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Obama Appoints Estefan To Prestigious Position

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Que bueno!

Emilio Estefan., Grammy Award Winning music producer and husband of Gloria Estefan, was one of the appointed individuals by President Obama to be on the Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino.

Potential creation????? WTF????

That NEEDS to happen!

The museum, to be constructed in Washington D.C., is intended to celebrate Latino art, history and culture.

Obama says:

“I am pleased to appoint these outstanding men and women to the Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino – a museum that would be dedicated to celebrating the history and achievements of Latinos in America. It is fitting that, as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, these individuals will reinvigorate the efforts of this commission to honor the contributions of Latinos and Latinas to our country.”

Felicidades, Emilio!

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50 comments to “Obama Appoints Estefan To Prestigious Position”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    what the hell is the first lady wearing? Is that an old curtain from George W's room.

  3. 3

    you know the estefan's are republican, right?

  4. 4

    Yeah that's a GREAT way to spend more money… Money that this country has all kinds of, right?!

  5. 5

    We should make museums for a lot of cultures as a black women I can truly say that I love learning about all people. Anglo-Saxon, African, Egyptian, Asian, etc, the more we know about each other the more we can appreciate each other. I wish I could go to England and see the hoard that was just discovered, so awesome.

  6. 6

    a latino czar what will he think of next

  7. 7

    Uh, perez. "Potential" because they have to research all of the details. "Potential" b/c lots of other things should be considered priorities before another museum.

  8. 8

    …"Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino"?


    Shouldn't Obama be more focused on something like "the Commission to Study the Potential Creation of Fiscal Policy that Wont Destroy the American Economy and Require My Generation to Give 80% of Our Income to the Government"?

    I guess a latino museum is just a better photo op.

  9. 9

    Mario lamería propia mierda que fuera gallo negro de Obama tras Cornholed después de que el culo maricón?

  10. 10

    who cares about stupid latinas…they need a museum?? Really??? this is America.

  11. 11

    Ugh…Michelle, I'm really happy for ya and I'ma gonna let you finish…but, Jackie Kennedy was the best looking first lady of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  12. 12

    WTF is the frock Michelle is sporting? Her stylists need a slap. That dress is awful.

  13. 13

    Yeah, there has been 4 different terrorist plots in the past week…and Obama is working on this museum, going on letterman….where is this president's priorities.
    BTW Michelle, you are one fugly bitch that dresses worse than a tranny

  14. 14

    …sounds good but who will be funding this?

  15. 15

    Bullshit. This county better not waste 1 tax dollar on this. Each culture living in the US should provide their OWN funds for museums that foster their culture.

  16. 16

    While this may or may not "need" to happen, why not a group of private investors pay for it?? Anyone realized the gov't is BROKE! Funding things like this is one of the reasons why, it's wastefull. Lets focus on the things we really "need", let the general public fund things we "want."

  17. 17

    oh my fuckin lawd.. what is WRONG with this people… mr president has FAR MORE SERIOUS THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT.. like people killing eachother oversees, poverty, hunger, DEBT, health care, cannot STAND this,, WHEN R WE GOING TO HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO ACTUALLY GIVES A F##K ABOUT US ????????????????????????????????? HMMM never

  18. 18

    Where the Museum to honor my Irish heritage?

  19. 19

    great!!! latinos rule forever!!! que bueno! te amo emilio, el ha sido un grande para nosotros.

  20. 20

    Side eye, Obama…. this needs to be a private investment. Not government funded.

  21. buck says – reply to this


    WTF..doesn't Barry have a world to save?

  22. 22

    keep spending Obama. What a joke this president is.

  23. 23

    Love Obama!

  24. 24

    We really do not need yet another waste of taxpayer money to PANDER to yet another special interest group, just so that the President can score the Latino votes! (Is there an "American" museum in Mexico????) (Is there an "American" museum ANYWHERE???)

    By the way, we had better start planning our own museum, to the real American culture. It is quickly disappearing.

  25. 25

    Re: jeanmarie – John Kerry tacked on an amendment to the defense bill for a 20 million dollar Ted Kennedy museum.Is that close enough?

  26. 26

    Every Bar in America!!!

  27. 27

    A commission to study the " Potential Creation ". Sounds like Obama is just blowing smoke up their butts to me.

  28. 28

    WTF is right! This is America, folks. Build the F'g Latino museum in MEXICO. No, wait, just open the f'g northern and southern borders once and for all and let EVERYONE in the F'g world in!!! Obama would love to see this country fall torn apart through diversity, that way he can rule it. F'g narcissistic devil!!

  29. 29

    *** Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino.

    Potential creation????? WTF????

    That NEEDS to happen!***

    Where's the national museum to white people? I mean, seriously - it's just as racist to create things like this, the Miss Black America pageant, etc…

  30. 30

    Obama could give a shit about Latinos - he needs their votes. Hell, he's gonna legalize them and open the f'g border - more votes, baby, it's all about the votes. Get read to live in a third world country.

    Anyone who thinks Obama cares about America is delusional. He wasn't even born on this soil! It's the NEW WORLD ORDER he's helping usher in - and your and my freedoms will be gone. Stupid M-F'rs.

  31. 31

    Re: Renee1234 – DUMBASS

  32. 32

    Exactly Obama is still campaigning and well ya'll he wants the latino vote too, the black vote, the unemployed vote, illegal immigrant vote, ………. and register your pets vote with acorn coz he wants them votes too.

  33. 33

    their grins are saying it all eat sh!t and die

  34. 34

    you don't just star buildin museums, moron. it takes time.

  35. 35

    great. another commission. this is where our tax dollars are going to? uh no.

  36. 36

    Sounds like Perez NEEDS another beating.

  37. 37

    Re: A Voice of Sanity
    Dumbass is the person that calls someone names. For the record I don't think the government should pay for this, but their is nothing at all wrong with learning about other people, and their culture.

  38. 38

    In Washington DC you have to come up with a plan before you can present it to congress to budget and then build a museum!

  39. 39

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – WTF? Obama was born in Hawaii, learn your geography. Last time I checked, Hawaii was a state in the United States. Anyways, this looks really pointless? Whatever, as long as they don't spend taxpayers money, oh well. But where ARE the white museums? Everyone would call it a racist place if it was just for whites, geez.

  40. 40

    why can't people just be successful AMERICANS and leave it at that?

  41. 41

    Re: xSelma – What would the Museum have in it, since most people who descended from England have no culture.. Oh wait they could show pics of all the land they stole, or the people they have killed. And lets not forget the nice KKK stuff we could put in the Museum. American white people kill me you have no heritage, that is why you like to lie and say your family is from somewhere else, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Poland, etc whatever England mf's, England is where most of your family came from. Stop associating us with you.

  42. 42

    Hey Perez, why don't you do all us of Latinos a favor and translate all that in Spanish….LMAO!!!
    Don't worry FatBoi, WE won't let you forget the Jaqlyn Smith story.

  43. 43

    Re: A Voice of Sanity
    YOU are the fucking idiot. You should walk down those creeking steps attached to your trailer, down to your dirt-filled yard. I think your white sheets and hood are dry now.

  44. 44


  45. 45

  46. 46

    lol its so funny to see how stupid a lot of people can be!
    The U.S was stolen from the native Americans who were hear first! Christoper Columbus then bought over Europeans to the u.s, this country is comprised of different races. So for all the dummies who say why should there be a Latin museum in America , CAUSE WE CAN DO THAT!!!!! just like you stole this land !

    p.s,…… LMAO at all the losers who come to this site saying they hate you Perez or criticize you for the things you say and yet they make you more famous day by day visiting your site!!!!! LMAO DUMMIES

  47. 47

    pork pork pork
    I will go on tv and whine about it

  48. 48

    He's QUADRUPLED our national deficit in less than 9 months and now he's spending MORE money on something that is senseless when that $$$$ could be going to help pay for Social Security or Medicaid/Medicare. This man is a JOKE and so is his FAKE-ASS wife. I'll bet that most of the people that voted for him, wished that they hadn't. How can you democrats look at yourselves each day knowing that you put this man in control of our freedom and lives?!?!? I know that McCain wasn't too much better, but at least he wasn't a total moron. Take away Obama's teleprompters, and you will see somone that would look like a deer trapped in headlights!! He's a JOKE and all of the other leaders in the world are laughing at him. IMPEACHMENT, PLEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZEEEEE!!!!

  49. 49

    Re: monkeylove – The last one we had was REAGAN!!!

  50. 50

    Re: Independent Thinker – I completely agree with you on this! What a fucking IDIOT! We need a Libertarian/Independent for president. There hasn't been one in almost 100 years!!!