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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

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It was announced this morning that President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

There have been mixed reactions to Obama receiving the award due his length of time in office — just over 9 months.

"Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," said the Norwegian Nobel Committee in addition to commending "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

While Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev are on board with the decision, others believe it was a premature choice, especially those in the Middle East.

A conservative religious party leader in Pakistan referred to the award an embarrassing "joke" while an Hamas official in Palestine said, "Obama has a long way to go still and lots of work to do before he can deserve a reward. Obama only made promises and did not contribute any substance to world peace."

What do U think of the Committee's decision?

[Image via AP Images.]

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454 comments to “Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize”

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  1. buck says – reply to this


    I'm also hearing Obama won the Cy Young Award in baseball because he threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game.

  2. 2

    Proof of how the Obama hysteria wagon travels on. Not only do people think his shit doesn't stink, they think he doesn't SHIT! A fucking Nobel? A Nobel peace prize for promises yet delivered? Are you serious?

    The world today utterly baffles me. If I were him I would be deeply embarrassed. He was nominated only TWO weeks into his presidency. So, in all reality, he is being honored for 2 weeks worth of work - not 9 months.

  3. 3

    this is redic. apparantly, you have to do nothing to recieve the nobel prize.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Um…why?! What has he done to deserve this? Last I checked, you have to DO SOMETHING in order to win an award. Wow. I have lost all respect for the Nobel award. We still have troops overseas, Gitmo is still open & having problems finding a way to close it, our country continues to go into debt…the list really could go on. What Peace has he created in order to deserve this award?

  6. 6

    This is an insult to anyone who has ever really deserved or will deserve this outstanding honour.

  7. 7

    for what? WHAT HAS HE DONE SO FAR? Can someone seriously answer this question. He went on vacation and bought a dog. Oh yeah he's been on every damn TV channel. Anything else?

  8. ap076 says – reply to this


    All the gossip, or rather news, mug-shots, and tirades, thats fit to print.

  9. 9

    I think the committee just made their award worthless. It is laughable that anyone with his little of experience in world politics would receive a Nobel Peace Prize. It's gotta be a joke - right?!?

  10. 10

    What a joke and insult to the whole world! This guy's only been in office for 9 months and hasn't done anything major in foreign policy or made accomplishments towards peace.

  11. 11

    I believe it was well deserved. Great work Obama!

  12. 12

    Oprah will be pleased.

  13. 13

    What the hell has he done? He hasn't done anything yet. I am a supporter, but I DO NOT agree with this!

  14. 14

    WTF?? Shouldn't they wait until he actually does something worthy of such an honor? This makes no sense…

  15. 15

    its ridiculus that the president of a country STILL at war wins an award that celebrates peace - contradiction!

  16. 16

    God help us all

  17. 17

    i believe he has potential, but i think it is way too early to be awarding him with the nobel peace prize. Bring on the results to those promises, and prove to us why you deserve this prestigious honor.

  18. 18

    I think it is an embarassment and diminishes the importance of receiving a Nobel Prize! He does not deserve it and thus so far has contriubted NADA to world peace, health reform, equality to gays, etc. He is a smooth talker and is full of b.s. I can't stand the man!!! If it were up to him, he would turn the United States into an Islamic nation. He has a hidden agenda and if continues to hold the Presidency he will accomplish such.

  19. 19

    Completely ridiculous….

  20. 20

    im glad he won the award but at the same time he was nominated for this award after only being in office for 11 days! the final nominations were made on feb 1st… he hadnt accomplished much of anything besides being elected at that time… i think he did deserve to get an award like this eventually but i think this award was handed to him with little consideration

  21. 21

    I dont think he really deserves this award. Obama has not shown any changes at all. He has made promises but has done nothing with them. I agree that this is just pre mature choice.

  22. 22

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!… A guy who is the president of a country that is involved in wars with two countries wins
    the Nobel Peace Prize. Any wonder there was a loud audible gasp when
    his name was announced as the winner.

  23. 23

    What do I think? BARF!!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    I do think it is too early, but he made REAL progress by getting the Palestinian Authority to agree to a delay in processing the report that says Israel committed war crimes this summer. Israel should take that as the olive branch that it is, and halt their settlement activity.

  25. 25

    This is way too premature. Sorry Barack.

  26. 26

    Congratulations, the Nobel Peace Peace Prize will now forever be considered a huge joke!

  27. 27

    We are all dooomed!!!! such bullshizzzz
    he is kindof like the popular moronic jock in high school

  28. ap076 says – reply to this


    This award may perhaps be hasty or not, but I'll be damed of I will listen to the opinions of a member of a U.S. recognized terrorist group (Hamas) and a member of the conservative religious party from the most unstable nation in possession of nuclear arms (Pakistan). I am sure there are better opposition voices to his winning than these two.

  29. 29

    Listen up bitches, Mr balsac axed me to give y'all the 411. The other day our girl Alice called out a Harry fake who switched to Hole who had the same profile info as jigsaw so BBD came up in here and laided a smack down on his ass! This got jiggy all butt hurt and he is blowin' up harry's inbox screamin' he was framed by hole(aka Blind Baby). So harry wants you all not pass judgement on on jiggy when you see him next and to whoever the fucktard is who is responible for this fuckery… EAT A DICK MUTHERFUCKA!!!!!

  30. 30

    This is so not on.He is fighting wars on 3 fronts bad as yet has achieved NO peace yet at all. Wishes are not facts but wet dreams. Prove it first. Not that it is his fault as such as he did not lobby for this but it is deserved by others far more than by him..
    May as well have given it to Angelina Jolie come to this silliness

  31. buck says – reply to this


    when i was 10 i promised to be a football superstar….so where is my damn superbowl ring!!!

  32. 32

    How wonderful for him and how wonderful for the US !!!!
    Hey, just as a side note - Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize when Dubya was in office. - lolol !

  33. 33

    It would be really ironic if Iran tests a nuclear wepon the day he's getting his medal.

  34. 34

    I'm sorry but I don't think he was deserving of such prestigious award. He hasn't even served one year in office and he's already winning the Noble Peace Price? Are you fucking kidding me? Was the committee on crack or something? I don't get it. He hasn't even fulfilled half of his promises to begin with and we're in the middle of a war. I don't think it was the right time to jump the gun and just give it away to someone that hasn't really earned it. I mean we still don't know what kind of President he's going to be and so far as of right now we're still in a recession, in a war, and our health care is still messed up.

  35. 35

    ah, ya didn't get to have the olympics in chicago like ya wanted so here's your consolation prize, a nobel peace prize!

  36. 36

    He's given some speeches, but I don't see what he's done. Man, Bill Clinton who spent the last several years of his presidency trying to win this thing must be spitting nails right about now. LOL

  37. 37

    I am not a blind Obama fan, nor am I a wild Obama hater, but this is pretty ridiculous. You can win a Nobel Peace Prize simply for making a few nicely worded, vague speeches? Really? This award, like Carter's, is about POLITICS, not accomplishments. The committee is looking to make a statement, not reward someone for good works. It seems unfair, like the rich kid who gets an A because his daddy donates money to the school. In the end, it cheapens the award, and holds Obama up for ridicule. I mean, he hasn't actually, you know, DONE anything of subtance yet. Merely talked about it.

  38. 38

    Wow…the Nobel Pize has NO MEANING anymore. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen….

  39. 39

    Re: LULU~* – Al probably won because he looked like a genius next to Bush!!! HAHA!

  40. 40

    FOR WHAT?!

    What did he do for the world? Obama tires me! I don't care about him, ’cause he's not my presidente. I just think that many other people deserved that award. Obama definitily doesn't deserve it.

    I hate all this courtliness about him.

  41. 41

    Re: xoxo carla – I agree 100%!

  42. 42

    Absolute BULLSHIT. I just feel sorry for all the previous winners, their award can now be a JOKE. Once again…he is a DISGRACE to this country.

    I will be checking the mail everyday to see if I get the Nobel Peace Prize for talking about reducing nuclear arms and getting my hometown declined for the Olympics.

  43. 43

    WTF no it is way too early. they should have waited until the end of his presidency

  44. 44


  45. 45

    wow. amateur decision.
    Why? What has he done thats so great?

    The nobel peace prize for having the lowest approval ratings as president in history??

  46. 46

    Obama has areadly been nominated once before (I think lost to Al Gore in 2007? ) - thus, his great works were already recognized before he took office.
    what now do our little pea-brained republican friends have to say????

  47. 47

    Hmmm, Lets see, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, yep makes sense, this prize has become a joke so its fitting that a living joke be the recipient right along with the past jokes.

  48. 48

    if he won on the concept of "hope" alone, i agree. americans are so insular, they do not understand that when obama won his election, there was a worldwide sigh of relief and then feelings of optimism. as far as peace keeping, i don't think continuing a war in iraq, funding a war in afghanistan, and not moving the palestinian crisis merits the prize though

  49. 49

    WTF did he win for? Are they serious? Why is everyone obsessed with him? Clearly so far he is doing a pretty shitty job and all his campiagn promises were LIES!

  50. 50

    I think everyone's missing the point here. Obama was given the award not for what he's already done, but because he's at least trying to bring back civilized diplomacy vs. eight miserable years of Bush/Cheney who barely bothered. hands down, they were the worst administration in my 50+ years and the global community is clearly as glad to have seen them go as most clear=headed individuals. it's a major fuck-you to those war mongers and I give it a big two-thumbs-up.

  51. 51


    it says that he is awarded it for promising a peaceful future. this is a new age for america, not so many people hate the president(cause he isnt an idiot) and hes changing controversial views(he has only been in office for 9 months and he has legalized medical marijuana in several states and also gay marrigage in several states… does no one see what americas future will be like?

  52. 52

    Re: harley1 – Hey, a sock puppet would look like a Genius next to Dubya !!!!!

  53. 53

    Re: PerezTheBlogNazi – yes he has brought so much Peace, good grief the country is close to a second civil war and this moron gets a prize for peace? you are clearly just as much of a kool-aid drinking moron as the rest of the libtards.

  54. 54

    I have to trust the judges who award the prize, they know far more about what giving one out entails than I do. I heard he didn't even know about it and is quite surprised. I guess we'll have to wait and see and read more about their decision. Oh yes, to one of the posters, if you live in America, he IS your president, just as, as much as I hated it, George Bush was mine.

  55. 55

    I've really tried to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, however, he has continued to disappoint as a leader for this country. Awarding such as prestigious award to someone who rose from obscurity a few years ago and has essentially done nothing but continue to campaign for various issues, even though he won the election last year, is an extremely poor choice by the committee. Better to wait a year or two, and then see if his is still campaigning instead of actually making progress in the quest for world peace.

  56. 56

    Re: Big Black Dick – lol that rocks

  57. 57

    I think it's great - he is making an effort to bring peace to our world which is more than I can say for that other SOB that was in office - the peace prize is not only for some one that has accomplished but for someone who is in the process of resolving conflict or creating peace….

  58. 58

    Re: laviebelle – Would you like to try to explain how he disgraced this country by winning the Nobel Peace Prize???? Huh?
    Are you sore because Dubya never did
    Bush #1 never did
    Regan never did
    Nixon never did
    Its looking pretty apparently that republicans just can't cut it, you know?

  59. BBGUN says – reply to this


    Re: buck

    Thanks! Your comments have given me my laughs for the day.

  60. 60

    Re: Beauceron – Excellent summation.

  61. 61

    Wonderful!! Now the Nobel Peace Prize means exactly nothing and the world has another reason to think we're a joke.
    If BO has an ounce of sense, he'd hear what the WHOLE world is saying and turn that prize down.

  62. 62

    just not right.

  63. 63

    Carter and Gore won one so I guess this makes sense. What a fucking joke!! I wouldn't wipe my ass with this bullshit award. Obama is worse than Carter and unemployment is going to be over 10% within months. I guess bankrupting the only superpower in the world is what won him this award.

  64. 64

    Re: buck – Did you know he was nominated for this back in Feb.-that was the deadline for being considered for the award this year.He was only in office 12 days!He hadn't even given his apology speech yet !Talk about jumping the gun

  65. klkl says – reply to this


    For what??? What has he actually done yet? I seriously thought this was a joke when I first saw it.

  66. 66

    This is getting out of control! What has this man done compared to other in the world. Makes you wonder who is behind this puppet.

  67. 67

    Re: RedWingsFan
    wooohoooooooooo mornin hun….u know they will…Re: Big Black Dick – morning…wowwwwwwwwwww…tell harry/jiggz ♥♥…mizzed it//Re: Spindoc – Bill Clinton dezervez it 4/zure
    congratz 2/obama…WHEN HE ENDZ THIZ GOD FORZAKEN WAR☻♥♥]]

  68. 68

    When someone in the White House asks if it's April-they must think he doesn't deserve this award either. What has he done but alienate our allies and side with dictators and the like. World peace would be great but it's never going to happen-all you have to do is look at history-there will always be someone out there who wants control and power-kind of like Obama

  69. 69

    Um correction - Gore and Carter won AFTER their terms because they had the YEARS to show for their work as opposed to Barrack's mere 8 months. The Prize should be about actual accomplishments NOT intentions. If anyone with good intentions can win, Miss Universe should be nominated every year for promoting World Peace!

  70. 70

    A JOKE. This little messiah has done absolutely Nothing.

    Nobel Peace Prizes will mean absolutely nothing in the future.

  71. 71

    Re: Big Black Dick – That shit is fucked up!There are plenty of people on here who I nothing in common with(Sweetpiece,ect.)but i repect their opinion.All this impersonating other posters is a complete waste of time.What a drag

  72. 72

    This just in. President Obama has just been nominated for an Emmy Award…for Best Actor. And, a Tony for Best Actor on the world stage.

    I wonder if we'll hear the Democrats cry about racism now, because one of the reasons the Nobel committee cited for picking him was because he was the first black president of the free world. I guess racism has its benefits, huh?

    Oh, and I certainly hope they will give credit to George Bush for this win. They "blame" Bush for everything else. Obama should certainly thank him for this one, too.

  73. 73

    Re: burnoutgirl – Excellent suggestion. He should decline to accept the award, or better yet, give it to someone more deserving.

  74. slite says – reply to this


    You really need to get your facts straight!

    He won with 2 WEEKS of presidential experience. NOT 10 months. The deadline for nomination was 2 weeks after he took office.

    Id love to know who nominated him. This puts him in a very awkward place since he has done nothing but give speeches. He doesnt even write his own speeches!

  75. 75

    Re: cripbabe111 – You said, "Obama was given the award not for what he's already done, but because he's at least trying to bring back civilized diplomacy vs. eight miserable years of Bush/Cheney who barely bothered."

    I say, the only thing this man has done is apologize to every dictator and enemy of America for our very existence. Shameful. He's a disgrace and a traitor. Further, he's kept none of his campaign promises, you fools! OBAMA IS A LIAR!

  76. buck says – reply to this


    Re: RedWingsFan – I guess the nomination committee didn't watch SNL last week where Obama himself said he has done nothing in his presidency

  77. 77

    I am just ashamed. Obama is making our country look like a bunch of morons.

  78. 78

    Re: burnoutgirl – Actually he would do that only if he was listening to ignorant Americas; what the WHOLE WORLD is saying, it the reason he won the award.

  79. 79


  80. 80

    "while an Hamas official in Palestine said, "Obama has a long way to go still and lots of work to do before he can deserve a reward. Obama only made promises and did not contribute any substance to world peace."

    I dont see Palestine on my map. I think you mean the lawless territory controlled by terrorist to the south east of Israel…

  81. 81

    I think it shows that he is being recognized for his efforts toward world peace, speaking clearly with our enemies, having the difficult discussions necessary. Since he was nominated, he has only proven that is exactly what he intends.

  82. 82

    Ok, this is just embarassing to the people of norway- the price is supposed to go to someone who deserves it - for something they've done. Obama has'nt done anything yet, just spoken big words about changing the world. We watched the announcement live at school today, and i dont think i've met anybody yet who agrees.


  83. 83

    You must be kidding! If I were a previous winner, I would give it back. What has he done to win the Nobel Peace Prize? How does he compare to previous winners?
    Previous winners are: Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandella, Dali Lama, MLK Jr., Albert Schweitzer to name a few. Oh yea and Bono (who actually did deserve it)

    What a well played joke on America. Way to go!

  84. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: Beauceron – I think this award being given to President Obama is about politics, though that is the nature of the award itself. It is surely too premature and yes ironic given the wars we are currently fighting (although I think we will always be fighting the war on terror).
    Jimmy Carter was not a good or effective president. But he is a great ex-president. He deservedly received the award in 2002 as late compensation for the Camp David Accords, but also for all the work he has done traveling around the world fighting for human rights, addressing the issues of disease, hunger, and housing, and the amazing amount of elections he has monitored to assure they we fair. I am not saying the man is perfect and he does put his foot in his mouth from time to time but he earned that award just as surely as Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson did.

  85. 85

    I think the committee took stupid pills - Obama already has a big fat head and thinks hes the next coming, this really should fit right in with his plan, now he has proof that he is God like. STUPID STUPID STUPID choice

  86. 86

    Re: SheriMoonFireFly – Hey Sheri-did you read what BBD said about Harry and Jigsaw?

  87. 87

    I guess this his consolation prize for not getting an Emmy nod for his Leno appearance back in March.

  88. 88

    the nobel prize is a joke. a bunch of leftist jack offs make the decision…they haven't gotten the memo yet that obama is a do nothing, shameless self promoter…the euro's love him tho. was in italy and people were walking around with his pic on t-shirts…he's a real celeb, so his goals are being reached. idiot.

  89. LCFB says – reply to this


    what i beginning to realize about america is how dumb so people are with their comments. Nobel is not American. Think about it. And think about it again. America hates itselft right now. The world hates you too. ppl forgot Buch went for the London Olypics in 2002, and lost. Al Gore deserved it because of Global warming. If you listen to a repthugs, we should just send out first born to war. Obama is my President, and thank god he listens because 911 would not have happended if someone have read their memos

  90. 90

    Don't you have to do something -ah- peaceful to win that award? I don't think deploying 60,000 more troops to Iraq in the last week qualifies. In fact, didn't the ONE "change" thing he mentioned was about pulling out of Iraq? This guy has no alue, whatsoever, and certainly has no clue about American Foreign Ploicy. We all got so caught up in "Yes! A Black American running for President!" that no one took the time to research this guy's shady PAC money, his American homeland friends (who had been in jail for bombine US sites - ha said he considered them "dear friends." Didn't even deny it! His wife has overtly said that this was the first time she pround to be an American (um, hey, what about the civil rights movement - which was started by yes, REBUPLICANS, and how about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.?). She is soooooooo far ggone on her soapbox that it's now somewhere in the stratosphere. Um, Michelle, You will NEVER be Jackie O. Give it up. And start bitch-slapping your hubby at night for soing nothing - right before he plays with his dog.

  91. 91

    im not american but eat a dick haterzz

  92. 92

    Congrats Prez Obama. I wish you could have began your term with a solid country the way George WTF.Bush did, to bad you have to spend nearly all of your resources trying to fix EVERYTHING.

  93. 93

    Yall are a bunch of ignorant haters..and i…no…we love it…im PROUD that OUR PRESIDENT was even considered much less won such an honor. This is the time of cutting ur nose off to spite ur face. And i see a whole lot of noeseless faces.hahahaha.im so glad this country was finally wrestled away from all of the war mongering maniacs that hav e controlled our fates for so long. if all OBAMA does for the next 8 yEARS is come outside everyday and take a mean stankin shit on the front lawn of the white house thats fine with me considering bush took a shit in everyone of our backyards and dens and kitchens while he was ruining this country. smelling the stink of bush and chaney reminds me of dead soldiers…oh my bad..that IS the smell of dead soldiers. BUSH SHOULD BE TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES….HES INCOMPETENT AND LIVES IN A BUBBLE OF IGNORANT HAZE.

  94. 94

    Re: St00p!d Bitchassness – AWWW you poor fool.

  95. 95

    Wanting peace is different from achieving it in reality. Every wants peace and preaches it to some extent. If the Nobel Prize committee wants to award him in order to 'encourage' him (an actual reason cited), they should award the prize to everyone else in the world that has dedicated their whole lives to promote equality, anti-war, education-for-all etc. in order to 'encourage' them too!!!! Obama makes Mother Teresa and Gandhi sound like a joke. The noble thing to do is to reject his prize so that one day he can actually PROVE that he deserves such an award!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 96

    Re: RedWingsFanRe: Big Black DickRe: SheriMoonFireFly – hole, whomever you are, you are dead to me. you mother fucking loser, starting shit. what are you fucking related to anniegirl? or are you her? go jerk off with your little father fucking dick, if you can find it asshole…. thanks bbd for clearing the air

  97. 97


  98. 98

    It's nice to know that the Europeans like him because his approval ratings keep dipping here. It's a sad day for the Nobel prize.

  99. 99

    Re: simone1 – Thats called NOT A SUPPORTER>>>>>>

  100. 100

    WTF???? Are you kidding me??? This is insulting to smart people everywhere!!! All he has done is create a shit load of debt and unanswered promises!!!!

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