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T-Mobile Seriously Screws Their Customers

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Yes, this is our fault for being loyal to the T-Mobile Sidekick and not switching to an iPhone or Blackberry like most of you smart people out there!

For a week now, we have not been able to access the contacts in our cell phone's address book. Literally SEVEN DAYS now - since last Friday!

That is unacceptable!!!!!!!

T-Mobile's service for their Sidekicks went down worldwide a week ago (because Danger, the maker of the phone, royally fucked up) and many many many users STILL have not been able to access their contacts. Since then, T-Mobile's customer service and communication with their customers has SUCKED. It's pathetic, disgusting and insulting!

Not being able to access our emails and phone numbers for AN ENTIRE WEEK has severely affected our ability to work and communicate with our friends and family! For us, our Sidekick has been an integral part of our work life for over four years now. And we're sure a lot of other people out there are in a similar situation.

T-Mobile can thank us all they want for being patient, but THAT'S IT. Patience is over at the one week mark!

How much longer are they going to want/expect us to be patient for??????

As we are heading into the weekend…We need answers! NOW!

Are we getting our address books back or not????????? If so, WHEN?

The makers of the Sidekick, Danger, said people should have access to their contacts by Thursday. That HAS NOT HAPPENED.

What is going on, T-Mobile????? We have been kidnapped by you this whole week! We would have dumped your ass already but we can't even access our address book from your fucking website!!!!!!!

To add insult to injury, the ONLY thing T-Mobile is offering their customers, whom they obviously don't value or respect, is one month of free data service.

That's shit!

One month of free data service (which is not the same thing as one month of free phone use) for SEVEN DAYS of heartache and no access to contacts????

That's fucked!!!!

T-Mobile needs to SERIOUSLY STEP UP and offer something MUCH MORE of value to their customers, however few remain after this debacle. Additionally, they better NOT EVEN THINK of charging a cancellation fee to any Sidekick customers that want to close their accounts.

Enough venting.

We need answers! We need them THIS MORNING!

P.S. Tweet this: #TmobileStillSucks

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217 comments to “T-Mobile Seriously Screws Their Customers”

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  1. 1

    wow u wrote like crazy!!!!! i can tell how angry u are perez. sorry you feel that way. xo

  2. 2

    how fucking annoying

  3. 3

    OMG i have been having the same problems!! and my internet has been down along with my AIM & email!! Sometimes i get them back but for like an hr then my phone just goes nuts and theyre gone again…. T-mobile sooo should be giving Sidekick users a free month of service not just a month of data service… well i mean unless they want to lose all their customers to the iPhone & Blackberry… GET A CLUE T-MOBILE!

  4. 4

    I've used every major carrier in the US and T-Mobile was awful. I paid $200 to quit my contract so I could go back to Verizon, who has always treated me much better. Verizon does charge a tiny bit more, but their service and coverage is outstanding. It's worth a few extra bucks each month. (No, I'm not affiliated with Verizon, but after being screwed in the past by T-Mobile, I will NEVER go back.)

  5. 5

    O_o Calm down, dude. its not like it has been a month or anything. Chill the fuck out. T-mobile is awesome. Leave them alone. I seriously dont think they want some random blogger caonstantly calling them to see whats up. CHILL. THE. FUCK. OUT.

  6. 6

    thank u SO much 4 posting this perez! i am SO F-ING pissed @ tmobile right now. i am so glad im not under contract with them right now. later 2day i am swtichin to another carrier. i pay 2 much ($80-$90) a month for this f-ing phone and i could pay $50 for the SAME cappabillities as other rival phone compainies. i can not wait to tell thier asses to kiss by ass.
    and u r so right about the customer service. it USED to be great, be ever since this blackout, they have sucked major tits! never agian

  7. 7

    ugh! its jus makin me so mad 2 even think about it!

  8. 8

    It's a fucking phone. Only an idiot would have so much of his life wrapped up in a stupid electronic device. How many centuries have humans survived without these things and this dummy can't go a week?

  9. 9


  10. 10

    T Mobile is not the only mobile phone carrier that sucks. I had cell phone service with Alltell which was bought out by verizon wireless. It seemed there were not going to be any complications, until my cell phone was stolen. I always get insurance on my cell phones for this reason, but when I called to report the stolen phone the very rude customer service rep explained to me that I had insurance with Alltell and not Verizon. I did not get a new cell phone, but they also could not explain why I have been paying for the insurance that I no longer have either. CELL PHONES SUX. Get a GoPhone. It is like the freakin Mafia. There is nothing you can do about it.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Re: torrrieB – BBD wants to git all up in your ass Torrie B!!!!!!

  13. 13

    I don't like! :S srry

  14. 14

    And that's why I fucks with sprint all u gotta do is cuss them out then the fix yah right away. sorry bb

  15. 15

    "It's pathetic, disgusting and insulting!" Thats the best description of YOU ever!! How does Karma feel you sick fuck?

  16. 16

    Oh shut the fuck up you POS!!! It's amazing how when something pertains to you its ALL ABOUT YOU, and you go on and on (more than any other blog you post). God, you are such a tool!!! Is your phone service actually working?–Then shut up!! And you seriously want 3 months of free service or all these amenities for free??? You have the fucking money, you cheap ass pigfucker!!!

  17. 17

    That really is ridiculous. Whatever happened to decent customer service?

  18. 18

    it sucks all around. The reps are being put in the front line with no answer.. nothing but "we hope" and to "please wait a little longer" and like perez mentioned "we appreciate your patience".. blah.. I can't wait for all this to be done and over with!

  19. 19

    that's why you should back up your contacts. calm down. i ain't retweeting nothing.

  20. 20

    sucks to pay for a service you cant use, nor get answers to. it will resolve … life is too short to worry about an electronic phonebook.

  21. 21

    Re: torrrieB – it's not the reps fault the customer service isn't as fantastic during this time.. We only have the info we have been provided with (which isn't much) and can only do what we've been permitted (one month of service) and of course apologize. We're frustrated with this too! Imagine someone calling you 100 times a day po'd at you wanting answers that you simply don't have!

  22. 22

    of course, t-mobile are going to take your "open letter" seriously when you swear at them. as someone who works for a large company like t-mobile, i know that's not gonna get you anywhere. yes, you're angry/frustrated/whatever at the poor service but seriously, dude, sit the hell down and think about it for a second. swearing at them is only gonna get someone elses back up and they're hardly going to want to help you or give you anything more. i'm sure you have a brain inside that petty (no, not a typo), somewhere. use it for a change.

    oh, and change the damn record. everyone knows it's still as issue with you, whining about it near constantly isn't going to help? why not write a sensible, MATURE, letter and send it to them?

  23. 23

    Weird, so T-Mobile can upset you for 7 days and it's ok for you to rant against them on here, and yet Kate can Yell, abuse, belittle and treat Jon like crap for years and years and you say he is a douche for leaving her and dating somebody else….interesting.

  24. 24

    Cry me a river if your mascara won't run. The iPhone blows. It's only good for apps. The reception sucks. It's your fault you didn't get the G1 or MyTouch. Dumbass.

  25. 25

    Re: Canukian
    1st of all, if your a business person, and all of ur contacts are in your phone then of course ur gunna be pissed bcuz u cant reach them/find them. not having your contacts for family and friends is frustrating.
    2ndly, ur not in the situation. so u dont have a say. sit back and shut ur face. dont comment on shit u dont kno about asshole

  26. missB says – reply to this


    Well, i've been having cell phone problems too. I just got a new LG cuz my contract was up and it keeps randomly turning off. By the way, please start referring to yourself as "I" and not "we"!!

  27. 27

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pick up the phone, you know the one with the cord attached to it. Does anyone really care? We would be in a much better place if all of our little devices were not shoved so far up our asses.

  28. 28

    what's the matter?
    can't get your dealers number??

  29. 29

    ONE word, BACK UP!

  30. 30

    shut the hell up, you compensation hunting whining bitch! who the hell is the we and us you talk about. you wrote that in the hope of a billion dollars worth of freebies would head your way you CELL out!

  31. 31

    i understand your pain….its practically the same as a war hero having a limb blown off or a mother fighting cancer and to pay her bills. sufferers of the world unite with pooooooooor perez and demand t-mobile comp him for life!

  32. 32


  33. 33

    Perez: Get rid of that Sidekick! And don't be fooled by the new MyTouch. I had the G1 (base model for MyTouch) and it is truly awesome. Does everything IPhone does. And the Android operating system is better than Blackberrys.

    However: Oct. 18 marks the day you can pre-order the new MOTOROLA CLIQ for T-Mobile which will unveil the new MotoBlur which will enhance Android O/S. MotoBlur is perfect for people who are on the go with a lot of social networks. It combines ALL of your SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES and CONTACT INFO into one central cloud location. AND, if you ever lose the phone you can do a REMOTE SWIPE of all your information so no one is tapping into all of your personal info.

    Check it out at the Motorola site. The phone will be released on November 2 to T-Mo customers.

  34. CzR O says – reply to this


    Yes, THANK YOU. This sucks azz !! lol

  35. 35

    @cafehead1 im pretty sure that's two words..

  36. 36

    Re: rptbnsh
    its YOUR job to be PLEASE the paying customer. i cud care less if i called you 1 million times, each time u need to be on point and respectful. after all, thats why ur getting paid. if its too much quit, but this whole situation is unacceptable! you yall want us 2 be ok with this shit?! puh-leaze!
    yall should be down the throats of the techs instead of mouthing off to your LOYAL customers

  37. 37

    PEREZ I thought it was just me! Im soooo pissed at tmobile. I just switched from verizon and though hell I always wanted a side kick. THIS PHONE AND COMPANY COMPLETELY SUCK! It erased all my contacts and email accounts ect and still isnt working. HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO US. not to mention the service FUCKING SUCKS and I cant even hear anyone when I talk to them on the fucking phone! Sorry its so graphic but i am so angry. Glad to know its not just me

  38. 38

    I've been reading your angry tweets all week about this. Sux to be you T-mobile users.

  39. 39

    The most effective way to get something (from experience with this, since my boyfriend and I also have the sidekick) is to call and complain as much as possible, if that doesn't work, threaten to cancel your service and they will do ANYTHING to stop it. I got a major discount on my bill and credits for downloads, and my boyfriend was able to upgrade to a $500 phone for only $164. Not too shabby!

  40. 40


  41. Us4 says – reply to this


    Re: Punky B! – If you hate him so much why do you come the the damn web site! Shut the hell up and move on!

  42. 42

    u know perez…i really detest u and think u are an a-hole and a pig…but for once i agree! Tmobile is screwing ya'll over and its not fair at all… i get upset if i am without phone service for hours …days is just ridiculous…there is no excuse for that….they need to give ya'll free service AND data to make up for this …

  43. 43

    Re: Big Black Dick
    hey bbd. its been a long time, cant believe u still remembered me

  44. 44

    Two years ago I had T-mobile. My phone wouldn't keep it's charge, I went to the T-mobile place I bought it and they said I needed to order a new phone, but first I had to mail in my old phone and they'll send a replacement. 3 month after sending my phone and many complaints I finally got another phone from them - the wrong model. I complained again (by this time I was with AT&T) and waitind 2 more months for them to send me a freaking letter that they're "sorry" I said fuck it, I'm done with you people. They had the gall to say that I broke the contract and wanted me to pony up $600 to them. I haven't. Fuck them. IMO they broke the contract, not me. Someone needs to get a class action against them.

  45. 45

    It just goes to show that people shouldn't depend so much on electronics, or even technology in general–back your shit up with a hard copy, people.
    And why do people that hate you so much even bother checking the site, and taking the time to post a comment? hmmm….jealous, maybe?

  46. 46

    Actually all phone companies suck if you about it. I mean the Sidekick is ancient history and I'm surprised you out of all people were still using it, that phone is ugly and bulky. I had T-Mobile once and let me say they are the worst cell phone company out there. Then again most cell phone companies rip people off by charging all these fees on top of your cellphone bill and not to mention most cell phones today require a 20-30 dollar internet package. I myself tried living without a phone for two weeks but unfortunately for me it was somewhat impossible. I hate cellphones and I hate the dependence that we have on them. Sometimes I wish we would just stick to land line phones…you know the old school ones where they have a cord and use at home. On the other hand, Perez I suggest you buy a cheap Address/Phone book and put all your contacts on that in case this happens again. We can't always depend on technology to do the work for us.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    I have to agree with those who said you should have backed up your contacts.

    I think all cell phone providers are going to hell in a handbasket right now. Up here in Canuck-land one of the major providers (Bell Mobility) changed their upgrade policy without informing current subscribers. A month before they changed their policy I went to buy a new phone because mine was acting up, their rep told me to wait because the next month I would have 50 dollars more to upgrade with, so I waited. When I went to upgrade I was told I was no longer eligible to upgrade because their policy had changed the month before. Though Im one of those people who actually read my contract, encased in ridiculous amounts of legalese was basically a clause that said they can change any of their policies at anytime without informing their customers.

    Needless to say I quit their service and paid out 260 bucks to do so, but since a new phone would have cost me that anyway I was quite ok with it.

    Moral of the story, cell phone providers rule the world. Either you accept it and move on or throw out your cell phone and go back to home phones.

  49. 49

    ive always loved tmobile, but this is ridiculous!
    i totally understand your anger.
    my internet was out for days, then it came back, after about 4.
    & yesterday, around 5:00 my phone made a sound when i got a text, i was SO excited! and my myfaves were back [cuz since the outing i lost my txt sounds, email, internet, & contacts] but when all that came back, my contacts were still gone. so im iffy if theyll ever come back. but 2 minutes later, i lost my noises & everything again.

    p.s. ppl are so mean, if you hate perez so much, get off his site or dont waste time leaving a comment. ive never understood that.

  50. 50

    for me, i can't get emails on my phone and my internet wasn't working last week. plus, the light on the phone is dim now as well. but i already decided to change providers

  51. 51

    Get a real phone.
    Sidekicks are for 14 year old girls. lol

  52. 52

    Perez - You are the best! I love my sidekick but t-mobile has totally been sucking allllll week. I just called them to see if they would waive the cancellation fee and they were so rude!!! wtf?!

  53. 53

    switch to verizon….they have better phones and options anyway

  54. 54

    I think you should tell the "heartache" horrors of your week without a contact list to someone who is actually going through a heartbreaking experience (such as a real loss). See how idiotic you look. Why is everything an emergency with you, Perez? I mean, someone slapped you and you had half the world call the fucking cops, probably while there were people who actually needed help who couldn't get through. What's gonna happen if you don't get your phone working? Gonna call the President?

  55. 55

    Seriously, Perez… I love you and all, but you still have a SIDEKICK?!!!! How much money are you making?!!! You can totally afford to switch to a Blackberry or an iPhone. Get with it! I was addicted to my Sidekick and was "forced" to get an iPhone after my husband got tired of the crappy customer service from TMobile. I had NO idea what addiction was… I cannot recall what my life was like before my iPhone…. just do it!!!!!!

  56. 56

    You have no idea how pissed i am about this. ONE WEEK! this is rediculous. as sweet as my sidekick is; i think ill be switching to blackberry VERY soon. I've consistantly had issues with my sidekick (reboot screen comes up all the time!) It's really irritating and then something like this happens… no. & on top of it Tmobile decides to go all douchey and not help at all. WTF? I need my contacts, my phone is basically a paperweight without them. =[

  57. 57

    My TMobile G-Phone has been fine. How come you never upgraded to the G-Phone? All your contacts stored in your G-Mail account, so you have access anywhere you have Internet, not just from your phone.

  58. 58

    Everybody I know who has T mobile has done nothing but complain about their service in one way or another. I have been with EVERY carrier in the last 10 years EXCEPT tmobile. AT&t is the shit! Been with them for 7 years now. they treat me like royalty.

  59. 59

    Are you seriously THIS shallow? Bad customer service is disgusting and insulting? I'm insulted by THIS post. Most people have real problems. You know like not being able to pay bills, pay for their house, find a job, feed their children, abused daily. Count your blessings that your biggest problem is not being able to access your contacts in your mobile phone, you fucking princess. Considering the turmoil your country is in right now, this "problem" seems quite insignificant and you're an insensitive, self-centered ass-clown for wasting space on this so-called problem of yours. If you're so reliant on your phone to work and communicate with your loved ones, perhaps it would have been a wise move on your part to have that information backed up. Oh right, you're not that smart.

  60. 60

    blackberrys are awesome but if you hate having problems with your phone you probably shouldn't get one as there is ALWAYS a problem that come sup with a blackberry eventually haha ! i still love my bold though !

  61. 61

    i am loyal tmobile sidekick customer too, chill out though, this is NOT TMOBILE's fault. just carry a laptop around if you must check your email 24/7

  62. 62

    If you're that dependent upon the device, you have a real problem.

  63. 63

    The server room for all sidekicks at the Danger office was flooded….says the man at the t mobile store in Chattanooga, TN. I have had no trouble with my contacts though …. just my mobile web and email.

  64. 64

    Yeah it isn't T-Mobile's fault and as for customer service they were rated number 1! Where as lame ATT was 3 or 4th! Get a G1! All your contacts are sinked up with your Gmail! So you'll always have your contacts regardless of any downtime! A G1 is waaaay better than a sidekick!

  65. 65

    Just fucking switch to an IPHONE. YOU wont be sorry. Best move EVER…

  66. 66

    sidekicks are so 2 years ago.
    im going to need you to get a blackberry.
    no problems here.

  67. 67

    and why are people having comment wars about this?
    not that serious

  68. 68

    Re: SweetSunshine613
    Yeah blackberries are so awesome, I'm willing to put up with the problems. I had a pearl and I had to pay for software upgrades and stuff PAY FOR THEM. As far as I know Blackberry Curve has the least amount of problems with Pearl having the most.

  69. 69

    i thought it was just my phone cause ive been having problems with my internet. its been making me really angry cause i can go to websites but my trackball dsnt work on the website and i cant navigate or anything on websites. i havent had any problems with my contacts or im or emails thank god and i can imagine how much that sucks, but fortunately for me the data credit applies to me since my data has been acting up. hopefully this clears up soon!

  70. 70

    I feel bad for people but don't any one of you have a friggen house phone?
    Perez,you're such a drama queen!

  71. 71

    Thank you for being a visible voice of reason for this atrocity! There's no point of giving a credit for service that you can't use! I honestly think that a massive lawsuit should be filed or something - they're "holding us hostage" like you said and won't let us out of our contracts…so we have to pay for your f*ckups?! SMH. I'm just done…

  72. 72

    Re: torrrieB – I'm sorry is someone mouthed off to you! I am not saying in anyway it is ok for anyone to be disrespectful. I am totally respectful when I get these calls, like i said I know it sucks. It sucks for me too! I would never be rude to a customer for something that is not their fault.. or even something that is for that matter.. bc well I need my job. So I am simply saying I guess you can yell and be po'd at the reps all you want but we are not the engineers fixing the issue we are not the big wig deciding how much credit. No matter how much you yell at us- we are not going to know exactly when it will get fixed until they relay that info to us and so on. so SORRY you are not getting the answers you want when you call customer care.. it's not like we are trying to hide stuff from you.. we havent been given any when it will be fixed answers on this one. And if people have mouthed off to you.. ask to speak with their sup, or get their name/rep id and call back and report them bc; again, that is not right for any rep to do given any situation.

  73. 73

    Haven't you ever heard of backing up your contacts and info, shit-for-brains? For someone whose job relies on technology, you'd think you'd have the semblance of a clue…

  74. 74

    It sucks that t-mobile is having this issue i agree… I work for t-mobile. However your complaining about them not giving you enough is a bit of a bitchfit .

    let me put this out so you can see it a bit clearer.

    you are GETTING a MONTH's feature for free. you lost a WEEK.. and are getting a MONTH… so mathematically you are GETTING THREE WEEKS FREE.
    people always want more than they are entitled to… shit happens.. its inconvenient and it sucks yes.. but damn. youve had it for four years you said and this is your first big complaint about it ??? come on now. relax a tad.

  75. 75

    oh my god. stop complaining and just join a different cell service. you should have done so 3 days ago. ranting and dropping curse words in your "open letter" like a child isn't going to get you anywhere.

  76. 76

    My sidekick had been screwing up for days also, obviously. I couldn't get to my online services (IE: chat, email, internet). Finally, I got them back, probably Monday or Tuesday?

    However, I *always* had my address book. It never went away. I still like T-mobile. They've been good to me. Shit happens, right?

  77. 77

    you realize you are royally fucked if you can't spend a week without our cellphones? What happens when people run out of water and food, how you gonna adapt then?

  78. 78

    I work for T-Mobile Customer Care– All Sidekick contacts will be sync'd back to the phones. They are still all saved to the Danger Network, just not viewable from your phone or desktop interface on the website. Any cell phone company can have outages.. the Sidekick is a different type of phone and something is BOUND to happen sometime. Being rude to the reps will not get you anywhere. Normally with adjustments we would just adjust for the length of the outage, but we are giving you a free MONTH. Just calm down it will seriously be fixed within a couple days i'm sure.. the internet and everything is already back to working. The last step is getting the contacts back on the phones. And in the future.. always back up your contacts. Any smart person would have done that from the get go.

  79. 79

    Make the transition to the iPhone. I conduct my life on that thing and I'm just a stay at home Mom! The apps for it are amazing. You can pay an extra $150 a year for MobileMe, which automatically syncs ALL of your email contacts, music, calendars, etc.

    Once you go Mac, you'll never go back.

  80. 80

    I called & complained twice… they upgraded me to the new blackberry for $39. 00 Totally sucks!!! I still no dot have acess to photo's emailes or my addressbook!

  81. 81


    really teenagers carry sidekicks move up to the blackberry with verizon. You get the Iphone then you have ATT far worse than tmobil

  82. 82

    oh no. the world is gonna end because you haven't had a cell phone and proper service for a week. good grief people. go outside and ride a bike or something.

  83. 83

    i have the same problem my started on last thursday though and when i called the giy told me that it would be fixed with in 24 hours BULLSHIT!!! i havent been able to make calls or text or send emails for a week! and it suck ass! i have had this problem before in the past with them i think its time for people that have T-Mobile to switch to something better =D

  84. 84

    Whoaaaa, a whole week? Thank God I switched. I wouldnt be able to survive. Fucking tmobile -_-

  85. YUCK says – reply to this


    who still has a sidekicks, that is so 4-5 years ago.

  86. 86

    Re: laurisjunior – i dont think a lot of you understand that cell phones have became a neccessity especially for people who dont have home phones because they have a cell phone and its less expensive and easier. For a lot of people its like their phone is useless if they dont have the numbers memorized or written down. These people are paying almost $70 a month for service and they havent had full service for a full week and they dont even know when they'll get it back. If it were me i'd be pissed too and t-mobile should be doing more since they're in a bad position.

    if your phone was fuckin up for a week you'd be pissed and be on perez's side

  87. 87

    I completely agree with everything Perez says. I have had the exact same issues this past week and it is completely unacceptable. Not only do we have no contacts in our phonebook, but I have been receiving duplicate text messages from unidentified numbers and my phone has been searching for a signal for a full week. When a t-mobile customer calls T-mobile, like I did about the issue its a recorded message and then you are hung up on. 1 month of service does not do justice. I want out of my contract immediately! If I lose my contacts in my phone book there is no way I will be able to retrieve them all. There are numbers in there that is my only way of communicating with some of my friends and family. This is ridiculous, thank you for saying something about it Perez!

  88. 88

    Important to YOU - because you don't have a backup — stupid for you. Do you really think this is important celeb news>?

  89. 89

    Who still own a sidekick??? only 3rd grade girls!

  90. 90


  91. 91

    Yeah I lost my shit over this… I've only had my Sidekick for a month. But honestly Perez, save all your numbers to your SIM card so if this ever happens again you can just import your contacts and go on with your life. I feel like I'm the only person smart enough to figure this out.
    Still, I'd rather have to deal with T-Mobile than the fuckers over at AT&T.

  92. 92

    Amen. Totally unacceptable.
    It's not like we were just without data service for a week … which, for most people just means they can't get online. THAT I could've lived with. Losing 1200 contacts and my calendar … that's not data service. That's my lifeline. That's more than $20 worth of "inconvenience."

  93. 93

    My service was only down for 4 1/2 days but my phone has been fucked up ever since the data plan went down.
    My alarm wont go off anymore and if by chance it does, there is no sound, so therefore I've woken up late 3 days this week. I'm receiving texts last night that was sent on Monday. Way to go TMobile. That $30 off my bill is not going to make up for the bullshit.

  94. 94

    Ugh!!! I can AGREE with EVERYTHING you have said!!!! 7 days is a LONG time to not get e-mails on your phone & have your contacts!!! You have to write down numbers and keep them with you in order to call people… can't text if you don't have the contact, nor can you really communicate with anyone without your contacts!!!!! I have to try to figure out who is texting me and whatnot!!! It is pretty much like not having a phone. I only use a cell phone instead of wasting money for a house phone. UGH! So I can relate to how FRUSTRATING this is!!


  95. 95

    My sidekick is working just fine . . . I never lost my contacts and my data services was restored within 3 days of it going down. My internet was restored the night before everything else was.

  96. 96

    You sound like a fucking teenager Hilton! When does your video of you crying like a bitch over a cell phone come out???

  97. 97

    agreed!!! t-mobile is the most shit phone company ever. i constantly have to have them send me new phones because my phone turns off by itself all the damn time, even in the middle of calls/ texts. they aren't helpful, they fuck up the bills all the time and THEN this comes about. no contacts for 7 days. are you kidding me??? it's ridiculous. i want to cancel my plan so bad but i still have a year left on my contract.

  98. 98

    Word…I feel the same way. They are this ( )close to getting dropped.

  99. 99

    yeah I think it's time to ditch my sidekick… I love it but this is ridiculous… i want out

  100. 100

    yeah i think it's time to ditch my sidekick, as much as i love that phone this is getting ridiculous

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