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Who Needs College??? Not Hayden Pain-In-The-Ass!

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There will be no higher education for Hayden Panettiere, as she believes she is already good and learned from life itself.

Though her character on the hit TV show Heroes has recently enrolled in school, Hayden has realized that Hollywood has already provided her with a lot more education than she originally imagined.

She says:

"I always wanted to go to college (but) the show happened to start in a pretty pivotal period, when you have thoughts of going to college. It was just such a success and it is what I love to do. I would love to take some classes that I really enjoy, but I think college is a learning experience for yourself as a person and (it's about) being on your own for the first time."

We hope she does go back to school eventually. Yeah, a degree can be looked at as a worthless piece of paper, but at least you have a lot of fun leading up to getting it!

Besides, there will be a whole slew of older professors for her to bone; you know how much she loves her older men!

[Image via WENN.]

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57 comments to “Who Needs College??? Not Hayden Pain-In-The-Ass!”

  1. 1

    I remember Lindsey Lohan saying something similar when she was a teenager…need I say more?

  2. 2

    A degree is a worthless piece of paper???? Nice sentiment to project to your younger readers dumb ass. But then again your BA in drama mario is a pretty worthless document I guess.

  3. 3

    yes, because living and working in hollywood land is such a well-rounded, intellectual experience…..not so much! get a degree and ya'll have something to fall back on when your acting career tanks! oh, perhaps you'll learn how the rest of the real world lives, as well.

  4. 4

    Perez, you're a fucking idiot if you think college is a fun thing someone can do… i'm a student and it sucks balls.. I just want to get it over with so I can just work…. you're such a fucking moron. If I was her… I sure as hell wouldn't go to school..

  5. 5

    wow!!!!!!!!did you ever twist what she said - what a jelous you are

  6. 6

    Too bad. You learn how to think like an adult in college…something we need a lot more of in this country.

  7. 7

    I swear I have no fucking idea who she even is!


  8. 8

    Oh yeah, people go to college to just have fun! You are such a tool Perez! Worthless piece of paper? Yes, make sure to irresponsibly shout that from the roof tops you moron so the young people that read your WORTHLESS blog can see that and take it as gospel.

    You are so filled with hate Perez! Anyone that says anything, you have a bone to pick with it. Like I have said, the best part of coming to your blog isn't what you post, but what your readers post about how worthless and retarded YOU are.

  9. 9

    She's so strange looking. Boxy, and she looks short, even though she's about average height. She has huge upper arms, but they're not muscular just pudgy, and she has the worst case of thunder thighs in hollywood, yet no boobs. Puberty was not nice to poor Hayden. Her body fat is in all the wrong places.

  10. 10

    Hayden Panettiere is following in Britney, Lindsay and Paris' footsteps…girl don't need herself no more book learnin' to advance her career. Why should she worry about being able to read or do simple arithmetic when she's FAMOUS (for what, God only knows)?

    Stoo=pid foolish young women can't see (or read) beyond their own fake boobs.

  11. 11

    I didn't go to college cuz I already knew how to drink beer and smoke weed.

  12. 12

    Re: Canadiana* – look at you all hot on a friday morning

  13. 13

    Re: JigSaw – Hey-hey Jigz !!!

  14. 14

    Re: Godzilla_is_a_girl – totally agree. i think she's the ugliest person in hollywood. short arms and a bird nose.

  15. 15

    A worthless piece of paper??? Are you kidding?? Really nice thing to suggest to your younger readers Perez. Education is never a waste and you would know that if you had a proper one. College is hard work, and not fun and games. This is why, when many people in Hollywood open their mouth, they sound incredibly stupid….like you in this case!

  16. 16

    Her push-up bras are ANNOYING. Find more flattering ones, sweetie.

  17. 17

    About the "worthless piece of paper"…Some people work really hard to recieve their college degrees Perez, its not as easy as you think. Nor is it all about Partying 24/7 you need to keep up ur grades or they will drop you. Alot of students work hard to get degrees and pay for their education. There the ones working real jobs and making a difference in the world. Not everyone can be spoon fed like Hayden.

  18. 18

    A college degree is a prestigious indication of hard work and advanced mental capability, rather than a worthless piece of paper. I would hope that NYU would teach you better than to think so disdainfully of such a benchmark of success, Mario. I can, however, understand that your B.A. in drama may not have challenged the boundaries of your cognitive capacity, but I hope you really don't feel that a degree is worthless.

  19. 19

    urgh she annoys me now, use to like her. She isn't even pretty. She might go to school later on… but i doubt it.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    …she probably also believes that wearing a red dress that matches the red carpet will keep people from walking all over her ignorant comment.

  22. 22

    Would you say this kind of shit about a man?

    By the way, none of you mother fuckers can read.

  23. 23

    Go to school, Hayden. "Heroes" won't last. Your education will.

  24. 24

    And she SHOULD date "older" men. The woman looks OLD, MATRONLY, DWARFISH, and fondillo-ugly!!! How did she get where she is?!? ACORN must have put her there.

  25. 25

    I absolutely love when celebrities say that Hollywood has taught them so much they don't need college. Like "I've learned so much here, and I've grown so much, there really is no reason to go back to school". People like Hayden would greatly benefit from a formal college education. What a moron.

  26. 26

    Perez, didn't you go to NYU? Did all of the kids around you see their BA as a worthless piece of paper?

  27. 27

    "There will be no higher education for Hayden Panettiere, as she believes she is already good and learned from life itself."
    sorry, but i can't see in which line she said that.

  28. 28

    wow, spoken like a true genius. I will admit, Holywood makes ppl grow up fast; learning experience sure, but intellectual, not at all. If she had any proper education or up bringing she would know that going to University would be the smartest thing she could do. If she didn't want to further her education because she's busy with work and making loads of cash fine. But to declare it's because she doesn't need to education because she's already learning enough doing what she does is not only naive and moronic, it's ignorant!

  29. 29

    Why should she? She's already got the career she wanted. That's the intention of school isn't it? To someday get the job you want? There you go…

  30. 30

    Re: Big Black Dick – hahahaha

  31. 31

    Jeez pervez, she is a friend of Bristol Palin's, who is a spokesperson for Candies on abstinence for teens. She's already had two illegitimate babies and isn't married yet. She also dropped out of high school. Someone should tell Hayden that she may look semi-Cougarish for someone so young, she STILL IS'NT a house-hold word. Her father is a documented wife-beater and Hayden likes "older men"? Why is that? She is already becoming "hard" looking and common, so should concentrate on getting an education She should make school her "day job". How's the tour going, chubs? I know you are working so hard! Maybe Barbara and your mom could talk to Hayden about the value of an education.

  32. 32

    To contrast, Natalie Portman skipped the premiere of 'The Phantom Menace' to study for her high school finals, graduated from Harvard (and lived in on-campus undergraduate housing), was Alan Dershowitz's research assistant and attended graduate classes in Isreal.

    She made the first 14 movies of her career while attending school.

  33. 33

    I cant believe nobody mentioned how being an acting major could do wonders for her "acting"!

  34. 34

    I agree with her in some ways, but academic development IS important. he doesn't need to go to a campus to get it. And it's certainly not about the "fun" you have "leading up to" getting the degree, either, Perez. Ew. Dumb.

  35. 35

    what the hell? telling people that college is the right choice is just wrong. Everyone is different, and many people don't feel they need any further experience if they're already in the field of work they strived for. College can be beneficial for some, but extremely non-beneficial to others and more of a time waster. I absolutely agree with her reasons for not wanting to go backwards considering I was in the same place a few years ago. And you know what? if I had made the decision to enter school again, I absolutely wouldn't be in the place I am at now… which is exactly where I wanted to be. Learning through life and on your own can be a thousand times more rewarding in experience. If she decided not to go back to school because she's already happy with where she's at, there's no reason anyone should tell her differently. This applies to anyone, for that matter.

  36. 36

    perez, i find it quite insulting that you say a degree is a worthless piece of paper.
    Well i hope you know that people work extremely hard to get that 'worthless piece of paper' and if you were well educating, which i presumed you are not, then you would know that saying that is and always will be offensive to many people
    those people that became doctors probably had the time of there lives leading up to getting their degree, right? WRONG, people work very hard in this world and not everything is "fun"
    if you got an actual degree, you would know this.

  37. 37

    Too bad for her. I LOVE college. It's great. Better than shitty ass high school.

    P.S. WHY does Hayden have the obsession to try and look old? She needs to lay off the heavy make-up and start to look her age. She looks like she's hitting 30 there, not 20.

  38. 38

    I'm not having fun, never have been, and I'm in my last semester of college. What a retarded comment, Perez. Ans thanks for telling me my $$$ degree $$$ is a worthless piece of paper, you worthless piece of shit.

  39. 39

    Hayden says (after saving the dolphins) "I think college is a learning experience for yourself as a person and (it's about) being on your own for the first time" Yes, maybe that is partially true… but I am pretty sure the main reason people go to college is to become EDUCATED. This is why we need to ENCOURAGE EVERYONE including those interested in the arts to go to college, because then they grow up like these young starlets who have lots of money, and lots of fame, but little brains.

  40. 40

    As a sophomore in college, I really had to comment on this article because of your "worthless piece of paper" remark.

    Having a degree is not a "worthless piece of paper", it's something that goes towards a persons future; I'm pursuing my masters degree after I get my undergrad in English because it can open so many doors career-wise, and I know many other students who aren't going to college for "fun". College isn't fun: its WORK. It's hard work, and me and my friends don't even have TIME for fun because of all the effort that goes into getting that "worthless piece of paper".

    Think before you type something like that, because it was very offensive.

  41. 41

    thats not true! sure life experience is great but what does she know? the cush hollywood lifestyle? please! it is always good to drench in more information and education. im 30 and i want too learn more! i want to learn more about history, writing, learning another language. come on! this is a snotty thing for her to say…shes boring!

  42. 42

    Re: gimlet123

    he is saying that because he lives around this celebrity culture that he forgets that there are actual careers out there. its not all about movies, gossip and reality wannabes and sliimys and gagas ,there are real people doing great jobs they enjoy thanks to the education they fulfilled.

  43. chlyn says – reply to this


    College is a two-way street. You get an education, and you give your interest and participation in the college community. Maybe Hayden realizes she has nothing to contribute.

  44. 44

    how old is she?
    and i don't think it's that horrible or surprising. who needs college when you have a striving hollywood career? kristen stewart won't be attending college. college is for some people. i agree that education is vital, but honestly, what's the percentage of celebs going to college?
    i know emma watson does, but it's their choice. we shouldn't judge.

  45. 45

    I respect anyone who gets a degree, but at the moment with the way the economy's going a college degree isn't going to get you anywhere. I have a friend who graduated and she's making minumum wage

  46. mon88 says – reply to this


    Re: Godzilla_is_a_girl – why do you say that? Is it because you live in fairy tale land where all girls are are skin and bones and that's what you've classified as "normal"? Thank God there is at least one female in hollywood who inspires younger girls to resist conforming to the "hollywood" stereotype that includes aneroxia, bullemia and a host of other eating disorders!

  47. 47

    a degree is not a worthless piece of paper, perez staff minion. hayden should do kinetics, i'm sure she would be a star student.

  48. 48

    Both Hayden and you are stupid, Perez. A Degree is not a worthless piece of paper, you have to work damn hard to get one, and you learn a hell of a lot more than "how to be on your own"


  49. 49

    A worthless piece of paper?
    yours was, not everyone else's is…

  50. 50

    "…a degree can be looked at as a worthless piece of paper." Wow, that is the most ignorant thing I think I have ever heard anyone say.

  51. 51

    Too bad everyone thinks school is a waste of time because in the end it's a "worthless piece of paper." College is not only an important experience in life, it allows one to actually LEARN things that are unknown as well as teaching a person what commitment and hard work are… good grief Perez… set a good example, puhleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

  52. 52

    she's gross

  53. 53

    She can come to my college anytime, for extra credit!
    Wish I had a dick instead of being a dick

  54. 54

    Re: theunicorn – very well said!!

  55. 55

    shes a better actress than lindsey lohan…

  56. 56

    just say that you cant get into college.and what was the shit talk on wanting to go to DUKE UNIVERSITY?

  57. aimsy says – reply to this


    She looks awful in this pic.
    That necklace just makes her arms and neck look all butch and horrible.
    Britney always wears a thick man chain like that. yuk.