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R-Patz Can't Get A Date???

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Well, maybe if he'd stay away from that wench Kristen Stewart for a little while. (Though, most girls we know would gladly plow right through her to get to him.)

Robert Pattinson is complaining that he can't find anyone to go out with him. Though the hysteria of Twilight fans that follows him around day and night would suggest otherwise, R-Patz finds that his admirers are more interested in following Edward Cullen, his vampire character, than him. He recently explained:

"To be honest, I still don't really understand what's going on. Like yesterday, I was having lunch down the road. We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there was like 400 people outside on the street. It was just so nuts and it's like that all the time now…I just don't take any of it seriously. It's just a job and while it's a job I love, girls scream out for Edward [Cullen], not Robert. I still can't get a date."

Rob, give us a call. We've got the names and numbers of over a dozen girls who would GLADLY go on a date with you. But you have to leave K-Stew at home. Three's a crowd!

[Image via WENN.]

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189 comments to “R-Patz Can't Get A Date???”

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  1. 1

    i love rob AND edward. i understand their not the same people, i stil love rob!

  2. 2

    Seriously? This guy can't still get a date? I want to fuck him so hard. I'd be your date anyday, anytime, anywhere! Just leave the ugly K-stoner

  3. 3

    Date me! I

  4. 4



  5. 5

    perez you could give him–ROBERT–my number if you wanted

  6. 6

    wow! some of these girls are crazy calling out for Edward Cullen. I mean, i love twilight as much as the next fan, but come on, Rob is not Edward. There is no Edward people!

  7. 7

    what a nice cover for dating kristen. sorry but that is SO ON.

  8. 8

    He must just be oblivious to his sexiness!

  9. 9

    Ha! Can I leave my number here?

    I'm even Canadian… :P

  10. 10

    I'm in a Twilight shame spiral.

  11. 11

    Bitch, please. His date is Kristen Stewart. Deal with it.

  12. 12

    No surprise there: he's fugly! Only teenagers could have the hots for him. I hear he stinks, too!

  13. 13

    well he can date me if its such a problem!!!

  14. 14

    he's dating kristen stewart :)

  15. 15

    well hey Robert, im 21, im not necessarily a fan of twilight, i like the film for its cinematography (ive rarely seen the Pacific Northwest look so beautiful), but never read any of the books, i might not be cool enough for it! but if u need a friend to talk movies with, come on down to Chicago! We'll go to a blues bar, eat hotdogs and hit up navy pier! I can show you a good time midwest style, its almost winter & I can teach you how to make a bad ass snow fort!! haha!

  16. 16

    It's because you STINK. You don't bathe and you smell like RANCID BODY ODOR.

  17. 17

    I cant blame him! Hows he gonna know who wants him for him now?!

  18. 18

    Yea, I can see why. He's probably as boring as shit. He told a magazine once that he dated a girl that was camping outside of his hotel for dates and after one date, he never saw her again. That should tell u everything. He's probably hung like my toenail.

  19. 19

    yeah, maybe if he wasn't so ugly….I seriously don't get the attraction people have to him, he looks like he stinks and I'd be afraid his teeth would fall off in my mouth

  20. 20

    ill date you baby you can bring k-stew if u want!!!

  21. 21

    HA HA HA HA HA, Like her would ever date you or your TWINKIE loving sister. OMG, get over yourself you fashionably challenged Sliimy loving fairy.

  22. 22

    what the fking fck?? he cant get a date?? he's being overly dramatic right???but i'd go on a date with him idgaf he's handsome…..

  23. 23

    I feel like if he weren't famous and were a normal college student he wouldn't get dates either. I don't see any iota of attractiveness in him. Don't get it. Don't read Twilight, don't know who Edward is. All I see in him and Kristen is two very average if not slightly unattractive people (not to mention two people who seem completely 1000% uninterested in everything)

  24. 24

    "Rob, give us a call. We've got the names and numbers of over a dozen girls who would GLADLY go on a date with you."
    Please don't make us laugh even if you were the last person on earth he wouldn't spit in your direction. Sounds like this interview if just a cover for him dating his co-star, if it's not he's probably just waiting for this Twilight thing to blow over to all Twilight obsessed fans you have to face reality you are the last people any of these actors want to date.

  25. 25

    Honestly; I don't know him as a person, but I will like 2.
    All I know he's a GREAT musician (writer and singer), extraordinary performer (actor).
    But if he wanna go for a trip I invite him to Puerto Rico…only write back @ Crowley or ask Perez my email, and there u have it.
    I'm a independent girl, with a PhD in International Business…so not wanna b there 4 ur carreer…. JUST IN CASE, ROBERT.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Ewwww!!! He always look like he is dirty and smells !!!

  28. 28

    so, Robert Pattinson is gay , huh. Surprising. I thought Zac Efron would turn out to be the gay one… But I think shrimpo Zac is straight. The tall Rob Patz is gay!

  29. 29

    lol! I'd do hi-….i mean date him too.

  30. 30

    I've said it befroe and i will say it again. this dude is ugly and creepy and no suprise he can't get a date. . . with his ugly creepy ass.

  31. over says – reply to this


    He's fug. I kind of feel bad he can't get a date, theres lots of weirdos out there that would go out with him i assume even if he's fug!

  32. 32

    Am I the only carbon based unit in the known universe who is NOT attracted to Robert Pattinson and who actually considers him to be a bit dodgy-looking? and NO I don't like 'Edward' either!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Liar! He sssooo could get a date. He just doesn't want some crazy Twilight stalker as a girlfriend. I understand that.

  35. 35

    I think this is an old quote/interview.

  36. 36

    He needs to stop with the marijuana, srsly… his eyes are beat the fuck up

  37. 37

    Maybe he can't get a date because in reality he's a fugly greasy rat, =) Just a thought.

  38. Laury says – reply to this


    Ugh. Seriously, what do girls see in him??? He's really not that hot.

  39. 39

    Why do you hate Kristen so much?

  40. 40

    Come on Perez tell Rob I would love to go on a lunch date with him….Robert Pattinson not Edward Cullen!

  41. 41

    fug, looks hella stinky 2

  42. 42

    It is weird to me how people get so taken into fantasy, they don't even live in reality anymore. If you have ever watched him or read an interview, he is really different from Edward.

  43. 43

    call me

  44. 44

    Perhaps if he'd take a BATH…

  45. 45

    ROBERT PATTINSON!!!! i will go out with you and do all kinds of things to you,things that you didnt even know exist…lol seriously though…but i guess that shows that he dosnt go on this site because if he would read these comments hell know there are plenty of girls who are crazy or him including myself;;

  46. 46

    I just don't get it. How can so many die-hard Twilighters think that Rob Pattinson is somehow magically "Edward Cullen"?
    So creepy that they don't know the difference between reality and fiction.

  47. 47

    Ok, he just can kidding !!!
    He can come to Brazil, and he will see a lot of girls so fu*** crazy about him so bad !!! Like me for example !!!
    He can call me too……LOL !!!

    PS: Paris, I LOVE your web !!! I LOVE gossips too…..ahahahaha

  48. 48

    Re: Crowley
    # 25
    Just an observation: your PhD isn't in the field of linguistics?

  49. 49

    I'll date him, damn!!!

  50. 50

    Eww he is the ugliest guy I have ever seen!! I'm sorry but dirty doesn't = sexy for me!! He needs to take a shower and get a little sun! Hey Pattinson YOU'RE not a vampire, you just play one! Ugh and he's complaining about fame! So annoying! When Kristen Stewart complains about fame you down her, but when this dirt bag complains you tell him you will be there for him. Perez he's not all that!

  51. 51

    OMG…Rob will you date me?

  52. 52

    oh come on i know some really unattractive dudes that get dates, and he can't find one?
    lol i know i'd date him

  53. 53

    he can have my #! call me any time baby:)

  54. 54

    i would gladly go on a date with him.. im more obsessed with him than edward.. lol :P

  55. 55

    He plays music, writes music, and acts- Obviously a man infatuated with the arts. Who wouldn't be intrigued and seize the opportunity to get to know him better? If only I were so lucky.

  56. 56

    Hi Rob, my names Sam, I'm a 22 year old single female and I'd love to go on a date with you… I'm sure Perez can give you access to my detes… ;)

  57. 57

    he can date me, believe me i wont find him boring or call him edward
    ps: i would call him cedric, and we would make magic ;)

  58. 58

    You do know this is an interview from like, forever ago, right?

  59. 59

    If he can't get a date then there is no hope for the rest of us! haha

    I would gladly go on a date with ROB any day!

  60. 60

    well judging by this pic he stills looks like a fucking vampire in his normal life soooo….yeah i can see the confusion

  61. 61

    id gladly go out with him. i like me some robert over edward anyday.

  62. 62

    Where do I leave my number??

  63. 63

    he could find so many people who would be his girlfriend… most actors obviously isn't going to trust just anyyy girll… girlss can beee crazzzy duhh !

  64. 64

    haha perez your paraphrasing on this is pretty brilliant. i still have to wonder if this is just a ploy to make us believe that he is still single, so it throws us off the robert pattinson and kristen stewart trail….

  65. Kinax says – reply to this


    threes a crowd :]
    what the fuck is he thinking "dating" kristen. she looks to cracked out half the time.

  66. 66

    seriously, he is freaked out by this… he's a nice kid, and it's to much…

  67. 67

    ROBERT. YOU ARE WAY TO HUMBLE. people dont just love you because your edward cullen!!! Robert YOU ARE AMAZING. i would date you in A SECOND. you have an amazing personality you are so funny, adorable during interviews, and overall sexy guy. i LOVE you so much.=]

  68. datay says – reply to this


    He is lying he gets laid aplenty. I am really good friends with a cast member and she told me he has slept with all three leads ie. Nikki, Ashley and Kristen. Most people know about kristen and nikki, but not about ashley(they are very secretive. They first hooked up when he was sorta dating nikki last year. I wonder whether Nikki will ever be told, but i suppose now she wouldn't care less. He went to bars with ashley last year and they both like to flirt and drink and one thing leads to another if you get my drift. So all i am saying is don't believe he is hard up for girls, he gets it often you just don't see it. Also he wasn't lonely over the summer, he had Emilie De Ravin.

  69. epic says – reply to this


    oh yeah - and so he fueled the reigns of stupid little girls saying "awww, the poor guy, he can go out with me ANYTIME! and i DO UNDERSTAND THAT HE'S NOT REALLY EDWARD, BUT I LOOOVE BOTH!!!!" sweet!

  70. 70

    rob cant get a date i beg to differ,he just need to ask me=)

  71. 71

    Oh Robert honey. The things I would do to you and still say your name which is Robert. I like the man not the character. I've been around actors in the biz
    I know the difference. It's like Rita Hayworth said. Men would go to bed with Gilda and wake up with Rita Hayworth. She felt the same way too. There is a
    difference. They are playing a character. But, they are people with different ways of life. I can tell the difference. Love ya Rob!

  72. 72

    Re: Wat the F – AMEN to that!

  73. 73

    why do you hate Kirsten so much??? i mean she may be no Meryl Streep when it comes to acting but shes not all that bad ! you only hate her cause she got Robert. same thing with Vanessa and Zac. you are so transparent perez !

  74. 74

    fuck, i WOULD! i like him way more for how to be than twilight.

  75. CRYZ3 says – reply to this



  76. 76

    I'd probably divorce my hubby for him!!

  77. 77

    anyone who thinks ROBERT PATTINSON is ugly needs professional help, he is like the most perfect looking person i've seen in forever. he's gorgeous people. & he's a human so i'm sure he finds thousands of people attacking him a little odd since he wasnt always a celebrity & that he probably finds it insulting that they see him as edward cullen a character and not robert pattinson a person, i would date him in a heartbeat! ;) ha

  78. auds says – reply to this


    I'm sure he's a little picky too… but he needs to find a Twilight hater… I can't stand the character of Edward or the films, but I've seen interviews of him and he seems beautiful and down to Earth. Poor guy, find an older woman who doesn't know anything about what that twat Meyer women wrote…

  79. Kate says – reply to this


    He's not looking hard enough. There are plenty of Vancouver girls who are in lust with Robert Pattison and not with Edward Cullen. FACK… I'M RIGHT HERE!!!

  80. 80

    this is an old interview.. get over it Perez, Rob is with Kristen!

  81. 81

    Ugh! You know he's bullshitting. So gorgeous *ORGASM

  82. auds says – reply to this


    I gotta laugh at some of the replies on here… seriously Perez, you should assemble a sign-up sheet with names and pics and facts for Rob to choose some blind dates from. I'd sign up!! :)

  83. <3. says – reply to this


    Holy shit, he just reminded me of Benicio Del Toro.

    And I like ROB, not Edward.
    Rob seems laid back,
    his character, Edward, seemed all uptight & shit.

  84. 84

    He must be talking about those cray twi-girls. LoL. He should've known this is his destiny. being followed around but screaming hormornal teens. Maybe if he left that stoner K-stew go back to england after all the twilight is over then maybe he can get a date. Perez you couldnt find a cuter picture? Ugh, he just reeks of K-stew.

  85. 85

    Seriously? Name the time and the place and I'd go out with him… and then seduce him later :) haha

  86. 86

    Wow, ummm you get the good the bad and the really ugly responses. But honestly who wouldn't date him. Good taste in music, and his I don't care look, and crazy hair. I would date him!

  87. 87

    no matter how hard I try, I can't see why everyone is so crazy about this guy… I know guys personally who are 10 x better looking…. ahhhh to be a teenager again…. lol

  88. 88

    I really like his music and he's a very talented actor.

    I would date him anyday.

  89. 89

    Looks like he hasn't had a bath in about a year.

  90. 90

    British accents are my thing, he can def give me a call!!

  91. 91

    I haven't seen any twilight movie and I didn't know who Pattinson was until December. I don't find him THAT handsome.

  92. 92

    he can't have a date because he's dating a ugly girl named kristen
    why he's still hiding it?
    it sounds stupid

  93. 93

    enuff with the hate on kstew …its gettin annoying!

  94. 94

    Gay. Someone help him.

  95. 95

    I'll just throw this out there: Rob is welcome to come to my house and drink beer and shoot the shit anytime. Not a date, but a chance to hang in a smallish obscure town in the south. Beer, bullshit, and hopefully no one waiting outside. :-)

  96. 96

    yes and kristen stewart or any girl that goes out with the men you like are trashyyy which some of them are..but praz if only you were such a attention whore and so fat u would get a chance but only you can be soo gay and not in a good way!

  97. 97

    Business Entertainement isn't the easiest way of life, you're always on the spotlight, and no matter what you say, it's in the news the morning after. So, having a true love relationship is kind of hard. But when you see the comments here and global reaction to him on internet, no wonder why he can't find. Because, that's true, all this grils are screaming after Robert as…Edward, not Robert himself. Most of them want him, the vision of him Robert gives. But not the real Robert. Not many care about him befor twilight, and now, they're all like "woaw, omg he's super amazing, I want him" u_u

    Comments above are just in this way, those girls didn't even know him and they want to date/marry/ him ? That's crazy. Maybe if they really know him, they didn't like his personality at all, or maybe they will be surprised and he may totally eclipse the fictional Edward of their dream. Since fans (and some actress) and all are totally crazy around him, asking him for pictures, screaming, yanking and all, it can be pretty hard to become his acquaintance or to even have the time to truly know him.

    I don't know if he's really dating kristen or not, whatever. If he says the truth in this interview, maybe he should take the time to know better some girls, i'm not saying he should hit hysterical one, but even in america or england, i'm sure there's some girls who aren't crazy or a cold schemer/fame whore.

    (sorry for my poor english)

  98. 98

    I'm sure he gets more A$$ than a toilet seat. I think he needs a nice older woman….

  99. 99

    Edward is bit of a stalker. I prefer Rob;)

  100. 100

    OMG! Have him call me! I fucking HATE twilight, so he won't have to worry about that at all! :)

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