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The 100 Worst Movies Of The Last Decade!

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Ironically, Glitter was at the bottom of the list at #99! Way to suck less than others, Mariah!

Always the vigilant source of critiquing movies, RottenTomatoes.com just released it's list of the "Worst 100 Movies Of The Last Decade."

We have to admit, there have some pretty big shit storms in theaters. And some of these are so bad, we've never even heard of them before!!!

Here's the Top Ten flicks chosen as the worst of the decade:

10. Witless Protection (2008) - It had Larry The Cable Guy as it's star. Enough said!

9. Redline (2007) - We've never even heard of this one, but at least Eddie Griffin got his name out in the universe for a millisecond!

8. 3 Strikes (2000) - Again, no clue what this is, but it was directed by someone named DJ Pooh. No, that is not a joke, look it up!

7. Strange Wilderness (2008) - We didn't think it was that bad. Jonah Hill and Steve Zahn were mildly entertaining when they remained silent.

6. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004) - Sequels never do as well as the originals.

5. National Lampoon's Gold Diggers (2004) - Boring! No National Lampoon movie should have a PG-13 rating!

4. King's Ransom (2005) - Terrible!

3. Pinocchio (2002) - We never saw it but the website calls it a "creepy vanity project." Yikes!

2. One Missed Call (2008) - At some point, you would think they would have stopped answering the damn phone!

1. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) - We've never even heard of this, but apparently it cost $40 million dollars, had Lucy Lui and Antonio Banderas as stars, and was considered a film that was "overblown, wall-to-wall action without a hint of wit, coherence, style, or originality."

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the list!

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57 comments to “The 100 Worst Movies Of The Last Decade!”

  1. 1

    Lucy Liu not Lui…

  2. 2

    hey i liked redline!!!!! but other than that i haven't heard of any of the films!!!

  3. 3

    Next porkezzzzzzzzzzz

  4. 4

    like duh! glitter isnt that bad you know! but like they said 'not that bad to be good' lol. well i dont really know those movies except Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, One Missed Call(american remakes are really bad)!

  5. 5

    Really? A movie w/ Antonio Banderas & Lucy Lui could be that bad?

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Sorry -haven't seen a single movie on this list of 100.Besides it's hard to take this list seriously when the #1 worst movie wasn't Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" from 2003!The movie cost 6 million dollars to make and it looks like it cost $600.00!Maybe it's not on the list because it's turned into a "Rocky Horror" type cult hit but it should still be there at the top!

  8. 8

    It stuns me how little pop culture knowledge you actually have.
    When you say you've never heard of something you seem to think this means the subject is obscure, but often it just means you are ignorant.
    Ballistic had a huge promo campaign and was widely derided by critics when it came out. Hard to miss for anyone who paid attention to entertainment media.

  9. 9

    2. One Missed Call (2008) - At some point, you would think they would have stopped answering the damn phone!"


  10. 10

    The Wicker Man w/Nicolas Cage should be on the list.

  11. 11

    I believe, in the original Japanese version of One Missed Call, people died whether or not they answered the phone. The ring-tone really just served as a warning. There were people that tried avoiding their phones in the sequel. At least, that's as much as I can remember of them.

  12. 12

    Re: RedWingsFan – Hey dude….i just got tickets for tonights game………….come on down, i will buy ya a beer!!!!!!! Leafs 4 Wings 3 for tonight!!!!!

  13. 13

    Pinocchio is probably the worst on that list. I remember it haunting me at nights as a kid

  14. 14

    i kind of liked 3 strikes dj pooh is the guy who directed friday with ice cube and chris tucker

  15. 15

    I checked the whole list and I didn't see Austin Powers gold member on it. That was 1 of the worst movies ever!!! Also I liked 3 strikes it was funny.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Should be a good rematch!Your guys won last night in a shoot out!I wish I could drive up to Toronto-I had a blast last time I was up there,awesome city!Have fun Connery-season starts next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18

    As long as the movie doesn't have your fat ass in it, I'm good!

  19. 19

    Holy crap! Why is "I Know Who Killed Me" not on this list?????

  20. 20

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Strange Wilderness is an AWESOME movie. I don't know any other movie on this list, but just because Strange Wilderness is #7, this list has no credibility… the people that made this list must be as old as dinosaurs. If you are looking for a great-hilarious movie, watch Strange Wilderness. Justin Long with the eyes — YOU COULDN'T HAVE IT BETTER.

  21. 21

    Thank heavens I was smart enough never to watch any of those.

  22. 22

    thats cause Gittler wasnt THAT bad.

  23. 23

    I'm sorry but how is Gigli number 73? That movie was so incredibly bad. Much worse than Down to you or The Whole Ten Yards. It was the most awkward movie I have ever seen.

  24. 24

    so Im not going to lie, I own Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever. and i actually like it…sure its nots the most stable movie, but the only reason why they say its the worst is because it cost so much and made so little

  25. 25

    LOL what movie is that at no.1? Never heard of it!

  26. 26

    Haven't heard any of the Top 10! Reading the rest of the list there are some really bad ones. Although, I really liked Dragonfly!

  27. 27

    Yeah, Ballistic was TERRIBLE. I watched ir around '02, band it was so bad, it gave me a headache.

  28. 28

    3 strikes is funny

  29. 29

    that Pinocchio was actually pretty fucked up and dope.

  30. 30

    100 steamin' piles of shit! Sounds like your lunch Mario.

  31. 31

    Excuse me? Where is "Norbit" on this list? That is the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life!

  32. 32

    i honestly liked one missed call,but it also wasnt that thrilled with it either

  33. 33

    WHAT?! 88 minutes was good! and gigli was on the list…
    lmao, glitter is on the list.

  34. 34

    What about Gigli? Why wasn't that in the top ten? That certainly is one of the worst movies of all time!

  35. MUNON says – reply to this


    Not a very serious countdown. The left out all the big budget, big studio movies…How much did Nicolas Cage paid to have all his movies out of the countdown?
    What about: Room 1458, Whicked man, The Mummy (2007), Indiana Jones (and the kingdom of the chrystal skull), the day the earth stood still, Transformers, Hancock, Elf, Click, and GI Joe???

  36. 36

    haven't seen any of em cept for serving sara, which wasn't that bad.

  37. 37

    I thought Witless Protection was a pisser, actually. Didn't see one of the other ones, thankfully,

  38. 38

    Wish I had a dick instead of being a dick

  39. xokae says – reply to this


    some of these movies wernt even bad! they were actually pretty good. and glitter deff should of been farther down on the list.

  40. 40

    Hahaha, Madonna's on the list in Swept Away. "Swept Away offers further proof that Madonna can't act."

  41. xokae says – reply to this


    + ive seeen 39, hahah.

  42. 42

    Anything with Kristin Dunce, Kornhole Kardashian, Nichole Richy, Asshole Simpson or Linseed Lohan is gonna just plain suck. And you losers line up to pay money and watch that shit. Idiots….

  43. 43

    Re: a_dgaf83 – I know! I thought the exact same thing!

  44. 44

    Ugh i actually paid to watch Ecks vs Server…..but I got laid afterward so I guess it was an even trade off.

    Or not. The movie was really that bad.

  45. 45

    Totally geeking out here, but Perez, could you please spell "its" without the apostrophe when you're using it in the possessive sense? (i.e. when it is not a contraction of "it is") Thx…

  46. 46

    Ballistic sucked. After watching it I felt I just had lost my time. All that fighting looked like a cartoon. And the story line was bad.
    But I think Serving Sara was even more moronic… maybe I feel this way because I actually payed to watch it.

  47. 47

    8. 3 STRIKES WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! DJ Pooh wrote all the fridays with ice cube. yah tripping!

  48. MP says – reply to this


    Well, I guess I'm glad to say I haven't seen any of the Top 10. Actually I haven't heard of most of them either.

  49. 49

    haha I watched One Missed Call, it was fricken hilarious. It is stupid though

  50. 50

    Perez YOU LOSER! You make reference to Mariah at 99 but you fail to mention MADOGGA AT NUMBER 65! Mariah beats the old hag once again. You are such a twat and i can't wait to see Mariah beat Madogga next week on the charts. Before anyone says that Madonna will not win because it is a greatest hits is only making excuses because after a little research i found Madoggas highest selling album is The Immaculate Collection which is a greatest hits compilation. So if anything Madogga has an advantage, so if Mariah wins it will prove Madogga is over here in The USA! Go back to UK

  51. 51

    nice u fat pink piece of ass!!
    u jus to get in a mariah diss eh???
    wat abt ur amazing madonna which is MUCH higher on the list??
    u r jus sad …

  52. AalaA says – reply to this


    I though it has always been Gigli the one that is the worst !!!

  53. 53

    hey I liked one missed call! I've never heard of the rest of them…

  54. 54

    Re: a_dgaf83 – yeah… i know who killed me sucked super bad!

  55. 55

    norbit, epic movie, disaster movie and meet the spartans should be in the top ten, they're all crap!!!!

  56. 56

    I've seen Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever and it suck but not to bad to be number 1. I've seen worst. Glitter wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it.

  57. 57

    DJ Pooh Directed the first Friday movie you idiot!