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Tilda Swinton vs. Donald Trump

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Actress Tilda Swinton has a bone to pick with Donald Trump!

Swinton, joining 15,000 others, has signed the petition going around the Scottish coast in support of 4 residents who face eviction to make room for The Donald's latest hotel venture.

Trump is planning to build a multi-million pound luxury hotel, housing and golf complex on an "environmentally sensitive stretch of coast" after getting permission from a public inquiry back in 2008.

Trump's rep in Scotland has said that the actress is "siding with extremists."

Never say never, but we're pretty sure that what The Donald wants The Donald will get.

Sorry, Tilda!

[Image via WENN.]

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36 comments to “Tilda Swinton vs. Donald Trump”

  1. 1

    They are hair twins!

  2. 2

    Donald Trump is a self-tanner addict scumbag. Why anyone still admires this greedy, narcissistic douche I will never understand.

  3. 3

    Re: MildredHubble – …for real! Separated at uhm hair salon.

  4. 4

    FUCK TRUMP! (eww!)

  5. 5

    What time does the coast's kitchen close?

  6. 6

    oh good god, i pray for my sake and others that he and his oompa-loompa tan never set foot on scotland. he's disgusting.

  7. 7

    Is that orange color on Donald's face a fake tan, or some new strain of urban typhoid fever?

  8. 8

    They should call it "The Coast" and have seaweed wraps and a seafood bar.

  9. 9

    Let me get this straight…while I don't condone the Donald draining the earth by erecting one of his "classy" hotels, Tilda is a hypocrite. Trying to save the environment - good… signing the petition to release Roman Polanski from rape charges - HORRENDOUS!!!

  10. 10

    At least Trump didn't sign a petition in support of a pedophile.
    Fuck Tilda Swinton and ALL her stupid opinions.

  11. jham says – reply to this


    this is one petition that Tilda has signed that I happen to agree with. The donald has ruined the landscape of nyc - leave scottland alone!!!

  12. 12

    they have the same hair. that's cute.

  13. 13

    How heartless to just take someone's home away for a profit. I really despise that man…

  14. 14

    Donald Trump, with all his money, you would think could find some self tanner that wouldn't turn him orange, or he would remember to douch his eyelids. He looks so terrible. He looks like a used car salesman. They have make-up artists, and make-up that doesn't turn you orange. He could get laser treatments and skin fillers. There's no excuse, with his kind of money, to run around looking like he escaped from the Chocolate Factory.

  15. 15

    Once I hear Tilda thinks it is ok to forcibly rape a 13 year old in the backside, I can't hear anything else she says. Maybe she should choose wisely what things she wants to stick up for. I don't like Trump but I hope he not only gets all the land, he is personally there to roll over her house.

  16. 16

    they're building in aberdeenshire, where i live, and balmedie (the beach they are building on) has the best sand dunes everrr. he better not mess them up :(

  17. 17

    Re: jham – In what way has Trump ruined the landscape of NYC? Have you been to the Hudson River in the 60's and 70's lately? What used to be overgrown brush filled with litter and piles of rusting metal is now lush, meticulously landscaped greenery, bicycle paths, walking paths, free kayaking and yoga classes, picnic tables, dog runs, etc.,—all built in conjunction with Trump's Riverside Drive project. While other people in NYC throw their Dunkin' Donuts bags on the subway platforms, graffiti buildings and bridges, throw their cigarettes on sidewalks and live in shabby, unmaintained buildings with broken blinds, dirty curtains and dead plants hanging in the windows—all of Trump's hotels and residences are spotless and beautiful and appeal to a wide variety of architectural tastes: from classic pre-war (Trump Parc, Trump Park Avenue) to dramatic contemporary (Trump Tower, Trump International Hotel). What's more, the apartments in his buildings are surprisingly affordable, at least by Manhattan's standards, and especially considering the location and the services you get. If this is what you call ruining the landscape of the city—I'll take it!

  18. 18

    There is one thing Donald Trump is not getting, and it's eternal life on this very planet. So I'm not sure what's the urge for him, with all the money and the age he got, to be a pain in the ass for other people in order to get some more money. Maybe it's for his chidren, but nevermind what he wants, the uk court is pretty corrupt if they are going to let this go. Please have some pride, Scotland.

  19. 19

    Tilda Swinton is the only living female that could cut Donalds sack off and hang them around her neck as a souvenir. I like Tilda, she can kick some ass, i believe she's British Royalty of some sort, she reminds me of Joan of Arc…she would have made an awesome Joan of Arc.

  20. 20

    I know it's been 38 years since filming, but that Oompa Loompa still looks a little run down for his age….

  21. 21

    He's a tool.

  22. 22

    Re: alexaaa911 – Agreed! She lives in a castle somewhere in Scotland that has been in the family for generations I believe! I've loved her since Orlando! What an amazing movie that was!

  23. 23

    Being from Aberdeen, the city closest to where this golf resort is going to be built, I was at first very skeptical. However, the jobs and tourism that this venture will create for locals in this area are essential to the well being of Aberdeen's prosperity. Being the energy capital of Europe, Aberdeen relies on Oil as its means of wealth and sustainability. With the downturn due to the recession, Aberdeen, like the rest of the world is feeling the effects of unemployment, but also has to deal with the fact that its number one resource is a finite one. Trump has already answered the complaints of environmentalists 2 years ago when this plan was first launched, and efforts are being made to ensure that the environment is preserved as much as possible. Tilda Swinton should perhaps consider the benefits for locals in the area before she puts her name to such an issue.

  24. 24

    How can someone be sooooo rich and have such awful hair and ridiculous make up ? (I'm talking about Trump).
    This guy is a total mess !!

  25. 25

    Pot, meet kettle, Trump! Go Tilda!

  26. 26

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – Hey Sweets. Tilda is the shit. This girl can play the game same as Trump! Love her.

  27. 27

    If it is unincorporated land, and he's not knocking any endangered species into extinction…then people should be happy that rich people will come into the neighborhood, buy expensive rounds of golf, expensive lunches/dinners (including wine and specialty coffee) then it is a good thing. Even if a few people have to relocate their homes. I'm sure I would be happy to be employed in some capacity at this resort. Don't forget, contractors and suppliers are employing people to make this happen. This is really good for the economy, and it's not like he's building a nuclear power plant. It's a golf course, in Scotland. What else are you going to do on hills like that? I'm sure there are only so many sheep, and they will be ok.

  28. 28

    Good for Tilda! Like Mr. Comb over needs to build another hotel! He'll just file bankruptcy in the middle of the project anyway!

  29. 29

    sweet jesus! I do hope this orange fuckwit doesn't start carving up bits of beautiful Scotland, just to satisfy his narcissistic greed. He doesn't give one solitary shit about the environment or areas of natural beauty.

    His great idea: "let's fucking concrete over this wasteland, build another golf course (cos there aren't enough in the world as it is) tell the residents to fuck off, throw loads of money at anyone who objects"

    I hope his comb-over gets caught in barbed wire.

  30. 30

    Trump shouldn't be allowed to take people's homes away just for another fucking hotel/resort.

  31. 31

    Please please help these people keep their homes by taking a minute to sign the petition


    These people need their homes more than Mr Trump needs a few extra $$$$ in his already huge pocket.
    These people don't have a voice against Mr Trumps well oiled publicity machine. You can really make a difference

  32. 32

    I understand he wants to make money, but don't be a fucking ass and inconvenience others. Why is he asking people to move their homes?!?!?!? Thats terrible. Build somewhere else! And why does he have a fake tan…soooooo not a good look.

  33. 33

    Re: Paris France/Sheba – You said it Sheba! Hope you are well! ox

  34. 34

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – I'm getting better Sweets! MUAH!

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Vexation – I think it's extremist for him to call Tilda an 'extremist' for wanting to preserve a pristine bit of nature. He's watching too much Fringe media. If he spins too much, his honesty and believability to make deals gets replaced by shifty-eyed slippery travelling snake salesman trying to make deals. Instead of striking out at a legitimately concerned woman who is just an actress who loves the beauty of her country, he should be talking about the positive things he hopes to bring to the area, or the win-win. Rolling over people's hearts is no victory. Money boy. She's become involved because The Swinton family is an ancient Anglo-Scots family that can trace its lineage to the ninth century. What is Trumps connection to the area?

  36. 36

    He should take his ass and his dollars out of our country and stop messing it up to make more money-greedy pig.