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Blame Your Increased Taxes On Nic Cage, Actor Owes The IRS Millions!

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The National Treasure actors has one large national debt to pay off!

If you've been reading, you know that Nicolas Cage owes about $6.26 million dollars to the government from unpaid back taxes. Since learning this, he's put many of his houses up for sale to try and pay back the debt. He has yet to be successful in selling one.

But now, it seems he has even more money to pony up! Yes, the IRS has filed a SECOND lien on Nic for back taxes going back all the way to 2002! Now his grand total for the government is $6,617,550.84!!!

That isn't chump change! Forget his houses, he might have to sell his soul to get his hands on that kind of money!!!

How do you manage not paying your taxes for seven years?! It's like your asking to go to prison!

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Blame Your Increased Taxes On Nic Cage, Actor Owes The IRS Millions!”

  1. 1

    Kiss your career goodbye, and enjoy prison!

  2. 2

    Nice English… 'It's like YOU'RE asking to go to prison'.

  3. 3

    no, you can blame it on the current political party in charge, i.e. Obama, Pelosi and the morons in the capital and their reckless spending!@

  4. 4

    he's been sitting on millions and still, that's the best hair peice he can get?

  5. 5

    How can this ugly motherfucker not have $6 million laying around to pay off the debt? He probably makes that on 1 film (after everyone else gets their cut) and he makes about 3 films per year. He is the only actor I can think of who seems to be in EVERY movie.

  6. 6

    Sounds to me like he has a shady accountant personally.

  7. 7

    I guess no more Louboutin heel's from my daddy.

  8. 8

    It's like "you're" asking to go to prison!

  9. 9

    Oh Porkez, stupid copy-paster!
    At least learn to read before you comment on any note, PENDEJO.
    More than 6 millions are only for last years taxes.
    big deal, He only needs to send a check to the IRS. The man is loaded.

  10. 10

    …he probably spent it on hair plugs. Get your money back, man!

  11. 11

    The IRS was all over Wesley Snipes…why does Nic Cage get a pass? hmmm…well for now he's getting a pass, eventually he'll face the smack down! The sad part is that this man makes $20 million a film…where'd his money go?

  12. 12

    Instead of buying a castle among tons of other homes, he should have been saving that money to keep his taxes paid. Especially considering the more property u buy, the more taxes u pay out.

  13. MP says – reply to this


    I can't stand when these rich celebrities pull crap like this, like they think they're above it all. I say have an estate sale to recoup the money, then throw him in jail!

  14. 14

    He almost ran over me last week whipping out of his (soon to be seized) $3 million French Quarter mansion when backed outa his garage in his BENTLEY without looking! Obviously he still has some money…But then again, if he had hit me…maybe I coulda owned that FQ mansion instead of the IRS!

  15. 15

    Maybe he should call TaxMasters. Hah!

  16. 16

    You don't go to prison for not paying your taxes, you go to prison for not filing aka "tax evasion".

  17. 17

    A55. Still like his work. Man come on pay your darn taxes. We pay our taxes why can't he?

  18. 18

    How enlightened of you to take a national burden and turn it into a catchy header. You or your staffers really are a wonder. People are actually suffering from the actions of people who have power, which, believe it or not, reach higher than the fucking Weatherman.

    We don't buy in gold, but we pay in blood. You're happy being dumb and rich, Mario. We all reap what we put out. In your case, you better develop a soul and quick. The henchmen are coming.

  19. 19

    I read somewhere that he bought his own tropical island. He must have to pay a lot just keep the lawn mowed so the irs should just lay off.

  20. 20

    i don't understand how these stars can make so much money and are still unable to pay for essentials, and their freedom.

    get an accountant

  21. 21

    Fuck the IRS. Why should anyone pay those douche bags 6.6 million dollars that is "owed" over a period of 6 years?? That is fucking ridiculous. Too bad they realized there was no law stating you had to pay income taxes because they just recently caught it and now it is.

  22. 22

    Re: prudence – Right, because Bush didn't do any reckless spending. Fucking retard.