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How Stupid Are You, Sean Penn?

| Filed under: Legal MattersSean Penn


Sean Penn is in some major trouble with both the paps and cops.

The recently divorced actor may be slapped with battery charges after Penn reportedly lost his shiz on a paparazzo on Friday afternoon in Brentwood and assaulted the photog!!

The pap has since filed a report with the police, claiming the actor of battery.

Kicking and hitting a guy while there are a bazillion paps around????

Not the smartest idea.

[Image via WENN.]

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66 comments to “How Stupid Are You, Sean Penn?”

  1. 1

    Well, he beat up Madonna during their marriage, so he's a douche.

  2. 2

    I think the 'paps' deserve it and I personally would rather give him money to see him kick Perez' a** then to see one of his movies.
    And I'm sick of these crybaby celeb-stalkers who cry every time their ridiculous actions pushes someone over the edge a bit. If they can't take it they shouldn't be "dishing it out." You wanna stalk people with a camera, you should realize you're gonna get your sleazy a** kicked! Quit crying about it!

  3. 3

    Oh is our bad boy Sean at it again! Everyone knows he has a temper, I wouldn't mess with him.

  4. 4

    hey any girls want to give me headjobs

  5. 5

    its sean penn it dosent count he is always like that… no blood no foul.

  6. 6

    Re: perezishomophobic

    If you hate the Paparazzi so much, why do come to a gossip site that pays them for pictures? It's the pictures they take that you come on here looking for.

  7. 7

    Sean Penn is one of the most dumbest hollywood retards ever.

    he thinks he is some super elite just because he is a celebrity

    reality check mr penn, we are all created equal.

    and the fact he was defending that pedophile director just makes me believe he is feeling a bit guilty about something he may have done in his past!

    plus he likes chavez…CHAVEZ!

    I hate you mr sean penn

  8. 8

    The paps are allowed to consistently put their cameras in the faces of these people, take pictures of them with long range lens into their homes, take pictures of their kids, and then write the fodder that goes along with it, and celebs aren't allowed to fight back? I think Sean Penn is a hero and I think more celebs need to start swinging back. Half of the idiots who cry assault on the stars were close, too close, enough to get hit. No one should have to call this a price of fame. That's bullshit.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Re: Medieval Poetry
    Yeah, but Madonna was smart enough to leave his sorry ass. She didn't stick around to tolerate his craziness for many years, like Robin did.

    Sean got upset after he heard Madonna's interview last week where she told she doesn't find guys her age attractive and only wants to date hot young guys right now. Sean realized he has no chance with Madonna and went crazy on the first paparazzi that came his way.
    Sean should try to learn to release his frustrations in an alternative way, and not by punching women and paparazzi.

  11. 11

    He is lonely when he isn't on the business end of Chavez's cock.

  12. 12

    The paps deserve it.

  13. 13

    Re: Medieval Poetry There's a difference between a random snapshot and bugging the hell out of someone. Not shutting up. Bringing up touchy subjects so they DO get a reaction. Going into their yards. There's no way to tell, which ones are which though. Have you EVER seen the video of Britney Spears last year? Hundreds of photogs in her way, took her 5 minutes to move 10 feet, jumping on her car, and all of them babbling on with questions? THAT'S invasive. Red carpet shots, candid after lunch shots are different than paps like that. And most often, even Perez doesn't use shots where photogs have crossed the line, like being inside someone's personal property. Rags like USWeekly and Star do.

  14. 14

    Cheers to Sean!!!! Those paps are always out of control, always getting in their face. One thing about taking a picture, but they go on and on and on. Good job Sean!

  15. 15

    Maybe he mistook that pap for Perez?

  16. 16

    Don't blame him. Doubt Perez would be able to deal with being stalked by photographers.

  17. 17

    He is a communist and all communsts, without exception, are violent assholes.
    This is a man that do not respect women or his country. A man without morals or respect. Fuck him.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    oh, Spicoli.
    Whatever happend to you?

  20. 20

    kicking a paps? how classy old fool manwhore. never liked this jackass

  21. 21

    Not only is this another T M Z posting you've stolen, but they posted it two days ago. Now you don't even know how to copy and paste

  22. 22

    Why don't you run over there with a camera and get us a pic Pumpkinhead?

  23. 23

    Well Sean Penn is a great actor with a very cool caring side but he also has this disgusting violent part and no matter how annoying getting your pic is you don't hit other people ,so he will have to pay lots of money out and maybe more. You would think he would learn his lesson.

  24. 24

    it's hard for me to have sympathy for anyone who stalks people with camera

  25. 25

    Paps making hundreds of thousands of dollars from pestering and stalking celebs… they shouldn't be such wimps when one of the celebs gets cheesed off… the pap is lucky no one has shot him yet.

    And, celebs should be above (i.e. more PR coached or mature) having a hissy fit over having their photos taken … for crying out loud (whaaaaa) poor celebs making more money in one day than most people make in a year…. move to Timbuktu if L.A. or NYC annoy you so much. You sure aren't brain surgeons… so you're all extraneous and dispensable.

  26. 26

    Most of these cases get dismissed. Look at Hugh Grant. He bonked that annoying pap in the head with a can of beans and got off. Sean will probably get off too. Judges are sick of these whiny paps running to file charges everytime a frustrated and harassed celebrity cracks from being hounded by these low lifes.

  27. 27

    He sure is looking OLD and UGLY. Good thing Kelly left while she still looks YOUNG and PRETTY!

  28. 28

    Love when Jeff Spicoli loses his shiz

  29. 29

    Well….it wouldn't be the first time

  30. 30

    If there were a bazillion paps where are the photos then?

  31. 31

    fuck the paps and any of the leeches that profit from stupid celebrity shit deserve the odd kick or punch in the head. it keeps the whole crazy thing in balance somewhat

  32. 32

    Rage issues were only tamed by his x now to surface once again.

  33. 33

    I didn't know he was abusive to Madonna.

  34. 34

    He only has one good movie anyway! (fastimes)

  35. 35

    where are the photos????

  36. 36

    He has been a violent ass hole his whole life and if he were not a rich and successful actor he would probably be a career criminal. He is an over privileged, immature, spoiled jerk who does not live in the real world, and doesn't think the rules apply to him. what also bothers me though is these wimpy paparazzi who never fight back, sean penn is about 5'6" at the most, maybe they are laying there thinking lawsuit money I guess, but have some self respect and get up and kid his stupid liberal whiny spoiled rotten ugly ass.

  37. 37

    I'd still fuck him, but then I like it a little rough!! LOL

  38. 38

    His hair looks awful in this pic. Like an old meth-head. Yuck.

  39. 39

    So paparazzi are allowed to stalk people, take pictures of them without their permission, then sell them for outrageous amounts of money, and that is seen as OK and perfectly legal. But when a fed-up celebrity hits them, they're slammed with battery charges? Now, of course assault is illegal, but last time I checked, so is taking pictures of someone and then selling it. And hell yeah I love reading about gossip and seeing pictures of celebrities that are taken by paparazzi, but in America there needs to be some regulation on this stuff. You can't expect someone to never lose their cool when they are being bombarded by flashing cameras all day long. Sorry, but Sean Penn shouldn't be the one being charged here, the paparazzo should. The American justice system really needs to get it's shit together and stop protecting professional stalkers.

  40. 40

    I have seen videos of the "photographers" going after people. I have seen them swarm around someone and yell rotten things hoping that they can provoke someone. They use their cameras as weapons. Assault weapons! And the are ahrrassing people. People should have the option of saying leave me alone, and being left alone. A guy goes to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat . A neighborhood restaurant. And he gets attacked. That would be my defense. I would press charges against the paps. Sorry. I have no problem with what Sean did. When those guys decided to be paracistes and stalk people, they get what they deserve. They make money off of it. So what!
    And when they get really lucky, they file fake lawsuits for "damages." Parasites. Most of them used to be criminals. Yes. That's true. A lot of the paparrazzi have criminal records.

  41. 41




  42. 42

    F the paps! If they are close enough to get hit… they deserve it!

  43. 43


  44. 44

    He's attacked the media before, he's beat on Madonna when they were married and was charged with a felony, there are many rumors surrounding the same sort of behavior with Robin Wright. The limosine liberal has visited criminal leaders of countries, such as Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) who directly subject their citizens to prison, torture and sometimes even death for speaking out. He met with notorious Iranian mullahs and treated like they were friends. He used photographs of himself "helping" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as a PR stunt. And i can imagine i've missed a lot of more reasons why he's garbage.

    This is why most thinking Americans hate Hollywood from both sides of the political fence. They're nothing but hypocrites and lack even the most basic sense of morals. They only care about their fellow people when a camera is present.

  45. 45

    Who gives a flying fuck about paparazzi *thinks about Princess Diana*

  46. 46

    Re: Italian Japanese Band
    Then I suggest you Google: "Sean Penn", Madonna", "hit", "baseball bat".

    I kid you not!

  47. 47


  48. 48

    People like Perez who do nothing but slag dirt and paps who stalk so the famous cannot even eat a burger in peace deserve to be bitch slapped by the famous more often..these punks have no respect at all.. people are not your property just because they earned fame.

  49. 49

    Re: sab1989

    You sound like a retard..what are you..12. ?

  50. 50

    Re: Medieval Poetry – oh really? most of the time i see the same pics over and over. and mostly they are not taken by paps.

  51. PAH says – reply to this


    Well, then those paps should leave him alone… to me they got what they deserved. Not everyone likes to be hounded while they go out for an afternoon… *cough* Lindsey, Jess and Brit…. I mean come on!!!! Those paps should be hit w/a fine or a restraining order. Half of those paps can't even speak fucking english and are probably here illegally… there the douche bags!!!

  52. 52

    Mira, it looks like he has cell phone pee-pee….and he's holding it. I bet he's set to "vibrate mode".

  53. 53

    All Paps need a good beatdown.

  54. 54

    You have no clue what it's like to have those worthless people harassing you constantly.
    They get in your face, use their cameras as weapons and push you so that you loose your shit in front of the camera. Definitely team Sean Penn.

  55. 55

    Oh please, paparazzi deserve whatever they get. Think they own the world and could get away with whatever they want. They talk all this smack to your face just to rile you up and then they get the shit beat out of them and wonder why. Really. They do whatever they want, and the courts let them. I'm sure Sean Penn didn't just lose his temper out of no where, something was most likely done.

  56. 56

    they should know he'll kick their ass , he's sean penn for christ's sake,fools!

  57. 57

    Hey perez I like Sean Penn so don't be putting cum stains on his face
    that's fuckin rude…and you're gonna get beatdown if you don't stop.
    You need to know limits…..

  58. 58

    Go Sean!

  59. 59

    with all those paparazzos around- who could blame him?!

  60. 60

    His day will come when he will piss the wrong person off and he will get his ass kicked but good. Maybe this has happened allready for all I know. On another note the paps should keep their distance from people any people. I realize they are trying to do their job and get that $$$ picture but they need to keep space between them and the person they are photoing. That is why so many of these paps end up hurt or in court. You can't tell me they don't have cammera's with long range len's that will get the pic and keep them at a distance and safe from ass wholes like Penn! Penn should get a different line of work if he doesn't want to be in the piblic eye. We give these actors way to much attention anyway.

  61. 61

    it should be legal to hit paps. at all times.

  62. 62

    IMO,Sean is and has always been,a douche! I am so glad Robin came to her senses and dumped this egotistical asshole!

  63. 63

    Re: Pat Megroin – PIG!

  64. 64

    Re: ~Ijustdontcare~ – Who the hell is Kelly?

  65. 65

    He is an incredible actor but a complete asshole as a person.

  66. 66

    Re: Phew!!! – Are you hoping shes 12? Perv.