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A Star Is Born To Be Remade, Butchered!

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This is a fruitless endeavor! What genius over at Warner Bros. thought it was a good idea to remake a Barbra Streisand classic?

Regardless of the stoopidty behind it, a remake of A Star Is Born seems to be picking up momentum as a hot new writer has just been signed to draft up the script.

Along with the scribe being set, rumors are floating around that the execs are looking to cast Beyonce in the lead role. Nothing official has been mentioned as of yet about her joining the project, though.

At least they are thinking in the right vein for casting this thing. Beyonce would be perfect in the role.

We just hate when they remake movies that are already timeless!

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97 comments to “A Star Is Born To Be Remade, Butchered!”

  1. 1

    Erm, it's not a Streisand classic - it's a Judy GARLAND classic - and before that, it was a Janet GAYNOR classic partly written by Dorothy Parker.

    The more you know…

  2. 2

    Ha Ha — Barbara's 6 inch claws will be at the ready for sure.

  3. 3

    beyonce is perfectly good for movies like this. the thing is i dont know this shit! where did this came out? stone age?

  4. 4

    Beyonce would be good. Here is a suggestion straight from your nightmares and mine: Miley Cyrus. Or Lindsay Lohan. So many horrible possibilities, so little time.

  5. 5

    Errrrrm … Perez … this WAS a re-make! Judy Garland 'Star Is Born' which is 100 times better than Babs version …. and Judy's was a re-make too!

  6. kis95 says – reply to this


    Fuck. No.

  7. 7

    What do you expect? The Streisand version was probably the first one to pop up on IMDB.

    But Judy owns this title, and none of today's wannabe divas are fit to drink her vodka. Way to tarnish another classic property, Hollywood. Whatever happened to originality?

  8. 8

    Ummm, like LOLOMG says Perez, you might want to get a better grip on Diva history. Nearly every popular Diva of their times have been linked to a remake of this movie….before Streisand, Diana Ross was scheduled to do it and read the post below for the earlier versions. Shame on you Perez….and by the way, the Streisand version was considered a "butchered version" when it was released.

  9. 9

    You realize, of course, that this Streisand 'classic' is a remake of the Judy Garland classic (1954), which is a remake of the Janet Gaynor classic (1937). So this Beyonce version would actually be the FOURTH version of the franchise. The Gaynor version is the best, BTW.

  10. 10

    you forgot to mention the JUDY GARLAND 1954 version too, FATASS. There was a version before that too in 1937. turn in your gay card fatty.

    It's been being remade for decades. Barbra's was not the first version.

  11. 11

    Re: Jimmy Squirt – thank you!

  12. 12

    Re: LOLOMG – thank you!!!

  13. 13

    Re: LOLOMG – You are so right and of the three versions I believe Streisand's to be the worst. I just groaned all the way through it.

  14. 14

    Perez. it Judy Garland was the original!!

  15. 15

    Re: joeeee

    And with Beyonce being a 4th rate talent, the 4th remake would suit her "acting" skills perfectly.

  16. 16

    You idiot, the Streisand version was the third version of A Star Is Born. It's called fact checking, Perez, try it.

  17. 17

    Perez you failed Judy Garland 101 at gay camp, huh?

  18. 18

    100 years from now they'll be remaking the Harry Potter & Twilight movies.

  19. 19

    Another vanity project for Beyonce. She should just give up, she's never going to win an Oscar.

    Btw ppl, there is really no need for ALL of you to say that Barbra did a remake. Once is fine, we get it, thank you. Move on.

  20. 20

    Barbra's was the THIRD version of this movie already. If you are so ignorant, you could at very least use Google.

  21. 21

    Babs butchered it — Judy Garland did it best, but hers was a remake too!

  22. 22

    Dude, do some research before you make a post. The Barbara Streisand version is NOT the original. In fact, it's the worst of the three versions of a Star is Born. The ORIGINAL was made in 1937 with Janet Gaynor, but the best version was the 1954 Judy Garland verision, which is a classic. The Streisand version is by far the worst of the three.

  23. 23

    Don't ANY of you who write this blog CHECK ANY-FREAKING-THING?? I knew Babs' film wasn't the original and so I checked. One search on a search engine and I found more info than I needed. In a nutshell, A Star is Born was ORIGINAL in 1937, remade as a musical in 1954, remade yet again as a musical with Babs in 1983.
    Of course, what would ANYONE who has to do with blogging here know about "original"? If it were a cut and paste movie you'd be all over it.

  24. 24

    I don't see how it couldn't be any one other the Jennifer Hudson. She out sang and out acted Beyonce in Dream Girls and the tittle certainly describes her start!!!

  25. 25

    Re: Crabby.Appelton – hey hottie

  26. 26

    can't hollywood be cretive enough to think of NEW STORY lines? jesus. sh**t movie and they're going to remake it……….with beyonce????

  27. 27

    This post qualifies Perez (or whoever writes this shit now) as the Supidest Person Alive.


  28. 28

    I love Babs, but her version wasn't the best. Also Cher was suppose to make it, then Babs stepped in and took it. Think Cher would have made a better version of the film then Babs.

  29. 29

    Re: Long Dong Connery – #25 Hey there Long Dong. How's it hanging buddy? Anymore this site has become like a high school girls locker room, and I get censored more often than not. Apparently if you type the name of Mario's sister there must be an auto-censor slot. She's even more stupid than he is, so that makes sense.
    Say hi to your crew for me.

  30. 30

    The Streisand movie was actually a remake too

  31. 31

    Perez you are one dumb fat fuck.

  32. 32

    thx LOLOMG. yes, this movie's already been remade twice, so… whats the difference. interesting to see what they do with it.

  33. bst62 says – reply to this


    The Streisand version sucked! The best was the Janet Gaynor and Fredric March version. Judy Garland remade it before Streisand. You need some education on classic films.

  34. 34

    You DO realize that the Barbra Streisand classic that you are oh so referring to, IS a remake??????? Research, research, research!!!

  35. 35

    Re: Crabby.Appelton – All is good here…. the girls locker room sounded interesting…LOL……… take care…….

  36. 36

    Yeah, it's ok to butcher this one because it's been butchered at least a couple times before.

  37. 37

    beyonce means shit movie.

  38. 38

    Barbra Streisand is one of the worst actresses ever.
    Any female actress/singer could do better.
    Oh well, doesn't matter. I wouldn't pay money to see this movie anyway.

  39. 39

    The Streisand version is a remake of a Judy Garland classic… ignorance is bliss…

  40. 40

    The movie Glitter with Mariah Carey was officially inspired by A Star is Born too!

  41. 41

    Actually, this one was a remake of another remake. It was first filmed in 1937 with Janet Gaynor, then it was filmed with Judy Garland the next time. Dude a little checking is in order before you start talking movies if you don't know what you are talking about.

  42. 42

    Perez never checks his facts, but copies others work….quit being so f*cking lazy. You give fat slobs a bad name

  43. YUCK says – reply to this


    are you kidding me beyawnce hasnt been perfect in any movie, she sucks worst than madonna as an actress. youve lost it pig vomit.

  44. amish says – reply to this


    Thanks Crabby.Appelton for saving me the keystrokes! C'mon Perez! Between this and the Jaclyn Smith debacle, your credibility or research department are looking really bad this week! SHEESH!

  45. 45

  46. 46


  47. 47

    erm if you had any sense you would know that Judy Garland was the first one to do a star is born in 1954 that was a timeless classic as is barbara's..do your research first mate (Y)

  48. 48

    UM A Star is born with Streisand was a remake to begin with!

  49. tj77 says – reply to this


    Actually Mario, "A Star is Born" was originally made in 1937 starring Janet Gaynor. And then the definitive version starring Judy Garland was made in 1954, but was butchered by the studio after its initial release because they thought it was too long. And then in 1976, it was remade with Barbra Streisand. It opened to scathing reviews but was a hit nonetheless.

  50. 50

    I'm sorry Perez, but even though I heart Barbra, this is easily her worst film. Judy Garland was in the definitive version of A Star Is Born.

  51. 51

    When is Hollywood going to stop with all the re-makes?! It's time for creative, original stuff — or is Hollywood unable to?

  52. 52

    The should make this with a Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale-type character.

  53. 53

    Put it right on the list on the next page now.

  54. 54


  55. 55

    This movie has been remade several times for every generation…. why not do it again… besides, Beyonce is a talented actress, she'll do great….
    For the youngin's it a beautiful love story… you'll love a remade version if you like romance…..

  56. 56

    It will be butchered with Beyonce. She can sing but she is insipid on screen.

  57. 57

    Do you ever check your facts?

  58. 58

    Who is the DUMB ASS who writes this shit blog? You know NOTHING about entertainment news/fact/history. "A Star is Born" featuring Barbra Streisand is ALREADY a remake (of a remake). Learn something before you opn your mouth and show your ass.

  59. 59

    I have to agree with everyone else here Perez! You really missed the boat on this one. First of all the Streisand version was NO classic. In fact it was the THIRD time this movie had been made…the first with Janet Gaynor…the Second and of course the BEST and the only one to be called classic…is the JUDY GARLAND version…as most critics of the time noted…the Streisand version was terrible…it sucked in the 70's and it sucks today…NEVER has this movie been considered a classic…and Beyonce could only improve on the Streisand version…not hurt it…Don't get me wrong…I love Barbra….and some of her movies…What's up Doc, Yentl etc…but this one is so horrible that it's not even bad in a good campy way……If A Star is Born was ever butchered it was by Warner Brothers when they fucked up the 1954 version by editing the Hell out of it just to please theater owners…eventually costing Judy Garland the Oscar award….

  60. 60


  61. 61

    Judy Garland's version is hands down the best!!!

  62. 62

    When I saw the title of this post, I said "oh, good. With Beyonce, I bet."

    Considering that each version of this story is given a current update, I doubt we'll hear Beyonce singing "Evergreen." Come to think of it, we have already heard that elsewhere, haven't we?

    And, if you hate when they remake "timeless" movies, how do you consider Babs's version a classic?

  63. 63

    Brush up on your film knowledge, my dear. You write about entertainment, you should know this shit off the top of your head. And you are gay, you should know the history of A Star is Born. We're all sick of remakes, uggh, no mas

  64. alpal says – reply to this


    This "Barbra Streisand classic" was actually a remake itself smart one.

  65. 65

    omg when i first saw the picture i thought it was 2 guys kissn lol sry barbra

  66. 66

    Beyance? WTF??

  67. 67

    Beyonce's had more than her fifteen minutes, she's ready to hang out
    used, wet, to dry Wish I had a dick instead of being a dick

  68. 68

    Iet's nalready a remake of a remake….so what ya calling classic ass hole

  69. 69

    As usual, the gang at perezhilton.com is clueless. To being with, this would be the 4th version, not the 2nd. Second, as much as I love Babs (and I do), the only reason her version could be considered a 'classic' is because it is so bad it is good. Some great songs, but as a movie it is truly a disaster.

  70. 70

    Re: racheey
    __erm if you had any sense you would know that Judy Garland was the first one to do a star is born in 1954 that was a timeless classic as is barbara's..do your research first mate (Y)–
    Actually, the first version is from 1937, starring Janet Gaynor.

  71. 71

    Barbara's version is a remake

  72. 72

    There are no original ideas in Hollywood…..

  73. 73

    you are so right…. It's a classic from the story to the soundtrack don't mess with perfection. But if you must, maybe they can get Beyonce's old, Old Man Jay-Z to play opposite his fresh young wife. It might work and the soundtrack would certainly be ecclectic.

  74. 74

    are you kidding, stop sucking up to Bey-wolf! Alls she can do is sing and dance and shake what her mama gave her. We don't need her killing anymore movies. Horrible suggestion. Not a lead roler, not even supporting, more like extra.

  75. 75

    Beyonce will do this so good

  76. 76

    Well, a black "A Star is Born" would be perfect if Norman Maine was played by Kanye West.

  77. 77

    A Star Is Born should and has been made over every so many decades and it should be…But Beyonce… PoLeeze a night club act maybe… she is Beyond the school of dramatic actresses. Vegas Gurl NeXt

  78. Scrib says – reply to this


    I'm really embarrassed for you at times. Even I know the history of A Star is Born. And you think you're a Pop Culture expert?

  79. 79

    Perez, are you really this fucking ignorant?!!! The Streisand/Kristofferson movie was a remake of a remake. How can you pretend to know anything about Hollywood when you don't even know the most basic basics? It was bad enough when you didn't know who Alexander McQueen was and you think you know fashion, but this is ridiculous!!!

  80. 80

    I can't believe you haven't corrected this story yet! Barbra's version was the THIRD. Big Gay Icon in the second one, tsk tsk! How could you forget the annoying 1954 version?

  81. 81

    Presumably it's the same numnuts who thought it was "a good idea" to remake the 1954 Judy Garland/James Mason version of a Star is Born…Which is far superior to the Streisand remake…

  82. 82

    I hated this movie. I thought it was terrible. Beyonce can only improve it.

  83. 83

    I think it is horrible that they are remaking CLASSIC MOVIES. Leave well enough alone geez. Movie producers, directors etc. should come up with there own IDEAS. It's soooo irritating.

  84. 84

    Yes, I agree with the other INFORMED READERS — you obviously were not around when the "Streisand Classic" was given bad reviews because it was so wildly changed from the original classics with Gaynor and Garland. You should grow up and get educated, fool. Most people writing about the industry actually do their homework first before being "the expert idiot"

  85. 85

    To my knowledge, Ester is white. Just sayin'.

  86. 86

    streisand was so overblown in that role, god damn Im so happy I never came up during those days because those movies were the WORST

  87. 87

    A star is born was originally a Janet Gaynor, then Judy Garland, then a Streisand classic? I was there for the filming of the last and hardly would call it a classic. Kristofferson was so stoned most of the time that he was only good for hanging out with the bikers. Streisand was cast as a rock star and she wasn't and never will be that.

  88. kbah says – reply to this


    Yes, this film has been redone several times, it's like a tradition now

  89. 89

    I came on here to complain and correct about the status of the 3 previous "Star Is Born" movies (esp. with the wonderful Ms. Garland), but I'm glad to see everyone else is as much of a movie geek as I am! I actually think Beyonce is a good fit for it, as long as the project is not done half-heartedly.

  90. 90

    God, Beyonce! Why oh why do they cast this bitch in movies. She is highly overrated and sucks in movies.

  91. 91

    Not Beyonce!!! She's too much for that part. Besides her singing is different than what the part calls for. How about Mariah Carey, anybody but Beyonce.

  92. pj88 says – reply to this


    Beyone and Colin Farrell

  93. 93

    Yuck. Beyonce cannot act!

  94. 94

    A Star is Born is NOT a classic made by Barbara Streisand. It was JUDY GARLAND!!!!

    WHy can't Hollywood think of NEW films?!!!!

  95. 95

    NO NO NO. It's not a Streisand classic OR a Garland Classic.. JANET GAYNOR DID THE FIST AND BEST (in my opinion) version of the film!!!!!!!

  96. 96

    wtf maybe im extra young but i never even heard of this movie

  97. jxsn says – reply to this


    Beyonce would be a disaster in this movie. She doesn't have the maturity or verbal abilites to play the character. Of course if she were to play the lead - YOUR RIGHT .. It would be a hack job. Beyonce can't act her way out of wet paper bag with instructions…. Her speaking voice sucks - she always has the same tell-tale-signs of where she comes from. This isn't a music video and she can't shake her way thru the character - plus there won't be fans around except for one possible scene halfway thru the movie.