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Did You See Paris Hilton On Supernatural?

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Just in case you haven't seen the HIGHlarity, here it is (above).

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63 comments to “Did You See Paris Hilton On Supernatural?”

  1. 1

    Was it really her? I assumed that it was a wax figure of her. What an actress!

  2. 2

    She was better than I expected…pleasantly surprised

  3. 3

    but damn her for having a nice body :P

  4. 4

    hilarious ! Paris always die at fiction . she acted like herself , like a dumb but she is not , she is a smart person . did they pay her for that ? funny when she fought with those guys ! lol

  5. 5


  6. 6

    That whore ought to leave her skanky big-nosed twat of the airwaves. I bet she's sucked miles of dick.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Funny lines.

  9. 9

    That's hot!

  10. 10

    i loved it, she had a good sense of humor to say those things about her and i love that dean got his ass kicked by paris hilton lol. and she acted very well, maybe she can only act spoilt and stuck up i dont know but she did it well.

  11. nip says – reply to this



  12. 12

    Supernatural rocks my fucking world!! It should get way more attention than it does…It would be nice to see more of Jared, Jensen and Supernatural on here.
    As for Paris being on the show…I wasn't one of the people getting all upset about it, I could care less either way…but it was good press for the show, and she was only on it for a few minutes, and really she wasn't bad!!

  13. 13

    I loved her on it… she did great i love someone that can make fun of themselves… she def. doesn't take herself to seriously

  14. 14

    paris did great

  15. 15

    hahaha it was pretty good!!

  16. 16

    lmfao his face when the dude says..ive never even seen house of wax lmao classic man

  17. 17

    jump that shark

  18. LilyC says – reply to this


    Better than expected! 0.o

  19. 19

    That is the worst thing I have ever seen. Really.

  20. 20

    Shouldn't you worship Paris, Perez? You wouldn't even have a website if it wasn't for her.

  21. 21

    that …was the dumbest thing ive ever seen

  22. 22

    I actually liked her in it.
    She did a good job.

  23. 23

    bahahahaha that was good ;)
    paris is soo cute.
    i was really expecting one of the to say "thats hot" at the end lmfao
    helllla funny

  24. 24

    THAT….is what passes for acting these days???? Oh no no no no no!!! THAT…..is shit. THAT….is garbage. THAT…..is perhaps the dumbest, least-talented skank ever to infect the earth. Let me just say that if YOU watch that show, YOU are a fucking moron!

  25. 25

    i love supernatural (=

  26. 26

    Honestly, it was better than I expected. I'll give Paris props. She wasn't as bad as most people were expecting.

  27. 27

    I don't get the show but I been watching the last few episodes n the one with Paris gave me nightmares really?

  28. 28

    My favorite part was when Sam chopped her head off!!!

  29. 29

    It was awesome!!! Especially when Jensen made the comment about never seeing the House of Wax and Jared gave him a dirty look b/c he's in the movie as well lol…I think she did a good job! I'm not saying give her an oscar any time soon but she did well.

  30. 30

    She was actually really good. She's smarter than the lets people on… and when they put her down and give her the spot light she just laughs.

    I somehow knew she'd do really well in this episode.

  31. 31

    That's hot.

  32. 32

    whatever. it's not hard to play yourself

  33. 33


    I love my Paris!

    www brandonhilton com

  34. 34

    The best part was when they chopped her head off

  35. 35

    God! That was terrible!!! It's so embarrassing to watch… Again, Supernatural is a load of crap!

  36. 36

    hahahaha I thought it was funny when Jared/Sam chopped her head off :D

  37. 37

    She was pretty good! Seriously though, Perez your sister is ruining this website. You need to cut off her twinkie allowance already.

  38. 38

    Re: BrandonHilton – God you're so annoying, why don't you try being yourself. Anybody who wants to be like Paris Hilton is a fucking moron. xoxo

  39. 39

    OMG…that was really good…i thought it was going to suck but it was actually good…she was really good and it was funny (of course this show is always funny)…wow!!

  40. 40

    Was this for real? Like in a real tv-series? Because this sucked….big time.
    Paris' "acting" was horrible, and the guys didn't do so well either.
    There were so many things wrong in this clip, i have to wonder….did the whole productionteam fell asleep, or were they ill?

  41. 41

    ahahaha she was funny! totally jenifers body! :D

  42. 42

    XD Haha omg this shit was great! I should probably watch the enntire episode.~~

  43. 43

    she's AWESOME. haha

  44. ShanV says – reply to this


    Lollllllllllllllllllllllllll shes such a lost idiot. She has such a fake personality… the whole thing looked like a skit where we were waiting for everyone to go ' OK GUYS THIS IS JUST A JOKE LIKE WE'D TAKE HER FOR REAL' pffft

  45. 45

    She was no worse than those 2 guys. What's with the fake assed Elvis voices anyway? Paris..SUPER BITCH :)

  46. 46

    lmao. that was ridiculous

  47. 47

    dean getting his ass kicked by paris hilton was hilarious!!!!

  48. 48

    Jensen Ackles is pretty much the most gorgeous person on the planet

  49. 49

    What's sad is she can't even act..even if she's freaking playing herself. SO SAD.

  50. 50

    Re: Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD rescinded – That was 5 minutes of a show that's been on air for 5 seasons now…if you are judging a show you've never watched before because of the fact that Paris Hilton was on it for 5 minutes than you're the fucking moron!! It was a joke people, it wasn't suppose to be serious…it was a light episode…they do that sometimes!! She was playing herself, of course it's going to come off FAKE, she is FAKE!! God get a sense of humor!!

  51. 51

    Re: Allie_B – so tru Allie B - the show is awesome and while i was sceptical about the ep i thought it was very funny - especially when they mentioned house of wax and jared having been in it!!

  52. 52

    no, i didn't see it and not because of her, the show sucks, to me is stupid.

  53. 53

    The only one that cares about this F-Lister is Perez Hilton. It compromised your organization and you look re-fucking-lickyouless.

  54. 54

    Supernatural should be on here wayyyy more often than it is…

    It's just so awesome

  55. 55

    Yeah my favorite part was whent hey chopped her head off.

  56. 56

    She suck, she was better than i think but suck! the best part was when Sam cut her head :D awsome :P ! but without she SUPERNATURAL is the best SErie :D :D:D:D!!! I Lov Supernatural :D ! please talk more about Supernatural and Their boys :D !

  57. 57

    perez..? you already posted this…SHES LAME!

  58. 58

    First off, I'm very much obsessed with this show and would love you you to show more stuff about and its actors more often. Second, whenever I Sam chop off Paris' head, I'm all "GO TEAM!"

  59. 59

    Haha I thought she did a pretty good job. Of course it wasn't an Oscar worthy performance or anything, but it certainly wasn't bad (like Britney during her stint on HIMYM!). God are Jared and Jensen hot though :D Perez, why don't you blog more about THEM?

  60. 60

    Re: Allie_B – Are you kidding me? The biggest reason why this show is so successful is because both Jared and Jensen manage to stay out of the Hollywood crap that is posted on this site. I sure as hell hope it stays that way!

  61. 61

    yes and she was very hollow and stiff. thank goodness one of the J's "killed" her.

  62. 62

  63. 63

    She was actually pretty good and I think she was enjoying it. What a lucky gal to be able to meet "sam" and "dean"!