck her, and stick those puffy nips in my mouth!!

  87. 87

    Luv Lily. You are SO off the reservation on this one, Perez. She's delightful and I will look forward to her future in music.

  88. 88

    She looks Hot in thet photo!!!!

  89. 89

    "we" ???????????!!!!!!!

  90. 90

    bad idea! cant she sing and act?

  91. 91

    People care more about Miley's slutty new music video than this bitch quitting the business. We'll all move along to the next big manufactured pop star, so don't let the door hit your retarded ass on the way out.

  92. 92

    Go Lilly. Good luck with the play ..

  93. 93

    yay this just totally made my day. :]

  94. 94

    well that sucks, i love her music

  95. 95

    WHYYYYYY????? Her album was actually really good! :( :(

  96. 96

    I quite disagree on this issue..I LOVE Lily Allen she speaks her mind in her songs and takes no bullshit how couldn't you love her? She's also pro-gay so Perez why don't you love her too?

  97. 97

    she cant sing anyway glad shes no longer making music

  98. 98

    Bitch, you are not Lady Gaga. Chill the fuck out, Illz.

  99. 99

    when are you going to confirm the end of your music career perez?

  100. 100

    if you saw the show or knew anything about it, you would know the role of 'steph' is not bat shit crazy at all. its an awesome, complex, and relatable role that any young actress would be more than grateful to play. and lily is more original and fun than most pop acts out there!

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