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Stephen Gately Autopsy Results!

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According to a Spanish court, the 33 year old Boyzone star Stephen Gately died of natural causes, rather than choking on his own vomit.

The Balearic Islands Superior Tribunal said in a statement on Tuesday that Gately died from fluid in the lungs and there were no signs of violence to the body.

Now that the autopsy has been completed, his remains can now be flown home.

Hopefully this will bring some kind of closure to his family and friends.

[Image via WENN.]

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50 comments to “Stephen Gately Autopsy Results!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    fluid on the lungs DOES suggest drowning… ie choking on his own vomit.

    sad as his death could have been prevented

  3. 3

    choking on vomit IS natural causes you dumb fuck

  4. 4

    Who dies at 33 of natural causes? Has the life expectancy shortened?

  5. nip says – reply to this


    G.H.B. 1st u passed out and then u choke on your own vomit……… Spain's number 1 drug.

  6. nip says – reply to this


    G.H.B. 1st u passed out and then u choke on your own vomit………. Spain's number 1 drug.

  7. 7

    RIP Stephen :-( xxxx
    I was your biggest fan when I was a lil gal!
    Some guy called "Georgie" has sold his story to the press saying he was in bed with Stephens husband moments before he found his body, its sick how people have to run to the press ASAP in order to make dough out of such a sad story! :-(

  8. 8

    Your losing your touch Mario, this has been all over the news already!

  9. 9

    its scary how easily we could die….

  10. 10

    Fluid in the lungs = choking on his own vomit.

  11. 11

    WOW!! Natural causes at that age? What's natural about that?

  12. 12

    natural causes my aSs..Re: nip – i lost a 21 years old friend the same way (g.h.b.)….. he choked on his own vomit./

  13. 13

    RIP stephen ul be missed by everyone:( too fragile to stay on earth gone to bloom in heaven x

  14. 14

    sounds like the same thing as choking on his own vomit (fluid in his lungs.) he probably threw up and aspirated (some of it went into his lungs instead of out his mouth.) and the fluid blocked his airflow. but that's a risk with drinking, ur not alert enough to function normally. so sad….

  15. 15

    He had too much Man Chowder in his lungs

  16. 16

    He choked on Vomit?
    This is a sad story, but really this is the ultimate way to die in Rock (What's the ultimate way to die in Pop? My guess is being driven to suicidal od by the paps and sites like these).
    Also they can't say whose vomit it was. You can't dust vomit for fingerprints.

  17. MG73 says – reply to this


    LOL, I cannot believe you think that "fluid in the lungs" wouldn't equal "choking on vomit". Duh! They don't use laymans terms like "choking on vomit" in autopsy reports, "fluid in the lungs" is how they would word it. Duh!

  18. 18

    Fluid in the lungs or fluid on the lungs can be caused by many things like Pneumonia, severe infections, heart failure and so on!
    Why do any of us care why a guy died far to youbg my heat goes out to is husband, his family, his friends and all his fans!
    RIP Stephen

  19. 19

    Since when is dying of fluid in the lungs "natural"?

  20. 20

    Stephen passed due to pulmonary eodema not choking on vomit he had not been drinking

    pulmonary eodema would normally point towards an underlying heart condition this has been known to happen before

  21. ONIT says – reply to this


    Fluid in the lungs from a pulmonary edema which is actually a sign of another body problem: cardiac insufficiency or a kidney disease. That's what the autopsy says.

  22. 22

    fluid on the lungs is a result of heart problems not vomitting.
    If it was vomit they WOULD say . In my PROFESSIONAL opinion it would sound like he died of natural causes.

  23. 23

    Re: Douche Hunter – idiots….it is a medical term for politely saying he drank too much and aspirated vomit into his lungs. It is natural…he didn't ask his body to do it.

  24. 24

    Perez! You're so fucking dumb sometimes. Choking on vomit = fluid in the lungs. UGH! I can't stand your stupidity.

  25. 25

    Re: Douche Hunter – fuck off hole

  26. 26

    mh you should be sure of something before you start posting it.

  27. 27

    WHAT?! nooo …. sad…RIP

  28. 28

    It's called ASPIRATION, idiot. He vomited then tried to catch his breath — took it into his lungs. It's called: "BEING AN IDIOT AND DRINKING TOO MUCH"

  29. 29

    Re: Douche Hunter
    Clearly youve never had oral of any sex if you think cum goes into the lungs from a blow job.
    You need some sex education classes!

  30. sonny says – reply to this


    Perez are you really that stupid? The "fluid in the lungs" was VOMIT. That's what happens when you choke on your own vomit. You suck it into your lungs. I think you need a brain transplant.

  31. 31

    Fluid in the lungs or fluid on the lungs can be caused by many things like Pneumonia, severe infections, heart failure and so on!
    Why do any of us care why?
    A guy died far to young*
    My heat goes out to is husband, his family, his friends and all his fans!
    RIP Stephen.

  32. 32

    What the hell do you think fluid on the lungs IS, you moron?? He died of asphxyia on his own vomit…..

    Did someone waterboard him??? Get a brain, you dumb fuck.

  33. 33

    He was gorgeous! I loooooved him.. Rest in peace, big guy!

  34. 34

    fluid = vomit

  35. 35

    not filed under gay gay gay?

  36. 36

    natural causes at 33 y/o?

  37. 37

    Some of you are such muppets it's untrue. Fluid on the lungs can be caused by many things, not least swallowing too much water (known as secondary drowing apparently.) Fluid on the lungs does not automatically suggest chocking on vomit. *rolls eyes*

    Tragic to loose someone at that age, regardless of the cause. And yes, this does apply to drug deaths as they are needless and often caused by addiction, a treatable (albeit *difficult* to treat) condition. Have some respect for life, how we survive is more amazing than people think and therefore they take it for granted.

  38. 38

    Further on from my previous post, this was off a bbc website

    "A court official at the hearing into the cause of death said the pulmonary oedema had been "acute"…She could not say whether Gately had been taking any drugs or alcohol beforehand but stressed that either way, they had not been the cause of death. " Suck it. :P

  39. 39

    pulmonary odema? was he making an attempt on everest?

  40. 40

    So sad. R.I.P. Stephen. I was a fan when I was younger. I thought he had the best voice of the band. Really brings it home about being careful when drinking. Even if he hadn't been drunk a lot of people have said they know people who have choked on their own vomit and died. Very sad, whatever the cause.

  41. 41

    The Spanish authorities have inexplicably said that Drugs and Alcohol were not the cause of Stephen's death. So please stop saying he choked on his own vomit. It appears that he had an underlying heart condition and nobody (acute means it happened suddenly) saw it coming.

    RIP Stephen. I'll be at your funeral on Saturday. x

  42. 42

    to correct all of you… Stephen Gately did not pass away by choking on his own vomit! He passed away from a condition known as pulmonary oedema. Basically, the heart pumps blood through the lungs and must function properly for the lungs to function properly. If the heart isn't functioning properly is causes stress on the pulmonary artery. Pressure builds causing leakage of the tiny blood vessels around the lungs - seeping into the lungs and building up and causing an internal drowning. So, Stephen DID pass away from fluid in the lungs, but NOT vomit as the fluid. Approximately 325 persons under the age 35 die from pulmonary oedema each week.

  43. 43

    sounds like the fluid in his lungs was vomit

  44. Geek5 says – reply to this


    Sudden Adult Death Sydrome? S.A.D. :(

  45. 45

    I've got to step in and clear some of this up. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding his lungs having fluid in them. It's easy to see why people get confused by the idea of fluid in the lungs and think of a person drowning or aspirating on their own vomit, but this is rarely the case.

    Fluid build up in the lungs is known as pulmonary edema. It is a fairly common finding at autopsy. In a case like this, pulmonary edema generally suggests that the person was probably comatose for a while before dying. Based on how young this man is, my first guess would be drugs overdose. Pulmonary edema is a very common finding in such cases. If he were older I would consider congestive heart failure.

    And while the autopsy did not describe finding any drugs, it generally takes a couple of weeks at least to get toxicology in order to determine if drugs had been used. I can almost guarantee they have not gotten the results yet.

  46. 46

    Of course Perez you had it wrong again why don't you give this up blogging is not good for you . You never get the right story do you you are so lame you suck at this get a job at Mc Donald's it would better suit you and you can hang out with the little kids there because that is you mentality level. And this whole Jon and Kate shit don't you have anything else to do?

  47. dupe says – reply to this


    Anna Nicole Smith, Chris Penn etc all died of 'Natural Causes' ie years of drink and drugs abuse. Stephen had been on a drink prowl and choked on his own vomit. Nothing to be ashamed off. I don't know why the family are trying to put a spin on things.

  48. 48

    Firstly may he RIP. He had a voice like an angel.
    Secondly why was his so called husband in bed with a one night stand especially when he was dying in the other room for some reason. Disgraceful,
    this Bulgarian lowlife will be selling his stories to the tabloids for big money.
    Poor Stephen.
    Maybe his death was due to weed together with drink or sado or even early aids problems. This story of heart problems is definitely not true. I saw a you tube of him a few days ago - he looked fine.
    No cover ups - the real truth should be told and it will be alesson to anyone.

  49. 49

    At this moment everyone knows by the results of the exams to Stephen that he did drink and have some drugs. It`s not proved to be the main reason for his death but it could have enhanced an existent unknown heart problem, or the pulmonar edema. This was confirmed by his husband and by the men with them on that night. As a fan, i`m just sorry that Stephen was alone dying when his husband was with another guy in the same apartment.
    At this moment, please let us just remember Stephen as a young great talented men and performer. He will be missed for all his fans around the world. Sing for us from above Stephen !

  50. 50

    Still waiting for the true reason. Maybe lives will be saved by this.