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More Tay Tay!

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Taylor Lautner appears in the new issue of L'uomo Vogue looking SEKSI!


How do you say "Team Jacob" in Italian?!

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86 comments to “More Tay Tay!”

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  2. 2

    im a teenager so its o.k. for me to say that he is HOT!!!
    but its a little creepy that a 31 year old like perez is saying "yum",
    you need to control yourself. he is not legal

  3. 3

    FUCK YOU PEREZ-O-PHILE Taylor won't fuck you and leave the little kids alone, you twisted scumbag

  4. 4

    Pwoah!!!.. is that spelt rit?? i dont care WOW!!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    seriously this kid is ugly. he needs a new nose. plastic surgery is needed here.

  7. 7

    Errr whats with the first pic!?

  8. 8

    Um…in the first picture he looks like he is resting between letting members of his schools football team have at him. The photog may want to rethink that pose.

  9. 9

    it's still team jacom in italian :P he's HOT anyway, i'll need to buy the mag

  10. 10

    Hi Perez Team Jacob should be "Squadra Jacob" in italian…baci

  11. 11

    he looks 11 in the 2nd photo IMO. but anyways, very hot indeed!!!

  12. 12

    he is luscious tho, even if only 17

  13. 13

    Oh please! If Miley Cyrus would have done the top pose, you would have called her a slut, whore, etc. etc. He is underage as well. Double standard much?

  14. 14

    And to answer your question - " squadra jacob!!!!"

  15. 15

    Good looking guy but so "Hollywood"and I have no interest.

  16. 16

    This personally pisses me off. Taylor Lautner is 17. If any female 17-year-old posed in soaking wet clothes in obscure positions, they'd get called out. Fucking gross.

  17. 17

    He's good looking but can't we wait till he's 18 to be labeling him 'seksi.' It's more than a little creepy!

  18. 18

    Tay Tay? If I were him I'd punch you for calling me that.

  19. 19

    He's soooooo HOT! Stop with the hating!!!! He's the sweetest boy ever,he don't deserve those ugly comments! Nobody's perfect!

  20. 20

    I am 29 and he looks way too young for me. How about eyeballing someone close to your own age, Perez? Creepy.

  21. 21

    Re: Scahootowl – hahaha!! too funny :D

  22. 22

    He is hot but he's still just a baby. He's only 17! Perez you perv!

  23. 23

    self filatio?

  24. 24

    He's so hot!

  25. 25

    first pic just adds to my belief that he's gay… not that there's anything wrong with that…. a 31 year old calling a 17 year old 'seksi' however….

  26. 26


  27. 27

    It creeps me out how older people are obsessed with this child.

  28. 28

    When does he turn 18? I feel dirty commenting on how hot he is and he's still a kid. At least when he's 18 Ill feel a bit better about it…..

  29. 29

    hes my age

  30. 30

    squadro di jacob!

  31. 31

    After reading this I'm guessing there's a shitload of child porn on Perez's personal computer.

  32. 32

    From The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl to this. Hahaha.

  33. 33

    Sorry Team Jacob fans……he looks like he is 12 years old……stop it Perez…..

  34. 34

    so so so hot!!!

  35. 35

    perez is a pedofile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weirdo

  36. 36

    that's a very homosexually suggestive pose he's doing in the first shot.. jack off to someone your own age pedophile..

  37. 37

    YUM. I could say that, you sound like a pedo, since hes only 17!

  38. 38

    Didn't this kid say he was creeped out by the pervy attention people are showing his buffed up body? Perez this admiration you ceep showing him is seriously pedo… he's 17, creeper.

  39. 39

    Re: Cheshire Kate – keep… I'm ashamed of my typo.

  40. 40

    Yeah. He looks fine. But everywhere is twilight, everywhere!! I kinda liked the movie, but now.. ew it's too much. They are everywhere - books about Kristen, Rob and etc. Is it normal!???! No!!! What writers can write about them? Anything meaningful!!! Younger kids spend more and more money on this sh*t, because they are crazy about all this stuff. Yuck.

  41. 41

    damn taylor, i'll spread you like a pretzel baby….

  42. 42

    Already knew it was a matter of time before you'd start publicly showing your lust for this kid, seriously my friends who are only about 3 years older than this kid feel like pervs for liking this guy. Can't imagine how disgusting it must be to be a 30 something year old lusting after someone who is barely legal.

  43. 43

    In training to become a true POWER BOTTOM!

  44. 44

    thanks perez .. taylor is my future husband :D and im a teen so its ok for me to say this peeps :P :)

  45. 45

    it's SQUADRA Jacob…

  46. 46

    Re: jjnjnjj – i could not agree more !!! perez you are filthy

  47. 47

    Re: FrankieLons
    Okay that is uncalled for. Just because he didn't march to the nearest plastic surgeon and demand to conform to everyones' standards, you are putting him down for that? Everyone should be happy with how they were made! I am glad he hasn't conformed. He's a good role model. I think he is Incredibly Hot as is anyway!!!

  48. 48

    OMG! HOW HOT IS HE!!!! does Jacob make you HOWL??! I know…Me too!!!! Tell Everyone!!! WWW.EDWARDANDJACOB.COM!!

  49. 49

    I say that recently Taylor was interviewed saying he's very upset over the reaction of fans over his body. He said it really bothers him…..well stop posing dude.

  50. 50

    OMG! HOW HOT IS HE!! does Jacob make you HOWL??! edwardandjacob.com

  51. 51

    we say "squadra jacob" ahaha:P
    i'll buy it!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52

    HOLY FUCK! That boy is so hott!

  53. 53

    Please…he says he wants to be a respected actor and feels uncomfortable with people looking @ him sexually, yet he'll stick his ass in the air with his legs spread?

    He's got a really hot body, but I'm sorry, he looks like he's 7 years old in the face….

  54. 54

    that first pose… haha

  55. 55

    Re: pcrowl – Oh and by the way…EXCELLENT point!

  56. 56

    hot hot hot hot

  57. 57

    That kind of pretty only lasts about 5 years. He should find a rich husband…fast!

  58. 58

    I wonder what "I put on 30lb and I did it for the fans" is in Italian :rolleyes:

  59. 59

    Sorry to say, but I don't see the "hotness" (and, gym-built muscles do nothing for me).
    In fact, he looks a little retar.., errr, "Mentally Challenged"

  60. 60

    squadra Jacob = team jacob.
    and he is smexy

  61. 61

    omg! break me off a peice of that!!

  62. 62

    STOP calling this young man TAY TAY! That is the lamest, stupidest and most insulting name ever! YOU are the only one who likes it! Jeez louise…and stop drooling as HE IS ONLY 17 YOU FREAK! IMO…he's not worth it anyway. Nice body….fugly face.

  63. 63

    HE legal in Georgia whoop whoop!!!!

  64. 64

    Damn that boy is FLEXIBLE!

  65. 65

    Taylor is still ugly!

  66. licq says – reply to this


    wow~! ….>.

  67. 67

    he's so cute

  68. 68


  69. 69


  70. 70

    That first picture has got to be the stupidest pose I've ever seen.. Look I can play helicopter. Makes him look even more like an teen.!!!!

  71. 71

    so yeah.. i would pretty much fuck the shit outta that boy ;)

  72. 72

    Sex Bomb!

  73. 73

    In Italian, it would be Squadra Jacopo.

  74. 74

    Man, he SUX

  75. 75

    Please Taylor lautner is "sure" the sweetest guy in this whole wide world and he is sureley no kid anymore, he doesnt deserve those stupid comments, and really Perez you are a Perv he is too young for you but in the right age for others and he is no BABY! if i was him i would yell at you !

  76. 76

    damn sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

  77. 77

    only 1 word H.O.T

  78. 78

  79. 79

    Squadra Jacob

  80. 80


  81. 81

    OH MY JESUS! He's such a hottie:) I so love him,all girls who say they do,don't love him like I do:)

  82. 82

    u sed it, Seksi!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  83. 83

    JESUS. CHRIST. Is it February yet??? =D

  84. 84

    i dont give a fuck if he is 17 or not but STOP calling him tay tay like a teddy bear!!! WFT is the first pose??? i'm not finding this sexy.

  85. 85

    um….idk about that first pic???

  86. 86

    OMFG GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!