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Miley's A Bad Tipper!

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You'd think with as much ca$$$h as Miley Cyrus is raking in, she'd have the decency to leave a tip. Not true!

After racking up a $70 bill on steak and mac and cheese at an Outback Steakhouse in Burbank last Sunday, the non-Twittering singer didn't leave a damn thing for the staff.

Seriously!? We know it's not Katsuya, but that doesn't mean you gotta be cheap!

According to a source Miley pulled out an envelope of $100 bills, paid with one and then kept the change.

How rude!

Word got to a rep of the lip-syncing rapper because they're already doing damage control by saying "she didn't know she was supposed to tip unless she was eating inside."

Mama and Poppa Cyrus need to teach their childrenz about proper restaurant etiquette.

Too bad she doesn't have her Twitter to set the record straight! Ha!

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[Image via WENN.]

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266 comments to “Miley's A Bad Tipper!”

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  1. 201

    i only tip on take out if i have a special request like disposable plates or extra condiments…other wise who else would you have to tip? the drive thru employee for handing you your bag o food?

  2. 202

    um since when do u leave a tip for take out? she did nothing wrong.

  3. 203

    Re: Mancunian – the american "obsession" with tipping is due to the fact that the FEDERAL TIPPED MINIMUM WAGE is 2.13 an hour. thus, tips are the only avenue restaurant workers have for making a living wage. that said, the average restaurant worker makes just above $8.00 an hour WITH TIPS. thank goodness douchebags like you give a whopping %10 to "top up" their awesome 2.13 an hour salary. fucktard.

  4. 204

    Re: mathisol – you are dead wrong. when people cook for you you do pay.. for the food. you dont TIP unless u are recieving service.. which you are not for take out.. moron

  5. 205

    You don't tip on take out!! WTF?

  6. 206

    Re: caseytraverse – sorry you are dead wrong. i dont know ONE person who tips on take out. you pay for the food. do you tip when you go through a drive thru also? i am sure you do not.. moron

  7. 207

    Re: caseytraverse – and improbablyprocrastinating
    If you have a problem with the way your getting paid, get another job! NOBODY OWES you anything! Tips are supposed to be for anything Extra the worker does, more friendly, quicker service. Just because you make more money doesnt mean your supposed to hand out 100s of dollars for no service. She works for her money, SO SHOULD YOU!

  8. 208

    WTF! Perez you're an idiot. You don't tip when you do take-out. Do you tip the Mcdonald's staff?? Dumbass!

  9. 209


  10. 210

    Re: mandatron – How does them perfroming theor job which they must do for however many hours they work their mean they waste time? You made no sense at all! When you have a job you get PAID to work. I don't get why everyone makes such a big ordeal about tipping. Tipping isn't required, it's just something nice that people do when they have extra money and the service is good. What if whoever gave her the food gave it to them all messed up and the containers were all sloppy, should she still give a tip? If you had a lousy server with a bad attitude, would YOU still tip? You have no idea who gave her the food or took their order so don't act like you know that they even DESERVED a tip! And considering the fact that whoever served mileys family went and blabbed to the media about them not tipping just tells me that whoever gavethem their order was probably a money-whoreing dirt-bag!

  11. 211

    Re: candide1 – It was takeout

  12. 212

    Re: yllek03 – Maybe you should either A.) get a better job. B.) Had gotten a better job in the first place. or C.) Stop complaining and be thankful that you have a job at all considering their are so many unemployed now.

  13. 213

    Re: PrincessCutDiamonds – She wasn't at the restaraunt, she was at home and it got delivered. You typically don't tip someone for handing you a paper bag.

  14. 214

    Yeah….I've never heard of people paying for take out. I don't think she did anything wrong.

  15. 215

    I don't tip on takeout either!

  16. 216

    paid with one 100 dollar bill?… that's a 42.857% tip?!! I know she's incredibly wealthy and has yet to touch it, but who in their right minds wants to spend low 42.857% tax on TAKE OUT? Give the girl a rest, at least she's getting food, eating, and paying for it. Sheeeeet. She's so wealthy it must be awkward for guys to take her out.

  17. 217

    If this ugly, untalented joke hadn't had connections to her "fame" she'd be working at a Sonic right at this very moment. Who the fuck doesn't tip? And Miley, let's get this straight shall we? You have millions of dollars, for you it should be far more than 20%. Don't be greedy and cheap, oh little one. The rest of us work hard for our money… we don't have sound techs making our voices sound like we have depth and tone. YOU SUCK.

  18. 218

    I wish someone would just beat the shit out of that little Beaver Face Destiny Hope. She's almost as ugly has her pinched nose slut mom.

  19. 219

    OK, FYI I was a SERVER for years in college, and just happened to serve at OUTBACK as well. You ARE SUPPOSED to tip on take out. You don't have to leave as much as you might if you were dining in, but you should leave around 10%. Furthermore, the people working in carry out still get paid the standard server wage of $2.15 plus tips. They do not make min wage. Who do you think takes your orders and gets them ready?? Outback schedules one or two regular servers a night to just work carryout! I used to work carry out all the time. You basically stand by the phones, take the orders, put them in, get all the food ready and prepped, and bagged, take the orders to the cars and handle the money. It isn't hard, but on a busy night it can get crazy when the phone is ringing off the hook. I made pretty good money in carry out, as pretty much everyone tipped, usually 2-3 dollars but even that is appreciated. Miley can afford it!!

  20. 220

    big deal?

  21. 221


  22. 222

    Perez u forgot the S the headline actually is MILEY Is a BAD STRIPPER

  23. 223

    its take out !! who do you tip the waiter.. for what .. they didnt do anything lol ….unless your tips go to the chef which they dont then she did absolutely anything wrong … you should consider deleting that post lol ..reetarrrd

  24. 224

    Ok everyone, I usually read Perez and not say anything but I have to say something about this one….

    First and foremost, I work in a restaurant as a server, so that being said, let us all set the record straight about dining etiquette:

    When you order take out, NO you are not an asshole for not tipping. Take out people are allowed to accept tips, so if you feel compelled to, go ahead. They make about $6.15 to 8 bucks an hour.

    Servers on the other hand, DO NOT MAKE A LOT PER HOUR. I make $2.13 an hour plus tips.

    It is true, you do not have to tip, but if you don't, don't ever step foot in that restaurant again. It's rude and trashy not to tip. The only reason not to tip is if they server sucked. If they suck to the point of no tip I hope you would get a manager involved.

    The norm is 15-20% Nowadays I feel the average is 18% Yet, if your server is personable and awesome, please tip 20%

    For Miley's food, IF she dined inside and the server was great she would have tipped $14 dollars on a $70 dollar bill.

    Seriously tho, if you do not feel like tipping servers, by all means order take out, that's what they are there for.

    Finally, if you really need money, then you wouldn't work take-out, you would be a server. So the take-out people can afford to make take-out wages.


  25. 225

    To those saying that servers should get paid more so people wouldn't have to tip: your service would suffer. The whole reason restaurants pay such low wages is to encourage good service. Most servers make $2.15 an hr. Therefore, I busted my ass on tables because I knew my pay depended on it. Now if I were making $10 an hr, I wouldn't care as much if drinks were refilled or the table had napkins.

    Secondly, If you have a bad server, and by bad I mean consistently awful service throughout then you shouldn't tip.

    To the people saying that servers should just get better jobs-shame on you. Many servers are college kids working though college, or moms who are supporting families and need flexible hrs. And if you are good, you will make more than min wage. You should be grateful to servers, if they all got new jobs…where would you dine at?

    We had a saying, "Don't be rude, we touch your food". Remember the movie Waiting….yes it was halarious and exaggerated…but it held some truth. If you are a frequent diner who is rude or skips tips….trust me servers will remember you. You may just get slow service next time, or it might be worse. Do not ridicule your server because your steak was overcooked…just politely tell them and it will be fixed. If you insist of being a jerk however, beware. Though I've never participated, I've seen some nasty things. I once worked with a girl who was prone to licking the silverware of unruly patrons.

  26. 226

    "Whenever someone else cook's a meal that your to fucking lazy to cook yourself and they serve it to you, THAT'S WHEN YOU LEAVE A TIP.."

    Americans are such idiots.

    Actually, whenever you're too lazy to cook a meal you PAY someone else to cook it. You don't tip them for cooking it. If it's the best meal you've ever had, leave $5 or something. Otherwise, everyone at that establishment is getting paid to do their job. Thats what wages are for. end of story

  27. 227

    Wait? Who tips for take out? I might, but not usually. Five minutes to box and bag as opposed to 45-60 minutes for a full meal's worth of attention… nope… no tip for take out.

  28. 228

    You don't tip when you get take out at McDonalds…no one can say that they do…So why tip for take out at The Outback? Then again, maybe I'm doing it wrong…but — I don't give a shit.

  29. 229

    wow, you all are really selfish bastards. you dont dip?! wtf. they were fuckin cooking for you and brining you food and you cant even be nice enough to tip? people like you need to be slapped.
    now, imagine if you were a waiter/waitress and you spent 3 hrs serving a table and didnt get a tip. bet you'd be singing a different tune then!!

  30. 230

    yah.. i wouldn't have tipped either. not for takeout..

  31. 231

    Re: k8kate – WE'RE idiots?! You're the one who doesn't understand the basic concept of a Tipped Wage System. Let me break this down for you in a very simple manner. In America, there are TIPPED jobs, meaning that their employer is allowed to pay the worker a smaller salary than the minimum wage. That worker will then earn tips from the public to supplement his VERY LOW BASE PAY so that he can make a living wage.

    FOR EXAMPLE, the Federal Minimum wage is $7.25. However, the Federal TIPPED minimum wage is $2.13. Thus, were we in a state with no minimum wage law (and Federal law were to apply), any restaurant worker deemed a "tipped" worker would make $2.13 an hour, rather than the $7.25 a hostess would likely be making. The system operates upon the premise that although tipping is not required by law, it is such an ingrained custom in American culture that those tips will therefore adequately supplement a tipped worker's income. I'm not saying I agree with this system. Frankly, I don't. But if you disregard it's existence in the form of refusing to tip, you are directly hurting the workers busting their asses for you. And if that's the case, well I'll take being a "idiotic American" over being your breed of douchebag, any day.

  32. 232

    Re: Ze German – wow. because everyone who waits tables decided that was their ideal career choice, right? what about people that do so so that they can PAY for higher education?? if everyone thought like you that probably would never happen for people who work their asses off in places like outback…people like you make me sick.

  33. 233


  34. 234

    im a hostess and some people DO tip for take out. its polite to do so because not a lot of people know this, but the hostess is the one who packs your food and even prepares certain dishes for you.

  35. 235

    I dislike Miley Cyrus as much as the next person, but you sure as hell DO NOT need to tip for take-out. Doesn't matter how much money she makes, there's absolutely no reason for her to have to tip someone if she went and picked up her own food. Ridiculous, so what if they bagged my things and "made sure the order was right" for me, I don't tip people at Subway or Taco Bell for doing the same thing. That's what the establishment is paying you to do isn't it? And it's not the same thing as when you have food delivered to your house, they're actually providing you with a service, driving to your house to drop off your food, THEY then deserve a tip, but for take-out? Yea…no.

  36. 236

    Re: caseytraverse – And I bet you don't tip at Mcdonalds. They do all the things you mentioned except taking a phone order. I delivered pizzas for years , but I did not expect a tip for handing a customer a pizza over the counter.

  37. 237

    I've worked at Outback for 5 1/2 years and tipping Takeaway is not required, but is appreciated. There is a lot that goes into preparing the orders perfectly and basically transforming an hour long experience in house into a 15 minute pickup, with one chance to get it all right.

    Now, the thing that probably irratates me the most about being a server is how some people who come to eat think that they dictate my worth based on how much they are going to tip or that they can revert back to infantile behaviors when they walk through the doors and think its going to be tolerated because i depend on the tip. Well, I'll let you all know something, keep doing that, you look like a fool, I'm a recipient of a Master degree with highest honors so I'm not only well aware of my worth, but I'm most likely more educated and more intelligent than you are. Do not think you can judge me because I chose this lifestyle or that you're in some way better than me because I'm bringing your drinks while you sit and relax because folks, when you're getting all excited about the .25 raise you got at work, bringing your hourly to $13, I'm clearing $20-$30 an hour and taking home cash every night :)

  38. 238

    Oh and another thing, you may not be tipping in other countries the way we do in America because the tip is already included in the bill….which is something I'd be more than happy to have happen her in the USA….love me some included gratuity lol

  39. 239

    Re: mathisol – ur wrong angry one. no tip on take out necessary.

  40. 240

    She did nothing wrong, her food was to go !

  41. 241

    She's damn near showing the tip of her clit in that skirt. Not that I'm complaining…

  42. 242

    I wouldn't tip for take out.

  43. 243

    You SHOULD tip for takeout. So many people are ignorant to how much restaurant workers make. Just to clue you in. Servers in my state make 2.13 an hour, they also have to PAY the hosts and bussers a percentage of their sales. Therefore, if you do not tip, they will pay to work that day. If I only get 10 percent, I get to keep seven percent of that BEFORE taxes.

    The bussers and host typically make anywhere from 2.13 to 4 an hour.

    Takeaway workers also work for 2.13. Although they don't have a tip out that is still nothing to live off of. They also take your order and prepare your food for you. Do you think your food comes out of the kitchen looking like that? No! The workers often just receive the plate with the main course and it is up to them to get the sides and garnish the food. Then in takeaways case, bow it up separately, get drinks, and walk it out to your car.

  44. 244

    So is Billy Ray.. He did the same to a waitress at a restaurant in Nashville.

  45. 245

    The real issue is that tipping is a means to exploit the working class by paying low wages and leaving the amount or option to tip to vague, unwriten social rules….either figure it into the total price or forget it and pay the food workers more…..

  46. 246

    you are supposed to tip for take out
    there is someone who has to check that the order is right, box and bag it…

  47. 247

    when she says she ate outside…was it a takeout or did she eat at a table outside the place where she was then served? cause that makes a difference

  48. 248

    Outback Steak House? Really? Even I wouldn't bother to eat there.

  49. 249

    she looks pregnant!!! ur not suppose 2 tip 4 take out!! unless u get delivery..

  50. 250

    Re: youarelamesauce – theres no need to be rude to people. dont you have minimum wage? ive worked in restaurants and pub restaurants (im a student with a student loan renting) and i got tipped sometimes but not every single time and i dont think ever more than 10%, but got my minimum wage. in the end the hours were too crazy and they kept pushing me to do more SO I GOT A DIFFERENT JOB. if you arent happy with what you get payed then leave, no ones forcing you to work there

  51. 251

    Re: queenofthefairies – dont give all this melodrama about 'well what about the people who cant afford higher education?', you get a student loan like everyone else!!! yes, it will take a long time to pay off but it is something everyone born without a silver spoon in their mouth has to do. plus they make it very easy, you dont have to pay it back until youre earning about 20 grand and after a few years if you arent earning that they wipe your debt. it really annoys me when people have such a defeatist attitude. i have my student loan and still work around uni to pay my rent etc.

  52. 252

    she's just a kid. I dont tip for take out

  53. 253

    wooahh that´s rudee huumm U.U well i forgot it once everybody makes mistakes haa she´s just another one

  54. 254

    um i never tip on takeout perez your a dumbass

  55. 255

    It's a disgrace to live in the same city as her.

  56. 256

    You don't tip for takeout.
    That is insane
    the staff didn't do anything

  57. 257

    Re: Mancunian – are you from america? because the tipped minimum wage is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the minimum wage for other jobs. that means that as a base salary, servers make well below the poverty line. they depend on tips.

    and for all of the people saying "just get another job" i hope you realize that the restaurant industry is THE LARGEST PRIVATE SECTOR EMPLOYER IN THIS COUNTRY. you really think EVERY single one of those people can just up and leave their jobs to seek out higher education, an office jobs, etc? NO. and that's not the point. the point is that it's NOT ok that restaurant workers are treated the way they are, as a lesser form of worker. they DESERVE a living wage, benefits, and paid sick time like ANY OTHER WORKER. however, while at the moment they are unfortunately for the most part without that option, we should tip them nicely to supplement their shitty income and stop fucking judging their work.

  58. 258

    Perez, this is a stupid story. Miley is so in the right, you don't tip for takeout. What is she paying for? she picked up her own food and was not served. I think America is going a little overboard with the self-entitlement. You don't get paid just becuase someone is rich. Leave the poor girl alone

  59. 259

    i thought the $70 was alr for the people who cooked the food for her? she has to tip someone for handing her a bag?

    i bet if she gave did the whole "dollar in the tip cup" (mentioned in the link), she still would be criticized for giving too little! why don't you just ask her to give the whole $100 dollar bill then? weird.

  60. 260

    fuck tipping, im to broke for that shit ;)
    but miley didnt do anything wrong, it was take out geez!

  61. 261

    um are YOU that stupid??? i actually WORK in outback takeout and tips are the ONLY money you make. so yes you DO tip on takeout, just as you would inside a restaurant.

  62. 262

    Before I worked at Outback, I didn't know you were supposed to tip for takeout. There are people specifically on the clock to take to go orders, and they do the same things as the other servers. They take your order, box it all up, and bring it out to you. However, I don't think that everybody takes notice of this- this article makes her sound mean, but she made a common mistake. Give her a break.

  63. 263

    You DONT have to tip for take out, BUT the server does take time out of caring for her tables to wait for the meal to come out and has to get everything together to put in the bag (such as forks,napkins,and sauce). As much money she is making.. she could have lefted atleast 5 dollars…

  64. 264

    "According to a source Miley pulled out an envelope of $100 bills, paid with one and then kept the change."

    HOLY SHAFT. That does come off a little rude.

  65. 265

    i really dont understand why tipping is made to be something your obligated to do. for the record, i leave 15% tip when i dine out, not that i always agree. part of the reason i leave a tip is because i know the hard working restaurant staff make under minimum wage. i think it should be ILLEGAL for restaurants to pay employees UNDER the FEDERAL minimum wage. if minimum wage is what an employee should be paid by federal law, a restaurant/diner should be no exception. give these hard working people minimum wage…and if they provide you with outstanding service and the customer is highly satisfied, let them decide to tip their server, which should be divded and shared with cooks and other staff because it certainly is a team effort to ensure your customers had a very good experience at the dining establishment. simply having a nice waiter doesnt make up for bad food, so everyone deserves a share of the tip, if the customer feels to leave one. all im saying is the fact the employees at restaurants make so little money doesnt mean the customers should make up for it. there needs to be legislation done to get these people their fair salary!

  66. 266

    wow how rude! miley is not the brightest bulb, but come on! she is a really rude person.

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