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Nicole Kidman Is Frozen!

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Holy shiz!

Nicole Kidman was at the OMEGA boutique in New York City looking like a wax figure out of Madame Tussaud's.

She's back to her usual self!

We've missed you!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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91 comments to “Nicole Kidman Is Frozen!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    She is such a weird chick, but I wish I had her figure she looks great in everything she wears.

  3. 3

    I honestly thought I was looking at her wax figure. What happened to her face?? seriously?? She looks awful! so sad

  4. 4

    she hasn't been really her beautiful ol' self since moulin rouge.
    b4 tom dumped her and b4 she had work done on her face.
    i miss her red, wild hair and perky, turned up nose.

  5. 5

    OMG she looks ridiculous. There is something to be said for aging gracefully instead of jamming your face full of botox (and the rest…).

  6. 6

    O good GOD, I actually thought that was a wax version of her!!… is that even healthy??

  7. 7

    Oh wow i really thought that was a wax figure. That's kinda creepy.

  8. 8

    She's beautiful, but seriously, don't OD on the Botox.

  9. 9

    Does she slather her face in K-Y jelly?

  10. 10

    And trust you Mario to pick the shittiest two photos that were taken. She's all smiles in the other photos. Gawd you're pathetic!

  11. 11

    Psycho demon brow! Botox overload side-effect.. FUGLY.

  12. 12

    and its called powder women!! take that shine off ur face!!

  13. 13

    no. that's not a real person. it's not. right? show her HANDS so we can confirm there are veins and tendons.

    that is very very weird.

  14. 14

    She does look really werid!!

  15. 15

    if she's not using botox, im the queen of zimbabwe

  16. 16

    looks like a wax figure

  17. 17

    Hahahaha wow! She looks fake! icky!

  18. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Leave her alone you fat, ugly fucking mo!!!

  19. 19

    looks exactly like her, even to her petrified personality

  20. amish says – reply to this


    Her eyebrows actually seem to be in a normal position! Could she be laying off?

  21. 21

    holy crap, I thought I WAS looking at her wax figure! scary…

  22. 22

    Two words: Stepford Wife.

  23. 23

    OMG! that has to be a wax figure! she does not look human!

  24. 24

    There's a crank handle in that ponytail— they just keep turning it and pulling up the slack— sometimes they go one crank too far.

  25. 25

    She looks like a robot or wax figure! Still stuck in her Stepford Wives role? Me thinks so.

  26. 26

    Nicole looks absolutely gorgeous.
    Whatever she's doing, KEEP DOING IT!

  27. 27

    Over-rated Aussie twat.
    The former Dionetic
    spouse looks as if
    she hit 'the wall of fire'.
    What price fame?

  28. 28

    oh my god I thought it was a wax image of her

  29. 29

    she looks like a robot… it´s like walk…then…look…then…try to smile…

  30. 30

    um, she should lay off the botox before it freezes her brain

  31. 31

    Whoa! That is beyond creepy looking.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    I love her but she looks weird in that pic, slim and all that but weird

  34. 34

    She should lay off the botox, or at least not over do it! she was beautiful before

  35. JRO says – reply to this


    i genuinely thought it was a wax figure!

  36. 36

    she does not like smiling with her mouth open-rarely does. OR-maybe the photogs just wait and grab the stepford like photo to use. THAT I WOULD BELIEVE…….

  37. 37

    Who cares what this washed up LESBIAN does or says! As they say in the bakery… NEXT!!!

  38. 38

    Love her. xxx

  39. 39

    ha- funny ( she really does look frozen) Jeez

  40. 40

    ha- funny ( she really does look frozen) Jeez
    But she's still coool I luv her and all da movies she's in- I'm a fan!

  41. 41

    I thought it was a dummy. Botox much Nicole?

  42. 42

    holy, she really does look like a wax figure

  43. 43

    Never mind her face, I wish I had that body!

  44. 44

    Maybe its the Botox.
    I actually like Nicole Kidman. I don't know if she's entirely comfortable with the attention she receives. What I am tired of though is the frozen face syndrome that most actresses over 35 have these days because of Botox. There's nothing wrong with a few lines. "Forever 21" is the name of a store, not a prescription for how human beings are supposed to look.

  45. 45

    Wow i would of thought that had to be one of the wax figures of famous people. That is very scary.

  46. 46

    I also thought I was looking at her wax figure. Why would anyone want to look so fake?

  47. 47

    I actually really like her, but I so thought the first picture was a wax figure

  48. 48

    Oh, my she does look like a wax figure. But she is a good actress.

  49. 49

    what's with the eyebrows??

  50. 50

    You think wrinkles are attractive? I think she looks fine. Who cares anyway?

  51. 51

    Her wax figure looks more alive than she does. They should just use it for movies. It can't act any worse than she does. I wonder if she would melt if she stood next to a fireplace.

  52. 52


  53. F18 says – reply to this


    I think she looks great - for a mannequin…

  54. 54

    that is fucking sick. SICK! what happened to her just being a good actor? it's so sad women in hollywood feel the need to do that.

  55. 55

    She's BEAUTIFUL!!!She is so much happier with Keith than Tom.

  56. 56

    I love Nicole, I think she is beautiful when she is NATURAL. I do agree as of lately when ever a photo is taken of her, she is quite scary looking. In fact when I first saw this photo I thought she looked an awful lot like the female alien from Mars Attacks. Anyone remember that movie? The stiff walking, tall haired chic who's face would only move as she chewed her gum? A pretty strong resemblance if you ask me.

  57. 57

    Ick. Awful. She looks plastic. I guess once you start you can't stop..

  58. 58

    ohh shut up..that is a wax figure i dont buy it

  59. 59

    I'm freaked out. I really thought that was a wax figure of her. I thought "they really did a pretty good job" and then I reread it and realized it is a live shot. Too scary.

  60. 60

    My God, how OLD is this woman?!!? She looks like she could easily pose as Tom Cruise's MOTHER! She reminds me of that Pepsi-Cola woman, the "Mommy Dearest" woman…what was her name?!?? SOLAVAYA!

  61. 61


  62. 62

    her poor face :(
    she should leave her face alone

  63. 63

    Work it bitch, ignore the bitter haters!

  64. 64

    That's a fucking statue. Right? Please god?

  65. 65

    Botox overdose ..

  66. 66

    Oh shit I thought that was a wax figure! But you can tell it's not because of the different backgrounds. Good Lord Nicole, what have you done to yourself?

  67. 67

    There is no doubt she looks 'perfect', but damn! I genuinely thought that was her wax figure…wrong, so wrong, it's just…wrong! I'm kind of lost for words.

  68. 68

    She is amazing, but she doesn't look human here! Even the way her arms/hands are, they're like Barbies!

  69. J.Mo says – reply to this


    I really liked watching her in earlier movies but WHY DOESN'T ANYONE TELL HER? Does she ever see the criticism and think people are just jealous?

  70. 70

    she's a BOTOXHOLIC

  71. 71


  72. 72

    She was a stunning beauty in her own right… what on earth would compel a perfectly beautiful and talented woman to preserve something by artificial means?
    At least Tom Cruise is still all natural…

  73. 73

    I feel sad for her. Whomever is telling her this is acceptable or that she looks good needs to be slapped. Hard.

  74. 74

    are you fucking kidding me!?!?! i really thought that was a wax figure =/

  75. 75

    shiiiiiiiiiiit i thought it was a wax figure of heerrrrrrr

  76. 76

    EEEWWWWW. Horrible. She is frozen looking. :( Lay off the botox, Kidman. You've lost all expression.

  77. 77

    botox much

  78. 78

    When you compare the homely little girl in Dead Calm - to this - it's like looking at two different people. In Dead Calm, her first film, she had her natural, frizzy red hair, tons of exposed freckles, thin pencil lips, no eyebrows and didn't wear colored contacts. My, my, my what money can buy. And $ ain't even helpin' when you look at this photo. Blheck! Having honestly spoken, she does a bit of talent in acting.

  79. 79

    Change the hair, bangs???

  80. eymey says – reply to this


    Haha, those Botox-monsters are so funny! :D

  81. 81

    LOL! Perez..funny!

  82. 82

    scary. how does she 'act' without the use of her facial muscles?

  83. 83

    OK, so she need to lay off the botox a bit but her hair colour is fantastic

  84. 84

    If she would get herself some side swept bangs cut then she'd cover some of her forhead up. Then it wouldn't look so bad and she'd look better AND younger than she does in these photos.

  85. Gusto says – reply to this



  86. 86

    I love Nicole but I hate the Botox look. These actresses should be trying to look like regular people rather than trying to compete with young starlets in the looks department. For such a dedicated actress not to want to look her age is strange to me. How can she represent a real character in life if she looks like that?

  87. 87

    She is beautiful….but……..Cant the doctors use something that allows the face to move a little or is this just an overload of botox or whatever she uses. Can she not she this? Maybe if she wouldnt wax her eyebrows with such an arch, it wouldnt be as noticeable.

  88. 88

    Holy fuck , nicole back away from the botox, back away from the botox , and this ladies and gents is the downside to cosmetic surgery! hope the winf didnt change directon lol

  89. 89

    and she SWEARS she doesn't do anything except stay out of the sun….that's what irks me. If you're going to imobilize your face then please…admit it.

  90. 90

    Perez - much love but - you need to se her in person this picture does not do her justice at all - she is absolutely stunning - not kidding ! And no I am not a les - I was just suprised at how she really looks - awesome - Why don't you give her a break - Most people that have interacted with her have nothing but praise

  91. 91

    I love how easily we judge people by looks. I'd love to know how many of you judging her looks is perfect. Look in the mirror and think before you, like the dimwit Perez, judges someones looks. Its sad that Perez Hilton has gotten famous by being mean spirited and IGNORANT. Just goes to show you that these days any non-talented, uncharismatic hack can become "famous", if that's what you call it. She may look frozen, Perez, but at least she doesn't look like a orange haired hobbit.