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Wino Makes Her Comeback To TV! Manages To Remain Conscious For The Whole Thing!

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Amy Winehouse made her official comeback to the little screen last night as a backup singer for her first recording artist (and godchild) Dionne Bromfield. Dionne was the guest performer for the British show Strictly Come Dancing. (their version of Dancing with the Stars)

Obviously, choreography is not Wino's thing. And we are fairly certain her mic is NOT on!


Watch the shit show above!

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69 comments to “Wino Makes Her Comeback To TV! Manages To Remain Conscious For The Whole Thing!”

  1. 1

    It's hard to move quickly when you are higher than 10 kites…Duh!

  2. 2

    Actually she looks WAY better, and I like that she is humble enough to be a back-up singer for this performance. Nothing negative to say here. Oh yeah, and her new boobs look good, they needed a little lift after such dramatic weight loss/gain.

  3. 3

    Yeah i dont think her mic is on but then againg she does have quite a low and raspy man like voice so it blends in

  4. 4

    Is it just me, or does Amy look like she is going to fall flat on her face if she doesn't grab at her mic?

  5. 5

    She's actually really good!

  6. 6

    Her god-daughter is so cute and talented! I don't think Amy was high. She looked too nervous to have been. I don't think her mike was on though. They were probably scared she'd say something!

  7. 7

    she is completely horrible.

  8. 8

    her goddaughter is really good singer!
    amy better becareful before she make it bigger than her!

  9. 9

    i'm a fan of amy winehouse but wow.. she can't even stay on beat with the 2 guys just moving her arms up and down? come on amy.. get with the program!!

  10. 10

    I actually like this song…

  11. Laury says – reply to this


    I thought Wino was your friend. Yet you don't mind bashing her everytime she gives a sucky performance. I wish you could do the same with Gaga, but no, you have to kiss her ass 24/7. Hell, you'd probably eat her shit if she asked you to.

  12. 12

    And another thing: Amy's mic was on! Most definitly! Ans yes, she did look quite good.

  13. 13

    'their version' as in 'the inspiration for' … you steal and ruin all our TV!! Also, you could hear her and she sounds/looks a lot better!!

  14. 14

    Meh, the woman she's singing backup for doesn't have the voice for a song like that. Amy could probably do it justice, but this sounded like karaoke.

  15. 15

    She's either loaded or the most uncoordinated girl in Britain. Her mic is on though, I can hear her …but what is she singing? her lips are moving to something else. Then again she always had that almost 'impediment' way of speaking….
    The hug at the end made me giggle… it reminded me of all the 'drunken auntie' hugs and kisses I used to dread as a kid at all the family functions…. very awkward!! You could always see them coming…!!

  16. 16

    im glad she stepped back and let her goddaughter shine, dionne was very good

  17. 17

    This girl can sing. She still in her teens and with that voice! I love Amy! Good to see her back!!

  18. 18

    and by the way dancing with the stars is YOUR version of strictly come dancing, strictly came first, you americans robbed it, as with american idol, im a celeb, the office, queer as folk and…well, you get the picture

  19. 19

    Actually 'version' is not completely accurate. Strictly Come Dancing is the original. Dancing With the Stars is your 'version'. A bit like 'The Office'.

  20. 20

    How Perez hates women! How he wishes Amy will fail!

  21. 21

    dionne was amaziing and shes only 13.
    Amy's looking alot better than she has been tho, but she still ain't a very good backing singer. x

  22. Leady says – reply to this


    She wasn't high and it wasn't because she is a shit dancer, she's just recently had a boob job and she was in a lot of pain. Apparently. She could just be a shit dancer aswell of course. But that kid blew me away, she has a really great soulful voice.

    And yeah, the American's nicked off with the original British 'Strictly Come Dancing'. Remember that!

  23. 23

    You must be deaf perez because I can hear her just fine

  24. 24

    clearly her mic was on dumbass you can hear her.

  25. 25

    So glad to see Amw looking healthy again.. Well,relatively speaking..
    N Im pretty sure her mic was on.. U can hear her voice.. So what if she cant follow with the arms thing? Being quirky has always been part of her charm anyway.. Dionne was not bad.. Quite a good voice..

  26. 26


  27. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: IamCanadian – "humble enough"? I'm just saying she has a vested interested in the success of Dionne, first as her g-d-daughter and second as the first artist on her record label. I wish them both well.

  28. 28

    You're such an ass Perez, Amy looks great, her goddaughter has a fab voice and BTW Strictly Come Dancing came first, not the other around. Why can't you just root for Amy like any normal person. Oh yeah, I forgot.

  29. 29

    yeah im pretty sure her mic was on. and that girl sings really good ! i was surprised. yet unfortunately its the circus clown hermaphrodite types that make it big today in the music industry.

  30. 30

    I actually really liked it! You go AMY!

  31. 31

    the little girls cute..thats it
    she wouldnt have got the gig without amy
    and shes not that good
    she looks like she has her grannies cloths on and she isnt that good just cute you wouldnt paye to see her
    its amy they want to see sing
    the girl has connections ie AMY

  32. 32

    good for her….it's a step in the right direction. Hope she can get clean, stay clean, and get her career back.

  33. 33

    I could not get the main video to work on this. All the pink PerezTV videos seem to fail. I get the pre-roll advertisement video, but the main video does not even start. That's it…I'm watching no more pink frame PerezTV videos on this site - I won't be seeing the pre-roll ads either….

  34. 34

    . her mike is on . you can hear her clearly.
    .Amy doesn't do arm movements properly because she had just had a boob job few days earlier .
    . Strictly Come Dancing is the orginal show which inspired Dancing with the Stars
    . Dionne is brilliant for just 13 years old

  35. 35

    It must really be difficult to get clean and sober with jerks like you always hoping she will fail. Leave her alone already. It's apparent that she is trying to get her act together. She looks great and it was oviously abour her neice, not her.

  36. 36



  37. 37

    I could totally hear Amy. Perez, you weren't listening hard enough and you look for ways to rank on people. Grow up.

  38. 38

    The kid is good, Amy didn't need to be there, she takes away from the performance. She was on pain med, maybe? She looked lost.

  39. 39


  40. Nikon says – reply to this


    I'm fairly certain the mic was on, I could hear Amy a few times throughout. Overall, good performance !

  41. 41

    That girl sounds and moves like a mini version of WINO. What does her MOMMA SAY about that?

  42. 42

    what is strict about cum dancing?

  43. 43

    I'm proud of Amy!! She's trying to get herself together and she's DOING IT! Don't give up, Amy! And whatever you do NEVER listen to this fucking MORON "Perez", he only wants people to fail and fail miserably (of course because he's a bitter ex-tryhard "teen star")!! You can do this! You're fucking AMAZING!!!

  44. 44

    it was a neat thing for her to do… but she still looks like she is on crack…or drunk

  45. 45

    Dionne did an amazing performance I loved it! And Wino wasnt too bad, overall I really really enjoyed it!

  46. 46

    Wow - that girl's good! She's got a gorgeous voice :D

  47. 47

    Wait how can you say her mic was off? You can cleary hear her at 0:44 and at the end….twat.

  48. 48

    Her goddaughter can sing and she's a little cutie. Amy, learn how to dance or at least practice the moves before going on TV.

  49. 49

    i love amyyyyyyyyy … welcome back girl … perez shut up …

  50. 50

    God… Amy looks completely lost again… I wonder if she knew where she was? The girl isn't out of the woods… poor thing… Will she ever recover?

  51. 51

    Puerquito Hilton, Why do you find it necessary to talk shit about her when she's trying to get better??? And yes, maybe you're deaf, but her mic was on. And her goddaughter is adorable and talented. Leave Amy alone. You
    re typical hollywood: DIS GUS TING.

  52. 52

    lol I remember the days when Amy was stealing drinks form tourist tables in st lucia
    she's kind of whacky funny, but I would get my shotts before approaching the untamed beast

  53. 53

    her mic was definitely on, and honestly, what do you expect? She was the BACKUP SINGER, your not supposed to hear her over powering everyone else.

  54. 54

    That was GUD!!! Stop dissing Perez! Amy is a trainweck but the girl can sing and she's cute!

  55. 55

    amy looked awkward up there, but good for her for giving her god daughter moral surport she obviously loves the child. and dionne was great

  56. 56

    Artists with the skill level of Amy make it look simple and effortless, I was also impressed with her humility to be a back up singer that takes a lot of discipline..haha Everyone wants to be the star of the show…Her God daughter is getting more and more polished right before our eyes too. Good video

  57. 57

    WOW. Dionne Bromfield has a gorgeous voice for a 13 year old! I just pray she doesn't meet any "Blakes" to drag her down and ruin her career. Amy looks pretty good compared to what she was not too long ago, but it wasn't really necessary for her to be there.

  58. 58

    I'm guessing the arrogant arse-hole who wrote this shit isn't Perez, as I'm sure he would know that Strictly Come Dancing was THE ORIGINAL. Why do Americans copy all of our shows and then try and pass them off as their own??!!

  59. 59

    She's such a cutie! Wonderful voice too.

  60. 60

    lol her mike isnt even on!!
    is it just me or is her god daughter a pretty good singer?

  61. ely says – reply to this


    what a talented little girl!
    I Wonder who the hell her parents are???? why is she hangingout with amy winehouse?
    she looks about 13. Isnt that WEIRD? She hangs with a drug addict. I remember seeing pics of her in a Adult night club with a HIGH Amy last year.

    maybe Amy is her mom? with one of those back up singers? Oh no Amy just looks 40, she really like 20 something, nevermind.

  62. 62

    dude, stop pretending that every tv show is american. idol is the american version of pop idol(ENGLISH) which is now x factor (ENGLISH) dancing with the stars is the american version of strictly(ENGLISH)

  63. 63

    Amy may not of been dancing in time, but she rarely does… She wasnt the important part of the performance though! Dionne was amazing! shes 13!

  64. Jpp92 says – reply to this


    Ofcourse she sings live here! De first time woo o woo woo she doens't sing and you can't here later you definetly can hear her voice, she just has a really low voice. And who else would do wowowowo on 0.43 and on 1.17 . And for the dancing: I think she keeps herself by not doing the dance as she ought to do it and she never was good dancer. She had a boopjob done and was in agony during the performances, she was rushed to the hospital after this. That's real gossip, you shouldn't hate Amy for supporting her goddaughter and not taking the star spot herself. Don't be a bitch about it perez!

  65. 65

    yes and yes but i think her mic finally camre on! give'er'a break she's tryin'

  66. 66

    i heard her towards the end, her mike was most definitely on. i agree with the other posters, why do you continue to hate on amy? shes clearly getting better! you need to start congratulating perez, all this shit talking is just going to continue biting you in the ass. karma is indeed a bitch. anyway, dionne was wonderful and the song is great as well!

  67. 67

    Re: CurlEgirl08 – thats what i was thinking

  68. 68

    In the european news, they said that she was hospitalized after that show because her new boobs were very painfully. And that during the performance she couldn't put her arms in the air like she should because it hurt too much…
    Anyway, I think she looks much better! And about the Mic, I think it was on, if u listen u can hear her voice!

  69. Elder says – reply to this


    she so good why you saying shes bad >:(